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Cross Generations

Epilogue: Forty Years Later -Re: Digitize-


Dimension: DF-616/Kayama Residence/August 1, 2053

"Taiga! Time to wake up! Hey, get your butt up!" A woman yelled out from downstairs, using her voice to reach and somehow wake up her son. "You're not sleeping in on this beautiful day!"

Groaning, a boy stirred in bed as he tossed and pulled his blanket over himself. Trying to resist waking up, he remembered he had some engagements to attend with.

"Oh, yeah! I'm supposed to do all that today…!" The boy yelled, throwing off his blanket and springing out of his bed.

(Cue Digimon World Re:Digitize – Credits)

After scrambling to gather his clothes, he put them on. He hurried to brush his teeth and briefly checked himself in the mirror. He was a teenage boy with bluish black hair, gray eyes, a black skirt with an orange 'x', long gray shorts, orange circuit-vertical lines in the collar and sleeves, and orange/black shoes. He checked his pant pocket and pulled out a pair of orange/gray bike goggles.

He smiled and put the goggles on his forehead.

After that, he bolted down the stairs and jumped off from the third step only to land on one foot.

"Morning, everyone!" Taiga announced as he scanned the dining room and saw only his mother, a young woman with long dark blue hair garbed in a long-sleeved beige shirt, blue jeans, and a food apron. She looked like the typical young hot mother seen in numerous boy-centric, especially toyetic, anime. "Hey, where did sis go?"

"Went out with her friends already. Hurry up and get your breakfast. Don't you have that meet-up with your friends today, young man?" Mrs. Kayama asked.

"Sure do! Thanks, mom!" Taiga grabbed his plate and sat down. "Chow time!" He quickly wolfed down his eggs, toast, sausage, and small salad bowl. He drank it down with water and sighed. "That hits the spot! You know how to make this growing boy happy, mom!"

Mrs. Kayama sighed. "What have I told you about chewing your food?"

"Hey, what can I say? You make good food."

Mrs. Kayama folded her arms and glared at her son. "Right."

"Oh, look at the time! I gotta go! See ya later!"

"Don't come home too late, Taiga! At least be back…!" Before she can finish, Taiga was already out the door in a hurry. "...before dinner…?" She dropped a hand and sighed. "What am I going to do about him? His appetite has only gotten bigger these past few months."


Taiga scanned the bushes near his room.

"Hey, you there, buddy?"

"Yep! I've been waiting, Taiga!" A familiar orange reptile with an unusually round head emerged with a short tail, claws, and large green eyes. It was an Agumon. "Ready to meet with the others, Taiga?"

"You bet!"

Taiga grabbed Agumon and suddenly floated off the ground. He seemingly learned how to fly using the Bukujutsu technique. He flew away carrying Agumon with him.


"Ok, let's put a pause on this for a bit.

How's it going? I'm Taiga Kayama and if you can already guess this is my Digimon companion Agumon. How did I end up with Agumon? It all started when I played an online game with Digimon. After getting an email from an mysterious person named Mirei, I was asked to respond by saying 'Re: Digitize'. And then boom. I somehow ended up being pulled into the Digital World. There I met Agumon and that was the beginning of my adventure.

Earth has seen a great deal of changes since Taichi Kamiya passed on. In his memory, a law was passed that forged a democracy between Earth and the Digital World. As long as they have immigration passes, Digimon were now allowed entry into Earth. Humans, too, were allowed into the Digital World but with certain limitations. More human and Digimon partnerships formed.

Several new races of digitized life colonized both sides. For example, there was now a D-Reaper race. The creature known as Dee birthed the next generation of D-Reapers; they came in all shapes and sizes, but thankfully no evil D-Reapers were ever spawned. A race of Digimon called Spirians began colonizing the Digital World. As far as Ascendants go, their bloodline has mostly diluted for the next generation.

Heroes like the Digidestined, Max Kamiya, and the D3s ended. With the majority threats from the Digital World thwarted, the two worlds have seen peaceful times. Although there'll always come disagreements. Anti-Digimon groups have since started to form, but hopefully these are issues that can be resolved.

I met a few cool and weird people who'd end up becoming my friends. I'll introduce them in a sec. So, you're probably wondering how I ended up with a crazy appetite and get the ability to fly? That happened in the Digital World. Me and Agumon came across some artifacts that looked like stones. They contained some weird energy that entered and started changing me. On the surface, I don't look that all different, but underneath, I managed to tap into a legendary power.

