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Update (04/15/2018): Well, it's been a full two years since I last left an update here. Two years later and this story's drawing closer to its conclusion. With the final arc in high gear, I figured I let you know I have and will be going back to make necessary grammar corrections and update certain characters, especially since now Valkyrie Advent is also winding down, I'll update the Valkyries to their current VA power sets as much as I can.

Additionally Digimon Fusion Ascendancy has been going and serves as my Dragon Ball Super adaptation. This fic no longer serves its purpose as a Super adaptation and has since evolved into its own thing. While this story does and will tell Digimon Fusion Kai's finale, it has since become less of a DFK story and more of a shared multi-crossover event with YuYuGiDigiMoon, Accel Stream, Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms, and now the Cornerverse. It's best that I create a separate story that not only adapts Super, but recounts the events in this story as well.

Well that's about all I can tell. I'll try to update this section as frequently as I can with this story drawing toward its end. Enjoy Fiction's Closure!

Kanius' A/N: Oh, where do I begin? Welcome, readers to the official release of Cross Generations! While it was originally meant to be a Digimon Fusion Kai sequel, it has become a crossover with other fanfictional universes, as well as canonical ones. My other fanfic series, YuYuGiDigiMoon, and Chaosblazer's Accel Stream will be included in this; the characters from those stories will be aiding the DFKai heroes in this new extravagant adventure.

This was supposed to be the final installment in the DFKai series (not taking the recently finished Dragon Ball Super series into accountability here). This story has been in development for the longest time since 2011 between me and good friend, Ford1114. We've come up with a ton of ideas to put on the board. A ton of concepts have been retained, but many have been discarded. What was originally going to be a full-on Dragon Ball GT adaptation with an original final arc story (mirroring my original D-Frontier fanfic from over ten years ago) has been rehauled into a slightly more unique concept.

To further emphasize my point of this fic not being a GT adaptation, this story will not include Black Star Dragonball and Bebi/Baby arc adaptations. They've been scrapped in favor of a completely new story arc in their place called: the Dimension Missions saga, which will have groups of our heroes traveling into other dimensions to resolve some issues disrupting these other realms (and this will come full circle toward the finale of this story). How does that sound? You'll find out which of these dimensions will be shown. Some chapters will be dedicated to a specific dimension, but others will just get mentions and notices. Anywho, that's all you need to know. The Super 17 arc is also scrapped.

However, elements of the Shadow Dragon arc will be adapted for the second half of this story and a one-shot chapter called Curtain Call Special will be somewhat based on that one episode tournament from GT, but this version will be unique with a ton of character cameos; so expect a lot of fun interactions.

And while this won't be a full GT adaptation, it won't be a full Super one either. Although you will see plenty of Super elements in this story. In fact, the whole Dimension Mission arc is now a huge nod to the other 12 Universes.

This story follows the events of my Battle of Digital Gods fic (meaning yes, Beerusmon and Whismon are in this), Chaos' impending Accel Stream series finale movie fic, and YYGDM: Neos United/The West Coasters stories.

But, specifically, to recap. For new readers, here are the previous stories to follow before viewing this (and I'm only highlighting the important ones):

-Digimon Fusion Kai (Season 1 to 2.5)
-YuYuGiDigiMoon (Wrath of Pharaohmon/Redux, Invasion of Rajita, Search of Kuiper Belt Senshi, Taiyoukai Awakening, and Dawn of Chaos)
-Digimon Accel Stream (Seasons 1 and 2, as well as his Final Acceleration movie fic)
-Across Dimensions (The first major crossover between DFKai, YYGDM, and Accel; this is the formation of the Dimension Trinity)
-Siege of GranDracmon (The second crossover of the Trinity)
-Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury (Season 3 and another crossover with the Trinity)
-Battle of Digital Gods (For Beerusmon, Whismon, and Ascendant God)
-The West Coasters/Neos United/Apophis Rising (AKA the Apophis Saga Trilogy. For the West Coaster characters and for Apophis; mainly for the WCs since they'll have a few appearances in this story)
-Valkyrie Advent (For Brunhilde and the Valkyrie Maidens; this fic at this point is near completion. It is set a few months in-universe wise before Cross Generations for the YYGDM cast)
-Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms (AU fic based on my YYGDM mythology, but the central cast are the ones from Guilty Crown and Madoka Magica; both are AU versions of their canon counterparts. I'd advise reading this because GC and Madoka will be part of the central cast in this story)
-Shinnen: New Year (This is a non-canon affair, but reading this will give you insight of the final threat in this story, more Lost Kingdom GC & Madoka stuff, and some understanding of the multiverse)

Any in-between events to happen in this story that will be told in separate fics: Resurrection B (the Resurrection F adaptation) and Battle Supremacy (Universe 6 adaptation). And there's Digimon Fusion Ascendancy for a full-on consistent DFK POV experience that's less confusing and the exclusive arcs from this fic.

For those that care, for this to be my final DFK story, it has come full circle. I started my whole Digimon Fusion reboot back in 2010 and it's 2018 now. This decade I've grown as a person and a writer. I'm already transitioning into the real world, and sooner than later I'll be less active in fanfic writing (I'm already in process of writing my first novel!).

I've enjoyed my long labors of building the DFK and YYGDM universes. But, now with The West Coasters complete, I'm looking at possibly taking my favorite and best OCs and incorporating them in a universe that's not totally restricted by canon rules. I wish to one day expand on that. I wish to transition to a fictional writer than just being a fanfic one. So, who knows, West Coasters might be a precursor to that career.

And with that said, CG will be one of my last major fanfics as I transition into fictional writing and the real world.

Anyway, that's enough out of me and I'm sure not too many care what I do outside of fanfic life. Just giving my own personal thoughts.

With that said, here's commentary from CG co-partner, Ford1114, and then onto the story we go!

Ford1114's A/N: This is Ford1114. So in case you're wondering how Cross Generations' went into production. Well before me and Kanius brainstorm this, K once thought of something that's based on Dragon Ball Online with the Xros Wars cast, that is before Xros Wars appeared in Across Dimensions instead. Don't worry if you're thinking about the Online/Xenoverse era, that might be mentioned in a suppose 'Future Timeline'. Back in Fall 2011, Kanius talked to me about settling our first ideas of this new GT adaptation. We went through so many changes before we make it today for this sneak peek. The writing will be the same Kai style, but this time will also have an essence of movie and special fics, making this like a 'mini-season' instead of a 'full-fledged season'. Just like D-Reaper's Fury, it will not be as stressful unlike the challenge that is Dawn of Chaos. I can sometimes contribute with the author, besides the fact I'm still busy at college. Mostly the things I did are music/OST selections and new character descriptions, and I hope this fanfic will have around 30-ish chapters.

Starting with the first half of the story, this will reference in Dragon Ball Super that our heroes venture to the 6th Universe, which means the characters in CG will venture to other dimensions besides their own.

Again despite the continuity recommendations/requirements above, this fanfic will be another great example of what a good and timeless crossover story can be just as great as canon, and/or even better.

Kanius' A/N: Without further ado, onto the first chapter!


Dimension Coordinate Key

DF-616: Digimon Fusion Kai dimensions
YYGDM-01: YuYuGiDigiMoon mainstream dimensions
XLR-8: Digimon Accel Stream
DXW-06: Digimon Xros Wars
GCLK-1113: Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms


A Girl's Dreamscape

Inside the human mind are thoughts, some of which create motion images called dreams. In that certain dream shows a white, eerie looking hallway. The floor platforms are black and white squares.

A pink-haired girl is seen running across the hallway. She felt a little scared, wondering why she ran in the first place. At the end, the girl arrived at a huge steel door. She is curious what path it will take.

The naïve girl decided to open it. As she does so, she entered another realm.


(Cue Birthday Massacre - Goodnight)

The area was vast.

A gothic, synth-rock song shook across the dimension, which is surrounded with skyscrapers covered in crystallized foliage. The feeling of it is exotic yet mysterious. The skies are grayish blue with an ominous outlook. The pink-haired girl was amazed at the sight.


Just then, a large explosion is heard. The girl was frightened, as a tall building crashed down on another. She then heard noises of a huge battlefield of some sort.

One side was an army led by Shu Ouma as a king and Inori Yuzuriha as queen. The other side was led by two opposing rulers: Gai Tsutsugami and Mana Ouma. They are characters from Guilty Crown. Their clashing forces played out like real-time strategy game and chess. The soldiers that are named after their queens are the 'Inorites' and 'Mananites' as the pawns. The whole group is named the Genesis.

Optimus Prime (Transformers Prime), Eren Yeager/Rogue Titan (Attack on Titan) and Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill) are Shu's knights/rooks/bishops as they faced off against Gai's knights/rooks/bishops: Megatron (Transformers Prime), the Armored Titan (Attack on Titan), and Satsuki Kiryuin (Kill la Kill).

Other cameos seen in Shu/Inori's army are: Ayase Shinomiya, Tsugumi, and Argo Tsukishima from Guilty Crown; Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan; and Yuichiro Hyakuya from Seraph of the End.

While the cameos in Gai/Mana's army are: Shibungi, Oogumo, and Kenji Kido from Guilty Crown, Colossal Titan and Female Titan from Attack on Titan, and Mikaela Hyakuya from Seraph of the End.

Just then, a robotic dragon named Predaking (Transformers Prime) flew above and screeched in the middle of the battlefield, surprising Shu & Inori and Gai & Mana's forces.

Whimpering, the girl then heard sounds from another direction. She fell in awe witnessing three legendary conflicts.

Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII is seen riding Odin in his horse mode against her rival: Caius Ballad as Chaos Bahamut. Chaos Bahamut fired a round of mega flares at the maiden, while Odin helped Lightning dodge the incoming attacks.

The Dragon Ball GT versions of Vegeta and Goku do the Fusion Dance into Gogeta and squared off against Omega Shenron. The fused Saiyan warrior clashed with the Shadow Dragon head on with powerful impacts.

Next, a pale-skinned spartan named Kratos of God of War fought ferociously against his father, Zeus. The corrupted king of Olympians was determined to kill his twisted son by conjuring lightning bolts. The Ghost of Sparta retaliated by attacking with his blades.

The girl felt she had enough of the strenuous battles and turned away. As she prepared to run, she saw five figures standing.

One is a red-haired girl with a ponytail and carrying a spear.

Another is a blond-haired girl with a musket.

Then, a white-haired younger girl appeared.

Next is an aqua-haired girl carrying a cutlass.

Finally is the enigmatic, raven-haired girl with the powers of time.

The pink-haired girl recognized these girls respectively, "Kyoko. Mami. Nagisa. Sayaka. And Homura?"

Suddenly, four more figures materialized. They are the most famed heroes of the Triad: Omega X (DF-616), Angemon X (YYGDM-01), and Dramon X (XLR-8). The fourth member is Sailor Sedna of the YYGDM-01 universe, who is seen as the single entity that molded the three dimensions together for crossover tales.

