(Cue Enter Shikari - Bank Of England (Audio))

Kanius' A/N: The story's back from a two-month break for a few summer updates before resuming with the next major arc, Black Rebellion. To kick off the story's return, Ford and I are here to bring you an Intermission chapter that takes place in the Character Corner universe. This will focus on the Black Ascendant Royale and serve as a prelude/Episode 0 for the main Black Rebellion conflict (which will involve the Black Ascendant Triad, Zamasmon, Rebellious Homura, etc).

This story takes place after the recently completed Valkyrie Homecoming and Battle Supremacy events, but before Battle Supremacy's Cornerverse segments and that story's post-credit scene.

This essentially the warm-up for the bigger events to come in Cross Generations' second and third cour arcs.

Enjoy the Intermission!

Ford1114's A/N: Welcome back to Cross Generations. This is an Intermission coming from the Character Corner dimension that focuses on the Black Ascendant Royale. This takes place immediately after Valkyrie Homecoming/Valkyrie Advent and also after the tournament events of Battle Supremacy, but before the Battle Supremacy segments months later and before Battle Supremacy's post-credit scene leading up to Curtain Call. So let's enjoy this.

(End theme)


(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - A Dangerous New Enemy(PokéMixr92 Ver.))

"Hey guys, this is Tai Kamiya of DFKai here! But more specifically, this is the one from the Cornerverse. Don't worry, we'll return to my DF-616 counterpart and his friends' adventures next chapter. By the way, good job taking down that annoying Sailor Specter and her Kaijuu-sized Bender! Haha.

Anyway, here's the special report from the Cornerverse. It's a really serious situation.

To get you up to speed, Dimitri and Karin were going back to visit Dimitri's timeline, only to come to shock that everything was devastated. Much of the population in both the Real and Digital Worlds are extinct. All of this was caused by three dark Ascendants that look like me, Dimitri, and Kensuke. They're called the Black Ascendant Triad. Black Angemon X killed Future Mimi and my dark counterpart killed Future Rosemon. Then, the BAT destroyed Dimitri's timeline altogether with Dimitri and Karin escaping. Needless to say, we were enraged by the calamity caused by these monsters.

The BAT eventually tracked down our location and decided to face us to test their strength. I fought my counterpart in my world while Dimitri and Ken fought their counterparts in their world. In Dimitri and Ken's world, Black Angemon X and Black Dramon X interrupted Cain Bearer's so-called 'campaign' of opposing us and becoming prime minister of Japan or whatever. During our first battle with the BAT, the BAT even powered up to their counterpart of Super Ascendant Blue called Super Ascendant Rose. After that, the BAT retreated and goaded us into gathering as much allies for their invitation to a battle royale.

Before we do so, my friends and I researched some info of where the BAT originated. Beerusmon and Whismon suggested going to Digiverse 10 to discover something odd about Zamasmon. We noticed a huge connection. Yeah, I remember that Supreme Guardian in-training from his master, Gowasmon. Dimitri, Ken, and I once sparred with him before the Universe Tournament (even though our Ken was not a participant unlike the XLR-8 one), but last thing I remembered, Zamasmon took the defeat personally yet kept it to himself. I wonder?

We went to Digiverse 10, but watched in shock to see Zamasmon killing Gowasmon. Luckily, Whismon turns back in time to stop it from happening, and to our shock, Zamasmon split his mind and soul into the BAT and is working for some evil force. To our shock, the BAT's bodies are actually our old bodies. You heard that right! Those were Angemon X, Dramon X, and I's bodies before they were incinerated by Canon!Mana. Beerusmon kills Zamasmon, but that Zamasmon was a decoy and taunts us that destruction will soon follow. But that evil force Zamasmon mentionedmust have something to do with our counterparts fighting these anomalies in dimensions.

Right now, we gathered enough allies for the coming royale. We even went to Asgard at one point of seeing a celebration wrapping up. Alright, looks like the battle is just starting!"

(End theme)


(Cue Neurotech - The Lost Hope)

(Cue MONOX (Title Screen) - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - Hiroyuki Sawano)


Cross Generations

Chapter XIII.5: Intermission – Black Ascendant Royale


Hong Kong, China/Dimension: Character Corner

(Cue Horizon Zero Dawn OST - The Face of Extinction (Final Mission Theme))

Today is the day of reckoning. A day that the battle royale in the city of Hong Kong is brought forth by three dark angels. Explosions and sounds of battle are heard throughout the ravaged vicinity. Casualties were spared as civilians escaped safely before the invaders arrived.

The first battles showed Kozmo Farmgirl, four Kaijuu Duel Monsters (Dogoran the Mad Flame Kaiju, Gadarla the Mystery Dust Kaiju, Radian the Multidimensional Kaiju, and Thunder King the Lightningstrike Kaiju), Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Pluto, Volodramon, Sailor Gao Pluto, Sonja, Jax, BW, MagnaGarurumon, YamiLeomon, Yetimon, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, Sheila, Meryl & Mastemon, D3's Kaijuu Digimon (Godzillamon, Mothramon, Rodanmon, Anguirusmon, Varanmon, KingCaesarmon), Adult Silica (who is in her Ordinal Scale attire) and Pina, Meiko & Meicoomon, and Nioh (William & Saoirse, Hanzo, Okatsu). This united force are seen fighting off a controlled Golzamon and Melbamon.

Backing up the two Ultraman Tiga expies are the Machines from Horizon Zero Dawn, they were brought in from their alternate timeline and are corrupted by the BAT. There is one Corrupted Deathbringer leading the group of Corrupted Machines. These Corrupted Machines seen are: Redeye Watchers, Fire Bellowbacks, Freeze Bellowbacks, Ravagers, Glinthawks, Longlegs, and Corruptors.

The united forces are fighting and destroying the Corrupted Machines. As Silica rode Pina, Pina shoots energy blasts from her mouth to destroy a few Fire Bellowbacks. Kozmo Farmgirl uses her blue Kozmo Lightsword to slash apart Redeye Watchers and fight off some Corrupters. Sonja, Jax, and BW fired Ki blasts at Fire and Freeze Bellowbacks and Glinthawks. BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and Sheila are beating down Ravagers. YamiLeomon, MagnaGarurumon, and Yetimon are fighting off Longlegs and Ravagers. Meryl & Mastemon and Meiko & Meicoomon are fighting Redeye Watchers, Glinthawks, and a Ravager.

Tuxedo Kamen, Pluto, Volodramon, and Gao Pluto are facing the Corrupted Deathbringer. The Corrupted Deathbringer fires a huge amount of gatling artillery and missiles at the four, but they easily dodged the spider-like tank's assault. Tuxedo Kamen immediately becomes Norse Knight and slashed down some of the armor. Volodramon uses his strength to tear apart one of the machine's cannons before jumping away, allowing Pluto and Gao Pluto to use their time powers. Pluto and Gao Pluto's temporal powers make the Corrupted Deathbringer going overload as the machine explodes into debris.

Meanwhile, the Kaijuu Duel Monsters and D3 Kaijuu Digimon are fighting off Golzamon and Melbamon. Specifically: Dogoran, Gadarla, Godzillamon, Anguirusmon, and Varanmon are fighting Golzamon. Radian, Thunder King, Mothramon, Rodanmon, and KingCaesarmon are fighting Melbamon.

Anguirusmon delivers a rolling body slam at Golzamon, but Golzamon grabs him easily and throws him out. Golzamon fires his Ultrasonic Beam, but Godzillamon belches his Atomic Breath for a beam struggle. Dogoran backs up by shooting flames and burning Golzamon, Gadarla spreads stunning spores to weaken Golzamon, while Varanmon flies around confusing the Kaijuu. This allows Godzillamon's Atomic Breath to push back Golzamon's Ultrasonic Beam and destroys his head, killing Golzabamon.

Melbamon uses its Melbanic Ray at his foes, but the five Kaijuus evade. Radian delivers dark punches and kicks to damage Melbamon, with Melbamon swiftly attacks with its scythe hands. KingCaesarmon backs up to strike Melbamon, but the opposing Kaijuu slashes at him. Mothramon and Rodanmon flies around Melbamon to distracted him with energy blasts. Thunder King's three heads fire lightning gravity beams deal heavy damage to Melbamon. Radian sees this, powers up his fist, and runs through Melbamon's body. This enables Radian to finally killing it.

(End theme)


(Cue Two Steps From Hell - Final Kingdom)

The next battles are a fight against five genetically controlled prehistoric beasts from Jurassic World: The Game and two Corrupted Machines. Most of the group is lead by the main heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy, who comes from her world to help the heroes stop the BAT and the machines. She is wearing a futuristic light armor called the Shield Weaver that repels physical attacks.

Also thanks to the heroes, the boys of Stranger Things gained temporary powers based on the Dungeons & Dragons Class abilities: Mike Wheeler is the Paladin, Dustin Henderson is the Bard, Will Byers is the Rogue, and Lucas Sinclair is the Ranger. They'll be back to normal once the battles are over for them to return back to their timeline.

First, Aloy, Mist & Volcanicdramon, Reginleif, and Sailor Unborn Saturn & Clear the Indominus rex are fighting against a genetic 20-ft tall purple dodo called the Death Dodo and a Corrupted Thunderjaw. Specifically, Aloy and Reginleif engage the Corrupted Thunderjaw, while Mist and Unborn Saturn battle the Death Dodo.

"Oh my god, I finally get to meet you Aloy!" Reginleif gleefully cheered at the female Seeker while evading the Corrupted Thunderjaw's charging attack. The Corrupted Thunderjaw unleashes lasers at both women, but they dodge.

"Huh, so my popularity is known to this world?" Aloy pondered while concentrating and using a Shadow Ropecaster, which she used to immobilize the Corrupted Thunderjaw with ropes.

"You're in a video game that I play called Horizon Zero Dawn." Reginleif answered while using her Laevateinn to hack apart the Corrupted Thunderjaw's iron hides.

Aloy leaps to finish off the Corrupted Thunderjaw by stabbing its head with her spear, which she then removes. "I really don't know what the term video game means, must be what the Old Ones do on their fun activities I guess."

Back with Mist and Unborn Saturn, both of them gawk at the Death Dodo fooling around.

"What is it doing?" Mist questioned.

However, the Death Dodo turns its eyes on Mist. Suddenly, it runs with fast speed and delivers a powerful jump karate kick, knocking Mist out. Beware the silly ones indeed.

"Mist!" Unborn Saturn shouted, briefly taking her eyes off Death Dodo. She turns as Death Dodo charges at her and Clear. "You're not getting away with that!"

Unborn Saturn and Clear quickly fight off the Death Dodo. Unborn Saturn slashes at it with her Unborn Glaive, while Clear slashes at the Death Dodo. The Death Dodo kicks Clear, sending the dinosaur flying back and crashing. The dinosaur's fall knocks Unborn Saturn off the ground.

Mist immediately gets up and turns to her Digimon partner.

"We have the ability to merge like Brunhilde and Seadramon. Care to try it out?" Volcanicdramon asked.

"Alright, let's do that!" Mist answered.

Using her Digivice, Mist and her Digimon partner merge together. Upon completing their merger, Mist emerged with modified armor with combined elements of her normal Erinye armor and Volcanicdramon's. Volcanicdramon's head became meshed with Mist's spiked crown. His wings become Mist's wings attach to her back. She gains Volcanicdramon's claws from her hands as battle gloves. Mist activates her new form: Blackwing Mode.

The Death Dodo turns its attention to Mist BM and cawks. Wasting no time, Mist BM rushes and delivers beat downs on the Death Dodo with her claws before unleashing a burning sphere that obliterates the Death Dodo. Unborn Saturn and Clear see this and are impressed.

Mist BM lands on the ground and smirked, "Not bad for fried chicken."

Next, Skogul/Emerald T. rex, Marty, Ford, and Mike are facing a genetic purple T. rex called the Omega 09 which gives a horrific earth-shaking roar.

"You have a T. rex. Well we have a T. rex, too! Tear him up, honey!" Ford encouraged Skogul the Emerald T. rex.

The Emerald T. rex roars back as both she and the Omega 09 charge at each other. The Emerald T. rex delivers the first bite to the neck, but the Omega 09 frees itself with its powerful strength and delivers an electrifying bite to the Emerald T. rex that throws her into some buildings. Ford and Mike retaliates by striking down at the Omega 09's legs with their swords (and Ford backs up with his bo staff as his secondary weapon). The genetic T. rex delivers electric stomping attacks, forcing the two to back off and avoiding its tail swipe. Marty then uses his nullifying powers, downscaling his reach and using it to primarily weaken Omega 09. This prompts Skogul to instantly get up and bash Omega 09. The Emerald T. rex bites down its neck and pins it to the ground, allowing Mike to deliver the finishing blow and stabs Omega 09 in the forehead in killing it. Skogul turns back to her normal Valkyrie (not titled) form and sighs in relief.

"You did great, honey," Ford kisses Skogul.

Skogul smiles and kisses back. "Thanks, dear."

Then, Sigrun (armed with Mjolnir), Larry, Carmen, and Dustin are seen battling a genetic purple Pteranodon called the Valkyrie 77 and a Corrupted Stormbird.

The Valkyrie 77 starts swooping up and charges a sonic rush electrical attack at its enemies. The heroes dodge, while also evading the Corrupted Stormbird's lighting attacks and force field from its metallic wings. Dustin uses his magic boosting himself and all of his allies' stats temporary. Larry and Carmen leap on the Valkyrie 77's back and hacks off one of its wings. Larry throws a psionic-charged card to take out the other wing. Carmen uses her blade to stab the genetic Pteranodon's head and kills it. Sigrun uses Mjolnir and catches Corrupted Stormbird's thunder in an energy struggle. Both lightnings push forward and backward, but eventually, Sigrun triumphs using the lightning to damage and destroy the Corrupted Stormbird.

"Victory for us!" Sigrun declares triumphantly.

"She's so damn cool," Dustin mutters awestruck at the Valkyrie.

Larry nods to Carmen. "Thanks for the help, Carmen."

"No problem. Glad I can be here in Eris' place," Carmen replied kindly.

Then, Skuld, Philippe & Artemismon, and Will fight a genetic purple Microposaurus called the Salamander 16.

As the Salamander 16 moves to attack, Skuld easily uses her chains to ensnare the genetic prehistoric amphibian, yet Salamander 16 frees itself. Will sneakingly moves behind throwing daggers at the Salamander 16's back. Philippe uses his lightning speed to distract and throw punches at the monster. Artemismon backs her partner up. Skuld then uses her scythe to finally beheaded Salamander 16.

