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I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing

Watch you smile while you are sleeping,

While your far away and dreaming

I could spend my life, in this sweet surrender

I could stay lost in this moment, forever

Every moment spend with you

is a moment I treasure.

I don't want to close my eyes,

I don't want to fall asleep

'Cause I don't wanna miss a thing.

And even when I dream of you

The sweetest thing will never do,

I'd still miss you baby

And I don't want to miss a thing

~*~*~*~ 15 years later ~*~*~*~

Kayla Warner-Malfoy sat back in her seat and watched as the great hall of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry filled with excited family and friends of the graduates. She looked over her shoulder, scanning the crowds of people for her mother and father. She caught her mother's eye, and the two women shared a special smile.

It was all over, her whole education was almost finished. She could hardly believe it. She was finally of an age that she could use magic when she wanted, and she was finally able to get out into the world and live her life. To thank her family in the best way that she knew how, by being the best witch that she could be.

Kayla's life had been different, to say the least, but she knew that she would not go back and change it, even if she had the chance to. Kayla knew that although the family she had was a little strange and confusing at times, she had the love of so many different people, she was lucky enough to have a love and a relationship with her family that was genuine.

When Kayla was six years old, her father sat her down and told her the truth, that the woman that she had been calling mummy for the last four years was actually not her real mother. Kayla, even as a young child, understood that she was not related to Ginny. But Kayla never really minded, she loved Ginny like a mother, and Ginny was the only mother that Kayla had ever known.

She had indirectly asked her father to explain the truth about her mother. While Kayla had been playing with a few of the other young magical children in the neighborhood, she had been called a 'half blooded bastard'. Kayla had been hurt by the words that had left the boys mouth, and she had returned home to ask what he meant.

She had known at that time Ginny was not her real mother, mainly because she had three sets of grand parents. But it was that day that everything had been explained to her. Once everything was completely out in the open, the truth about her mother and her death, and then the custody case, Kayla realized that she was blessed.

As she grew up, she refused to call Ginny anything other than mummy, and Ginny had always enjoyed that. Ginny had been a good mother, and she was glad that she had had the chance to get to know her, not only as a mother figure, but also as a friend as she grew up.

When Kayla was six, Ginny had married her father. Draco and Ginny had been living together for three years. She had stayed at the burrow for a year with her parents before she finally moved into Draco's house in Diagon Alley. Kayla loved it when Ginny moved in with them (she was 3 at the time). Kayla loved the fact that her little 'family' was more like a family now, and Kayla was also happy, because she could see that her father and Ginny were happy to.

Ginny and Draco had dated for four years, from the day that Ginny graduated, onwards. Then, after four years, Draco asked her to marry him, and she said yes. The wedding had been small, and all of the guests there were happy for them. The guests were glad that not only had they found each other, but they had also provided a life for Kayla.

Kayla was proud of the life that Draco and Ginny had provided for her. The small house Diagon Alley they lived in was a happy place for each of them, and as a group, they made their own strong memories.

It was sad for all three of them to leave it.

A lot of things had happened at once, Kayla had just turned 8 and Draco had been given a promotion at his work, which meant he had a lot more money, and also a lot more flexible work hours. But it was also at that time that Ginny announced she was expecting a child. So they needed to get a bigger house.

Draco had been so happy that he was expecting his second child, and Kayla was so excited to be a big sister. Ginny was just happy that she was finally going to be a mother. Sure, she had been a mother for seven years now, but she knew this child would be different. Draco knew this child would be different to, because he knew that he would be there for everything this time, from the very first second to the very last.

He was not going to miss anything. Now that Kayla looked back on it, she had realized that for a while she had been a little jealous of the new baby. It was only for a little while, and the feeling had passed quickly, but she had felt a little forgotten when the new child was announced. He father's happiness had hit a higher level of excitement.

But, she had rationalized; most people feel a little threatened when a new child is brought into the family. And she also realized that this baby mean a lot to her father and Ginny.

Kayla was made a big sister soon after. Ginny had given birth to a little girl, who had been named Kait Weasley-Malfoy. And from that first day, Kayla and Kait were almost inseparable. The friendship that formed between them immediately was still strong today as it had been then.