The girl's eyes widened at these legends when she suddenly heard a carefree voice.

"Don't be afraid."

The pink haired girl turned her attention to see the source. A Thai young man with glasses and brown eyes, a gray shirt with tiny light green and purple lines, and process blue jeans named Ford.

"Your story will begin shortly," Ford calmly stated.

"Wha-What do you mean?" The pink haired girl wondered.

Ford can only give a casual smile, as the dimension started to collapse upon itself. The girl saw the four Triad heroes and the five magical girls disappearing, same with Ford. The girl herself started to fade as her eyes slowly closed.

As the cityscape continued to disappear, thirteen crystal-like containers burst out of the surface, as if something calamitous is going to happen.

(End theme)

Everything faded in black, but an anomalous voice was heard.

"Beyond that weaves the human life cycle for fiction. The time of this story continues from the previous adaptation."


(Cue Birthday Massacre – Trinity)


Cross Generations
Arc I: Dimension Missions
Chapter I: Enter the Cross Era


(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST – Recap Theme (Chala-Head-Chala)

"Hey guys! It's Tai Kamiya! Man, two years have passed since our epic adventure.

To recap on what's happened to us, my friends and I fought the most terrifying villain we've ever faced, D-Reaper aka Teen-Reaper. Yamato, myself, and all our friends made a final stand. It took all of our energy from Earth and all various parts of the Digiverse. And with it, I made the biggest Life Bomb ever to wipe out the evil alien magic of Teen-Reaper!

We have Yamato to thank. Even Mummymon can take the credit. If it weren't for them, we'd be history. Sadly, we miss Yamato since Matt took back control of his body. Afterwards, we let the good, chubby Dee join our team. We had SliferGigaSeadramon's wish erase the public's memories of the D-Reaper.

Then, me and my friends aided Kensuke Rainer against his old nemesis GranDracmon, who returned for revenge on Ken. With my help, he and I were able to end that monster for good.

That's not all. Months later, Agumon and I were excited to meet this Digital God of Destruction named Beerusmon, along with his assistant, Whismon. Boy this guy was so strong he made Teen-Reaper's strength tame in comparison. I temporarily reached the level of the 'Ascendant God' to face Beerusmon head-on. Even so, I lost against him. At least he left and didn't destroy Earth and the Digital World.

Another few months later, me and the gang met this girl named Dorothy Kaimodosu along with her Digimon partner, Avengemon. Dorothy is actually the evil Teen-Reaper's reincarnation while Avengemon is Super Dee's. Me and Anubismon had this arranged to give Dorothy and her partner a new life. After getting to know one another, she accepted my offer of being my protégé, in which we trained with each other to bring the best out of each other.

Whew. I hear that Dimitri, Karin, and Athena might visit again. The Tamers, Legendary Warriors, and another group called DATS from YYGDM-01 might be coming, too. Not only that, but they decided to bring Team Xros Hearts as well! I haven't seen them for a long time since the feud with Paradixalmon. They even brought alongside new friends: Tagiru Akashi & Gumdramon, Ryouma Mogami & Psychemon, Ren Tobari & Dracmon, Airu Suzaki & Opossummon and Kotone Amano.

I gotta say, we're in for a new journey!"

(End theme)


Dimension: DF-616/Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/July 9, 2011

One year removed from the Ascendant God and Beerusmon's fierce battle, peace returned to the Digital World and Earth. The Digidestined have since returned to their usual and mundane activities.

Mundane is not something a particular Ascendant of Courage is willing to accept. After a brief visit to dimension YYGDM-01 to help with a 'Ragnarok' crisis, Tai and Matt returned to their world. And it was back to the boring everyday routine.

To resolve his boredom since his fight with Beerusmon, Tai Kamiya invited his new protégé Dorothy Kaimodosu to Azulongmon's look out for special training. Avengemon, too, was invited by Agumon's request.

The arrangements were prepared by X/Max Kamiya, Gennai, and Azulongmon. Tai & Agumon and Dorothy & Avengemon were designed a special room akin to the Room of Time, including the harsh conditions as a favor for helping prevent Beerusmon from destroying the Digital World.

Needless to say to call this special training was a huge understatement.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST – Turning the Tables)

The clash of the two warriors inside this room rattled the entire sanctuary. X, Gennai, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and Falcomon felt the after effects of the tremors caused by the intense fight inside the room.

"Just how long are they going to keep this up?!" Pikkan blurted out.

"Oh, this is nothing compared to when Omega X and Beerusmon tore it up a year ago!" X cried out. "Seems he's finally gotten his fighting spirit flaring since then!"

"I kinda feel sorry for Dorothy. I mean, she's fighting the Ascendant God for goodness sakes!" Falcomon panicked, flapping his wings around.

"Nah, she'll be ok. He's not using Ascendant God to fight her," the masked man reassured the Digicore guardian.

BanchoLeomon added, aghast by the amount of power unleashed by Omega X. "Nonetheless, there won't be much left of Azulongmon's sanctuary if this keeps up! Remember how hard we had to apologize to Azulongmon for letting his palace get wrecked beyond recognition?!"

"That was me who had to do all the apologizing!" Gennai yelled out amidst the loud commotion.

"Hey, X, two questions... why did Tai and Agumon turn down Whismon's offer to train?"

"Well, I guess Tai and Agumon needed more time to prove themselves worthy. Though, I think those two are more than ready. We could entice Lord Whismon to show up... and what's your second question, Falcomon?"

"Why still wear that mask? We all know you're Max Kamiya, and you're not really a Watcher with Simms back in his position."

The masked man chuckled behind his mask. "Well, I kinda continue part-time. Besides, I still like wearing this mask. Makes me cool!" He slowly pulled off his mask, revealing a young man with reddish eyes and spiky chocolate brown hair. "Think of it as my hero gimmick when I'm not in Ascendant form. Ok?" He winked, placing his mask back on.

"Oh, I see!"

Pikkan scoffed under his breath. "Hero gimmick? Please, you and Kaze Girl should be together a hero team or something."

"Nah, I fly solo. Besides..." X clubbed Pikkan's back. "I wouldn't be around to kick your sorry ass in training now!"

"Hey, watch it, Kamiya!" The Alterian snapped.


"Looks like the final round is commencing!" X said.

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST – Trouble Erupts)

"Let's do this, Tai!" Dorothy replied earnestly. She summoned Avengemon, a silver-armored humanoid resembling a Kamen Rider, behind her.

Tai beckoned VictoryGreymon over. Both pressed their hands together and fused into the Ascendant warrior, Omega X. Powering up into his full-powered Ascendant state, Omega X shot an intense glare toward Dorothy and Avengemon.

Omega X and Dorothy raced through floating debris within the sanctuary. Avengemon dove close to catch up with the two warriors. Dorothy clenched her teeth and readily propelled toward Omega X.

"Hah!" Dorothy yelled out, charging and firing a beam at Omega X.

Omega X responded with a Ki beam.

The two beams clashed and exploded, wiping out every trace of debris floating around the fighters. Omega X and Dorothy collided head-on unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks that shook the whole spacious room. Avengemon joined in and attempted to club Omega X from the rear, but Omega X phased out of reach. Omega X reappeared above Avengemon and clocked him with a punch to the head.

"Avengemon!" Dorothy cried out, taking out her Digivice to create a digitized net that she threw down to catch Avengemon with.

"Thanks, Dorothy. Nice save," Avengemon said, landing on all fours on the net. He scanned, watching Omega X and Dorothy punching at each other. "There's got to be a way for me and Dorothy to finally combine much like some of these Ascendants have been able to combine with their Digimon. What component are we missing?"

"I know you're holding back, Tai! Please, I want to see that Ascendant God side of yours!" Dorothy shouted at Omega X while her punches kept missing.

As Omega X landed on some floating debris, he gave her a serious look.

"I don't think you're ready for that yet, Dorothy. Believe me."

"Yeah, I do, but I'd like to see the form you used to fight Beerusmon! Please?"

Omega X calmly smiled. "Maybe for a brief second if you can land a hit on me."

"Deal!" Dorothy accepted as she phased out.

Omega X scanned the room, sensing the vibrations within the room. He turned to his left and saw Dorothy reappearing with a massively charged Ki ball in her right hand. She tossed the massive Ki ball at Omega X. Omega X narrowly dodged the ball and let it wipe out the debris behind him.

Dorothy didn't stop there. She unleashed continuous blasts at Omega X, who swerved around them. Omega X dodged them and finally landed on some nearby debris. Omega X cupped his hands together and charged up a familiar blue ball of Ki. In response, Dorothy raised her hands and conjured up reddish energies.

"Dorothy, hold on! You can't properly use that without me!" Avengemon interjected, flying up next to Dorothy. "Allow me to aid you."

"Thanks, Avengemon!" Dorothy focused between hers and Avengemon's powers.

The two formed an red energy wave that they threw at Omega X. Omega X responded and fired his Tsunami Wave, which collided with the pair's attack. Their attacks collided, igniting in an explosion that erupted and destroyed most of the whole room.


(End theme)

X, Gennai, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and Falcomon quickly charged toward the door of the special training room. They saw smoke pouring out. Before any of them can open, the doors flew open. Tai came walking out carrying Dorothy on his back. Agumon and Avengemon accompanied behind them.

"Man, you gave us a scare there, Tai!" X exclaimed. "We were worried this would've been too much for Dorothy and Avengemon."

Tai managed an innocent chuckle. "Nah, it's fine. Don't underestimate these two. Dorothy can handle anything I can throw at her. Remember she was the Teen-Reaper not too long ago."

"And she can heal fast, too," Agumon added.

"And honestly, she's been my toughest opponent since Beerusmon. She's nowhere near as strong as him or most of the guys I've fought, but Dorothy's resiliency is what's gonna make her stronger. Kinda like Kari in some respects."

"That'll be a great asset to us," BanchoLeomon said.

"I know she can heal quickly, but would you still like me to treat her?" Falcomon asked Tai.

"Oh, sure. Actually, heal all four of us if you want," Tai said, placing Dorothy on the floor.

While Falcomon used his healing on Tai, Dorothy, and their Digimon, X quietly observed them.

Tai, you don't require much healing yourself. Since you and Agumon gained the Ascendant God power, you two can recover quickly without Falcomon. It's still astounding Omega X is an Ascendant God. Makes me wonder if there's even a limit to that level of power! X thought. And of course without me, Omega X wouldn't have ever become an Ascendant God to begin with!

(Cue Gurren Lagann OST – Rap wa Kan no Tamashii da! (Short Start Edit))

"Max! Hey, Max!" Tai called out to X. "You're still wearing that mask? I thought you made it clear you were done being a Watcher?"