Skuld grins sadistically licking the blood off her scythe. "Mmm not bad, but I prefer genuine blood. Artificial blood doesn't have the same sweet taste."

Artemismon sighs, "I bet you enjoyed that, didn't you?" She shudders at Skuld setting Salamander 16's head and body ablaze in green flames.

"Whatever it takes, we got the job done," Philippe said, unfazed by Skuld's blood-thirsty nature.

Will hides behind Philippe. "Dude, your girlfriend creeps me out."

Finally, Gondul, Nick, Penny, and Lucas face off a genetic purple Triceratops with Styracosaurus horns called the Juggernaut 32.

Lucas and Penny fire arrows and coins respectively at the Juggernaut 32. The Juggernaut 32 charges at both with thundering stomps, but Nick uses waterbending to ensnare the genetic Triceratops' body and throws him down. The Juggernaut 32 frees itself, but two Light Spears coming from Gondul are thrown and pierce the monster's hide. Gondul shape shifts into a T. rex and bites down the Juggernaut 32's neck. The Juggernaut 32 bashes Gondul with its horns and pushes her away, but Lucas then fires an arrow at one of the Juggernaut 32's eyes, which pierces it and causes it to scream out in pain. Nick uses waterbending to ensnare the monster again. Gondul shape shifts into a gorilla, punches Juggernaut 32's face and uses her hands to break its front horns. She uses them to pierce through its forehead. She changes back to her Valkyrie form and slides under driving her Light Spear through its neck and channels light energy to kill Juggernaut 32 from the inside.

"Victory is ours!" Gondul declares, holding a Light Spear in hand.

Nick high-fives Penny. "Way to go, sis!"

Penny adds. "Thanks, bro. It was nice Gondul went full T. rex and gorilla for us." She then turns to Lucas and winks. "And you helped me a lot, dude. Thanks."

"Anytime," Lucas grins.

Indeed, Gondul as a T. rex and gorilla is like a 'T. rex/Vastatosaurus rex' and 'King Kong' teaming up.

(End theme)


(Cue ILLIDIANCE - Neon Rebels)

The next area of battles are showing the heroes fighting the Daemons, old enemies of the D3s now brainwashed by the BAT. There are characters from Sword Art Online seen wearing their Ordinal Scale attires.

Terryamon (Henry/Terriermon Advanced Biomerged form), Joe & Plesiomon, Cody & Vikemon, Mami, Oogumo, Lisbeth, Klein, and Joe & Vikemon (tri./canon) are fighting PoKongmon.

Terryamon rallies the troops, "Here comes King Kong's big sister!" He quips in Terriermon's snarky tone.

"Oh man, we gotta take on that fatso?!" Klein cried out.

"I AM NOT FAT, BUG!" PoKongmon bellowed as she delivers an earthquake to everyone, but they dodge the Daemon's assault.

Joe shouts, "Ok, so you're big-boned?!"

Joe (tri./canon) yells, "Pray she didn't hear you say that."

Mami and Oogumo are shooting bullets and artilleries at the Daemon to distract her. Vikemon (tri./canon), Lisbeth and Klein strikes PoKongmon with their weapons. PoKongmon is pissed and fires Volcanic Blast at them, only for them to barely dodge the lava balls. This prompts Plesiomon and Vikemon (Kai) to combine to form a tsunami-like hammer that severely damages PoKongmon, allowing Terryamon to deliver a giga fist beam from his Genbu Seed that obliterates the Daemon.

"Yes and that'll do!" Terryamon shouts, hoisting up his Genbu Seed.

WarAngemon, Inumuramon, Nagisa, and Shibungi fight XiaoFangmon.

Inumuramon rallies, "He's right above us!"

"Fall to my wind!" XiaoFangmon roars.

XiaoFangmon unleashes gusts of Deadly Gale at his four foes, but Nagisa uses her magical bubbles to seal the attacks, while Shibungi fires his assault rifle with bullets made of wind to damage the Daemon. Inumuramon uses swift sword slashes from his Byakko Fang. He also wields the legendary Norse sword, Gram, and with the help of his aurora-like speed deals great damage to XiaoFangmon. WarAngemon then eventually fires a holy energy beam to destroy XiaoFangmon.

WarAngemon nods, "Great work, my friends!"

Yolei & Valkyrimon, Leafa, Ventimon (Izumi's Z-Hybrid form), Tea, Joey, Tike, Kara, Argo, and TK & Seraphimon (tri./canon) are fighting HsiWumon.

HsiWumon taunts all, "What's wrong? You can't seem to catch me."

"Just hold still, you prick!" Tike snapped.

"Yeah, dickweed!" Kara curses.

"Never, assmunches!" HsiWumon boasted as he fires his Sky Cutter at his enemies, but they evade the attack.

As HsiWumon is stationary in mid-air, Argo leaps behind in stabbing the Daemon with his knife.

"Let go of me!" HsiWumon throws Argo away, but Argo is saved by Leafa's wind magic.

"Need a lift?" Leafa offers Argo.

"Thanks, Suguha!" Argo replies.

Leafa unleashes Garudyne, a yellow green wind attack that deals damage to HsiWumon making him unbalanced. Valkyrimon, Ventimon, and Seraphimon (tri./canon) attack offensively and deal damage to the Daemon with energy blasts. Tea/Magi Magi Magician Gal and Joey/Phoenix Gearfried deal more damage to the Daemon with magic and sword strikes respectively. Finally, Tike and Kara went behind HsiWumon and ready energy blasts.

"No! Wait-!" HsiWumon turned and pleaded only to be destroyed by the two D3s.

"How do you like that, prick?!" Tike grinned.

"Eat dick!" Kara laughed.

Yolei mutters, "Kari really needs to wash those potty mouths."

Ventimon chuckles, "Don't let them hear that."

Ultima X, Zodiark X (Ken/Wormmon's Ascendant form), Izzy & HerculesKabuterimon, Donarmon (Junpei's Z-Hybrid form), Sam (D3), and Izzy & HerculesKabuterimon (tri./canon) face TchangZumon.

Izzy nods to Izzy (tri./canon), "Let's give to this beast!"

Izzy (tri./canon) replies, "Our HerculesKabuterimon duo won't let us down!"

TchangZumon roars as he unleashes his Thunderstorm of Torment on his foes. The heroes take cover from the thunder attacks. Both HerculesKabuterimons take the charge bashing the Daemon, but TchangZumon grab their horns and throws them to the ground. Donarmon unleashes electricity to counter TchangZumon, but TchangZumon smashes to the ground for the floor to shake and damage Donarmon.

Donarmon yelps, "Crap! We're in trouble!"

However, this allows Sam to rush and deliver beatings to the Daemon wide open. And then, Ultima X and Zodiark X deal more damage to TchangZumon before hitting him to a building and combine their energy beams to hit the Daemon in destroying him.

Both Izzys cheer, "Great coordinated attacks, guys!"

Sam cheers loudly, "He's out of there!"

Ultima X flashes thumbs up. "Great job, everyone!"

Zodiark X adds, "Davis, we should find any other bystanders and lead them out of here."

"Good idea!" Ultima X concurs with his friend.

Yugi/Legendary Magician of Dark, Seto/Legendary Dragon of White, Kurama, Shaka, Sailor Saturn, and Kari & Ophanimon (tri./canon) are facing TsoLanmon.

"Tea and Joey won their battles. Now, it's time to grasp victory, Seto!" Yugi declares.

"Wheeler gets a kill before me? Unacceptable," Seto scoffs letting the 'dog' gain a victory before him.

"Brace yourselves, everyone!" Saturn calls out.

TsoLanmon unleashes the power of gravity in using Gravity Bind to try to trap his oppositions. However, Yugi uses his magic to repel the ability while Saturn uses her Silence Glaive to damage the Daemon. Kurama and Shaka team up using rose and Tenyou attacks on TsoLanmon. TsoLanmon fires more gravity spheres to attack, but the heroes evade. Ophanimon (tri./canon) hits TsoLanmon's rear with a holy blast, allowing Seto to deal the finishing blow by firing a huge energy beam that engulfs and kills TsoLanmon.

"That's another Daemon defeated," Kurama states.

"And very few remaining," Shaka adds.

Kari (tri./canon) calls to her Digimon, "Great work, Ophanimon!"

Yugi smirks to Seto, "Happy now?"

Seto growls a draconic snarl.

Kuwabara, Kyoko, David, Agil, and Mimi & Rosemon (tri./canon) fight against DaiGuimon.

"Bring it on, ya bull-horned prick!" Kyoko goads the Daemon.

Kuwabara gapes at Kyoko's recklessness, "Don't rile him up!"

DaiGuimon charges like a bull with his San Andres Slam, but Rosemon (tri./canon) uses her vines to trip the Daemon. Kuwabara uses his Spirit Sword to off the Daemon's right bull horn. David beats on the Daemon while Agil hacks him with his axe. DaiGuimon roars and attempts to crush Kuwabara, David and Agil. Kyoko's spear chains catch and constrict the Daemon, allowing the Puella magical girl to swing him and throw him upward, then throws her spear in piercing through DaiGuimon in destroying him.

Kyoko grins sadistically, catching her spear one-handed, "You boys need to step up y'alls game!"

Mimi (tri./canon) concurs, "Yeah, you tell 'em, girl!"

David claps, "You gotta show me how to use that spear!"

Kuwabara grumbles, "We're not worthy."

Keke, Sinon, Sayaka, Ayase, and Sailor Venus face off against BaiTzamon.

"I won't die as easily as my siblings!" BaiTzamon roars.

"Well, you're in for a disappointment!" Sailor Venus lashes out.

BaiTzamon snarled, unleashing her Sinister Tsunami at her female opponents, but they all dodge and repel the devastating tidal wave. Sayaka uses dual cutlasses and swiftly slashes at the Daemon while Ayase kicks BaiTzamon from behind. Sinon relies on range assault and fires bullets at the Daemon's body. Venus fires her chains to ensnare the Daemon, allowing Keke to forge her Rosemary Discs to slice apart BaiTzamon before she's destroyed.

"Yeah? What's that about not dying like your sibs?!" Keke pumps herself up.

"That'll show that sea witch," Ayase remarks.

"She gives mermaids like me a bad name," Sayaka adds.

Venus poses with victory pose. "And that's how we get shit done!"

Finally, Max, KaiserGreymon, Marcus & ShineGreymon, Renrukimon, Yusuke, Hiei, Brunhilde & Seadramon/Mizuchi Mode, Kaimodosu X AM (Dorothy/Avengemon's Ascendant mode), Sora & Phoenixmon (tri./canon), LK!Shu, Inori II, LK!Gai, and LK!Mana are facing the head honcho of the Daemons: Shendumon.

"Oh man, this is Shendumon?" KaiserGreymon gawks.

Marcus shakes with excitement, "Please let me fight him!"

ShineGreymon adds, "Make that two of us, boss!"

"It's time we end this feud once and for all, Shendumon!" Max declared as he powers up to Super Ascendant Blue.

"Well said, my old enemy and all of your cohorts!" Shendumon replied, taking on a fighting stance.

It starts with Max and Shendumon parrying and bringing successful blows to one another. Then, Marcus jumps and powers up his fist punching Shendumon in the face, followed by ShineGreymon and KaiserGreymon unleashing fiery blasts to hit Shendumon. The Daemon counters their attacks with his Dragon's Fire.

"Oh man! He's tough!" Marcus yells out.

LK!Shu declares, "Ready, Gai?!"

LK!Gai nods, "Go, Shu!"

LK!Shu and LK!Gai uses their void swords and slash at Shendumon, but Shendumon unleashes a fire wave to repel them both. Phoenixmon (tri./canon) repels the flames back with her wings, while Kaimodosu X AM fires a devastating beam that blasts Shendumon back.

Shendumon retaliates by powering up that his skin is dark purple and grew more muscular. The Daemon roars loudly.

Phoenixmon (tri./canon) gapes, "This monster is beyond anything we've faced, Sora!"

Kaimodosu X AM pales with shock, "The power he's now exuding is stronger than my own!"

Hiei mumbles, "Yusuke, do you see this?"

Yusuke grins, "Heh, you sure give off vibes from Toguro and Kiryu, huh?"

"What a coincidence you speak off, Mazoku." Shendumon retorted.

Shendumon unleashes a fireball at Yusuke, but he evades while beating him with punches, though it did little effect. Hiei arrives in time to defend Yusuke by deflecting one of Shendumon's claw strikes with his katana. Then, Brunhilde MM and Renrukimon are their turn.

"Alright Rika, let em have it!" Brunhilde MM cried out.

"You bet!" Renrukimon answered.

Renrukimon unleashes her Seiryuu Scale, which brings rain to the area. This powers up Brunhilde MM's River of Power attack and allows her strike down Shendumon head on, damaging him. Shendumon roars as he retaliates and smacks them both down. This left him open for Max to kick him in the face.

"Your fight is still with me!" Max reminded.

With one last round, both Max and Shendumon give another round of clashes. At first, they still punch and hit each other equally, but Super Ascendant Blue Max turns the tide, beats down the Daemon and throws him to a statue. Shendumon gets up and sees Max charging his attack. Shendumon rushes in trying to stop him, but Max unleashes his Super Tsunami Wave engulfing Shendumon.

"So that's it.. You've done well defeating me. The time of the Daemons is over." Shendumon muttered before he's finally killed.

"Thanks for the fight, Shendumon," Max mutters, powering down.

With that said, all of the Daemons are defeated and sent to Digital Limbo like their Story counterparts.

(End theme)


(Cue ILLIDIANCE - Breaking The Habit [Linkin Park Cover])

Now, the main event is shown. These heroes are personally facing the Black Ascendant Triad themselves. The BAT are backed up by clones of Mira X (Mira-lookalikes summoned from the BAT's energy scythes), based off the foul-mouthed Zeed X aspect that looked like Mira that fought Dramon X (XLR-8).

Kirito & Asuna (who wear their Ordinal Scale attires), Tai/Matt & Omnimon (tri./canon) and Taiki/Kiriha/Nene & Shoutmon X7 are fighting off Mira X clones. Kirito and Asuna slash down some with their swords. Shoutmon X7 uses his Fusion Flamethrower while lighting up his mic weapon with hellfire and swings down to blast away more Mira X clones. Omnimon (tri./canon) fires his Supreme Cannon and wipes out more clones as if they were Diaboromon copies.