When she was eleven, she had been given her Hogwarts letter. That was the proudest day in the lives of her family, and the first thing that Kayla did was call Uncle Red and Aunt Hermione to tell them the good news. They were so proud of her to. She began to count down the days till September the first, cursing the calendar for having so many days on it.

But when she got to platform nine and three quarters, she didn't necessarily want to leave. She wanted to stay home with her family, with Ginny and her father and Kait. She was scared that she would not know any one at Hogwarts, and she was scared that people would treat her badly because she was a half blood. And most of all she was scared that she would be in Slytherin.

Ginny and all of her brothers, as well as Aunt Hermione and Uncle Harry, had been in Gryffindor while at school. Fred and George had spent days telling Kayla stories about Hogwarts and the houses. They had told her all about Gryffindor, and how it was the best house, and all about Slytherin, and how it would be the worst house for some one as gentle and innocent as their Kayla-Bear. (Fred had started calling her that when she was 7. And no matter how much she told them to knock it off, they wouldn't)

So she had gone to Hogwarts, and on the train she had met a lot of new people. There was another girl there that she got along with. Her name was Teeghan Summers, and from that day forward, Teeghan and Kayla had been the best of friends.

Fear ripped through her as she had stood in front of the school and waited for the 'sorting test' to begin. Her uncles Bill and Charlie had told her that she would have to jump into the Hogwarts lake and fight the giant squid. When she asked her uncle Harry about it, he had smiled, ruffled her hair and told her "Well, it can't be as bad as when I had to swim in there, or the time that I fight the dragon"

But Teeghan and Kayla had shared their fear together, and shared a collective sigh of relief when the sorting hat was placed on the stage in front of them.

Due to the alphabet, Teeghan had gone first. She had been sorted in to Hufflepuff, which is what she had expected (could she really expect anything else, being the daughter of two hufflepuff students). After Teeghan had been sorted, Kayla just stood calmly, her insides freaking out completely, as she waited for the 'W' to come around.

Kayla had pulled herself up onto the chair and allowed the hat to be placed on her head. As soon as the hat began to talk to her, she just started chanting "Not slitherin, please not slytherin"

The hat smiled, and told her that that was exactly what her uncle Harry had done. The hat threatened her with Slytherin for a little while, reminding her for the umpteenth time that her father was in Slytherin while he was in school. Kayla continued to chant, and the hat put her in Ravenclaw.

It was not Gryffindor, but anything was better than Slytherin. And her family was proud of her, and that was all that she really cared about.

It took little time for Kayla to settle in at school. With in days, every one knew her name. The Slytherins always seemed to have something hurtful to say to her about her mother, and Ginny, but Kayla tried not to think about it. The weeks past quick, and before she knew it, it was summer and her first year was over.

In the summer between her first and second year, Ginny and Draco had told Kayla that they were expecting another child. Kayla was happy for them, and was happy that she was going to be a big sister again.

She returned to School again in September, and within the first week, she was the new Ravenclaw seeker. Kayla found that the skills of a seeker came very easy to her. She won every game that she played, even against the Slytherin and Gryffindor teams.

While she was in her second year, Ginny had her second daughter. Juliana Weasley-Malfoy was born and the first thing Draco did was complain about feeling outnumbered.

The years after that had seemed to run together. Kayla got great grades, worked hard, won every quidditch game (Bringing Ravenclaw to a record 7 quidditch cup victories in a row). She spent as much time as she could dedicate her life to being the best daughter, sister, student, girlfriend (she had started dating Dominic Davies, quidditch chaser, in her fifth year) and athlete. She was elected as a prefect, given the responsibility of Quidditch Captain, and now, one her graduation day, she had to give a valedictory address, just had Ginny and Hermione had.

Kayla smiled at Teeghan. There was only a few more hours until they had officially graduated from Hogwarts. It was only a few hours before they could start the rest of their lives.

Dumbledore stood, and moved to the front of the hall to start the ceremony. Kayla looked over her shoulder to where her family was sitting, and watched as her father discreetly laid his head on Ginny's shoulder, preparing to fall a sleep.