"Well, every now and then I go back to assist Simms with some duties, but why can't I keep the mask? Makes me look cool."

Pikkan grunted. "Cool my ass."

"Well, whatever makes you feel better... say, you were wondering if I'm ready to accept Lord Whismon's offer to train with him?"

X nodded. "Yeah, and your decision?"

"Well, I think I might be ready."

"Think?" curiously asked BanchoLeomon.

"Well, I just didn't want to possibly disturb Lord Beerusmon if he's asleep."

"You won't know until you ask Lord Whismon yourself, Tai," Agumon said.

"Yeah, you're right."

Dorothy dusted herself off and bowed to Tai. "Thanks for the training lesson, Tai. I know you'll be leaving to see Lord Whismon?"

"Looks like I am, so we can meet back at my place. I need to let Kari and my family know I'll be leaving."

Dorothy nodded. "Ok then. I'll meet you there for dinner then?"

"Sounds good. See you later," Tai said.

As Dorothy and Avengemon waved them off, they headed through a portal transporting them back to Odaiba. Tai and Agumon settled down to converse with this colleagues.

"Actually, you might want to postpone training with Lord Whismon, you two," Gennai advised them. "As much as I know you two want to, you should know Matt and Gabumon are eager to seek some special training."

"Sheesh, even with the Yamato persona gone, it almost seems like he never left with begin with," Pikkan snorted irritably.

"Yeah, but at least Matt's been more calmer now," Agumon reminded them.

"That's besides the point," X cleared his throat. "We have guests coming."

"Guests?" Tai became intrigued. "Who's coming?"

"You might know them very well. After all, they have come to our aid many times, and likewise we've done the same for them."

"X, you don't mean..."

"Yeah, you heard right. Our good friends, Karin, Dimitri, and their future daughter Athena are coming. Joining them are the Tamers and Legendary Warriors from dimension YYGDM-01. That's not all, they're being joined by another Digiteam known as DATS from a world closely linked to their dimension. On top of that, Team Xros Heart and their friends."

Upon hearing this, Tai and Agumon were both elated. They turned exchanged excited glances.

"Whoa, you're serious! When are they coming?!" Tai asked like a giddy child.

"Should be anytime today," X answered, trying to contain his own excitement. "We've arranged a meeting spot here."

"Oh boy! Isn't this going to be exciting, Tai?!"

"You said it, Agumon! Heck, I say forget training with Lord Whismon for a while!"

"While I know you're all excited to see our other dimension friends, we wouldn't be summoning them if there wasn't a mission to be had," Gennai said.

The Bearer of Courage was befuddled hearing this. "Wha...? Care to explain?"

"All will be explained when our guests arrive," X stated.

(End theme)


Earth, Odaiba/Downtown/DF-616/3:30 PM

On the subject of rivals, Tai's friend/rival, Matt Ishida, and Gabumon stood outside of a fashion store waiting for two crazed shopaholics on this mundane afternoon. Although it's been two years since the Yamato persona left him, Matt still retained some of Yamato's mannerisms, including the desire to keep up with Tai.

Ever since the Beerusmon incident, Matt has sought new goal.

(Cue Hunter x Hunter (2011) OST – Take a Walk)

"There are things I'd rather be doing than this," Matt sighed with boredom. "Like finding a way to attain that Ascendant God power..."

"Maybe you, Tai, or Max can call Whismon?"

"And how do you figure we do that, Gabumon? What? You want me to do another stupid dance number?! That was beyond embarrassing!" Matt shuddered even remembering trying to appease Beerusmon with his infamous dance routine. Ugh, and it didn't help my band mates want me to dance during our shows! Yamato, if you're still even inside my head, you're probably more embarrassed.

"Say, Matt, I think the girls are finished."

Matt grumbled. "About damn time." He watched Mimi, Palmon, and Keke walk out carrying boxes upon boxes of clothes and other fashion accessories.

"Done! Here, you two be gentlemen and carry these for us!" Mimi said, throwing her boxes to Matt.

Keke did the same, throwing her bags to the blonde-haired male. "Yeah, please, dad!"

Palmon threw some boxes to Gabumon. "Wanna help, too?!"

Matt and Gabumon quickly caught the incoming boxes with little effort. Some female bystanders clapped upon seeing Matt and Gabumon effortlessly holding the stacks of boxes.

(End theme)

"Are we done yet?" Matt asked the two.

"Yeah, I think we can call it a day," Mimi nodded. She unflipped her phone and checked her schedule. "Oh, wait, let's hit the ice cream bar before we finish."

"How about buying for us, dad?" Keke turned to Matt, winking to him.

"Sure, why not?" Matt sighed. Wouldn't I give for a little excitement right now.

"Hey, put 'em up, ladies!" Yelled out a man.

(Cue Durarara! OST – He's Such a Coward That He Can Laugh (0:00-1:40))

The group paused as three thugs stood in their way. The middle one was a white muscular guy with short faded brown hair and bore resemblance to Vanilla Ice. The other two were a short fat guy wearing a fedora and shades and a tall skinny guy wearing a red bandana.

"Yo, baby girls. Why not spare some cash for us?" The Vanilla Ice-looking guy asked Mimi and Keke.

"Sorry, but we're busy," Keke blew him off.

"Yo, why you gonna talk like that to Big C representing this side of Odaiba?"

"Huh? We've never heard of you," Mimi blinked in confusion. "And I know all the celebrities all over Tokyo."

"You sure you haven't heard of Big C? Anyway, don't matter, we're about to make this side our turf, but we can't start building a business without cash. So, why not be some sweet honeys. Spare me and my boys some cash, yo."

Keke shrugged. "Sorry, but we're broke now. Spent it all on the clothes."

"I say bull to the shit on that one, yo..."

Having heard enough, Matt cut off Big C and his two cohorts. "Mind stepping off. Unless you and your pansies want to get dropped?"

"With what? Dawg, you're just one man! You wanna have a go with Big C and his boys?!"

"Matt, just forget them. They can't do anything to us but be annoying," Mimi yawned. "Let's go."

"Hey, don't turn your back on me, ho!" Big C pulled out a gun and pointed it at Mimi. "Yo, wanna run that mouth of yours, honey? Now give whatever y'all got left!"

Mimi just sighed, shaking her head. "Oh, you lame posers are going to get it now."

"Who gonna stop us?" Big C asked. "You mean that pretty boy blonde gonna kick our asses by himself? But, hey, he's gotta be tough if he's got two fine asses like y'all selves and... these two..." He just noticed Gabumon and Palmon. "Yo, what the hell are you two?! Some kind of Pokey-mans?!"

"Digimon, and correction it's Poke-mon, too. Get it right, ass-wipe," Matt stepped right in front of Big C.

Big C unloaded a few rounds, but Matt quickly caught all the bullets with one hand and dropped them. Big C and his cohorts' mouths dropped at the seemingly superhuman feat.

"Yo, what kinda freak are ya?!" Big C shouted.

"Freaks who serve up an ass-whooping on posers like you!" Keke cried out, swiftly taking down Big C's crew. She roundhouse kicked the skinny one down. She punched the fat guy's gut and knocked him out.

Big C dropped his gun and backed off. "Yo... I was just playing with y'all! Lemme just get my boys and get the hell outta y'alls way!"

"Or..." Matt stepped on Big C's hand and kicked the gun aside. He cracked his knuckles. "How about I serve you a good ass-whooping, Vanilla Ice?" He reared back and tapped Big C, sending him flying into the air. "Can you see me now, bitch?"

When it was all said and done, Big C was left hanging by his underwear on a light post. His two boys were tied up by Palmon's vines. The local police were called on to pick up the three troublemakers.

(End theme)

"Good, can we finally get to our ice cream?" Palmon asked. "I'm famished!"

"My hero," Mimi winked to Matt.

"The sooner we forget that Vanilla Ice wannabe the better," Keke sighed.

Matt mumbled under his breath. "Still not satisfying enough." Tai, you got to be having more fun than I am training that protege girl. You and Max better call up Whismon before I lose my mind here!


As the Ishida and Tachikawa group finished their ice cream, they prepared to head out.

"So, ready to go?" Mimi asked everyone.

"Yeah, gotta head back to meet with Max," Keke said. "Thanks for taking me shopping guys. I needed a break from training so much." She turned to Matt and smiled to him. "What are your plans, Matt?"

"Maybe guitar practice, or some training..." Matt replied until he sensed a familiar presence materialize behind him. He finally managed a smirk knowing who arrived. "You finally show your face?"

"Whoa! Hey, Agumon!" Gabumon and Palmon acknowledged their Digimon pal.

(Cue Hunter x Hunter OST (2011) OST – The World of Adventurers (0:00-1:13))

Tai and Agumon appeared using Instant Movement.

"Hey!" Agumon called out to Gabumon and Palmon.

"Sup, guys!" Tai greeted his friends with a big and infectious grin.

"What a surprise, Tai! What brings you two here?" Mimi acknowledged.

"Did Max send you to find me?" Keke asked.

"Not just you, but he's calling for most of us to show up at Azulongmon's," Tai replied. "We've got guests coming and seems there's something big planned."

"Something big planned? I take it it's nothing to do with Whismon?" Matt asked him.

"Nope, seems those plans are on hold, but you guys will be thrilled to know Dimitri, Karin, and Athena are coming!" Tai announced, to which Matt, Mimi, and Keke were surprised to hear. "Eh, I got your attention, didn't I?"

"Brother, Karin, and Athena are coming, too?!" Keke said intrigued.

"I'm definitely not missing this one!" Mimi added.

Matt nodded. "Ok, now you've got my attention, Tai."

"Well, you know the drill, hang onto me and away we go," Tai turning his back to them.


Matt, Mimi, and Keke crowded behind Tai. Likewise, Gabumon and Palmon amassed around Agumon. Tai and Agumon then used Instant Movement to teleport them straight to Azulongmon's sanctuary.

(End theme)


Odaiba/Apartment/4:20 PM

There was a knock on the door. Getting up from her chair, a brunette woman wearing a long-sleeved pink shirt, khaki pants, and a pair of red reading glasses answered the door. To her surprise, she was greeted by an ginger-haired woman wearing a short-sleeved red shirt, a blue jean skirt, and long black leggings. With her was a taller blonde-haired boy dressed in a short-sleeved white shirt and black jeans. Also with them were two kids; a blonde-haired boy and a brunette girl wearing TK's old white bucket hat. Biyomon and Patamon were also with them.

"TK, Sora!"

"Kari," TK smiled, hugging her.

"Are you busy, Kari?" Sora asked, noticing the pile of paper work on a coffee table.

After hugging TK, Kari waved off, dismissing the paper work. "Nah, it's fine. Just helping grade papers for my kids. And speaking of kids..." She knelt down to hug Tike and Kara. "It's been a while you two!"

"Same here!" Tike and Kara replied earnestly.