Omega X, Metalla X, Celesta X, Guilkatomon, Sora & Phoenixmon, Mimi & Rosemon, and Sailor Moon face Black Omega X. Black Omega X becomes his Super Ascendant Rose form. His hair color changes to rose and his battle suit is altered to look like Omegamon Alter-B.

"Repent, mortals! For this is the pinnacle of my pure and divine power!" Black Omega X boasts as the rose aura bathes over him. He grins evilly, clenching his right hand tight. "What do you think of this color? Is it not beautiful? I shall give you all your due punishment! Let's make this battle a true spectacle!"

Omega X points to Black Omega X, "Geez, I never thought I'd see myself talking so high and mighty with a faux-British accent and wearing such a fruity color."

Celesta X mutters, "Um, hello, I wield pink light, Tai."

Black Omega X grins at Celesta X, "Not to worry, Hikari. I've made certain my rose light is being wielded in the hands of a real divine being. Once I kill you, I'll absorb Homeostasis into my light."

Sailor Moon rebukes against Black Omega X, "This is unforgivable! You take Tai's old body and now use it for your own means, Zamasmon?! Shouldn't you use your divine power to heal and help mortals? Not every mortal is wicked and ignorant like you believe they are! If you'd just give them a chance to change for the better!"

Black Omega X grunts, "Spare me your hearty lectures, Moon Princess. You out of anyone have given humanity too many chances to repent. Nothing has changed. The longer humanity take hold of this backwater world, the more this planet deteriorates. And I'm not waiting for the next mass extinction. Humanity must fall for this planet to progress. No, the universe must progress without humanity involved!"

Sailor Moon bits her lip, "No, you're wrong."

"Spare me this drivel! The more I look at his face, the more I'm reminded of Tai's stupid face!" Metalla X shouts as he shoots up and attacks Black Omega X first.

Black Omega X quickly trades and parries Metalla X's punches. Omega X, Celesta X, Guilkatomon, Phoenixmon, Rosemon, and Sailor Moon lend support against the Black Ascendant.

Sora and Mimi stand together on a rooftop.

"C'mon, Tai and Phoenixmon! Stay on him!" Sora cheers them on.

"Sora, remember what we need to do when our Digimon are in trouble," Mimi reminded her.


Metalla X throws a punch, which Black Omega X dodges. Black Omega X turns around catching Metalla X's fist. Metalla X chortles and fires a beam straight into the Black Ascendant's gut. This sends Black Omega X crashing through a building. Black Omega X shoots out of the rubble, leading to Omega X and Celesta X to attack him together. Black Omega X dodges Omega X's punches and parries Celesta X's kicks.

"Tai!" Celesta X calls out.

With that, Omega X flies toward Black Omega X. Black Omega X prepares to blast him, but Omega X vanishes with Instant Movement. Celesta X phases in place of her brother and side kicks Black Omega X's face. Black Omega X barely tilts his head and blasts Celesta X away.

"Nice try," Black Omega X smirks only for Omega X to teleport behind him. "What?!"

"You're mine!" Omega X goes for a spinning kick, but Black Omega X grins evilly and fakes him out with an Instant Movement of his own. "Crap!"

Black Omega X reappears in front Omega X and blasts him in the gut. Omega X gets blasted and hits the ground hard.

Phoenixmon and Rosemon fly above Black Omega X, preparing coordinated attacks. Phoenixmon launches Crimson Flare and Rosemon attacks with Thorn Whipping. Black Omega X stops Phoenixmon's flamed blast with a Black Tsunami Wave. He then produced a rose hand blade, which he used to cut through Rosemon's thorn whip. The Black Ascendant retaliates forging dual black spheres in his hands.

"Worms," Black Omega X scoffed, throwing his Dual Black Terra Destroyers, knocking both Phoenixmon and Rosemon back.

"Phoenixmon!" Sora cried out as she jumped off and landed on Phoenixmon's back.

Rosemon crashed on the roof where Mimi was. The Bearer of Sincerity hurried over to her Digimon.

"Know your place in the pecking order, Chosen maggots!" Black Omega X fiendishly smiled over Sora and Mimi's plight. As he prepared to blast them with a Black Terra Beam, Metalla X cut him off from the pass.

"You haven't beaten me yet!" Metalla X boasted, defending Sora, Mimi, and the Digimon.

"Yamato, be careful!" Mimi cried out.

"You might've found ways to tap into an Ascendant's power through grave robbing and body stealing, but you'll never know how to fully utilize our potential without experiencing the pains we've had to endure!" Metalla X bellowed angrily.

Black Omega X sighed. "Do you love hearing yourself yammer on?"

"Kettle calling the pot black!" Metalla X snaps.

Black Omega X cringes, "Kettle calling the pot black? I hate that cliche!" He shot up and went for a punch, but Metalla X swerved around and prepared to hit him with a Big Bang Attack.

"I could care less if you've taken idiot Tai's old body, but you crossed me knowing you took my son's old body! Now take this!" Metalla X snaps, preparing to blast Black Omega X.


"I have finally made Taichi's Ascendant power all my own."

Black Omega X ran a hand blade through Metalla X's torso, stopping the Super Ascendant Blue dead at his tracks.

"H-How are you much more powerful than me?!"

Black Omega X smirks. "Because Yamakins, a rose by any other name is still… Taichi."

Metalla X coughed blood. Black Omega X yanks his hand blade out and clobbers Metalla X, sending him crashing to the ground.

Omega X phases in and catches Metalla X.

"I've got you, Yamato!" Omega X cried out. "Huh different timelines, same results, huh, best buddy?"

"Fuck you…" Metalla X sarcastically groans and spits blood. "If there was anyone I hate more than you, it's a pretentious douchebag wearing your face."

"Is he ok, Tai?!" Mimi asked him with worry.

"He'll be fine once Kari treats him," Omega X beckons Celesta X over to heal Metalla X.

Sailor Moon transforms into Dai-Valkyrie mode. She flies around Black Omega X hitting him with lightning fast sword strikes. Black Omega X does his best to cover up. The Black Ascendant quickly summons forth Black Gaia Breaker, which he uses to parry Moon's sword. Moon pivots her blade and pulls back.

"You have a chance to stop this, Zamasmon!" Moon pleaded. "I don't want to have to destroy you if you won't change your ways."

Black Omega X snorted. "How dare you defy a god."

Suddenly, Shoutmon X7 and Omnimon (tri./canon) arrive to fight Black Omega X. The Black Ascendant smirks deviously at the Digimon.

"Already finished with those clones?" Black Omega X chortled, concerting his Black Gaia Breaker into a rose scimitar.

"Get him, Shoutmon!" Taiki cheered him on with Kiriha and Nene.

"Bring it, you narcissistic jerk! I've got your name right here!" Shoutmon X7 flies at Black Omega X with his mic.

"Let's help him, Omnimon!" Tai (tri./canon) declared.

Black Omega X sighted Tai (tri./canon). "Ah, it's that other Taichi. No matter he and the other Yamato's pet knight shall be dealt with." He flies through Shoutmon X7, turning into swirls of rose light that pounded on and shredded through Shoutmon X7's defenses.

Black Omega X phases behind Shoutmon X7 and lifts his scimitar.

Following a few second delay, Shoutmon X7's body erupted with explosive rose light. Taiki, Kiriha, and Nene watch in horror as Shoutmon X7 crashes hard.

Omnimon (tri./canon) fires Supreme Cannon, which Black Omega X evades and fires back with Black Tsunami Wave. Omnimon (tri./canon) barely evades the Black Ascendant's beam. However, Black Omega X strikes him hard with Black Gaia Breaker. Omnimon (tri./canon) crashes into the ground barely able to stand.

"Haha, thanks to these appetizers, I have grown much stronger!" Black Omega X boasted. He turns, eyeing Tai & Matt (tri./canon) and Team Xros Heart. "I'd appreciate you not to interrupt my banquet."

"This guy's too strong," Kirito says dreadfully, which disturbs Asuna.

"Even your god-modding skills can't beat him?" She asks.

"Not even close."

Omega X and Dai-Valkyrie Moon fly around Black Omega X, which irks the Black Ascendant.

"Learn when to quit already," Black Omega X sighs, taking on both Omega X and Moon.

Super Angemon X, Sailor Sedna, Athena X, Houou Mars, Madoka, and Homura are facing Black Angemon X. Black Angemon X becomes his Super Ascendant Rose form, his appearance stays the same except his hair color and wings changes to rose with elements of Super Angemon X.

"Never thought I'd say I look even ridiculous with rose hair," Super Angemon X scoffed. "Way to defile my old body!"

"Yeah! You look like my dad, but you're not him!" Athena X frowned at him.

Black Angemon X chortled evilly in response to their retorts, "Oh, I'm touched. Not really I am. I'm glad you recognize the rose color suits me well." He speaks in a more eloquently than Dimitri's polite tone.

"We didn't compliment you!" Sedna rebuked.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear you disrespect me," Black Angemon X took on a battle stance. "By the way, the reason I've chosen to exterminate humanity is because of you, Dimitri!" He flashed a grin, waiting to trigger Super Angemon X.

And he certainly triggered him.

"SHUT UP!" Super Angemon X roared, flying over and punching Black Angemon X.

"Get him, dad!" Athena X cheered him.

"Let's move!" Houou Mars declared, leading Madoka and Homura forward,

Sailor Sedna quickly went into Dai-Valkyrie mode. Sedna flies over Black Angemon X and strikes him with her Ice Trident. Black Angemon X grabs Sedna's trident, only for ice to flow out and freeze his hand. Black Angemon X jerks his hand away and melts the ice with his rose Ki. Black Angemon X unleashes Black Finish Buster, which Super Angemon X stopped with his Finish Buster.

"You and your two friends aren't getting away with this!" Super Angemon X roars like a beast.

"Hate to break it to you, but we already have!" Black Angemon X taunts him.

Sedna hefts her Ice Trident and summons Knut the Polar Bear. Knut forms an ice shell over himself and slams through Black Angemon X's blast.

"Foolish beast! What do you hope to accomplish with this?!" Black Angemon X yells.

"Enough for this!" Knut vanishes as Sedna flies up and fired a rain of icicles on Black Angemon X.

Black Angemon X dodges Sedna's Frozen Barrage, although he does catch an icicle through his shoulder. Snarling, Black Angemon X shoots up and reaches to grab her neck. Super Angemon X phases right in front of Black Angemon X and clobbers him hard.

"Thanks, Dimitri!" Sedna said.

"Touch her again and you're a dead man," Super Angemon X threatens the Black Ascendant.

As Black Angemon X looks to recover, Athena X blasts him from behind. Black Angemon X spins around chuckling as murderous intentions filled his mind.

"Come here, child of mine," Black Angemon X chuckled.

"I was just a distraction," Athena X phased away.

Suddenly, a barrage of pink arrows struck Black Angemon X. The Black Ascendant narrowly dodges these arrows and took a magic bullet to the chest. While this didn't deal damage, it stuns him. Black Angemon X saw Madoka and Homura standing together on a rooftop.

"We got him good thanks to Athena!" Madoka said.

"It did us good for now, but he's not taking this well! Move!" Homura grabs Madoka's hand as Black Angemon X launches a Black Big Bang Attack at the Puellas.

As Homura produces wings on her back, she glides away carrying Madoka. Madoka, too, forms wings and flies with her partner.

As Black Angemon X readies another attack, a giant pillar of flames erupts behind him. He turns around and sees Houou Mars behind the Houou's cosmic flames. Black Angemon X stares in awe at the cosmic being inhabiting the Senshi.

"So, this is the fabled Houou I've been warned about," Black Angemon X scowls. "You think your divine power can match my own…?!"


With a wave, Houou Mars smacked Black Angemon X away with her phoenix aura's wing. The force behind the Houou's attack sends him crashing through the earth.

Houou Mars sighs, "Oh spare me. The Houou doesn't want to hear it."

Black Angemon X flies out of the rubble and intently glares down the Houou vessel.

"Another mortal who's found a way to wield a god's divine power? This is unacceptable!" Black Angemon X snaps, unable to find any other words to describe his disgust with another 'mere mortal' wearing a divine aura.

"She choose me. I didn't pick her," Houou Mars said, raising a hand and firing a cosmic flamed blast at Black Angemon X.

The Black Angel glides up, avoiding Houou Mars' blast. He amassed a beam and launched his Black Final Blaze toward Houou Mars. Houou Mars flies up and uses her Houou cloak to absorb Black Angemon X's attack.

"T-This isn't possible!" Black Angemon X snarls, struggling to match the Houou's strength. "Can this vessel possibly be that forminable than Taichi and his cohorts?!"

"And this one's for even glaring at my daughter!" Super Angemon X phased right above Black Angemon X.

Super Angemon X kicks Black Angemon X away.

"T-This isn't over," Black Angemon X growls, spitting blood.

"Thanks for keeping him busy, Mars," Super Angemon X said.

"Anytime," Houou Mars nodded.

Dramon X, Sailor Orcus, Sailor Ixion, Sailor Varuna, Sailor Eris, and Sailor Quaoar facing Black Dramon X. Black Dramon X becomes his Super Ascendant Rose form, his appearance stays the same, except his body glows to a rose color similar to Trans-Am from Gundam 00. A squad of five Mira X clones appear behind Black Dramon X, to which they remind Dramon X (Corner) of his XLR-8 counterpart's experience.

Dramon X facepalms seeing his old body wearing a rose-schemed gimmick. "God, couldn't you have picked a manlier color than that?"

Black Dramon X chortles, speaking a familiar faux-British voice. "I guess you just can't comprehend the beauty of one wielding divine light? Such a shame, Kensuke Rainer. Having learned to adjust to your old body, I have all your memories."

"Which is a totally bad thing," Dramon X remarks.

"Yeah, you totally effed up taking my boyfriend's old body! Now you have him within you!" Sailor Orcus reminds him of a certain corrupted form of Dramon X.

"Oh you mean, Tsukuyomimon Death Mode?" Black Dramon X smirks as he shape shifts into Tsukuyomimon Death Mode. "Yeah, I already that petal nipped from the bud. Indeed, Death Mode's power now resonates with me and I think he'll serve me much better than you, Kensuke Rainer!" He quickly turns back to normal.

"Should've kept our mouths shut," Sailor Varuna scoffs. "You all ready to shut this asshole up?"