Somehow some rare artifacts entered the Digital World online by some freak accident. Well, it turns out they were planted there by some unknown source, who I later found out was done by a mysterious masked guy named X. X contacted me and told me I had been selected as part of some Ascendant experiment. I was given a choice to accept or not. Always one to accept a challenge, I took it and that's when these Ascendant powers started to surface. Somehow, Agumon, too, received a boost every time I tapped into these Ascendant powers. However, in order to achieve results, I had to work for it. So, I used the online system to up my stats, not only to evolve Agumon further but to increase my Ascendant power. And I kept it up.

With time, I learned to harness the energy that X called Ki. With enough earned states and experience under my belt, X took me in as his student. Wouldn't you imagine my shock that the Ascendant energy that I acquired from that rare stone was based off the data of the legendary Omega X? Yeah, I really don't believe in those old chosen one stories, but I never imagined I'd be the one to harness THAT power!

Of course, I'm still nowhere near the peak Taichi Kamiya achieved, but give it time… I'll reach it someday.

So what else is there to tell? Aside from the Ascendant side training, me and my friends have had to deal with dangerous Digimon infected by the mysterious Blackening Phenomenon. To save the Digimon and the Digital World, we've had to unravel the secret of the Vitium GIGO Project and stop the terrible digital life form called Vitium. Fighting the Vitium helped evolve me and Agumon. As Agumon was able to become WarGreymon, I unlocked an extent of my Ascendant power to destroy the Vitium.

It's been a few months since the Vitium were deleted and the Digital World has for the most part been restored. Although, now a new problem is beginning to surface…"


Akihabara (秋葉原)/Chiyoda, Tokyo (千代田区, 東京)/10:15 AM

"Yo! Sorry we're late, guys!" Taiga called out to a group of teenage kids around his age. He descended carrying Agumon on his back.

"You said ten sharp, Taiga. Let me guess did you sleep in again?" sighed a teenage boy with pale blond hair, brownish gray eyes, wears glasses, turtlenecked sleeveless dark green shirt, orange pants, and dark green shoes. Beside him is a Gaomon.

"Heh, sorry Niko!"

"Nikorai. C'mon, man," the pale blond-haired teen shrugged.

"Oh, you're hopeless, Taiga. Next time, use your phone to set off an alarm. No wait, your watch should be able to do that," added a teenage pink-haired girl with pigtails and pink eyes, a white dress, pink and white striped stockings, and gray & pink boots. Also, she carried with her a pink purse. Beside her is a Biyomon.

"Ok, sorry, Akiho!" Taiga apologized to the irked teen girl.


"These are my two best friends, Nikorai Petorofu and Akiho Rindou. If you can't already tell, they're Tamers like me.

Nikorai, or Niko as I'd prefer calling him which still annoys him, is of Russian nationality. He's the son of Yakov Borisovich Petorofu, an employee of GIGA Company, who also happened to led the Vitium Project. At some point during our battle with Vitium, Niko's father mysteriously vanished.

Niko's a cool guy. He's my neighbor. We get along, though we get very competitive over whose partner is stronger. Niko's Digimon partner is a Gaomon named Sashenka.

Much like me, Niko found one of those rare stones containing legendary Ascendant power. He happened to harness the power based on Metalla X, who was arguably Omega X's biggest rival. How ironic. Now their rivalry has been renewed between me and Niko. Although according to X, our rivalry is much friendlier than Taichi and Yamato's were. Niko went through similar core training as me and harnessed latent Ascendant powers.

Akiho's an interesting girl. She challenged me to a duel online. During our duel, she became intrigued with my bond with Agumon. Then, a BlackWarGreymon showed up with another Tamer seeking Angewomon and LadyDevimon. Not one to back down from a challenge, Akiho and Digitorin fought them only to lose. That's when me and WarGreymon stepped in to defeat that BlackWarGreymon and his Tamer. That's where my friendship with her formed.

She was famously known online as the legendary Nyanko Tamer, the game's top ranker, and her partner is a Biyomon named Digitorin. When we met, she was deeply invested in me and Niko for some reason. In fact, she sensed something 'weird' about me. And those suspicions increased tenfold once I inherited Omega X's Ascendant power. She's the only other human I know who can hear Digimon voices and the only one besides Niko who sensed my Ascendant power. Clearly she's not an Ascendant, but she has a mysterious sixth sense that lets her assess an individual's power. She's like a walking and breathing scouter device.

By own confession, as I'm still learning to utilize my Ascendant powers, Akiho is a much better Digimon duelist than me, a genius in gaming combat, and is a better caretaker handling Digimon. So, she makes sure Agumon, Sashenka, and Digitorin get the proper nourishment. She's totally the mother hen of our group.

Anyway, today is important because we're heading off to Odaiba to celebrate the special day commemorating the previous Digi-heroes before us."