Gatomon poked her head between the brunette girl's legs. "Hey, Biyomon, Patamon!" She greeted her Digimon pals and led them inside.

"Come on in! My place is your place!" Kari walked them inside.

(Cue Durarara! OST – The Girl in the Drawing)

As the friends gathered at the table, Kari returned with a tray of tea for them. She, TK, and Sora raised their tea cups, and they drank.

"Man, hard to believe you're already starting to teach, Kari," Sora said, gawking over the paperwork.

"Well, it's just a special program for college kids like me who are seriously looking into the teaching profession. I'm not really getting compensated except for college credits. And besides, I'm just a teacher's aide, but since the teacher's out on vacation, I asked if I could grade the papers for her."

"Yeah, and if I remember you chose to go with the grade school kids," TK said.

"They're just the sweetest," Kari sipped her tea and took off her glasses. "They've grown to already like me."

Gatomon added. "Wish you'd let me come to one of your teaching days."

"Hmm, maybe as a show and tell for my kids."

"Hey, I doubt they're any better than we are!" Kara said.

"That's right! How about we come, too?" Tike scoffed. "We'll show them we're the only kids that matter!"

Kari giggled. "Oh, nobody will ever replace you two." She patted Tike and Kara much to their delight.

"How's everything been with you and Tai? Do you see each other often?" TK asked.

"We've been doing our thing. Tai's earning his living being a soccer coach and uses all his free time training. Me, it's all just been school and being the teacher's aide. I haven't had much time to train... so, I'm definitely not up to par. I do try to put some time into training when I can."

TK patted Kari's shoulders. "Remember if you need time to unwind and let it out, you got me to train with."

"And us!" Tike and Kara chimed in.

The Bearer of Hope chuckled. "And you two, of course!"

"Yeah, Tai does take time of his busy schedule to spend time with me. I mean, with that Instant Movement he uses, he took me to Italy not too long ago," Sora said. "I mean, who needs to use airplanes anymore when your boyfriend's a teleporter, a flier, and now an Ascendant God..." She paused, reflecting back to X unmasking, and revealing himself as Tai and Sora's son. "And finding out the masked watcher who's looked out for us... this whole time is your son."

The others turned to Sora and watched her tear up a little, but not out of grief. She seemed content knowing her and Tai's guardian has been their son.

"I just wish he'd come out and say so sooner, but I get it... the higher ups probably didn't want that and risk costing Max his position."

"Sora..." Kari tried to console her.

Sora shook her head. "It's ok, Kari. I'm fine. But, hey, thanks to him, Omega X is now an Ascendant God."

"I still can't wrap my head around that!" TK pointed out. "Ascendant God... I mean, that Beerusmon guy was already beyond our realm! Now Tai and Agumon have that Ascendant God essence in them!"

"Even I can't believe it, but how many times has my brother gone and made believers out of us?" Kari smiled softly. "I mean, I wouldn't be where I am without his encouragement. And he's even taken someone, who used to be the D-Reaper, under his wing and training her to be a great asset for us. He's making sure we're good enough to protect this world if he ever decides to leave for whatever reason."

"Reason?" Patamon wondered. "Like what?"

"Like going to that god's realm wherever Whismon and Beerusmon are," Gatomon stated, biting into a cookie.

"I have no doubt my brother will want in as well," TK said. "Just because that Yamato personality is gone, that doesn't mean that competitive spirit has left Matt. I saw that look of desire on his face. He definitely doesn't want to fall behind Tai."

"I'm sure my brother would agree if he were here..."

(End theme)

"Yep, you got that right!" Came a familiar voice that got everyone's attention.

The group whirled around to see Tai and Agumon waving to them.

"Sorry, did we come unannounced?" Agumon asked stupidly.

"Not at all! Tai, Agumon, good to see you two!" Kari rushed over to hug them both. "Did you just come back from training?"

"Yeah, kinda wanted to give Dorothy her final exam so to speak."

Gatomon raised an eyebrow. "And?"

"She passed with flying colors. She and Avengemon both just need to keep practicing together."

"That's good to know," Sora said as she and Tai kissed. "Is she back at your place?"

"Yeah probably to eat and rest. She knows the whole deal if I'm not around. She's gotten used to the idea of being me being an adoptive dad, or at the very least a big brother."

"That's good."

TK approached Tai. "What brings you here?"

"Good thing you asked! Since you mentioned Matt, he, Mimi, and Keke are waiting for us back at Azulongmon's!"

"What for?" Tike and Kara asked him.

"You'll just have to see and find out. We have guests coming."


Shinjuku/Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building/4:30 PM

(Cue Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Theme)

Within the government building, a certain group of techies have been working diligently for Hypnos and Stark Industries' Japanese Division. These individuals are none other than Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi, Ken Ichijouji, and Miyako 'Yolei' Inoue.

Now working under Maki Himekawa's operations, the trio have conducted investigations on criminal activities and helping contain digital portals from breaching into the real world. Thus far, threat level activities have been relatively minor in Japan. However, the reports of the Incredible Hulk have prompted Izzy and his team to tracking the green monster. Results ended without much success as Hulk always escaped and went into hiding for certain periods of time. Then, the mystical activity in New Mexico raised the team's concerns about other worldly beings that aren't Digimon.

Lately, they've been working round the clock securing the borders between the real and Digital Worlds. Oh, and helping modify Tony's assembly line of new armors.

"Ugh, I could use some coffee," Izzy groaned. "And I don't even like that stuff." He painstakingly glanced over a digitized grid and waited for an anomaly beacon to show up.

Ken and Yolei stood side by side watching a big screen showing Tony Stark on the news.

"Pfft, man just look at that smug jerk. He's out there strutting his stuff on camera while we're stuck here working our butts off!" Yolei blew a tongue at Tony Stark on screen.

"To be fair, he works just as hard as we do. Or, did you forget we help with his suits?" Ken reminded her.

The purple-haired female techie shrugged. "Yeah, I know. Just needed to blow off some steam. I'm just glad Pepper's running his company now. She and I really need to talk about Tony..."

Is bitching about Tony all she ever thinks about? Ken sighed in thought. "Wormmon, care to get some drinks ready for us?"

"Will do!" Wormmon complied.

"Allow me to assist!" Tentomon added.

"And don't forget me!" Hawkmon said.

Just then, the door opened and in came Sam dressed in a lab coat.

"Oh, good you came, Sam," Izzy acknowledged the D3. "We could use your hand."

"That's why I'm here. Always the handy guy," Sam replied, walking over to meet with Yolei and Ken. "Couldn't help but hear you mad mouth Tony again, Yolei."

"What else is new?" She remarked.

"How's the new parts for Tony's suit coming along?" Sam asked, checking on a pair of new Iron Man armored hands and feet.

"Just need to work on the thrusters," Ken said.

"I just long for something exciting right about now," Izzy said.

Suddenly, Tai and Agumon teleported inside the facility. Everyone paused and turned to find the duo waving.

"Looking for some excitement?" Tai grinned. "Maybe you wanna come up to Azulongmon's!"

"Tai! You read my mind. What's going on?"

"Max sent us to get y'all!"

"For what?" Sam inquired to Tai.

"Just c'mon! He doesn't want to be kept waiting!" Agumon said, gathering Tentomon, Hawkmon, and Wormmon.

"Anything beats having to stay cooped up in this place!" Yolei disrobed her lab coat. "Ready, Ken?"

"Sure, we could work this into our break hours," Ken replied, taking off his lab coat.

"All right, here we go!" The Bearer of Courage gathered the group and teleported them out using Instant Movement.

Likewise, Agumon relocated with his Digimon friends.


Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Tai's Residence/Room#122/4:40 PM

After putting away a dish of omelets and rice, Dorothy patted her belly and burped. Avengemon handed her a napkin to wipe her mouth with.

Avengemon chortled. "We really need to work on your table manners."

"Mmm, that was good! I think I'm ready for some meditation now," Dorothy said, pushing her chair in.


Suddenly, Tai and Agumon teleported into their apartment to find Dorothy and Avengemon cleaning up.

"Tai! You're back soon!" Dorothy said. "I'm cleaning the dishes, ok?"

"It's cool, but leave them 'til later, we have guests coming."

"Really?" Avengemon asked.

"Yeah, we're heading back to Azulongmon's. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised who's coming," the Bearer of Courage grabbed Dorothy's hand and placed his fingers on his forehead.

Agumon placed his claw on Avengemon. "Ready?"

"Go!" Tai called out as he and Agumon relocated Dorothy and Avengemon back to Azulongmon's sanctuary.


Digital World/Mummy Mansion

"Wait, you want to take my little girl to Azulongmon's place?!" Mummymon yelled out as Tai took Meryl's hand. He and Dee confronted Tai.

"It'll only be a few minutes. There's someone who'll be happy to see your daughter," Tai reassured the champ.

Meryl's eyes and face filled with elation. "You mean...?!" She already knew exactly who Tai alluded to.

"Heh, seems you already have an idea."

Agumon put a claw on Salamon and Gatomon. He teleported out with them.

"Meryl going to see a friend?" Dee asked Mummymon.

"Yeah, must be that Athena girl. Shoot, how could I forget those two are friends?" Mummymon scratched his head and sighed. "Meryl, you want to see that Athena girl?"

Nodding excitedly, Meryl replied. "Yep! Athena is always my friend, daddy!"

"Well, let's not keep Athena and PinkPatamon waiting, Meryl! Hang on tight!" Tai held Meryl and teleported using Instant Movement.

As Agumon and Meryl's Digimon partners left, Mummymon folded his arms and smiled.

"Meryl's happy to see her friend?" Dee turned his head. "You should be happy, too."

"I am. I'd never deprive my little girl of any friendships. As long as she's happy."


Odaiba/Soccer Field/4:50 PM

Tai and Agumon talked Davis & Veemon, David, and Sonja to come.

"Shoot, you think I'm gonna pass up seeing Takato, Takuya, and our other dimension neighbors," Davis spat out. "No way. How about you guys?"

"I'm up for it!" Veemon said.

David smiled. "Let's go!"

Sonja nodded while holding Calumon. "Why not?"

"Sounds exciting!" Calumon chirped loudly. "What do you think, Impmon?"

Impmon was seen hiding behind a recycle bin. He overheard Calumon.

"Why should I? Unless that other world's Impmon shows up, I don't wanna bother... besides, that world's Takato and his friends don't like as it is."

"Aww, don't be like that, Impmon! C'mon!" Agumon grabbed Impmon.

"Hey, lemme go!"

"Ready? Next stop, Azulongmon's place! Everyone's waiting for us!" Tai announced.

As Davis and his family gathered behind Tai, the Ascendant relocated them straight to Azulongmon's sanctuary. Agumon held onto Impmon and teleported with him.