The Kuipers and Dramon X attack Black Dramon X and the Mira X clones. Dramon X and Black Dramon X collide head-on. Dramon X catches Black Dramon X with a Ryu Knuckle. Black Dramon X retaliates with a Black Ryu Knuckle. The two warriors trade blows as Dramon X gains an upper hand.

As he powers up, Dramon X forms a white aura that clashes with the Black Ascendant's dark aura. Black Dramon X throws a Black Ryuken Star, which shreds through a pillar and heads Dramon X's way. Dramon X flies around, luring the energy shuriken away. He heads right for Black Dramon X and phases out, letting the shuriken go through Black Dramon X.

"Nice try," Black Dramon X teleports away and reappears away from the shuriken. He forms a cannon and converts it into a large energy blade, which he uses to slice up the shuriken. He then shifts his Black S.O.L. Purge Slash toward Dramon X.

Dramon X counters with his own S.O.L Purge Slash. The two push each other back. Black Dramon X laughs maniacally at Dramon X's face. Dramon X grits his teeth hard, blocking out the Black Ascendant's evil taunts.

After finding themselves in a heap a trouble against the Mira X clones, the Kuipers transform into the Dai-Valkyrie forms. Dai-Valkyrie Orcus helps lead the charge against the Mira X clones.

"Take them down, Kuipers!" Orcus rallies them.

Orcus summons some dark holes, which surround a Mira X clone. Orcus' Black Hole Slam shoots out streams of strong dark energies that tear into and destroy the Mira X clone.

"Take that!" Orcus yells.

Ixion shoots up a Mira X clone with her Poison Arrow Barrage. The poisons dissolve Mira X, causing it to burst into dust.

"May you wither away," Ixion frowns.

Eris quickly spins around a Mira X clone like a tornado. Her Tornado Blitz catches and wipes out the clone.

"Yee-ha! Enjoy your last dance!" Eris hollers.

Quaoar fires Destructive Roses at a Mira X clone, attach it that causes the vines to ensnare it before making it explode.

"Perish under my roses." Quaoar stated.

Varuna summons her battle axe and slashes her Mira X clone opponent. After a few more quick slashes, she blasts him away with her Varuna Flash Cannon.

"That'll teach you." Varuna sneered.

Black Dramon X notices his Mira X clones are gone.

"So they defeated my clones? Oh well, not like it matters," Black Dramon X said, self-assured with himself.

Dramon X shifts into Miracle Mode and attacks Black Dramon X. However, the Black Ascendant transforms into Despair Mode, the opposite of the miraculous elements Kensuke represents. The two catch each other with punches to their guts.

"Ok, so you got all my moves… but I doubt you had time to master them all."

Black Dramon X DM chortles, "That's how I hope you help make me stronger, Kensuke." He forges a rose-colored scythe and strikes Dramon X MM, who counters with his Ryuken Star. "By the way, since you call your form Miracle Mode, it's fitting I call this Despair Mode. What do you think?"

Dramon X MM scoffs, "Lame."

Black Dramon X DM laughs, "That's the spirit, boy!" He relentlessly attacks Dramon X MM. "Oh, and to keep your girlfriends busy." He threw an energy ball, which expands and forms into Tsukuyomimon Death Mode.

The Kuipers stop as Tsukuyomimon DM intercepts them.

"Shit, not what I expected," Varuna cursed.

"Doesn't matter! We have to keep fighting, girls!" Orcus rallies her friends together.

Tsukuyomimon DM readies his scythe and looks to slice up the Kuipers. However, the Kuipers fight him with their hearts filled with courage.

(End theme)

Just then, a beam of light emerges in revealing Beerusmon, Whismon, Shintomon, Gowasmon, Rumsshimon (Digiverse 10's Digital God of Destruction that looks like a bipedal pink elephant), and Cusmon (Digiverse 10's Digital Angel that looks like a petite girl). Shintomon is holding two pairs of Fusesha earrings.

"Are we here already?" Beerusmon asked impatiently.

"We are now, Lord Beerusmon," Whismon answers.

"Look at this mess!" Shintomon gazes over the destruction caused by the ongoing battle against the Black Ascendant Triad. "I hope you're seeing this father." He wonders if Shinmon is watching, which obviously he would.

"So, the Rogue Guardian is here?" Rumsshimon asks Gowasmon. "You realize he is your responsibility?"

Gowasmon nods regrettably. "Yes."

Cusmon scans the battle ravaged vicinity. "There's loads of fighting energies spread all over the place! Hey, that Rogue Guardian's presence is like spread in three different places. So he did transfer his spirit into those three Black Ascendant bodies!"

Whismon nods. "Indeed, and Shintomon, I see you have the Fusesha earrings. You know what to do?"

"Yes, I do," Shintomon holds up the earrings.

"Wait, is that who I think it is?!" Beerusmon's lazy mood shifts as he fumes with anger.

"What do you ever mean?" Rumsshimon asks the cat deity.


"You've lost us," Cusmon replies.

"Beerusmon's favorite avian friend is here, too," Whismon chuckles.

"Watch your mouth, Whismon," growls Beerusmon. "She's here to hog the glory from me! That is unacceptable!" He powers up, completely bathed in a furious purple aura. "HOUOU, I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Dystopian Future)

With every antagonistic force defeated and only the Black Ascendant Triad/Zamasmon remaining, every hero arrives to the main area and stand behind the Ascendant Triad (Omega X, Angemon X, and Dramon X). Aloy arrives on the front lines standing besides the Ascendant Triad to confront the BAT.

Black Omega X, Black Angemon X, and Black Dramon X are on the opposite side facing off their oppositions. The BAT's bodies glow three beams of light. From their foreheads, the lights form the essence image of Zamasmon, who gives a smug expression.

"Congratulations on defeating all of my expendable servants." Zamasmon said. "All that is left is myself, but, I will not rest until all mortals are eradicated under the Zero Dawn."

This catches Aloy's attention as she's familiar with that term in her world. "The Zero Dawn?"

"Not the same one, clone of Dr. Elisabet Sobeck. Yet similar for my endgame." Zamasmon sneered at Aloy.

"Your endgame?!" Omega X exclaimed.

"To wipe out all you mortals and cleanse this world of your stench," Zamasmon states. "But it's all part of an even greater purpose than I originally had intended."

"You're not getting the chance to use it on us!" Moon declares.

"That's right! We're ending you here, Zamasmon!" Angemon X draws his sword.

Zamasmon chuckles evilly. "It's too late. Now to show you the…"

Metalla X blasts the Zamasmon essence, which does nothing. Everyone gawks at Metalla X's trigger happy response.

"What? Hell, can't blame me for trying!" Metalla X spat out.

"...pinnacle of almighty divine punishment!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Super - Goku Black Theme (Unofficial) – EnigmaTNG)

Suddenly; Black Omega X, Black Angemon X, and Black Dramon X's bodies glow as they move each other towards the center that touch their bodies. They spin around and around as a column of black and purple life engulfs them. The heroes are surprise that the BAT's powers are increasing as they merge.

The fused BAT emerge from the column of black and purple light. He is an armored knight with massive shoulder guards and large black wings folded behind his back. The warrior had three sheathed swords on him, two sheathed one mounted on his hips and a massive one on his back. The smaller swords were Black Dramon X and Black Angemon X's. The large one on his back resembled the Dramon Breaker wielded by BlackVictoryGreymon. The armor's color schemes are mostly black and grey with some blood red. He has no helmet, which shows Zamasmon's face and spiky white hair. His entire body was outlined by a black aura flared like dark fire. He is Black Gaiamon X.

Unlike Gaiamon X's voice which combines the three Ascendants, Black Gaiamon X's voice is only Zamasmon, to which he announces with raising his arms in sheer holiness.

"This noble and beautiful form is justice for the world. Revere and praise the most powerful god... Zamasmon!"

Upon Black Gaiamon X's birth, the skies are filled with black clouds. These clouds have faces shaped like Zamasmon's like Zamas' final cloud-like form. These faces give insane laughs.

Behind Black Gaiamon X, a giant purple entity similar to Merged Zamas' Wall of Light is summoned with avian wings, only it's based on the Statue of the Gods (Final Fantasy VI) with Zamasmon faces/effigies (except the white tiger head).

Thanks to Black Gaiamon X's presence, the deceased bodies of Golzamon and Melbamon begin to mesh together alongside the remains of the destroyed Deathbringer's armor. Together, they became a Evangelion-like Godzilla monster with the Deathbringer's armor and artilleries. It became Golzabamon Deathbringer Mode. Golzabamon DBM gives an eldritch roar that is heard across all of China.

Needless to say, despite being shocked and eyes widened, the united forces are in for a big fight.

"Taichi! Yamato!" Shintomon's voice called out. The Ascendants and others turn to see Shintomon approaching them with the Fusesha earrings.

"Shintomon!" Omega X sees him.

"Use the earrings to fuse once again in order to fight on Zamasmon's level." Shintomon requested and further explained. "However, we modified these new earrings to have a time limit of one hour instead of permanent."

"Thanks Shintomon! Time doesn't matter to me, we'll stop Zamasmon as possible!" Omega X accepted as he puts on his pair of earrings.

"Ugh, do we have to fuse again?" Metalla X briefly complained while putting on his earring pair.

"We have to, Yamato. Now let's do this!" Omega X answered.

Both Omega X and Metalla X put on their Fusesha earrings thanks to Shintomon, which causes the two to merge instantly.

A flash of light enveloped the two Ascendants, in place of both is none other than Kaiser X. Kaiser X's appearance has a mixture of Omega X and Metalla X's features. His spiky hair is dark brown, almost black from a far distance, with two bangs sticking out in a downward 'V' shape. Some blond streaks are visibly seen on the sides of his head. He has the two Fusesha earrings as the result of the fusion. He's now wearing dark blue pants and a matching colored shirt with an orange undershirt. Other accessories also included white gloves and boots. Embroidered on his back are the symbols of Courage and Friendship. The same symbols, now intersecting with each other, flared on his forehead.

Wasting no time, Kaiser X yells as he powers up to Super Ascendant Blue with his dark brown hair becoming cyan.

"Kaiser X, the being that bested Mystic Super-Reaper. What more can you do to scratch me?" Black Gaiamon X taunted.

"Heh, knowing that you're more powerful than Super-Reaper, I'm not the only one who wants t destroy you." Kaiser X forms a confident smirk.

Then with that, specific characters power up to their stronger forms.

Celesta X powers up with the Homeostatis taking over as the white aura engulfs her. As the light cleared, her overlook physical appearance and clothing changed dramatically. She now wore an ankle length white gi with some lined patterns. Her outfit now has long, wide sleeves. Two long, flowing golden ribbons tied at her back. She now has the Crest of Light embellished on the center of her chest. Celesta X's hair is snow white. Her D-Sword is seen hanging on her left side. Celesta X unleash her Ascendant God form: Holy Mode.

The Senshi (Moon, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Sedna, Orcus, Varuna, Quaoar, Eris, Ixion, Gao Pluto, Unborn Saturn) except Houou Mars become their Golden forms with their clothing/armor becomes Golden. The Advanced Beast Tamers and Legendary Warriors become Super Golden Kirin (Same appearance as the Golden Kirin with golden scales, long whiskers, and unicorn horn, only having a cyan mane) and SuperSusanoomon (Same appearance as Susanoomon only with a cyan flame surrounding him like TTGL) respectively. Madoka felt that the 'real Madoka' takes over her body that she becomes her goddess form, Ultimate Madoka. Homura becomes Devil Homura.

The Valkyries, Mist, and Reginleif become their titled forms.

Brunhilde's blue hair changed to platinum blond with rainbow traits at the end of the hair's tip, the feathered helmet is replaced with a small golden headdress crown, her armor changed to a silver-platinum build with a white dress that have blue silhouettes of Sleipnir, Grani and Seadramon. Brunhilde's dark blue wings have expanded and covered in fire/ice. She righteously holds both the Gungnir spear in her right hand, and her own sword in her left. She's become Silver Valkyrie.

Sigrun's pink hair had some parts of her blond hair appearing as if her human and Valkyrie hair color somehow merged. The lower part of her body had an amethyst dress with pink silhouettes of Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. Her helmet is replaced by a pink diadem mixed with an Australian ceremonial caramel headdress shaped like kangaroo ears. She courageously holds the Mjolnir in her right hand. She is called the Amethyst Valkyrie.

Skogul's blond hair gained distinctive streaks of dark green highlights. She also gained native face dark green tattoos on her cheeks. The lower part of her body has an emerald dress with black silhouettes of Huginn & Muninn and a white silhouette of Chilali. Her helmet is replaced by a Native American war bonnet with white & golden feathers and dark green at the end of each tip. The yellow highlights on her white owl wings are replaced by dark green. She firmly holds the Quern-biter in her right hand. She is called the Emerald Valkyrie.

Gondul's white hair gained distinctive streaks of yellow highlights. She also gained African light gray tribal tattoos on her face. The lower part of her body has a topaz shaman dress with brown silhouettes of Geri and Freki. Her helmet is replaced by a tribal taupe cheetah mask with yellow spots on the left side on her face. Her white wings have yellow artistic cheetah spots. She valiantly holds the Tiwaz javelin in both hands. She is called the Topaz Valkyrie.

Skuld's red highlights in her albino hair are replaced by blackness. Her helmet is replaced by a black circlet with a small red gem centered on it. The skull-faced gem on her neck choker morphed into a female visage that looks like Lady Hela. The lower part of her body has an obsidian dress with a red silhouette of Garm. The covered chains from her black wings are released and are dangling with sharp blades at the end of each tip. She holds both the Hela's Sword and her scythe. She is now called the Obsidian Valkyrie.

Mist's dark blond hair changed to white with negative rainbow traits at the end of the hair's tip. The spiked crown is replaced with a small iron headdress crown. Her armor changed to an iron-platinum build with a black dress that have golden silhouettes of Eikthyrnir, Gullinbursti, and Volcanicdramon. She wears earrings that are shaped like Gullinbursti's tusks. Mist has green feathered wings with lindworm spikes that are expanded. She has become the Iron Erinye, to which the meaning is compared to The Iron Age. She starts holding two energy blades.

Reginleif's long auburn hair have fiery bolts at the end of each hair tip. Bright flaming wings sprout out of her back. The lower part of her body had a jasper dress with a burgundy silhouette of Duneryr of Summer. She wears a persimmon diadem. Reginleif is called the Jasper Erinye. She bravely holds Surtur's Laevateinn greatsword on her right hand, while holding a kite shield with a fire salamander insignia on her left hand. This makes her like a fiery shieldmaiden.