The speeches were long, and then Kayla made her speech. Looking out over the crowds of people, she caught the eyes of her various family members in the room. Smiling at them as she told the people in the room how much they all meant to her, and how she could not have done as well as she had with out them.

The ceremony drew to a close. Kayla stood, and watched as her little sisters weaved their way through the crowds of people to her. She smiled, hugging each of them as they arrived by her side.

Making her way across the room was a slow task as Kayla stopped to hug and say good byes to people who were spread out across the place. When she made it to her family, she there were more hugs as each of her uncles, and their family members, each enveloped her in a hug.

Kayla didn't want to stop hugging Ginny. She felt tears running down her own cheeks when she saw Gin crying to. But she pulled away a little, and then hugged her father.

"Come for a walk, I want to show you something" Draco smiled, holding his daughters hand and pulling her out of the great hall. Kayla giggled as she tried to keep up with her father who was walking quickly through the halls.

When they came to the hall that Draco was looking for, he stood behind her, pointing out the window into the darkness.

"You probably can't see it in the dark, but you know that tree that is over there?" Draco asked, pointing into the blackness.

"Yeah, the one by the lake?" She asked. Draco nodded.

"Sixteen years ago, Ginny and I sat under that tree and spoke about you" Draco told her. Kayla looked at her father and then out into the darkness again.

"You spoke about me? I though the two of you would have been out there under that tree kissing" Kayla joked. Draco smiled and sat on the window sill, moving so he could look out into the darkness. Kayla moved to the other side of the window and sat opposite him.

"No, No kissing between us back then. That was back when we were friends and nothing more. It was the day before I graduated, and I told her that it would be a life time till I had to come here to see you graduate. That was before I even knew if I had the strength to get custody of you." Draco explained. "I sat under that tree and told her how scared I was, how angry I was, how much I needed her. And I remember one thing that Ginny told me, I cant even remember what it was that I had said, but I remember her telling me that you would be a predict, and head girl, and a quidditch captain, she said you would have a lot of friends, and that you would be beautiful. Back then it was hard to picture it all, but now that you are here, I know that she is right."

Kayla smiled through the tears that were welling in her eyes.

"Your mother, your real mother, Jessica, she would have been so proud of you today. I suspect she is the reason you were in Ravenclaw. She was so smart, she just loved to sit back and watch the world as it passed. That is where you got it from, and that is why the house sorted you there. The seeker skills, well, you got them from me." Draco smiled.

"I was thinking the other day about your first Christmas" Draco began.

"Daddy Bear" Kayla smiled. Draco chuckled.

"You still love that bear. I was thinking about how that Christmas was so many new beginnings for me. That was when Ginny and I became friends, and that was when I realized I was never going to stop fighting for you. I wrote you a letter that year, and I was wondering if you ever got it."

"I found it at Grandma and Grandpa's house." Kayla replied.

"Then I am glad you have read it, and I am glad that you know what I felt for you..." Draco smiled, then suddenly, his arms were filled with his sobbing daughter.

"You were wrong daddy" She whispered as she cried into her father's shirt. "You were a strong enough man to look after me back then, you were mature enough back then, you were everything that I ever needed and I thank god that you were there for me when I needed you"

Draco stroked his daughter's hair as she cried, and he realized that he was crying to.

"I know you were still young when you and my mother had me, but thank you for it. Thank you for loving me, for fighting for me, supporting me, and thank you for Ginny and for Kait and Jules..."

"you don't have to thank me sweetheart, I have to thank you for being who you are." Draco smiled, kissing his daughters forehead. "Thank you for letting me be apart of your life."

"I had a fear that I would never get you back" he whispered to her after a few minutes of silence. "I had a fear that I would not have the opportunity to get to know you. I had a fear that I would not be here to see you graduate. And I am glad that I am here, that I had the chance to be here to tell you how proud I am of you, and how much I love you"

"I love you to dad" She smiled

"I love you to"


I don't wanna miss one smile

I don't wanna miss one kiss

I just wanna be with you right here with you,

Just like this

I just wanna hold you close

Feel your heart so close to mine,

I just wanna stay here in this moment, for all the rest of time.