(End theme)


Unknown Sector of the Digiverse/Beerusmon's Domain

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST –Beerus' Tea Time)

"Whismon?! Where are you going?!"

The boisterous wail of one Digital God of Destruction caused Whismon to freeze on the spot.

"Um, I'll be stepping out for a few Lord Beerusmon. Please, do go back to sleep."

"Fine, but if you're leaving for off world, could you bring back some delicacies of the world you're visiting?"

"Well, I'm not leaving this world just..."

"And if the food tastes bad, point me to the direction of said world... and let me wipe it out..." Beerusmon fell back asleep. In fact, the purple deity Digimon was asleep the whole time and talking in his sleep no less. "One day, that Ascendant God and I will have our rematch... rematch to determine it all..." He zonked out and snored loudly, kicking his feet up. He then flipped over on one side scratching his belly. "Nom, nom."

Whismon sweatdropped. "Sleep tight, Lord Whismon." Whoo, can't let him know I'll be conversing with the Chosen of Planet Earth. Hmm, perhaps Taichi turning down a training less from me was a good idea for now. Heavens knows what Lord Beerusmon would do if I brought the Ascendant God here.

With a tap of his staff, Whismon teleported from the palace to outside on the fields.

"This should make a good venue. Anyway, I hope my hair isn't sticking up..." He adjusted his hair and smirked. "There. Can't let an imperfection like bad hair day give me a bad image for those people. Well, it's showtime."

(End theme)


Dimension: YYGDM-01/Central Realm/Huanglongmon's Palace/July 24, 2011/1:23 PM

(Cue The Avengers (2012) OST – The Avengers)

The arranged gathering commenced in Huanglongmon's realm. The day for departure into the DF-616 realm was set.

Ryo Akiyama forged a portal for his YYGDM-01 colleagues, opening a way straight into the DF-616 dimension.

"Are we ready to go?!" Ryo turned as Karin Osaka, Dimitri Ishida & Faith the Patamon, Athena & PinkPatamon, the Tamers (Takato & Guilmon, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, and Himura & Inumon), the Legendary Warriors (Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Izumi, Junpei, and Tomoki), DATS (Masaru & Agumon, Thomas & Gaomon, Yoshino & Lalamon, and Ikuto & Falcomon), and Team Xros Heart (Taiki & Shoutmon, Kiriha & Greymon, Nene & Mervamon, Akari & Dorulumon, Zenjirou & Ballistamon, Yuu & Damemon, Tagiru Akashi & Gumdramon, Ryouma Mogami & Psychemon, Ren Tobari & Dracmon, Airu Suzaki & Opossummon, and Kotone Amano) amassed behind him and Cyberdramon.

"We're all ready to go, Ryo!" Takato announced.

"Heck yeah, more than ready!" Takuya added.

"Good thing we pulled you guys from your Earth in Ebonwumon's Northern Realm," Henry addressed Team DATS.

"We're always up for another adventure! Aren't we, Agumon?" Masaru pumped his fists up.

"Got that right, big bro!" Agumon hollered loudly.

"And let's not forget Team Xros Heart," Karin said. "Thanks to me of course."

"We're glad we can come," Taiki replied.

Dimitri looked down to Athena. "Excited to see Tai and Matt?"

"Yeah!" Athena responded with zeal.

"Say, where's Kotori? Isn't she coming?" Kouji asked Kouichi.

"She... well, she's gathering her Valkyrie team together to catch up with us. They might be involved in this dimension mission we're supposed to do."

"I see."

Kouichi nodded. "She's a leader of her own team now. She's still trying to get used to the whole leader concept after beating Loki and Mist."

"Don't worry she and her team will catch up when they need to," Takuya reassured Kouichi.

"Ok, besides those running into delays, is this everyone?" Ryo asked, to which the whole Digiteam responded together. "Very well. Stay in orderly fashion, everyone. The portal ahead of you shall take you to the DF-616 dimension."

"Thanks for saving me the trouble, Ryo. I'll leave it you to brief on Kotori's Valkyrie team and the Kuipers on the missions ahead for them," Karin said.


She quickly beckoned to the others. "Ok, everyone! Follow me!"

With that, Karin and her family led the massive Digiteam through the portal. The Digiteams amassed and lined up behind Karin, Dimitri, and Athena. Takato, Takuya, Masaru, and Taiki smiled together upon entering the portal.

Tai, Davis! Here we come! Takato thought, getting giddy with seeing his fellow leaders.

"Uncle Tai, Grandpa Matt, Meryl, can't wait to see ya again!" Athena murmured, beaming with excitement.

Karin and Dimitri exchanged smiles knowing their future daughter was thrilled to see the ones she's become closest to.

"Did you by any chance tell your brother Kensuke to meet us?" Dimitri asked Karin.

"He got my message. Last I heard, he took Christina to visit his world. I'm sure he'll surprise us when he gets there," Karin whispered, walking alongside him.

"All right then. Hope he doesn't take long."

"Me either."


Earth/Shinjuku Park/1:45 PM

Upon arriving at the park, the other Kuiper Belt Senshi and Kotori & her Valkyrie Maidens waited for Ryo and Cyberdramon to show up. Just then, right on cue, a portal opened and the two groups watched Ryo make his entrance out of it.

"Ryo, what the hell? You kept us waiting for over an hour!" Kotori chided him.

"My apologies, everyone," Ryo replied apologetically. "Turns out we had a bigger group than originally planned."

"So, what? Have Ken and Christina shown back yet?" Tyra asked Ryo.

"Not yet, but they should be convening with Karin, Takato, and the others in the DF-616 dimension," the dimension traveler proclaimed.

"We've been informed by Usagi, Yusuke, and Yugi that their teams are ready to go whenever you're set," Helena said.

"Good, because this mission will require a bunch of groups. It's just imperative the ones with Digimon partners had to go to the DF-616 dimension. That doesn't mean the rest of the groups here should be left out."

"You haven't been upfront about this mission. What are we supposed to do?" Jami inquisitively said.

"Yeah, don't keep us left out in the dark, Ryo," Taylor added.

"Are we going on any dimension missions or not?" Larry asked.

"Right, I'm getting to that," Ryo replied. He pivoted over to Kotori's Valkyrie Maidens.

Amassed with Kotori were four other young women. They've recently awakened and resolved an age old conflict with Loki and the Lokar. Kotori and her friends globetrotted to find these young women, akin to the Kuiper Belt Senshi recruitment.

Of these four girls was a short white-haired, blue-eyed French girl wearing a short-sleeved white shirt, a red cap, a black skirt, and brown boots. This is Sasha D'Anjou/Skuld, the Underworld Valkyrie/Norn and childhood friend of Kotori's cousin Phillippe Sagara.

Another was a moderate height and attractive Native American girl. She had hazel, eyes, bronze skin, and long black hair in a braid down her back. She's garbed in a blue denim jacket, a white t-shirt, a blue jean skirt with black leggings, and regular blue tennis shoes. This is Jessica Nightwind/Skogul, the Valkyrie of Time and Sailor Pluto's potential successor to being a Time Guardian.

The third is an athletic Australian young woman. She is the second tallest of the group. She has slightly tanned skin and blue eyes. Her long blonde hair is tied in a bushy ponytail. She's dressed in a small tightly worn purple t-shirt with the Australian flag on it, army-styled camouflage athletic shorts, and white tennis shoes. Her shirt went halfway down, revealing a well defined and muscular midriff, showing off her six pack abs; this is a sign of years of rigorous Olympic swimming training. Her physique, while fairly muscular, is still quite feminine. This is Kara Summers/Sigrun, the Valkyrie of Weather, a water sports enthusiast, and an Olympic swimmer who has competed in the 2008 Olympics and is training for the upcoming 2012 games.

The fourth member is a tall, arguably the tallest of the bunch, and alluring Kenya woman. She's fairly dark brown-skinned woman with one distinguishable green eye. Her right eye is covered in an eye patch. Her choice of wardrobe is a yellow halter top under a black jacket, blue jeans, and black boots. Her hair is long and dark. She, too, seemed to have an athletic build to her as her midriff, too, had defined abs. She also wore black fighting gloves, giving one an impression she's a fighter of some kind. This Ayanna Nazawi/Gondul, the Valkyrie of Light and formerly from a village.

"Shouldn't we wait for any others? Like Phillippe?" Sasha asked Kotori.

"Yeah, I told Alec we'd be seeing some dimensions," Kara said.

"I hate to ask, but could we wait..." Before Kotori could finish, the group hear the hollering of a young man and a few others.

The Kuipers, the Valkyries, and Ryo turned around to see the Victory Tamers (Phillippe & Jaguarmon, Jeri & Felinismon and Leomon, Kazu & Guardromon, Kenta & MarineAngemon, and Suzie & Lopmon), a brown-haired girl named Kiyoko Sasaki, Seadramon, and a young man named Alec Bainard.

"Look, it's Phillipe and his team!" Jessica pointed to them.

"Glad you came, Alec," Kara smiled as she and Alec kissed.

"And what timing, too," Ayanna muttered.

"Kotori! Sasha!" Phillippe called out to his cousin and friend.

"You're not already thinking of leaving without us!" Seadramon cried, tearing up and bawling like a baby. "How could you?!"

"Hey, guys! We were gonna tell you, but Ryo kinda gave us a specific time to meet him. Sorry, for not filling y'all in!" Kotori said, hugging Phillippe and Seadramon. "Sorry, will you forgive me?"

"Of course, but wherever you're going I want in!" Seadramon put Kotori up to it.

"Deal, buddy."

"You want to come with us, Phillippe?" Sasha asked him.

"Yeah since even my future nephew, Adam, might be going on these dimension missions with his crew. Which, by the way, Ryo..." Phillippe pivoted over and addressed the Tamer.

Kazu added. "Wanna clue us in what the deal-o about this dimension mission is all about?"

"Yes, we deserve the right to know!" Jeri said.

"Very well," Ryo finally complied to their wishes. "But, listen carefully because I'm just explaining this once." He then started briefing them on the situation.


Dimension: XLR-8/Digital World/Canyon Dominion/Zion Village

"Ok, ready to go, Christina?" Kensuke paused as he looked over to Christina Denton, who was seen hugging another girl, named Kasumi Shika, with a Lunamon and bidding farewell to a group of teens (one boy and two girls) with Digimon partners. Among these teens was a teen male named Maki Hino with a Coronamon; and female ninja twins, a blonde named Mikato Kagami and a dark-haired one named Shizuka Kagami. A Liollmon and a Bearmon were seen standing with the Kagami sisters.

"Yeah," Christina replied, pulling away from the girl. "Thanks for all the hospitality Kasumi and everyone!"

"You're more than welcome to hang out with us, Christina," Kasumi said. "I had fun hanging out. We should do karaoke again."

"You two should form a duet or something," Maki suggested.