(End theme)


After leaving a gaming shop, Taiga & Agumon, Niko & Sashenka, and Akiho & Digitorin headed for the bus station.

There were some citizens accompanied by helper Digimon. Some Digimon are busy running shops and restaurants. A Digitamamon walked out of a restaurant to greet customers. A pudgy pink-skinned golem walked into the Digitamamon restaurant with a short statured pink feminine creature with long dreadlock-like tendrils.

"I'm glad we can do this. Y'know since we're Digimon heroes, we should remember and pay respects to those that came before us," Taiga stated. "Hard to believe I've inherited Taichi Kamiya's Ascendant power."

"How appropriate I end up with Yamato's power," Niko boasted.

Akiho sighed. "Can we not make this a dick measuring contest today?"

Agumon chuckled. "Taiga and Niko just can't help it. They're friendly rivals to the end!"

Sashenka nodded. "Indeed, as long as no one gets hurt, it should be fine."

Digitorin dismissively nodded. "Whatever you say."

"HOLD IT!" A boisterous and rude-sounding yell coming from a brash woman called out, causing the trio and their Digimon to stop. "YOU THREE ARE IN DIRECT VIOLATION…!"

(Cue Durarara! OST - Ikebukuro West Exit Five-Way Intersection)

The trio and their Digimon partners turned as a tall policewoman with shoulder length brown hair approached them carrying a megaphone, which she used to tell at them with. Her uniform was a baby blue top with a dark blue tie, a navy blue knee length skirt, and black heel-less shoes.

"Oh great, it's her," mumbled Niko.

"Miss Makiko, err… what can we do for you?" Akiho tried to be as polite as she could.

"You're all off fighting Digimon, are you? Well, didn't you hear?" Miss Makiko asked.

"No, what?" Taiga blinked in confusion.

"Are you serious? Don't y'all keep up with the news?"

"Too busy dueling and gaming," the boys muttered.

"Wait, don't tell me that law that forbids Digimon dueling on that one special day just went into effect?!" Akiho just remembered.

"That's right. Starting today and going forward, August 1st is the day citizens are asked not to Digimon duel. In fact, the companies involved with the Digimon online systems have agreed to shut down for 24 hours. August 1st is a day to commemorate the heroes that came before us…"

Taiga pointed out. "Y'know, we're heading for Odaiba Park as we speak!"

"Hopefully to pay tribute?" Makiko frowned, intently glaring with a stern look at Taiga, who backed off.

"Yes, ma'am!" Taiga nervously replied.

Makiko turned to Niko and Akiho. "You two make sure he behaves."

"Right…" Niko and Akiho replied.

"C'mon, me and Agumon aren't gonna fight anyone!" Taiga cried out.

"I'll take your word for it, kid," Makiko quirked a brow.

"Officer Date, do loosen up and not hound them so much. You'll give yourself wrinkles," a calmer and relaxed voice chimed in, causing the policewoman to turn around and gasp.

"Detective Kyoko Kuremi." Makiko acknowledged a beautiful woman with fair skin, black eyes, and waist length blonde hair. A fringe covered her forehead. She wore a pair of black sunglasses with pink lenses, a collar, and a white t-shirt with long sleeves and red buttons. Her shirt's topmost button is undone, leaving some of her cleavage exposed, much to Taiga's uneasiness, Niko's delight, and Akiho's annoyance. She wore black leather gloves and a black scarf with golden circuit-like lines on her shoulders. She's also wearing black hotpants and black high heels that are open at the top and have golden circuit-like lines on the bottom.

"They weren't aware of the recent law. I think we can let this slide," Kyoko pushed her sunglasses up, winking to the three teens. "You three heading for Odaiba Park?"

"Y-Yes, we are, Miss Kuremi," Taiga anxiously replied.

"I was heading the same direction. Perhaps I can give you three and your partners a ride?" Kyoko smirked.

"Well, see we were going to take a…" Before Akiho could finish, Niko interjected.

"Yes, we'd be happy to, Miss Kuremi! You'll be saving us the bus fare!"

Akiho groaned. "Niko, really?!"

"I'd actually insist you come. We have much to talk about," Kyoko said.

Seemingly deciphering through Kyoko's dialogue, Taiga nodded. "Thanks, we'll come."

Makiko blinked in confusion. "...huh? Hey, should you be giving them a ride?"

"Worry about your shift and less about what I do, Makiko," Kyoko escorted the three teens and their Digimon into a black Alfa Romeo Montreal type sports car.

It had golden borders and mirrors, two doors, red under lights, a golden sun ensignia on the wheels, and a golden circuit-shaped design on the hood connected to a golden sword design.

"Wow, we're actually going into Miss Kuremi's sports car," Niko gleamed over the female detective's vehicle.