Surprisingly, Beerusmon and Whismon fuse to become a singular being that has the physical appearance of Beerusmon, but with Whismon's skin color and wearing his uniform. He is called Whirusmon.

Black Gaiamon X sees this and scoffs, "So that's all you have? Even Beerusmon decides to fuse with his attendant to match my divine power."

"We'll see about that!" Kaiser X pointed at Black Gaiamon X.

"Now, shall we commence this dance?" Black Gaiamon X raises his arms in mid-air for a battle stance.

The final battles of the royale begins with various heroes. The rest of the characters such as the SAO Secondaries, Stranger Things boys, Shintomon and Gowasmon are on the side lines watching as audiences.

First; Kaiser X (Blue), Super Angemon X, Dramon X, Golden Sedna, Golden Orcus, Celesta X Holy Mode, Tai/Matt & Omnimon (tri./canon), Golden Pluto, Volodramon, The Odin Triad (Brunhilde/Silver Valkyrie, Skogul/Emerald Valkyrie, Gondul/Topaz Valkyrie), Ford, Ultimate Madoka, Devil Homura, and Kirito & Asuna are facing Black Gaiamon X.

Kaiser X and Black Gaiamon X delivers a round of punches and kicks. Kaiser X makes some direct kicks, but Black Gaiamon X beats him away. Black Gaiamon X floats up to the air as both Super Angemon X and Dramon X charge on each side. They strike with fist attacks (With Dramon X using Giga Fist), but Black Gaiamon X easily blocks them both simultaneously crushing their hands, then grabs both of their foreheads and bashing them both hard before throwing them away. Omnimon (tri./canon) uses his Transcendent Sword, while Black Gaiamon X uses his Soul Infinity Blade and clashes with him. After a few blows, Black Gaiamon X cuts apart Omnimon's WarGreymon arm while blasting Omnimon's body to the ground. Omnimon (tri./canon) splits back to the unconscious Agumon (tri./canon) and Gabumon (tri./canon).

"No! Gabumon!" Matt (tri./canon) cried out in shock.

"Beat his ass, Saiyan me!" Tai (tri./canon) cheered.

Gondul raises her Light Spear and unleashing bright light to blind Black Gaiamon X. As the Renegade Guardian's first person view cleared, he sees Gondul turn into a Utahraptor (with Brunhilde riding her). Gondul lunges forward to slash and bite at him. Brunhilde unleashes her Valhalla Frozen Inferno at Black Gaiamon X to damage him. Switching back to third person, the agitated Black Gaiamon X repels Brunhilde's flames, grabs Gondul by the throat and throws the raptor and Brunhilde away to the ground. Gondul turns back to normal as she and Brunhilde are getting up. Black Gaiamon X smiles as he then summons a lot of portals armed with swords akin to Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero & Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. He unleashes his Blades of Judgment at his opponents. Ultimate Madoka and Devil Homura shoots a lot of light arrows and dark projectiles to destroy most of the swords.

"Try as you might, but you are all just wasting your time!" Black Gaiamon X cackled.


Second; SuperSusanoomon & Super Golden Kirin, Golden Moon, Norse Knight, Houou Mars, Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Kurama, Yugi, Seto (who summons: Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, and Deep-Eyes White Dragon), Tea (who summons: Dark Magician Girl, Berry Magician Girl, Lemon Magician Girl, Apple Magician Girl, Chocolate Magician Girl, and Kiwi Magician Girl as part of The SepteMagician Girls), Joey, Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami, Nagisa, Golden Varuna, Golden Quaoar, Golden Eris, Golden Ixion, Marty, Larry, Whirusmon, Rumsshimon, and Cusmon are in an air force battle against the Wall of Light.

At the same time, the dark cloud with Zamasmon faces are raindropping mouth lasers. Most of the combatants are evading the mouth lasers and firing their attacks at the Wall of Light. The Zamasmon giant demon figure attach to the bottom of the Wall of Light roars and unleashes devastating rock edges from the ground at his oppositions, but they evade them and fire some blasts at the figure. The Super Golden Kirin and SuperSusanoomon are already engaging with the bottom demon figure, with Houou Mars backing them up with her cosmic flames.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, and Deep-Eyes White Dragon fire Burst Stream of Destructions at the middle body of the Wall of Light. One of the Zamasmon figures casts a magical barrier to deflect one of the beams at the heroes. Hiei and Kuwabara use their swords to fight the white tiger head of the Wall of Light. The tiger head fires homing eye beams and a mouth blast, but both Spirit Detectives dodge with Kurama backing up and destroying the beams with his Rose Whip. Yusuke blasts the tiger head with his Spirit Gun. The SepteMagician Girls, the Golden Kuipers, and Puella Magical Girls fire their own magic and energy blasts at the Wall of Light's upper body, to which the two Zamasmon figures: a Virgin Mary female and a male sleeping figure try to repel with a holy psychic storm and status decrease abilities. The magical girls repel and cure from the status affections.

"ALRIGHT, I'M FINISHING THIS OFF!" Whirusmon yelled.

Wasting no time, Whirusmon charges up a giant white sun sphere from his hands called Whirusmon's Judgment. He throws it at the Wall of Light with every combatant taking cover to not get hit. The sphere engulfs Black Gaiamon X's familiar and completely destroys it. Indeed, Beerusmon has beaten The Houou ahead in killing his opponent.

"That's how it's done in not delaying this pointless fight." Whirusmon scoffed.

"You seem hasty in getting this done, and I'm talking to Beerusmon inside the fused body, not his advisor." Rumsshimon clarified.


(Cue Horizon Zero Dawn OST - Planned Obsolescence (Final Boss Theme - HADES))

Third; it shows Aloy, Golden Saturn, Golden Venus, Golden Gao Pluto, Athena X, Golden Unborn Saturn, Kozmo Farmgirl (riding on Gadarla), Skuld/Obsidian Valkyrie, Mist/Iron Erinye, Sigrun/Amethyst Valkyrie, Reginleif/Jasper Erinye, the D3s, D3s Kaijuu Digimon, and Kaijuu Duel Monsters are fighting Golzabamon DBM.

Golzabamon DBM fires Doomsday Artilleries, unleashing nuclear missiles at the targets. Most of them evade as the missiles destroys parts of the city. Aloy leaps in slow motion and fires Hard Point Arrows from her Shadow Hunter Bow to hit Golzabamon DBM's weak spots alongside switching to her Shadow Sling to throw Fire Bombs, which burns the machine monster. The slow motion turns to normal as Aloy lands safely on another building and runs to take cover. Skuld unleashes her chains and ensnares Golzabamon DBM, while Sigrun and Reginleif electrifies and heats up the chains causing burn and shock the Kaijuu.

Mist then commands, "The rest of you, fire!"

Skuld evilly cackles, "Don't have to tell me twice!"

Mist, Golden Saturn, Golden Venus, Golden Gao Pluto, Athena X, Golden Unborn Saturn, the D3s, D3s Kaijuu Digimon, and Kaijuu Duel Monsters all fire their energy blasts/beams at Golzabamon DBM in delivering major damage. Golzabamon DBM is enraged and unleashed an explosive wave in freeing himself. This causes critical damage (and nearly kills) to most of the combatants.

As the united forces recovers, Golzabamon DBM opens his eldritch mouth and is about to unleash a huge red sphere, Apocalypse Wrath. He fires at them. Golden Saturn and Golden Unborn Saturn form a double Silence Wall, protecting them and their critically injured allies, from the apocalyptic blast. Then, Kaiser X arrives in time while briefly pausing the fight against Black Gaiamon X.

"Not so fast!" The fused Ascendant yelled.

"All right, Kaiser X!" Golden Venus cheered him on.

Kaiser X immediately charges up and fires his Final Tsunami Wave, a combination of Final Blaze and Tsunami Wave. The beam pushes the Apocalypse Wrath at Golzabamon DBM as the full out energy engulfs the Kaijuu. Golzabamon DBM gives a final eldritch roar as it's completely destroyed.

Black Gaiamon X sees this and scoffs, "How useless of you being disposed."

"I see that's how you treat and value your minions." Kaiser X glared at his opponent.

"Let's return to me personally destroying you." Black Gaiamon X said.

(Cue Two Steps From Hell - Future Guardian)

Returning back to the fight against Black Gaiamon X, the vicious grand battle continues. At one point, Skogul finally goes head on against Zamasmon/Black Gaiamon X personally.

"Well, I finally get to interact with you, Valkyrie of Time and Space." Black Gaiamon X evilly smiled. "We are quite similar, such as having teachers (Pluto and Gowasmon) relating to time, yet we forged different paths."

"Our actions are determined by the paths we take," Skogul firmly stated with resolve. "We're also like the Christian figures. I'm like a Nephilim, but you're the Lucifer of the Supreme Guardians!"

"How fitting your compare me to the fallen angel who defeated you and your fellow Maidens," Black Gaiamon X reminded her of the Valkyrie and Erinyes' recent clash with Lucifer. "And just like with him, you'll fall to me just like the rest of your Maidens."

"That's not going to happen. You see, you're also like Kefka and I see myself as Terra. We've chosen different paths and have let our actions mold us into the individuals we've now become."

"You can compare us to other people, but that doesn't change the fact I'm going to punish you for siding with humanity, daughter of Cassiel!"

"We'll protect the future, no matter what you do!" Skogul defiantly shouted.

Black Gaiamon X glares and respond, "You sound like lines from a self-help book! If that's the way you want it…I'll destroy you, your husband, the Ascendants, and everyone else! Every last one of your sickening reasons for living like mere mortals!"

Black Gaiamon X fires his Lightning of Absolution at Skogul, but Skogul flies in evading the rods of lightning and swings the Quern-biter sword at Black Gaiamon X. Black Gaiamon X blocks with an energy blade that temporal energy bursts like an explosive wave. They both fly around and clash many times in mid-air with neither landing a direct hit.

Black Gaiamon X then phases behind Skogul and punches her in the back, then phases in front of her and grabs hold of Skogul's throat. He lifts her up in attempting to strangle her, but in an uncharacteristic moment that Skogul (YYGDM-01) doesn't do, Skogul (Corner) bites Black Gaiamon X's hand. Black Gaiamon X cries out in pain of being 'infected' by the redskin savage, forcing him to let go and wildly slaps Skogul's face, sending her falling to the ground. Black Gaiamon X levitates to recover.

"Jessica!" Ford eventually catches her in time.

"Thanks, Ford." Skogul smiled.

"No sweat." Ford replied as both recovered.

Determine to cleanse everything around him, Black Gaiamon X charges up a huge sun-like sphere called the Holy Wrath.

"Fall to the likes of me!" Black Gaiamon X shouted.

Black Gaiamon X throws the Holy Wrath at Kaiser X and the others, but Super Angemon X and Dramon X combine their energy beams. They blast and push away at the Holy Wrath. Black Gaiamon X yells and pushes his sphere more, but Celesta X HM supports with her Holy Beam to push the Holy Wrath further till it gets close to Black Gaiamon X. Super Angemon X, Dramon X, and Celesta X HM become fatigued from their actions. Black Gaiamon X evades as the Holy Wrath pushes up to the atmosphere and explodes. Black Gaiamon X turns to see Kaiser X powering up with the crimson Fury Blitz aura flying towards him and delivers a punch to the face to the ground. Then, he uses Instant Movement to teleport to Black Gaiamon X and decks him again flying straight, before Kaiser X charges up his ultimate attack.

Kaiser X then unleashes his Final Tsunami Wave at Black Gaiamon X, delivering great damage to the Renegade Guardian. Smoke appears as a result of the blast.

"You think this is enough?!" Black Gaiamon X snarled as he flies up above the smoke.

"We'll see about that!" Kaiser X retorted, as he's flies in about to deliver a finishing blow….

….only that the fusion immediately wears off much sooner than expected due to the immense power from Kaiser X, not helping that the Fury Blitz expends it further as he splits back to Omega X and Metalla X. Needless to say for the heroes and audiences (especially Shintomon and Gowasmon), they are shocked.

"No way-!" Omega X cried out before Black Gaiamon X punched him in the chest.

Metalla X roars, preparing to attack, only to be karate chopped by Black Gaiamon X. Both Ascendants fall down to the ground.

(End theme)

Black Gaiamon X, recovering himself, floats above in the sky with a sinister smirk. The beaten heroes are lying down to the ground. Some like the Ascendant Triad and Odin Triad defiantly look above the dark messiah. The Super Golden Kirin and SuperSusanoomon had already separated back to the Beast Tamers and Legendary Warriors, tired from holding off the mouth lasers from the Zamasmon clouds.

(Cue Two Steps From Hell - New World Order)

On the other hand, Black Gaiamon X looks down at his beaten enemies, like God bringing divine punishment to the mere mortals.

"Now to purge all of you." Black Gaiamon X declared.

The Chakravartin then summons three colossal portals behind him. Dramon X is surprise that he's familiar with this technique since he knows the news that NeoGranDracmon (XLR-8) used that similar attack on his XLR-8 counterpart. Coming out of the portals are heads of draconic versions of Black Omega X, Angemon X, and Dramon X. The heads also has traits of the Pokemon Creation Trio (Omega X – Giratina, Angemon X – Dialga, Dramon X – Palkia), with Black Gaiamon X as their Arceus. This is called Gates of (Z)amas. The extraordinary power from that attack will be enough to wipe out all of Hong Kong.

A new world order is here for Zamasmon's Zero Dawn.

"ALL SHALL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!" Black Gaiamon X divinely shouted.

The Gates of (Z)amas is firing energy beams from their mouths as they are about to obliterate their foes and the whole city.

(End theme)

Out of the blue, a force is catching everyone's attention. A familiar, dull gray TARDIS with a bunch of '0's and '1's all in white inscribed and smeared all over the box as binary codes from the Digital World. The TARDIS makes a forcefield all across Hong Kong in making the devastating energy beams disappear.

The police box opens in revealing surprisingly: Sailor Pluto (YYGDM-01) and Volodramon (YYGDM-01)!

(Cue THEMEX - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - Hiroyuki Sawano)

Golden Moon exclaims in shock, "It's Pluto and Volodramon?!"

Yugi adds, "No, wait! Pluto and Volodramon have been fighting with us!"

Golden Pluto (Corner) corrects, "That's my mainstream YYGDM counterpart!"

Volodramon (Corner) nods, "Yes, and mine, too!"

Brunhilde shouts, "This is some paradox shit!"