Nodding, Kasumi replied. "I'd like to, but I've got a company and future to prepare."

It was nice getting to know Kenny's new girlfriend," Mikato snickered, which earned her a glare from Ken. "What?"

"Let them be, sis. So what if they're an item," Shizuka interjected, smiling. "We oughta be supportive of them."

"Of course, I'm supportive of them."

Christina waved to the Kagami sisters. "And you two, take care of yourselves! For a pair of kunoichi, you aren't half bad!"

"Half-bad you say?" An irked Mikato scoffed at Christina's remark.

"You two, be careful for what you're off to do," Kasumi wished Kensuke and Christina well.

"You guys continue holding up the fort here. So far so good, team," Kensuke said, giving them a thumbs up.

"Later, man! And bye, Christina! Nice to meet you!" Maki yelled out as he and Coronamon waved them off.

The Accel Digidestined waved as they watched Kensuke and Christina walking through a portal together. As the portal closed up behind them, the Accel team quickly departed and went their separate ways for the time being until another crisis occurs in their world.

Kasumi looked down, smiling. "Ken... I'm so happy you found someone just right for you. The fact you smiled more says it all." She picked up Lunamon and used her Digivice to open a doorway back home.

(End theme)


Dimension: DF-616/Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/5:15 PM

As the last of the team (BW, Sheila, Cody & Armadillomon, and Joe & Gomamon) arrived, the Ascendants and Kai Destined convened for one big reunion. X quickly brought everyone to speed about their guests.

(Cue Transformers Prime OST – We Have Returned (0:00-1:59))

Then, before long, a big portal opened in the middle of the sanctuary. Azulongmon raised his head and sensed the influx of new presences about to enter his holy sanctuary.

"I take it it's them, Gennai," Azulongmon said.

"Indeed, it's our friends from the YYGDM-01 dimension."

The first ones to emerge were Karin, Dimitri & Faith, and Athena & PinkPatamon.

"Uncle Tai! Grandpa Matt!" Athena beamed happily upon seeing the two Ascendants. She hurried over to hug them both.

PinkPatamon flew over to greet Agumon and Gabumon.

"Hey, long time no see, Athena!" Tai said, picking Athena up and placing her on his shoulder. "How's it going?"

"Been training with dad and helping with mom around the house," Athena said with a bright smile.

"Athena, you've certainly gotten taller," Matt added as Athena jumped into his arms.

"Yeah! And I've been training with dad, too!"

"Good girl," the Bearer of Friendship slightly smirked. He turned his attention to Dimitri and acknowledged him. "Dimitri."

"Hey, dad," Dimitri approached Matt.

"Oh, there's my favorite niece!" Keke chimed in, taking Athena out of Matt's hands. She set Athena down and gasped. "Wow, girl, you've gotten taller since the last I saw you!" She glanced to Dimitri and gave a playful smile. "What the heck have ya been feeding her, bro?"

"Nothing, but the well balanced meals..."

"I eat a lot more than dad does!"

Karin sighed. "Tell me about it. Between her and PinkPatamon, I don't know who the bigger eater is."

Mimi approached Athena and patted the child's head. "Don't worry, if you want your sweet Mimi will make you some delicious waffles!"

"Yay!" Athena cheered in elation.

"I can attest to mom becoming a good cook in my time," Dimitri confessed.

Matt remarked. "Yeah, and she's even got me help make meals."

"Oh, now this I got to see," Karin chuckled.

"Only because he wants to bribe Whismon to train him," Palmon revealed.

"What?" Dimitri and Faith were taken aback.

The Bearer of Sincerity facepalmed and sighed. "It's a long story."

"Athena!" Meryl called out to her friend, who hopped off Tai's shoulder.

Athena raced over and hugged Meryl.

"It's good to see you again, Meryl!"

"You're looking very well, Athena!" Meryl replied happily while petting PinkPatamon. "And good to see you, too, PinkPatamon."

"Yeah, likewise..." PinkPatamon turned her eyes away. She noticed Meryl's partners, Salamon and Gatomon. "Hi there."

Salamon and Gatomon both greeted PinkPatamon.

Just then, Athena caught sight of Dorothy with Avengemon. She bolted right over and extended a hand to Dorothy.

"Hi! You're Dorothy, right?" Athena asked her. "You're training with my Grunkle Tai? That's so neat! How is it like?"

Dorothy replied, shaking Athena's hand. "Why yeah I am. He's been teaching me and allowing me to stay at his home. Just today, I finished my last exam. You're Athena, right?"


"You're so cute, Athena. By the way, this is my partner Avengemon."

"Hi, Avengemon. I'm Athena."

Avengemon politely acknowledged the child. "Greetings, Miss Athena."

"Wow, he's so big!" Athena was in awe at Avengemon's stature. "And you two used to be D-Reaper?"

"Yea...yeah," Dorothy awkwardly said. "Kinda don't want to be reminded of that."

"But, you two are good, plus there's still the chubby Dee that takes care of Meryl," Athena said, turning and nodding to Meryl. "Right?"

"Yeah, Dee's always good with taking care of me when poppa's out promoting," Meryl said.

"Hey, look we've got more coming out of the portal!" Sora pointed out. "I see..."

"All right, Takato, Guilmon, and Takuya!" Agumon yelled out excitedly.

(End theme)

The next ones to step out of the portal were the Tamers (Takato & Guilmon, Rika & Renamon, Henry & Terriermon, and Himura & Inumon) and the Legendary Warriors. Tai and Davis walked over to greet Takato and Takuya.

(Cue Digimon Xros Wars OST – Legend Xros Wars)

"Long time no see, Takato!" Tai shook the Tamer's hand.

"We've totally been expecting you guys!" Davis grinned, fist bumping both Takato and Takuya.

"Thanks for inviting us back. I just couldn't stop thinking about coming back here and seeing y'all again after we beat Teen-Reaper," Takato said.

"Tell me about it, man!" Takuya concurred with the Beast Tamer.

Agumon and Veemon met with Guilmon.

"Good to see ya again, Guilmon ol' buddy!" Veemon patted the crimson reptile's back.

Agumon added. "Have you gotten any training much at all, Guilmon?"

"Not as much as I want. Takato been busy with school."

"I see."

Tai whispered to Takato. "So, are you and Rika still together after that whole debacle not too long ago with your world's Loki?"

"Of course, we made up..." The Tamer smiled, pivoting over to see Rika conversing with Karin, Izumi, Sora, Mimi, and Keke. "And yeah we're back together. Nothing will keep us apart. By the way, many thanks to you and Matt to helping save our world from that Ragnarok Part Deux."

"No problem!" Tai winked to Takato. "And thankfully ended sooner than later, 'cause Lord Whismon told me Beerusmon was aching to get involved and beat the stuffing out of your world's Loki."

"Yeah, I think Beerusmon described your Loki as some 'annoying trickster upstart'," Agumon remembered. "Or that's how Whismon told us."

"Needless to say, glad that guy didn't show up. From what I hear, he sounds like a grouchy god," Takuya said.

"Nah, you just haven't gotten to know him like I have," the Bearer of Courage smiled modestly. "He and I did have our fight."

"And one that shook the Digiverse. Thankfully no planets were destroyed from their fight," X interjected. "If Beerusmon had gotten involved, the whole Ragnarok 2.0 event in dimension YYGDM-01 would've been quickly averted. Loki, with all that power he accumulated, would've been beaten like a bitch in heat. And if Beerusmon had intervened, Kotori wouldn't have been able to complete her final growth as a Valkyrie Maiden and a leader."

Tai nodded. "Yeah, that's a good point. It was good beating up on some of that dimension's evil gods though."

Not long after the Tamers and Legendary Warriors emerged, Team DATS and Team Xros Heart emerged to the Kai Destined's surprise.

"No way! Taiki, too?!" Tai yelled out happily. "We haven't seen ya since the Paradixalmon incident!"

"Same, man! You and your friends are looking well!" Taiki said, shaking Tai's hand firmly.

"Same with you, Taiki!" Davis said, noticing the other Team Xros Heart members. "Oh awesome, you brought your friends! Oh wait... don't think I've seen them." He pointed to Tagiru, Yuu, and the new Xros Heart teammates.

"Yeah, they're our newest members!" Shoutmon chimed in.

"Oh wow, it's the other leaders!" Tagiru beamed with joy. He and Gumdramon bolted over checking out Tai and Davis. "Wow, you're really Tai and Davis that Taiki's been telling me all about! Hey, pleased to meet ya! I'm Tagiru Akashi!"

"And I'm Gumdramon!" The blue dragon-like partner introduced. He sighted Veemon and approached him. "And you look almost like me!"

"The name's Veemon, and man you're... uh... a hyper little guy," Veemon sweatdropped.

"Man, overly enthused dude, aren't you?" Davis chortled over Tagiru's overly hyperactive demeanor. Sheesh, even I wasn't this hyperactive when I was younger! And his Digimon almost looks like Veemon!

"I take the rest of them are new," Tai noted Yuu, Ryouma, Ren, Airu, and Kotone.

"Yep, allow us to introduce Yuu Amano & Damemon, Ryouma Mogami & his Digimon Psychemon, Ren Tobari & Dracmon, Airu Suzaki & Opossummon, and the little one is Kotone Amano."

After Taiki finished, Shoutmon added. "And you just met Tagiru and Gumdramon. Yeah, Taiki more or less ordained him as co-leader of Team Xros Heart."

"Amano?" Takuya asked. "I didn't ask on the way here, but that would make Yuu and Kotone siblings to Nene?"

"Um, that's pretty much a given," Takato pointed out.

Nene overheard them and answered. "Yes, Yuu is my younger brother and Kotone just so happens to be our youngest sister."

"How come we never saw your siblings before?" The Bearer of Courage asked Nene.

"Well, my brother was still recuperating back home and Kotone just hadn't yet came into contact with the Digital World. But, now we're both able to bring our sister over to meet the Digimon."

"That explains things. I also noticed a few of your friends with partners of their own."

"You noticed, Tai? Good eye. Akari and Zenjirou finally got Digivices of their own. Long overdue if you ask me!" Taiki said with an overly enthused grin.

"Hey, you're Tai Kamiya!" Came a voice from across the way.

As Tai turned around, he came face to face with Masaru. Agumon (M) confronted Agumon (T).

"Yeah, and you're...?"

"Masaru Daimon and this is..."

"Agumon," the Bearer of Courage boldly finished for him. "Gotta say good choice for a partner if I do say so myself."

Masaru smiled right in his face nonchalantly. "Same with you. You definitely look tougher than the other Tai I know."

"Other Tai...?"

"He means the Tai that helped us fight in the Valmarmon and Paradais crisis back in our world," Takato informed Tai.

"Oh that's right. I ought to meet that other me one day," Tai then extended his hand to Masaru. "Tell me. Can you sense my power?"

