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San Francisco, October 11th 2013

Victoria stood by her entry for the Everyday Heroes contest at the exhibition. She had received lot of compliments from the visitors during the evening and she felt proud of her achievement.

Still, she felt that it should've been Max's entry on display here and not hers. She had seen Max's entry and felt that hers was no match to that.

Victoria had been surprised, when she had heard that the contest was a tie and since Max wasn't able to participate, there was no point of drawing the participating entry. Therefore Victoria's entry stood here on the wall.

"Very impressive piece of work," a woman said next to her.

"Thank you!" Victoria turned to face the woman and recognized her immediately. "You're Julia Bennett! I'm a huge fan of your work!"

"That's so kind of you, my dear," Julia said. "You have quite a talent for photography," she complimented. "I understood that you're studying at Blackwell."

"That's correct," Victoria confirmed. "I guess you've heard what happened to our photography professor, Mark Jefferson?"

"Yes, that was very sad hearing of him," the older woman remarked.

Julia stood quiet as if she was contemplating something. "Tell you what," she finally said. "I could come up to Arcadia Bay to keep a few lectures. I'll have a chat with your principal and ask if it's ok to come."

"Wow! That would be awesome!" Victoria said. "Our acting principal is with me here. I'll introduce you."

When she walked away from the picture with Julia, she noticed a man standing in the corner. He was in his mid thirties, had a strawberry blond hair and was smiling. There was something familiar about him. A passer-by person blocked him from Victoria's view for a second and when she regained the line of sight he was gone, like he never had been there. Victoria blinked her eyes a couple of times in puzzlement but then shrugged her shoulders and went after Julia.

Arcadia Bay, October 17th 2013

"Now would you mind explaining me one more time, why giving this piece of shit to Max would make her happy?" David Madsen asked Chloe, when he tried to loosen a seized slave cylinder of the Ford Ranchero's brake saddle.

"Trust me, Dave, Max'll love it," Chloe said to her stepfather, when she tried to get the front disc loose.

"Chloe, David! Why don't you guys take a break," Chloe shouted from within the house. "I've made some sandwiches."

Chloe and David walked into the bathroom to wash their hands and joined Joyce in the kitchen.

"You know Dave, that research work you did on Nathan Prescott was pretty impressive," Chloe said. "Have you thought about joining the police force?"

David looked at her stepdaughter in disbelief. Joyce frowned and raised her hand to indicate that she was going to say something but Chloe raised her own hand.

"I'm dead serious here," she said. "You obviously have a knack for doing investigative work and your military training could be easily applied to the police field work."

David eased up a little. "I suppose you have a point there," he admitted. "But I don't think a combat veteran with PTSD stands much of a chance getting into the Police Academy."

"I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be the worst of the flock," Chloe said. "I know that we haven't seen eye to eye in many occasions but trust me, I'm not fu-, messing with you on this one."

David turned to face his wife. "Joyce, what do you think of it?"

"Well, at least you should give it some thought," Joyce suggested.

"Maybe I should," David said. "But we better get back to work, if we're going to get that Ranchero ready for Max by Saturday."

Seattle, October 25th 2013

"You called, Ed?" John Korhonen stepped into his superior's office.

"Finn, meet your new partner, Detective Stacy Kowalski," Captain Edward Munson said. "Kowalski, this is Detective Sergeant John Korhonen."

"Call me Finn," Korhonen said to his new partner. "Everyone else does."

"Ok, Finn. I'm Stacy," Kowalski shook Finn's hand.

"Finn will show you your desk and the works," Captain Munson said.

"Was that all, Ed?" Finn asked.

Munson passed a file to Finn, who opened it.

"Janice Smith, 18 years, didn't return home from a student party. She's been missing for 48 hours now," Munson said.

Finn went through the information briefly. "Ok, we'll look into it." He walked towards the door. "After you." He opened the door for Stacy.

"Thank you, Finn."

"Let's get some coffee and go over this," Finn smiled to her.

Arcadia Bay, October 25th 2013


Beloved Daughter

July 22, 1994 – April 23, 2013

Frank Bowers stood by Rachel's grave with Pompidou. He set a single rose next to the granite gravestone.

"Sorry I missed your funeral. Had to leave town and do some thinking," Frank said to the gravestone. "Besides, I thought I probably wouldn't have been welcome."

"Chloe came by and told me what had happened to you. I hope that you can someday forgive me the fact that I was partly responsible for your death. – I sure as hell can't forgive myself."

"Chloe told me about your plan. I just wish you could've come straight to me but I guess I wasn't going to be a part of that plan."

"I don't blame you, though. I'm not exactly the ideal husband, or even boyfriend."

"For what it's worth, what happened to you made me realize that what I have now, I don't want it to be my legacy. I want to show you – and to myself that I can change, have a purpose in life."

Frank dug out a title deed from his inside pocket and folded it open.

"I've bought an abandoned farm from the outskirts of Arcadia. I spent every single dime I've ever made with dealing drugs to it. – I'm going to turn it into a dog shelter."

"It probably won't be enough to redeem myself of what happened to you but at least it's a step into right direction and maybe I will be able to save a few mistreated dogs in the process."

"I love you, Rachel. I will always love you. Maybe in another life, we'll find each other again."

Pompidou watched his master with big eyes and panted. He let out a single joyful bark, which was rewarded with a smile and scratching from his master.

The setting sun painted the gravestone golden as Frank and Pompidou slowly walked away.

Seattle, November 24th 2013

Vanessa Caulfield's phone chimed as a message arrived into it. She reached for the phone from the sofa to see what it was. "It's from Max," she said to her husband sitting next to her.

"Let me guess, our daughter needs more money to buy gas for that truck of hers," Ryan Caulfield said half jokingly from behind his newspaper.

"No, there's a picture…" Vanessa looked at the picture. It was taken from a vantage point with the skyline of Vancouver on the background. Max was in Chloe's arm. She was wearing a snow white wool coat on top of white dress and Chloe was wearing a dark grey wool coat on top of what appeared to be a tuxedo. Max had a bouquet of flowers in her hand. The picture was accompanied by a message.

Mom, Dad, Chloe and I got married. A lot of crazy things have happened during the last two months, which resulted that we are now here in Vancouver, celebrating our matrimony. Chloe and I are in love with each other and we're dead serious about this. Please, please be happy for us. We'll be coming over for Thanksgiving as agreed. See you in a couple of days. – Love, Max

Ryan Caulfield lifted his eyes from the newspaper and turned to look at his wife, when he heard the phone drop on the floor. Vanessa was staring in front of her with her mouth open. "Vanessa, honey, is everything all right?" Ryan asked.

Vanessa turned to face her husband. "Our daughter has got married, with Chloe Price."

"That's nice, honey. Tell them I said hi," Ryan said and returned to his paper.

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