Gao Pluto watches Pluto and Volodramon (YYGDM-01) quickly intervene.

Sailor Pluto (YYGDM-01) looks around, "Looks like we came just in time, John."

Volodramon (YYGDM-01) sighs with relief, "Thank Gallifrey for that." He noticed Golden Pluto (Corner) and his Corner counterpart. "Look, Pluto!"

Pluto and Volodramon (YYGDM-01) rush over, tending to Golden Pluto and Volodramon (Corner).

Houou Mars floats over to Moon, "There's two Plutos and two Volodramons. Can you believe this?"

Golden Moon smiles, "Yeah, they are from that other universe that we're based on!"

Golden Sedna adds, "This is no shock to me. There's hundreds of other mes spread across the Nexus multiverse."

"You two are such rough shape, but seeing you're fighting him I'm not surprised!" Volodramon (YYGDM-01) said, helping up his Corner counterpart.

Pluto (YYGDM-01) picks up Golden Pluto (Corner). "Are you surprised to see me?"

"Yes and no, because I had hoped for the day we meet," Golden Pluto (Corner) replies genuinely.

Pluto (YYGDM-01) concurs, "I hoped our meeting came during calmer situations, but beggars can't be choosers." She looks at the other heroes. "And to see familiar faces. They're all the same yet different."

Guilkatomon calls out, "You're still Sailor Pluto to us."

Omega X stands and confronts Pluto and Volodramon (YYGDM-01). "And we're thankful you're here."

Black Gaiamon X descends to get a better view of the interlopers. "It's that other version of the Time Guardian and her demi-Time Lord companion. You dare to intervene with my defining ascension to ultimate godhood?"

"We don't have time to chit-chat, my friends," Pluto (YYGDM-01) states.

"Are Dimitri and Kensuke here among you?" Volodramon (YYGDM-01) asks.

"We're here!" Super Angemon X calls out as he and Dramon X emerge.

"Good. With you three here, you'll be able to perform your greatest miracle," Pluto (YYGDM-01) said.

"Why would the three of us need to bring the greatest miracle?" Omega X inquires.

"Oh! That's it! Remember our last fight with Paradixalmon and Beyond?!" Super Angemon X reminds him.

"It took our combined form to finally best him, but I thought that was a one-time only thing we and our story counterparts did," Dramon X said.

"That's part of the reason why we're here," Pluto (YYGDM-01) states as she and Volodramon (YYGDM-01) open their hands together.

From their hands, beams of white light hit Omega X, Super Angemon X, and Dramon X. These white energies materialized over the Ascendant trio. Their auras became white and vibrant.

"This is the Digital Priestess' power?!" Omega X asks.

"Hers as well as the rest of us," Pluto (YYGDM-01) replies. "Eri the Digital Priestess' will has passed on to us to give to you."

"Now, Dramon X, use your Digivice and invoke the miracle Eri has bestowed on you!" Volodramon (YYGDM-01) commands.

Dramon X called out. "Ascendant! DigiXros!" He raised the B.A.X. Digivice into the air as it released three pillars of white and cyan light that engulfed the Ascendant Triad simultaneously and pulled them together to a single column of light.

Eventually, the fused Ascendant Triad emerge from the column of white and cyan light. He is an armored knight with massive shoulder guards and large white wings folded behind his back. The warrior had three sheathed swords on him, two sheathed one mounted on his hips and a massive one on his back. The smaller swords were Dramon X and Angemon X's. The large one on his back resembled the Dramon Breaker wielded by VictoryGreymon. The armor's color schemes are mostly white and gold with some cyan. He has no helmet, which shows a face looking like Kaiser X (Blue) and spiky cyan hair. His entire body was outlined by a white aura flared like white fire. He is Gaiamon X.

"What are you?!" Black Gaiamon X demanded at his opposition.

"I am Gaiamon X." the fused warrior announced in a deepened tone akin to Omega X's. A bit of Angemon X and Dramon X was heard behind Omega X's dominant voice. "Our power will right all the wrongs you've committed and end your pointless ambition to destroy all mortals."

"That's not all! All of you shall be bestowed Eri's miracle!" Pluto (YYGDM-01) shouts as an abundance of white light shoots out of Gaiamon X.

Beams of white light engulf Sora & Phoenixmon, Mimi & Rosemon, Joe & Plesiomon, Izzy & HerculesKabuterimon, Cody & Vikemon, and Yolei Valkyrimon.

"But why us?" Joe asks Pluto (YYGDM-01).

"Shouldn't the others need this more than us?!" Mimi queries.

Pluto (YYGDM-01) replies. "Digi-Destined of DF-616, you've fought alongside the Ascendants and valiantly aided them in great need. However, you've been sidelined as they've fought beings beyond your control. However, today you'll bask in Ascendant greatness and receive the legendary statuses!"

Sora is flabbergasted, "You mean… we're going to become Ascendants?!"

"The powers have always been in you all, but you never worked up the courage to endure the physical and mental pains your friends had to endure. With Eri's miracle, those latent Ascendant powers from Alpha X in your Crests shall be invoked!" Volodramon (YYGDM-01) declares.

"Do you wish to receive these powers?" Pluto (YYGDM-01) asks the Kai Digi-Destined.

"If it means fighting equally with our friends, then yes!" Izzy answers.

"We couldn't ask for anything else!" Cody calls out.

"We're ready!" Sora said, placing a hand on Phoenixmon.

The Kai Digi-Destined each put their hands on their respective Digimon partners. The Priestess' light engulfs the Kai Digi-Destined and their Digimon.

Sora/Phoenixmon merged into a female warrior garbed in sleek red-orange armor. Tufts of yellow feathers covered her neck collar, arms, and legs. Her hair turned reddish yellow and pointed up. Two long bangs hung down the sides of her face. Her eyes, like any other Ascendant, became green. She became the Ascendant of Love, Houou X.

Izzy/HerculesKabuterimon combined into a warrior with combined traits of a Metal Hero and Kamen Rider Kabuto. He gains the armor color features of Kabuterimon's blue, MegaKabuterimon's burgundy, and HerculesKabuterimon's gold. The upper half of his face is revealed, now showing off green eyes, while the bottom half is covered in a mask. Two beetle pincers formed on his head. He became the Ascendant of Knowledge, Kabuto X.

Mimi/Rosemon combined into a female warrior that's based on the official Rosemon X, but her hair is pointed up and eyes became green. She became the Ascendant of Sincerity and with the same name, Rosemon X.

Joe/Plesiomon combined into a warrior that's a humanoid version of Vikemon with Plesiomon's traits. He became the Ascendant of Reliability, Vulcan X.

Cody/Vikemon combined into a warrior that's a humanoid version of Shakkuomon and Orichalcos Shunoros. He became the Ascendant, Shunoros X.

Yolei/Valkyriemon combined into a female warrior whose appearance is based off Valkyrimon, but with Halsemon's color traits. She became the Ascendant, Zephyr X.

The Kai Digi-Destined are in awe over their Ascendant forms.

"We're finally Ascendants!" Kabuto X exclaims.

"It's like a dream come true!" Vulcan X says enthused. "Someone pinch me?"

Rosemon X pinches Vulcan X, "Hey, we're awake, Joe!"

"We're definitely wide awake," Houou X says, looking up at Gaiamon X facing Black Gaiamon X.

Takuya watches in awe, "It's like they've become Legendary Warriors!"

Guilkatomon adds, "This is totally awesome!"

Renrukimon smiles, "We'll see how they stack up compared to us."

Celesta X HM approaches Houou X and company, "I can't believe this! You're all Ascendants!"

"We might not be anywhere near you, Tai, Matt, TK, and others, but we'll catch up," Houou X replies.

Pluto and Volodramon (YYGDM-01) make room for the Kai Digi-Destined's battle.

Pluto (YYGDM-01) nods to Golden Pluto (Corner). "It's your turn. Don't you want in on the action?"

Golden Pluto (Corner) replies, "You're right." With that, she shifts from her Golden Senshi mode and becomes Tempus Pluto.

(Cue Hiroyuki Sawano - Victory is Ours)

It's the final phase of the royale. Gaiamon X, Aloy, Golden Sedna, Golden Orcus, Metalla X, Houou X, Rosemon X, Tempus Pluto (Corner), Volodramon (Corner), Brunhilde, Skogul, Gondul, Ford, Ultimate Madoka, Devil Homura, Kirito & Asuna, Guilkatomon, Renrukimon, Inumuramon, Mist, Pluto (YYGDM-01), and Volodramon (YYGDM-01) are in the last stand against Black Gaiamon X.

Gaiamon X and Black Gaiamon X delivers a round of combos with punches and kicks equally. Black Gaiamon X tries to deliver a hit to the face, but Gaiamon X swiftly dodges and hits Black Gaiamon X's back. Houou X and Rosemon X delivers a double uppercut to Black Gaiamon X's chin sending him upward. Houou X fires phoenix energy blasts and Rosemon X spreads petal cannon ki blasts to deliver multiple damage to Black Gaiamon X. Out of the blue, Gondul summons Geri & Freki as both wolves rushes to bite down Black Gaiamon X's arms. Gondul shape shifts into a Ceratosaurus and horn smashes Black Gaiamon X through a Chinese restaurant, destroying it (The Ceratosaurus and Odin's wolves references Greymon and Garurumon due to the battle royale having a Digimon setting). Gondul turns back to normal, as she sees Kirito and Asuna passing through her. The SAO couple rush forward to deliver a Climhazzard with their swords that does 9,999 x 2 damage to Black Gaiamon X. Black Gaiamon X counters by unleashing Blades of Judgment, firing blades from portals at them and the others. Kirito & Asuna, Brunhilde, Gondul, Mist and Ford blocks and destroys the sword barrage.

Backing them up are both pairs of Pluto/Volodramon (Corner) and Pluto/Volodramon (YYGDM-01). Both pairs use their temporal powers to eventually dispels the portals and stops the remaining swords. They back up with their own powers and damage Black Gaiamon X. Black Gaiamon X backs off injured and recovers, only for Gaiamon X to slam through Black Gaiamon X. Both grapple in a power struggle.

"Mortals don't deserve to live!" Black Gaiamon X shouted.

"They deserve to choose for themselves!" Gaiamon X retorted while grabbing Black Gaiamon X's face and plows him to the ground, attempting to crush him with his bare hand, akin to Optimus (Movie) trying to grab The Fallen (Movie)'s face.

"Then you will die with them!" Black Gaiamon X frees himself by grabbing Gaiamon X's arm and throws him to one side, "JOIN THEM IN EXTINCTION!"

Black Gaiamon X then unleashes Black Terra Ryuken Buster. The powerful dark beam reaches Gaiamon X, but Gaiamon X dodges it as the beam impacts the ground and explodes in the distance.

Just then, for amounts of rule of cool, both Gaiamon X and Black Gaiamon X transform into gigantic dragon forms.

Gaiamon X's looks like Dramon X's dragon form with Gaiamon X's white armor and traits of White Kyurem. He wears a draconic-horn helmet similar to Unicorn Gundam, and tufts of cyan hair appear up through his neck. He is called Vast White Mode.

Black Gaiamon X looks like Black Dramon X's dragon form with Black Gaiamon X's black armor and traits of Black Kyurem, only that the ice details meshed in his skin are purple instead of light blue. His draconic face is light green like Zamasmon's. He wears a draconic-horn helmet similar to Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee, and tufts of white hair appear up through his neck. He is called Deep Black Mode.

Both opposing dragons give mighty roars and charge at each other. Black Gaiamon X DBM delivers the first punch to the face at Gaiamon X VWM, but Gaiamon X VWM punches back and delivers a devastating bite to the neck. Gaiamon X VWM throws his enemy aside. Black Gaiamon X DBM recovers and unleashes Lightning of Absolution, but Golden Orcus unleashes her black holes to suck the lightning in and reflects back at Black Gaiamon X DBM to damage him. At the top of a building, Aloy fires more ropes from her Shadow Ropecaster to ensnare Black Gaiamon X DBM, while she shoots her Shadow Hunter Bow with Hard Point Arrows that damage and pierce through the black dragon's hide and weak spots. Black Gaiamon X DBM immediately frees himself from the ropes and fires Forsaken at Aloy, but the Nora Seeker leaps from another building to another building to avoid being engulfed as the Forsaken destroys the building.

Skogul unleashes her Tempus Limit Break armed with the Quern-biter sword and magic circle in her hands, alongside spear and staff floating behind her back, all glow in emerald green. Huginn & Muninn and Chilali the snowy owl are standing besides Skogul. The Valkyrie flies in delivering warp striking combos at Black Gaiamon X DBM. Skogul warps to another distant location and fires a lot of emerald green projectiles shaped like her weapons to deal more damage. Black Gaiamon X DBM roars and fires a Holy Wrath at her, but she evades.

Black Gaiamon X DBM's breakdown worsens. Ultimate Madoka and Devil Homura fire their arrows at Black Gaiamon X DBM. Renrukimon unleashes her Seiryuu Scale. Metalla X fires his Final Blaze. Guilkatomon fires his Hazard Wave. Golden Sedna throws large icicle spears. All of them damage the black dragon. Black Gaiamon X DBM fires his Light of Judgment beam from his mouth at them, but they dodge. The Light of Judgment is about to hit Brunhilde, but the recent queen of Asgard, who is riding Sleipnir, uses the Moon Force Crystal and fires an equally powerful beam at Black Gaiamon X DBM's beam for another beam struggle. Brunhilde eventually wins and pushes the beam at Black Gaiamon X DBM, dealing heavy damage. Following up is Inumuramon wielding the Gram, who rides Grani, and flies up delivering severe sword slashes akin to the Vorpal Blade from the Persona series while evading Black Gaiamon X DBM's claw attacks.

Black Gaiamon X DBM angrily roars out loud, as he charges to full power and unleashes a lot of Holy Wraths at Gaiamon X VWM and the others. However, Gaiamon X VWM roars back in charging to full power and unleashes large cyan spheres that matches the Holy Wraths' size and power. Both sides collide that causes explosions with both dragons taking a lot of damage from the explosive wave. The rest of the combatants take cover and retreat to recover.

Because of this, both Gaiamon X VWM and Black Gaiamon X DBM turn back to their normal forms as both land their feet to the ground.

"I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!" Black Gaiamon X panted and roared.