"Not really, but I can tell a fighter when I can see one. And you're totally exuding manly fighting spirit," Masaru said, tightening his shake on Tai's hand. "If we didn't have important business, me and Agumon would love to have a one on one with you two..." He then turned to X. "And even you. I can feel similar vibes from you, masked guy."

X chuckled behind his mask. "Yes, but of course we have more crucial concerns that must be addressed, Masaru."

"Yeah, I get it."

Tai smiled. "Maybe if there's free time, Masaru."

Agumon (T) and Agumon (M) both slapped claws with each other.

Both Takato and Takuya both sighed deeply in relief.

The Warrior of Fire whispered to his Tamer friend. "Yeah, I'm glad those two aren't gonna lock up anytime soon."

"Tell me about it," Takato muttered nervously. "Masaru's no Ascendant technically, but he's got that fighting spirit to rival one."

(End theme)

As Team Xros Heart and Team DATS greeted everyone else, Thomas and Kiriha approached Matt and Gabumon.

"I hear you're slightly different than a Matt Ishida I met from another dimension," Thomas acknowledged. "You're supposed to be something called an Ascendant."

"You seem ok to me," Kiriha remarked.

Matt kept to himself in the presence of the two 'Lancers'. He felt Gabumon tugging on his leg.

"What, Gabumon?" Matt asked as he looked down and saw Airu. He noticed hearts forming in her eyes.

"Wow, you're a hottie!" Airu squealed with delight.

"What?!" Matt balked at the fangirl.

"You're even hotter than Kiriha and Yuu combined! I can tell you got a hot bod under that shirt."

"Get away..." Matt scowled, backing off as he turned facing the other Team Xros Heart and DATS members.

Yuu interjected and pulled Airu aside. "Please excuse my friend. She's like that with every cute guy she sees."

"Yeah, right..." Matt turned away as he heard Mimi and Keke giggling behind his back. "Oh shut up already." He tried to hide his blush from everyone.

Sora observed the gathering and whispered to Rika. "This is one heck of a welcoming committee."

"Tell me about it. I don't know how X intends to divide us if we're being sent to different dimensions," Rika said.

Mimi blinked thrice in confusion. "Wait, we're being divided up to go to different worlds?"

"Those are the plans, yes," X readdressed. "Guess we should get to explaining."

"We?" Kari asked.

"Yes, we," Azulongmon appeared before everyone as Gennai and Simms materialized beneath him. "And that's not all."

"We have a guest that wishes to say hello and give us an idea of an inevitable crisis that's plaguing other worlds in the Nexus," Simms said. "Tai and friends, you might remember Beerusmon's aide... Lord Whismon."

(Cue Gurren Lagann OST – Ahhh! A Skeletonn! A Skeletonnn!)

Everyone watched as an floating orb of green light produced and opened up a visual showing Whismon sitting on a platform. He seemed to be holding a microphone as if ready to sing, but as soon as he got caught on the act he quickly put away the microphone.

"Ooh! Hello, hello, Earth people and Digimon!" Whismon replied in a coy manner. "I was just practicing my tunes."

"Hello, Lord Whismon! Long time no see!" Tai greeted the deity casually.

"Taichi, c'mon where are you manners?" Simms scoffed. "Dear me."

"Oh it's absolutely fine. That's about what I expect from a casual fellow who has access to the power of godhood. Just know Lord Beerusmon can't come to the phone right now 'cause he's taking his cat nap."

Sheila snickered, lightly elbowing BanchoLeomon's gut. "That's what you should be doing, my feline friend!"

BanchoLeomon growled. "Will you shut up?!"

Gatomon furrowed her brows. "How can I forget how much that purple creep ruined our party."

"Get it on with, Whismon," Matt spoke up. "What's this situation you wish to address?"

"It's 'Lord' Whismon, and don't you forget it, mister," Whismon corrected him, and winked to the blonde. "Maybe you can forget training with me and show me your wonderful singing skills. You were totally half-assing when you sang for Lord Beerusmon."

"Half-assing?! I was in a hurry and needed to come up with a song on the fly to keep that impatient asshole from killing us!" Matt snapped.

"Wait, what?" Himura was confused. "You sang?'

"And danced," Mimi sweatdropped. "You guys totally missed out."

"Sheesh, told y'all we should've come!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"We'll ask about it later," Henry said.

"I know all about you Tamers and Legendary Warriors of dimension YYGDM-01. Likewise, Team DATS of the Northern Realm parallel to dimension YYGDM-01. And most especially you Team Xros Heart of DXW-06."

"Wait, we never even met you, but yet you know where we came from?! Masaru was dumbfounded.

"Yeah, how do you know where we live?!" Agumon (M) was flabbergasted.

Whismon smirked coolly. "Being a divine being comes has its quirks, and why would I not have knowledge about the Nexus?"

"Ok, so you know which dimensions we came from, so what the heck is happening in the other worlds?" Taiki asked.

(End theme)

"Has something happened in the Nexus?!" Came a loud voice belonging to a voice that Karin, Dimitri, and Athena recognized instantly.

"Uncle Ken!" Athena called out as Kensuke and Christina jumped through a portal together.

"Brother! Christina!" Karin called out to them.

"Sorry for the delay, everyone!" Christina openly apologized.

"Dang, talk about a big reunion," Kensuke noticed the Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Team DATS, and Team Xros Heart. Holy crap, even Masaru's with them!

"Ah, Kensuke! So good of you to join us!" X welcomed him.

As Athena hugged Kensuke, Karin brought him over to meet with Dimitri.

"We were just going to get info on the crisis that's plaguing certain worlds in the Nexus," Dimitri said.

"Yeah, that's what I wanted to ask," Kensuke said, turning around and facing Tai's direction. "So, what are we about to find out?"

"Lord Whismon was going to start explaining..." Tai pointed to the blue-skinned deity with the pointed white hair and a staff.

Narrowing his eyes, Kensuke recognized the deity during his brief scuffle with Beerusmon. "You're that cat jerk's assistant, aren't you? I remember you."

"So nice of you to remember me, Kensuke Rainer of dimension XLR-8. I was going to address the situation occurring in the Nexus. Are you interested?"

"You bet I am. After all, Lady Cosmos granted me the power to dimension travel just like Karin and Ryo."

"Ah yes, Lady Cosmos. Nice woman, but she should be mindful who she passes dimension crossing powers to. Not to say you haven't abused your dimension crossing abilities for your own personal gain."

"Lord Whismon, we've been using our powers responsibly as we can." Karin defended Kensuke's position.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST – The Earth's Fate)

"I know, Karin Osaka. Now everyone, listen. It's imperative that you follow along. The Nexus as you know is a hub of hundreds if not thousands of realities akin, but not so akin to this world we exist in. These worlds are like branches to this Nexus, which Lady Cosmos monitors. Such examples of these branches include the worlds you, my friends, come from.

Dimensions DF-616, YYGDM-01, XLR-8, and DXW-06. What do these all have in common? Well, those are the worlds some of you come from. I am a divine being of DF-616, and perhaps the highest authority this dimension has. Lord Beerusmon, the Supreme Digi-Deities, the Watchers, and the Digimon Sovereigns are a tier beneath me.

Now, even though I am the top deity this dimension has... well, I can't exactly leave my position and resolve the crisis we have. It's not my place to do so. However, I suspect the workings of this crisis is being perpetrated by an entity beyond this dimension. And beyond the other dimensions I mentioned. Lady Cosmos has tried to find this entity, but has come up short."

"If Lady Cosmos can't track this source, what can we do?" Takato asked.

"X, or rather Max Kamiya, has already proposed and talked with others who've had contact with Lady Cosmos. We've confirmed at least over a dozen worlds where this malevolent entity is spreading its presence."

"What kind of entity are we dealing with here?" wondered Renamon.

"Kinda hoping its not some remnant of Paradais from our world or something," Junpei remarked.

"Rest assured, it's not Paradais. That group's long dead and buried. This a whole different animal," X confirmed Karin, Kensuke, Dimitri, the Tamers and Legendary Warriors' suspicions.

"Oh thank god!" Christina yelled, completely relieved.

"But, the presence of this entity is still problematic nonetheless," Whismon stated. "Think of this like cleaning out computer viruses in a series of computer networks."

"Good analogy, Lord Whismon," Izzy said.

"To make this effective, we will need to divide groups. And seeing how most of the Digiteams have been gathered, X can figure out who to send."

(End theme)

"I can see Takato and the Tamers being one group. The Legendary Warriors being another. Team Xros Heart going as one collective unit. Now, to figure out the rest and there's a chance not everyone here will be required to take on a mission," X informed everyone. "We don't want to run the risk of sending a bunch of groups at once. And there's only so few dimension travelers at our disposal. This mission won't be complete overnight. With only so few groups being sent at a time, it may take us probably days, maybe even weeks. So, I hope some of y'all... namely our guests." He pivoted over to the Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, Team DATS, and Team Xros Heart. "Hope some of you don't mind staying here."

"No problem. It's summer vacation for us anyway," Taiki nodded.

"I got no summer vacation or school to worry about. Besides, gives me time to get to know this dimension better," Masaru looked around the sanctuary.

"Oh, stupid me! I nearly left out one surprise!" X slapped his own forehead.

"What do you mean, X?" Tai was befuddled what he meant.

(Cue Neurotech – Blue Screen Planet – Part II – Revelation)

"We have more guests that wish to help us. But, they're from a dimension none of you even knew existed," the masked watcher said, signaling to Gennai to open some doors. "Say hello to our guests from dimension GCLK-1113."


Dimension: YYGDM-01/Earth/Shinjuku/Legend HQ/2:45 PM

A huge gathering commenced at Legend Headquarters, the building formerly the Hypnos facility. The Sailor Senshi (Inners, Outers & Neos) and the Spirit Detectives (Originals & Neo) meet with Sailor Pluto, who repeated almost verbatim what Whismon and X explained.

On the Senshi side, Usagi Tsukino-Chiba, Rei Hino, Minako Aino-Kuroshishi, Ami Mizuno-Hunter, Makoto Kino-Tsunami, Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh, Hotaru Tomoe, Mamoru Chiba, Usa Tsukino-Chiba, the Sailor Quartet, Koori Hino, Amaya Mizuno-Hunter, Umi Kino-Tsunami, Ai Aino-Kuroshishi, and Hina Inuki listened.

On the Detective side, Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, Rio Kuroshishi, Maya Kitajima, Yui Tsubasa & DarkGabumon, Cammy Hino, Aoshi Inuki, Kohana Kuroshishi, Lien & TobuCatmon, Shingo Tsukino, Raizen Jr Urameshi, Ryuuhi Hino, Adam Sagara, Daiki Mizuno-Hunter, Psyche, and Demona the succubus heard everything needed to be said.