Black Gaiamon X goes beyond berserk and increases his height and muscles, and his green skin is fully purple (instead of half green/purple like Merged Zamas) with demonic teeth. He becomes Black Gaiamon X Berserker Mode. By losing his focus, Black Gaiamon X BM sacrifices all of his defenses and energy blasts for more physical strength. Black Gaiamon X BM tries to squash Gaiamon X with his huge fist and makes a crater on the ground. But, Gaiamon X easily evades by leaping up and furiously kicks Black Gaiamon X BM's all the way through a building.

As Gaiamon X lands to the ground, he shouts out while raises his sword, "Everyone, lend me your energy!"

Knowing what Gaiamon X's request is, everyone immediately agrees without question as every ally, including Sailor Pluto (YYGDM-01) & Volodramon (YYGDM-01), send their energies like the Spirit/Life Bomb to Gaiamon X. Gaiamon X's blade glows in a bright cyan blue as it increases in length to become a large cyan blue sword. This is called the Life Bomb Blade (known as the Genki Blade).

Black Gaiamon X BM gets up and sees this. Roaring like a mindless demon, Black Gaiamon X BM sprints and charges. Gaiamon X charges and attacks his enemy with the Life Bomb Blade, yet Black Gaiamon X tries to block it with his huge hands.

Gaiamon X shouts while pushing through the Life Bomb Blade into Black Gaiamon X, "IT'S NOT ABOUT GODS OR MORTALS! I WON'T LOSE TO SOMEONE WHO CAN'T BELIEVE IN ANYONE BUT HIMSELF!"

Black Gaiamon X BM is raving mad, "I AM JUSTICE INCARNATE! I AM JUSTICE!"

"WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT YOUR JUSTICE!" Gaiamon X yelled as he finally cuts open upward with the Life Bomb Blade to slice Black Gaiamon X's body and soul in half.

Black Gaiamon X BM screams as his body bursts to particles and he ceases to exist. The Zamasmon cloud disappears after Black Gaiamon X ceases to exist. The madness of the Renegade Guardian is no more.

Gaiamon X splits back to Omega X, Angemon X, and Dramon X. They smiled and turns to all of their friends and allies. All of them sees the skies becoming blue, signifying that the dangerous threat is gone. Their victory leads to a new day tomorrow.

(End theme)


The Next Day


Bangkok, Thailand/Siam Park City/Dimension: Character Corner

(Cue Gundam 00 – Friends)

A celebration happens in a famous theme park in Bangkok, Thailand. The name of it is Siam Park City. A lot of Thai people and tourists are seen having fun riding attractions, eating food, and meeting guests and events.

Indeed, our heroes are celebrating at this place. Of course not everyone attends. The Nioh and Stranger Things cast returned to their respective timelines. Gowasmon returns to Digiverse 10 and regrets, allowing him to reflect on finding a better and reasonable apprentice. The Kaijuu Duel Monsters and Kozmo Farmgirl returned to the Digital/Virtual World.

A Double-Deck Merry-Go-Round is seen close to the main entrance/information desk of the park with people riding it. Then, it shows a large suspended looping roller coaster called the Vortex. Three people seen riding it are Jack Darby/Miko Nakadai/Raf Esquivel (Transformers Prime).

A Log Flume ride is seen, alongside a pirate ship ride with a dragon theme called the Twin Dragon.


Bangkok, Thailand/Siam Park City/Outside of Dinotopia

The next area shows outside of a dinosaur museum called Dinotopia, it is between that and a jeep ride attraction called Jurassic Adventure.

For interesting news, the Rajita plans on making a Jurassic Park/World theme park by researching DNA from Earth's reptiles and uses their mutagen to create the 'Neoreptiles'. They haven't released the 'Neoreptiles Park/World' yet. They are already building it to be set in Shanghai China, which will open worldwide by the next decade (2020s). Because of this, some of the Rajita are hosting 'temporary exhibits' in Siam Park City with four Neoreptile species. Not wanting to repeat human mistakes from JP/JW, the Rajita want to see people's commentaries about these animals first. The presentation is reminded of dimension YYGDM-01 when the XYZ cards were introduced.

One of the Rajita seen is an expy of Geico, who is the head of the Neoreptiles project. Here, he is handling four Common House Geckos that are like insect-eating raptors and domesticated cats/dogs, meaning they're harmless to guests. The Thai people and tourists are impressed to see the display, almost like taking turns greeting and petting these reptiles. It's reminded of House Geckos seen in Thai houses outside at nighttime.

The Geico Rajita and the Common House Geckos sees a group approaching: Karin, Kensuke & Veemon, Dimitri & Faith, Christina, and Athena & PinkPatamon.

"Why hello there, you seem interested of the Neoreptiles?" The Geico Rajita asked the group with a British accent.

"That's why we're here," Karin answered kindly.

"Look at the big reptiles!" Athena gleefully pointed to the Neoreptile attractions.

PinkPatamon shudders, folding her ears over her eyes. "The big ones really scare me."

Faith chuckles, "What's the matter? Scared of some big reptiles?"

PinkPatamon shouts, "They probably see us as food, tubby!"

Athena pets the Common House Geckos. "They're so cute!"

Christina slightly creeped, "If you say so, sweetie."

Kensuke brings a Common House Gecko over to meet Veemon.

"Hiya! The name's Veemon!"

"Hey, you want to pet him, Chris?" Kensuke offers Christina to pet a Common House Gecko.

"Ah! Keep it away!" Christina shrieks as she hides behind Karin.

"What? It's not going to bite you. Just be gentle with it," Karin finishes hand feeding a Gecko.

"Yeah, don't be afraid of it, auntie Chris!" Athena feeds a Gecko.

Dimitri sits down and feeds a Gecko. "They're as domesticated as any dog or cat."

"If you say so…" Christina hesitates, picking out a treat to feed a Gecko. "Here… just be nice…" She hand feeds a Gecko as it sticks its tongue out and licks her hand. "Oh god… gross!" She tries not to scream.

The Gecko licks Christina's face.

"Haha, he likes you, Chris," Kensuke said.

"Hehehe, he sure does!" Athena giggles.

Karin smiles. "See? It's not so bad, Christina. Just don't let it sense your fear."

"Right, I'll keep that in mind," Christina makes an grossed out face as she wipes the Gecko's slobber with a towel.


Bangkok, Thailand/Siam Park City/Neoreptile Dome

There is a temporary exhibit showing a large impenetrable glass dome. It display plain fields mixed with trees and exotic plants. The viewers see four Neoreptiles: Three large Green Iguanas that are shaped like gorillas and ground sloths. And one that is a colossal Galapagos Tortoise that is like a sauropod and Toraton (The Future is Wild).

The audiences are impressed and bewildered at the sight of these genetic animals grazing and eating plants. Two of the audiences seen are Keiko/Silica and Rika/Lisbeth. The Galapagos Tortoise is eating leaves from a tree like a Brachiosaurus. Rika (SAO) turns to surprisingly see none other than Rowan (Guilty Crown: Lost Kingdoms), her love interest and is working with the Neoreptiles project. She approaches him.

"Rika Shinozaki?!" Rowan cried out in surprise.

"Hey, I see you're helping these guys for this right?" Rika (SAO) teased.

"Why yes, it's just to see how these reptiles are made for us to just see." Rowan stated.

"No biggie, I kinda like seeing these dinosaur things." Rika (SAO) replied.


Bangkok, Thailand/Siam Park City/Neo-Komodo Dragon Paddock

At another temporary exhibit, it looks like a T. rex paddock/kingdom of Jurassic Park/World with rainforest trees, and it's one of the more popular ones. The viewers, especially children with their parents, watch a cloned goat alone. Then, a large bipedal, T. rex sized Komodo Dragon appears and quickly devours the goat before swallowing it whole. The Komodo Dragon hisses and briefly looks at the viewers outside of its exhibit before wandering around its area.


Bangkok, Thailand/Siam Park City/Water Park

A water park is seen with having water slides and a health spa club. There's the world's biggest wave pool with cascading waterfalls and numerous rock pools called the Talay Krung Thep. People are seen swimming and having fun.

Kazuto and Asuna are seen wearing their swimsuits. They are holding hands and walking on the pathway. Kazuto is holding a drink while Asuna is holding a hot dog.

In a spa club shows Mimi & Palmon (Kai) and Yamato & Gabumon (Kai) are having a massage. Besides them, Jacomon is seen joining (Note: This Jacomon doesn't have a Ryo as a partner unlike his DF-616 counterpart).

Back to outside, with the characters wearing swimsuits sitting in beach chairs: Jessica (she wears a dark green bikini and undies), Ford, Samantha (The civilian identity of Geirskogul, she wears a light green bikini and undies), Rumsshimon, and Cusmon. Ford told the beings of Digiverse 10 that his wife, Jessica, is now pregnant. With Kensuke involved in the BAT Royale, it is sometimes a reminder of Venus' pregnancy mentioned back in the Siege of GranDracmon event.

"Oh wow! Congratulations on the baby!" Cusmon cheered.

"Thanks and I know." Ford stated while touching Jessica's belly. He then turns to the Digital God of Destruction, "And your appearance as an elephant is really a nice nod to my country."

"Why I'm flattered." Rumsshimon said in respect.

Then, at one point, Cusmon blushes and gives a flirty expression to Ford, Jessica, and Samantha, "Say, I kinda feel lonely, and I'd like to spend more time with you three."

"Excuse me?" Jessica asks, taken aback by Cusmon's offer. She and Samantha hold Ford's arms.

"I think Ford gets enough from us two," Samantha retorts.

Ford sighs, "Be nice, you two. I apologize on their behalf, Lord Cusmon."

Cusmon replies, "Oh it's ok. I can already tell you're good with the ladies."

"Well, just these two and Jessica is my wife."

Samantha interjects, "And I'm like his second wife!"

Jessica sighs, "We shouldn't have raised our tone with you, Lord Cusmon. Don't mind if we get overprotective of Ford."

Rumsshimon sighs, "Besides, we have our duties, Cusmon. We don't have time to be engaged in romantic affairs."

Cusmon slightly whines, "Oooh, but it's not fair! I want love, too!"

Ford replies genuinely, "Perhaps one day you'll find that perfect deity for you."

At another area showing Tai & Sora (Kai) alongside Takato & Rika in their swimsuits.

Sora and Rika both ask, "How do we look?"

Takato blushes red, "Wow... Rika, you're icy hot like always."

Tai puts an arm over Sora and kisses her, "Gorgeous as always, Sora. You two wanna join us at the juice bar?"

"Sure!" Takato said.

"Count us in," Rika accepts.

As the couples arrive at the juice bar, they converse about their future goals.

"You're almost out of school, Takato. Well congrats when you finish college," Tai said.

Takato replies after sipping his banana shake, "Thanks, Tai. So, what is you wanted to tell us?"

Sora turns to Tai, "What does he mean, Takato?"

"This," Tai grabs Sora's hand and kneels. "Sora Takenouchi, would you accept my hand in marriage?"

Taking his marriage proposal to heart, Sora tears up and smiles. "What do you think I'll say, Tai Kamiya?! Yes!" She kisses Tai as the two embrace and kiss passionately.

"Oh man, this is so cool! Congrats, Tai and Sora!" Takato cheers them.

"We're definitely going to their wedding," Rika smiles.

"That's pretty much a guarantee, Rika," Takato states as he takes Rika's hands.

The Digimon Queen is baffled by this. "Takato?"

"So, what do you say… um, would you want to tie the knot, too?" Takato bumbly asks.

Rika scoffs and pulls him over. "What kind of stupid ass question is that?"

"So, that's a… no?"

"Not just a no, but…" Rika raises a hand.

As Takato closes his eyes, he feels Rika's lips against his. Takato mentally sighs with relief and reciprocates with a kiss.

"Hell yes, I accept!" Rika said.

"All right!" Takato cheers loudly as he and Rika make out in front of everyone. Then, they fall into a pool together.

"Whoa! Takato, Rika!" Tai calls out, laughing.

Takato and Rika emerge from the water. They're both soaked in water, but that didn't stop them from continuing their make out session.

Sora giggles, "I think they outdid us by a mile, Tai. They recovered from that embarrassment."

"Sounds like we might have a dual wedding," Tai states the obvious.


Bangkok, Thailand/Siam Park City/Sally Restaurant

At a restaurant that's at the main entrance area, it shows both pairs sitting in the table: Setsuna/John (Corner) and Setsuna/John (YYGDM-01). Joining them is Aloy herself. The clone of Elisabet Sobeck wants to learn about the news before returning back home. Plus, this is the first time Aloy experiences in a restaurant since they are not seen in her post-apocalyptic world.

"Are you getting something of the Zero Dawn?" Aloy asked the pairs.

Setsuna (Corner) recalls. "Zamasmon mentioned that Zero Dawn, and it's not likely to be same as the one in your world."

John (Corner) adds. "I recall he said it's part of some greater purpose. He's working for someone or some people who've devised some kind of contingency plan. The Zamasmon we faced was just another pawn that furthers the goals of this greater power at work."

"We can count out Charon and the Prophet since our versions are long dead," Setsuna (YYGDM-01) states. "And if I understand correctly, your Charon and Prophet are no longer in the evil scheming business."

"Yes, they're both retired," Setsuna (Corner) confirms. "No, you're right. This is the work of someone who's learned the mistakes my sister and her companion made."

John (Corner) nods. "This Zero Dawn plan has the fingerprints of some other individual, but who? And it can't be Da'ath either. They've been dissolved."

"We might be dealing with someone who's head and shoulders above them," John (YYGDM-01) concludes. "But you can count on Pluto and I to help you in anyway we can with all our resources."

"It'll be fun to help another version of me," Setsuna (YYGDM-01) shakes Setsuna (Corner)'s hand. She turns to Aloy. "And thank you for aiding our counterparts in this battle. Be safe on your journey home."

Aloy nods. "I will. Thank you."

The Setsuna & John pairs and Aloy head out of the restaurant.

"For now, let's enjoy the festivities this theme park has to offer," John (YYGDM-01) takes Setsuna's (YYGDM-01) hand and walks her down.

"Shall we?" John (Corner) asks, taking Setsuna (Corner)'s hand as they followed their YYGDM-01 counterparts.

They stand to watch fireworks explode in the sky. This is the first time Aloy has seen the fireworks like they never exist in her world, she learns why the Old Ones have these types of celebrations like in Independence Day and the New Years.

"We still have conflicts ahead to resolve, but we deserve a break like this," John (Corner) tells Setsuna (Corner).

Setsuna (Corner) smiles. "I just want to enjoy these moments with you." She and John (Corner) hold in each other's warm embrace.

Setsuna (YYGDM-01) and John (YYGDM-01) do the same, holding each other's hands.

(End theme)



(Cue Linkin Park – What I've Done)

(Cue Linkin Park – New Divide)

(Cue Linkin Park – Iridescent)

Co-Written by:

Kanius and Ford1114

Voice Cast

Omega X/Kaiser X/Gaiamon X - Sean Schemmel

Angemon X/Gaiamon X - Eric Vale

Dramon X/Gaiamon X - Brad Swaile

Black Omega X - Sean Schemmel

Black Angemon X - Eric Vale

Black Dramon X - Brad Swaile

Zamasmon/Black Gaiamon X - James Marsters

Sailor Pluto - Veronica Taylor

Volodramon - David Tennant

Sailor Sedna - Laura Bailey

Guilkatomon - Brian Beacock

Brunhilde - Erica Mendez

Skogul - Annie Wood

Ford - Jason Liebrecht

Aloy - Ashly Burch

Mist - Kari Wahlgren

Sailor Unborn Saturn - Eden Riegel

Volcanicdramon - Chris Sabat

Reginleif - Ashley Johnson

Sigrun - Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Dustin - Gaten Matarazzo

Larry - Johnny Yong Bosch

Carmen - Genesis Rodriguez

Skuld - Karen Strassman

Artemismon - Ashleigh Ball

Philippe - Todd Haberkorn

Will - Noah Schnapp

Gondul - Karen Dyer

Nick - TJ Miller

Penny - Brittney Karbowski

Lucas - Caleb McLaughlin

Lisbeth - Sarah Williams

Klein - Kirk Thornton

Terryamon - Dave Wittenberg (Henry), Mona Marshall (Terriermon)

Joe - Michael Lindsay

Joe (tri./canon) - Robbie Daymond

PoKongmon - Mona Marshall

Inumuramon - Johnny Yong Bosch

XiaoFungmon - Corey Burton

WarAngemon - Doug Erholtz

Tike - Laura Bailey

HsiWumon - André Sogliuzzo

Kara - Kara Edwards

Leafa - Cassandra Lee

Argo - Jarrod Greene

Yolei - Tifanie Christun

Ventimon - Michelle Ruff

Izzy - Kirby Morrow

Izzy (tri./canon) - Mona Marshall

Sam - John Burgmeier

Ultima X - Brian Donovan

Zodiark X - Derek Stephen Prince

Yugi - Dan Green

Seto - Eric Stuart

Sailor Saturn - Christine Marie Cabanos

Kurama - John Burgmeier

Shaka - Caitlin Glass

Kari (tri./canon) - Tara Sands

Kyoko - Laura Landa

Kuwabara - Chris Sabat

Mimi (tri./canon) - Philece Sampler

David - Kara Edwards

BaiTzamon - Mona Marshall

Sailor Venus - Cherami Leigh

Keke - Parisa Fakhri

Ayase - Emily Neves

Sayaka - Sarah Williams

KaiserGreymon - Michael Reisz

Marcus - Quinton Flynn

ShineGreymon - Brian Beacock

Max - Matt Embry

Shendumon - James Sie

LK!Shu - Austin Tindle

LK!Gai - Micah Solusod

Phoenixmon (tri./canon) - Cherami Leigh

Kaimodosu X AM - Brittney Karbowski

Hiei - Chuck Huber

Yusuke - Justin Cook

Renrukimon - Melissa Fahn

Celesta X - Laura Jill Miller

Sailor Moon - Stephanie Sheh

Metalla X - Chris Sabat

Sora - Cynthia Cranz

Mimi - Monica Rial

Taiki - Nicholas Roye

Shoutmon X7 - Ben Diskin

Tai (tri./canon) - Joshua Seth

Matt (tri./canon) - Vic Mignogna

Beerusmon/Whirusmon - Jason Douglas

Whismon/Whirusmon - Ian Sinclair

Gowasmon - Tetsuo Goto (JP)

Shintomon - Todd Haberkorn

Rumsshimon - Yasuhiko Kawazu (JP)

Cusmon - Hiromi Konno (JP)

Sailor Pluto (YYGDM-01) - Veronica Taylor

Volodramon (YYGDM-01) - David Tennant

Rajita Geico - Jake Wood

PinkPatamon - Jessie Flower

Faith the Patamon - Brina Palencia

Rowan - Kyle Phillips

Samantha - Annie Wood

Max Kamiya (Story) - Matt Embry

Taichi Kamiya (DF-616) - Sean Schemmel

Gojiramon (Story) - ?

Agumon (DF-616) - Tom Fahn

Takeru Cage - Keith David


-Dragon Ball Super OST - A Dangerous New Enemy (PokéMixr92 Ver.)

-Neurotech - The Lost Hope

-MONOX (Title Screen) - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - Hiroyuki Sawano

-Horizon Zero Dawn OST - The Face of Extinction (Final Mission Theme)

-Two Steps From Hell - Final Kingdom

-ILLIDIANCE - Neon Rebels

-ILLIDIANCE - Breaking The Habit [Linkin Park Cover]

-Dragon Ball Super OST - Dystopian Future

-Dragon Ball Super - Goku Black Theme (Unofficial) - EnigmaTNG

-Horizon Zero Dawn OST - Planned Obsolescence (Final Boss Theme - HADES)

-Two Steps From Hell - Future Guardian

-Two Steps From Hell - New World Order

-THEMEX - Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - Hiroyuki Sawano

-Hiroyuki Sawano - Victory is Ours

-Gundam 00 - Friends

-Linkin Park - What I've Done

-Linkin Park - New Divide

-Linkin Park - Iridescent

-Goo Goo Dolls - Before it's Too Late

-Goo Goo Dolls - All That You Are

(End themes)


Other World/X's Planet/Dimension: DF-616

"That was one hell of a war down there, but luckily we pulled things through!" Tai said, walking alongside Max, Gojiramon, and Agumon.

"If the YYGDM-01 versions of Pluto and Volodramon didn't show up, I don't know if our counterparts would've beaten Zamasmon," Max said. "Though, I'm kind of wary of this greater purpose he's alluding to."

"What could it mean, Max?" Gojiramon asked.

"Part of me doesn't even want to know, buddy."

"All right, who's up for some training?!" Tai pumped his fist up.

"By the way, nice job proposing your marriage to Sora. It's about time," Max elbowed Tai's side. "Now I'm guaranteed to be born in this world."

"No prob and I've been saving this for a long while."

Agumon reminds him. "Don't worry. And it looks like your counterparts are having a dual wedding with Takato and Rika now!"

"And congrats to them. As well as you, Tai," Max said.

Upon arriving in Max's mansion, they enter the training room for some sparring. Max flipped the lights on.

"Do I get an invite to this wedding ceremony?" A deep voice similar to Keith David's speaks out behind a chair.

The chair spins around revealing a tall man with a fine mix of a youth and manliness. He has a decently trimmed goatee. He has short spiky black hair. He's seen wearing a black leather unbutton coat, revealing a skull and crossbones shirt with a 'T'-like cross symbol, akin to the Undertaker's symbol, embellished on the center. The man wears shades, concealing his eyes. He's wearing very dark blue jean pants and black boots. Removing his hands from his pockets, his hands are concealed in black leather fingerless gloves.

"Good day, gentlemen." The man greets Tai, Max, and the Digimon. He gets up from the chair and takes off his shades. "Don't know why the hell I'm wearing shades indoors."

"Who the hell are you? And how did you get past security?!" Max demanded.

"C'mon, you don't remember… oh, right. You're not the same Tai and Max from the Cornerverse," the man approaches them. "And just for the record, your security needs work. I got here via portal shenanigans."

Max sighs, "The popular way to go these days."

"Who are you and what do you want?" Tai asks.

"Where are my manners? I'm Takeru Cage. Gentlemen, I'm here to invite you to the Nexus' biggest theme park."

"The Nexus biggest theme park?" Tai inquires.

"Wait, you mean that theme park?!" Max realizes.

Takeru nods, "You're invited to join us at Across Conventions."


Next chapter: A Dimensional Tourney


(Cue Goo Goo Dolls - Before it's Too Late)

(Cue Goo Goo Dolls - All That You Are)

Ford1114's A/N: There you have it, the whole Intermission finished. These marks of what to expect for the Black Rebellion arc. There are same copy/paste scenes and elements as time saver to write early (one of which that's most prominent is the final fight between Gaiamon X and Black Gaiamon X), though there are some changes for the coming Story version. The Daemons, Golzamon and Melbamon (Which they'll not reappear in Story/BR) appearing back in Dimensional Missions culminates everything the Story heroes learned to-date like a mid-term exam before CG moves forward to the next arc. Course I did help write down a lot of the battles for the author. Because I'm hoping to help out the Black Rebellion arc, it is going to be one of the most easiest experiences to the author like Battle Supremacy.

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn plays a big role in this Intermission, such as the relation of Zamasmon's Zero Dawn plan to rid of all mortals. But, the Zero Dawn plan is originated from the main Big Bad of CG. The biggest surprise is the arrival of Pluto & Volodramon (YYGDM-01), at last, for the first time, Corner finally crossovers with Canon in Kanius' fanfics.

The celebrations happen in Siam Park City, a theme park that I went as a kid, let's hope I want to go there again (If I can just got accepted to another job position that's more long term first). One of the interesting moments is the first display of the Neoreptiles that they are owned by a dinosaur/Jurassic Park artist named Hellraptor that they evolved from reptiles in replacing dinosaurs of what if the Ice Age never happened in an alternate world. I did ask Hellraptor's permission and he said yes: "(3/29/17) Sure, you can do thats as long as you credit me ;)" We give credit to their guest appearances, and we already decide of changing their backstories to fit our concept, independent from Hellraptor's vision, as Rajita/reptile mutants like cloning dinosaurs, since after all, they are seen as mutated reptiles in various pop culture.

Heh, as exclusive to Corner, some characters play Xenoverse characters: Time Patrol Trunks - Skogul/Ford, Supreme Kai of Time (Chronoa) - Cusmon (Shows Cusmon is bi enough to have a one-sided crush on both Ford and Skogul in the celebration), Tokitoki - Chilali (Corner), Demigra - Zamasmon (I remember that mod video of Zamas having Demigra's voice). Just to let you know as to remind that this is exclusive to Corner; Rumsshimon & Cusmon (Story) are not going to meet and interact with Ford (Story) & Skogul (YYGDM-01) at all.

You've seen a lot of Transformers (Movies) references? Yeah, it takes me way back since the summer of 2007 (This is the time before I started freshman year of high school), 10 years have pass, even though the sequels after the decent first movie are not as good, I just see these movies as guilty pleasure and Just Here for Godzilla for: The Transformers themselves (Like remembering the good times with the Autobots vs. Decepticons, the conflict with Sentinel Prime, and of course the Dinobots), and wish it could have had better writing without Michael Bay. So I wonder of the fifth movie of me seeing it, even though I can tell it'll repeat the same explosions shit all over again.

And, we have the post-credit scene (Note: This is the same post-credit scene for Battle Supremacy when it's finished. Before that, I can tell in the last chapter of Battle Supremacy that after the tournament, someone monologues about this Corner!BAT Royale event, not to mention Tai (DF-616) and Sora (DF-616) are first planning their marriage like their Corner selves. Because of Tai (DF-616) and Max (Story) seeing this Corner event, they are now already aware of Story!Zamasmon's future schemes.), leading to the events of Curtain Call for the next chapter that's coming soon.

Kanius' A/N: That was one mega-sized Intermission. To think that was just Episode 0 of the upcoming Black Rebellion arc (which shall start on Chapter 15). This whole thing just serves as a warm-up for Rebellious Homura and the non-Cornerverse Black Ascendant Triad/Zamasmon. And of course, that's not getting into the 'greater purpose' Corner!Zamasmon alluded to. Story!Zamasmon will be better prepared than his Cornerverse self.

Some of these battles (which were written by Ford1114 to help me save time) shall be replicated but using different characters. For instance, the the Daemons will be replaced by some other minions in the Story version. So writing the battles for Black Rebellion should be easier with Ford helping out.

Oh yeah, this chapter marks the debut of Aloy and Horizon Zero Dawn in my stories. While I haven't played the game (heard it's great and I don't have the system for it), the cinematic scenes were great to watch. Corner!Zamasmon took inspiration from the series for the plan to kill mortals. Ah, but notice it's not Corner!Zamasmon's plan, but rather it's the real CG Big Bad's plan. Look forward to that in this story's series finale.

The most notable moment, in my view, the appearance of Pluto and Volodramon from YYGDM-01. As of this chapter, this marks the first crossover between my fanfic stories and the Cornerverse. And it won't be the last! Pluto and Volodramon meeting their Cornerverse selves is just the beginning. Now we're hitting beyond meta levels here.

Siam Park City sounds like a neat place to visit. Yeah, the Neoreptiles concept belongs to Hellraptor. You should check out his Deviantart for his Neoreptiles. They're so dinosaur-like it's crazy. Additionally, in the Cornerverse, they're Rajita mutant and clone experiments and that will be exclusive to the Cornerverse. Komodo dragon is most definitely the T. rex in this park.

Yeah, this story marks the debut of Rumsshimon and Cusmon (expies of Rumsshi and Cus from Dragon Ball Super). There are no plans for them to interact with Ford and Skogul's YYGDM-01 versions.

Lastly, the post-credit scene featuring my OC avatar. Yep, it's the same Takeru Cage who participated in the Chinatown Battle Royale with the Dragon Ball and Digimon Fusion Kai casts (Ford1114's words: In Shinnen:New Year that we co-authored). He finally meets Tai and Max of DF-616. The scene was supposed to homage Nick Fury meeting Tony Stark in Iron Man (2008)'s post-credit scene, but I wrote it differently than how that scene went. Yes while this does sound like a blatant (and shameless) self insert, Takeru Cage's character is not entirely based on me and he's not intervening in any serious conflicts our heroes will have in the future. His job is protecting his own dimension.

Furthermore, this post-credit segues way for the next Cross Generations chapter, A Dimensional Tourney. Despite what it sounds like, it's not based on the Universe Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super. It's a one-shot 'break' chapter where our heroes explore and enjoy Takeru Cage's theme park dimension. You can expect characters from other worlds appear, including a few surprises. ;)

Well, that does it for this Intermission. Send a review until the next chapter. See you next time at Across Conventions Theme Park!

(End themes)