Others that were present for the meeting: Luna, Artemis, Diana, Keiko Yukimura-Urameshi, Shizuru Kuwabara, Botan, Vega Hunter, Mako Tsunami, Sam & Max Stromberg, Kyo Kuroshishi, Selipa, Saya Sagara, and Tsukimaru.

"Trouble in the Nexus? And you want us to go and help get to the bottom of this?" Usagi asked Pluto.

"Correct, but with only so few dimension travelers like Ryo, Karin, Kensuke, and Dimitri, we can only afford to take so many groups," Pluto informed them. "Only a few groups at a time. So, has it been decided which groups would like to go?"

"Well, no doubt, our team would love to visit these other worlds!" Minako proposed. "But, who's going to stay behind and take care of our kids while we're gone?"

"Yeah, some of us are mothers now," Makoto pointed out.

"We can take care of them," Keiko offered. "And my little boy always love their company."

"Then, it's settled," Botan said.

"We could also stay behind to take care of our present day selves if need be!" Usa offered as RJ, Ryuuhi, Koori, Amaya, Umi, Amaya, Daiki, and Adam nodded together.

"There's always me. Don't you worry, the kids are in good hands if you have to go, Usagi," Saya said.

Nodding, Usagi turned and faced Pluto. "Then, we're in."

"Same here," Yusuke added. "Sounds like this will be fun."

"Remember there will also be work to be had, Yusuke," Kurama reminded him.

"Yeah, yeah, I get that, but let's not make it a total bore. It's not often we get to dimension travel!"

"When do we begin?" Rei asked Pluto.

"Very soon, but I will let you know when and which of you will go first."

"All right then," Usagi smiled genuinely. "Here's a start to a new and fun adventure."


Dimension: YYGDM-01/Domino City/KaibaCorp/2:50 PM

A hologram of Sailor Pluto spoke with Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, Seto Kaiba, Lyn Stromberg, Mokuba Kaiba, Tea Gardner, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Mai Valentine, Vivian Wong, Miho Nosaka, Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes, and Syrus Truesdale.

The Duelists realized the situation and were given time to prepare. A handful of the Duelists accepted and were given a heads-up of when their departure would occur, which could be any time.

"Sounds like an exciting venture for all of us, my friends," Yugi spoke for everyone.


Dimension: YYGDM-01/Seattle, Washington/New Stronghold

Another hologram of Sailor Pluto appeared to the West Coasters, a crew of Metas based in the United States' west coast and with allied ties to Japan's heroes.

The leader, Marty Stonebagel, stood listening to Pluto relaying her message to him and the West Coasters. Also present in the room: Andrea 'Psyclone' Bickens, Lance Canebrook & Pharaohmon, Nick 'Surgebinger' Banks, Penny 'Coinshot' Banks, Carmen 'Songblade' Santiago, Scott 'Bridge' Montgomery, and Molly 'Playdate' Anderson.

Though this group mostly handle underground missions, the idea of exploring other dimensions sounded enticing to some.

"Yo, dudes. C'mon, please say we can go," Nick begged Marty.

"Just say 'yes', Marty, or he won't shut up," Penny sighed over her brother's puppy dog begging.

"You don't need my permission? Any of you want to go, don't let me stop you," Marty shrugged.

"It does sound like fun," Andrea said.

"Sweet! Let's make a vacation getaway from all the work!" Nick declared as he placed on shades.

Lance chuckled. "Well, it can't be any less exciting than what we've been doing lately."

"But if you do go on this venture, treat it like you would any mission," Marty reminded them, causing Nick to sink his head. "Glad we're at an understanding, but heh… have fun while you're still able."

Nick grinned stupidly. "Yay."


Dimension: YYGDM-01/Shinjuku Park/2:47 PM

"This really does sound exciting!" Kotori said, smashing her left fist against her right palm. A grin exuding excitement smeared over her face. "I'd be really curious to know what dimension we might get sent to."

"You and your friends have gone to other dimension. What can we expect?" Kara asked.

"The unexpected, especially if we're dealing with some new enemy," Kotori simply put.

Sasha smiled modestly. "Hope nothing we can't handle."

"Oh, we'll be fine, Sasha. Just see this as a new opportunity to go outside the box, or in this case outside of our own dimension," Phillippe said.

"So, think you guys are up for this?" Ryo asked the group.

"Are you kidding? Better than sitting around here and doing nothing!" Kazu declared.

"Sounds dangerous, but I guess after the whole Lokar and Second Ragnarok incidents, this should be a breather," Kiyoko conceded.

"Count me and my team in!" Kotori gave Pluto a thumbs up. "Just tell us the time and we'll be ready!"

"Same with my team, too!" Phillippe spoke for himself and his Victory Tamers.

Pluto nodded and smiled. "Good to know. I'll let you know when it's time for your missions departure."


Dimension: DF-616/Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/5:40 PM

Emerging from the doors were seven individuals. The Digiteams and their compatriots were taken aback by the newcomers.

"Wait, where have I seen three of them before?" Tai wondered, eyeing three of the seven individuals.

"That's because in this world, these three already had a show that recently aired here," X informed them. "However, the other four have a show that has yet to exist here. But, in the dimension from these seven come from, they've co-existed and dealt with a threat that almost doomed their world. Allow me to introduce the ones some of you are probably familiar with: Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, and Kyubey. And for our other four guests, say hello to Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Gai Tsutsugami, and Mana Ouma."

The seven aforementioned individuals stepped forward.

Madoka gave a polite bow to everyone present. She appeared slightly older than how she was presented in her show. She's now a teenage magical girl with pink hair with rose bows, a dark pink collar bow, a white dress decorated along with pink bows, white stockings, and rose shoes.

Shu appeared as a young brunette-haired male with red eyes. He wore a black student uniform with a white shirt underneath, and a light blue scarf tied over his neck.

Inori gave a subtle smile and bowed. She appeared as a young woman with long light pink hair with a coral hairpin, and wore a simple white dress. Her red artificial eyes settled on the group before her. She is seen standing alongside Shu.

Gai appeared as a young, long-haired blonde man with blue eyes, a black long coat with a red middle stripe and a red coffin-like insignia, black pants, and shoes.

Standing next to Gai is Mana, a salmon-haired, barefooted young woman with natural red eyes and a black dress.

Homura, much like Madoka, appeared slightly older as a teenager magical girl. She has long raven hair, a white dress with gray features, and dark gray stockings.

And one that elicited some wary looks was a small cute cat-like creature. This is Kyubey, whose white body has a red oval-shaped mark on his back, rabbit-like ears with rings, and tiny dotted emotionless red eyes.

"Everyone, please meet Lost Kingdom heroes of GCLK-1113," X introduced the newcomers.

"It's a pleasure, friends," Shu said formally.

"It's great to finally meet you all!" Madoka greeted them with a kind and affectionate smile.

"Welcome to our dimension, guys," Tai generously said to the Lost Kingdom group.

(End theme)


(Cue Neurotech – Epiphany)



Watching the events unfold behind a wall of visuals is a yet to be seen malevolent entity. He shifted his view to one screen. It showed the DF-616 Digidestined meeting YYGDM heroes and the Lost Kingdoms crew. He intently observed Tai & Agumon, X/Max, Takato & Guilmon, Takuya, Masaru & Agumon, Taiki & Shoutmon, Madoka, Shu, Karin, and Kensuke. He then glared other screens showing Usagi, Yusuke, Yugi, and Kotori.

"I see they're already taking note of my machinations."

The entity realized the powers that be were already aware of his powers the other dimensions. But, he didn't see to mind. He was a solitary entity with no ties to organizations such as Paradais. He counted on getting the attentions of the same heroes that defeated the likes of Burizalor, Virus, Pharaohmon, Valmarmon, the Rajita, Arago & the Demon Brotherhood, Paradixalmon, GalacticNova X, GranDracmon, Paradais, Apophis, Dark Magimon, the Lokar, and Teen-Reaper.

"Go ahead and send your heroes to repair the worlds I'm manipulating. It makes no difference," the mysterious entity muttered darkly, and malignantly smiled. "I've got all the time I need to emerge. You can't stop the wheels in motion."


Next chapter: Prelude: Dimension Missions


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As you might've noticed, I've incorporated a few Dragon Ball GT and Super elements. For instance, Omega X/Tai vs. Dorothy (Teen-Reaper's reincarnation) and Avengemon (Super-Reaper's reincarnation) is based directly off Goku vs Uub from GT episode 1. The concept of the Nexus and other dimensions seems, in hindsight, to be akin to the 12 universes in Dragon Ball (as revealed by Beerus in Battle of Gods).

Furthermore on the other dimensions, just know not every hero will get to participate nor will every dimension quest will be shown. There will be mentions, but I've already chosen which dimensions will be shown chapter-wise.

On the Valkyrie Maidens: the other Valkyrie Maidens, sans Kotori, Sasha, and Jessica, made their proper debuts in Valkyrie Advent. Technically, Sasha and Jessica have already appeared; Sasha made her debut in the Paris chapter of YYGDM: Gaiden and Jessica first appeared in Carmen's chapter in The West Coasters. And to be even more technical, they've had AU counterparts already debut in Ford1114's Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms and Shinnen: New Year; the former of which was their AU counterparts and the latter featured their non-canon versions. As of 2016, the Valkyrie Maidens, along with the Lokar villains, have already been shown Valkyrie Advent.

Speaking of the West Coasters, during this latest revision, I've incorporated a new scene featuring them. While this story won't show an on-screen mission, you get the idea they'll be taking part on a few dimension missions.

Speaking of Guilty Crown, the cast of Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms have appeared. These are AU versions of the same characters along with the Madoka Magica cast. I've recommend reading that fic, which my friend Ford1114 wrote a year ago. It'll give you a perspective of how much the cast differ from the original GC cast (to give you insight, Shu is less of a wuss and more of a hero; Mana, now revived here, is not crazy and evil but still has yandere tendencies; Madoka, who never appears in GC, becomes a little sister figure to Shu). The other GC and Madoka characters may likely appear at some point later on, but for now Shu, Madoka, Inori, Gai, Mana, Homura, and Kyubey will get initial focus.

Before anyone corrects me, yes I know Yuu Amano is exclusive to the anime and Kotone is manga-exclusive, but this specific Xros Wars world is an amalgamated world that combines elements of the anime and manga. Meaning yes, Nene has both her brother and sister.

Finally, the mysterious figure is somebody that has yet to appear. It's not some remnant of Paradais or Da'ath in case a certain someone (or other somebodies) wants to speculate. I'll give one clue: 'he' initially appeared in the last post-credit scene with Thanos in the Battle of Digital Gods fic, had an AU aspect appear as the Final Boss in Shinnen: New Year, and he's now appeared in this story's final arc.

Well, there you have it.

Until then, send a review and tell me what you'd like to see in CG (though, I've gotten most of the story planned ahead).

See you in the next update!