"C'mon, get in," Akiho sighed as she and Digitorin hopped into the back.

As the teens and their Digimon got inside, Kyoko waved to Makiko.

"Take care!" Kyoko winked and entered the driver's seat.

With that, Kyoko drove off with Taiga and his friends. Makiko was left befuddled over what just went down.

"Ugh, always taking it easy on those kids. What's their whole story?"

(End theme)


"Thanks for the ride, Miss Kuremi," Taiga said with gratitude.

"Not a problem, kid. Besides, you and your friends already saved the Digital World from Vitium. We should be thanking you," Kyoko replied as if speaking on behalf of the Digital World.

"So, what's going on this time? A new enemy?" Akiho queried to the blonde-haired detective.

"Bingo. On top of the recent hackers, we've discovered a major dark power is about to breach this side of reality." Kyoko answered.

"Who is it?" asked Taiga.

"I'll let my friend, Mirei, explain in detail." As she pressed a button on a panel near her car radio, a visual appeared in front of the teens and their partners.

On the screen, a young woman with short purple hair and eyes, glasses, white button shirt with a black dress, black stockings, and white boots appeared. She's seen carrying a purple laptop.

"Good day, Tamers," the woman named Mirei acknowledged them.


"This is Mirei Mikagura. She's the owner of the Digimon Lab and a close friend to Detective Kyoko Kuremi. She's one of few with two Digimon partners, an Angewomon and a LadyDevimon. She's tasked with giving me and my friends, as well as another pair of Tamers named Aiba and Keisuke Amasawa the duties of searching for hackers charged with mistreating Digimon.

She's also our go to handler who helps store and modify our Digimon. She also gives us advice of what to do and navigates us through the Digital World.

The attractive woman driving us to Odaiba Park is Detective Kyoko Kuremi. We don't know much about her, but she runs an investigation firm and coordinates with Mirei. At least that's how we know her on the surface. She was selected by X to help us with investigations and she's been a very close aide.

I've also sensed something strange about Miss Kuremi, as if she's not really human. I don't sense any bad vibes. Could she have some kind of Ascendant-like powers? Akiho seems to think so.

Nevertheless, these two receive the orders from X to observe and task us with assignments related to Digital World issues.

And now looks like we have a new mission dealing with some kind of brand new enemy. Can things can worse than Vitium and the recent hacker situations?"


(Cue Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth OST - A Clue)

"Sources have confirmed an enemy is set to breach this side. This enemy is a spawn of a previous foe defeated by Omega X and his allies."

"You mean a child of a previous enemy is coming here?" Niko asked.

"That doesn't sound good," Akiho gulped.

"How soon is he or she coming?" Taiga asked with determined eyes.

Mirei plainly answered. "The breach is estimated to occur at 12:00 hours near Odaiba Park."

"Noon, huh? And we're all heading to that location," the goggle boy stated, clenching his fists. He turned to his friends. "Well, guys?"

"I'm ready whenever you are, Taiga! I'm really fired up to fight!" Agumon declared.

Akiho interjected. "Hold on, but what about the law that just passed? Won't we get into trouble?"

"Not if it's an direct attack from an enemy on the other side," Kyoko said. "X made sure to give us the exact coordinates where he will touch down."

"And do note, you won't be the only ones anticipating 'his' arrival. Other Tamers are on standby."

"Man, this guy must be serious business," Niko said.

"But, we're counting on you three to be the ones to handle the job," Kyoko said.

"Hold it! But, I'm no fighter! That's why I leave it to these two knuckleheads! They've got their Ascendant powers or whatever!" Akiho flipped out.

"Akiho, relax. You and Digitorin find a safe place to hide while we handle this bad guy," Taiga reassured the pink-haired girl.

"Whoever this guy is, he chose the wrong day to ruin a Digi-heroes' memorial day!" Niko exclaimed.

"I'm raring to go, Nikorai!" Sashenka yelled out.

Taiga and Agumon fist-bumped one another.

"And we'll be at the forefront, won't we, Agumon?"

"You bet!"

Adjusting her glasses, Mirei lightly smirked. "Then, we leave it to you, Tamers. Me and my partners will be on standby as well should you need us." With that, she logged off.

The kid of an old enemy that Taichi and his friends fought? Wow, how fitting we get to fight him on the memorial day! thought Taiga.

"And I'll be close by should you need me," Kyoko stated.

"Thanks, Miss Kuremi," Taiga nodded.


Roppongi (六本木)/Minato, Tokyo (港区, 東京)/GIGO Company/11:15 AM

Sitting solitarily in his office chair, GIGO Company's heir, Yuuya Kuga, gazed at the message of his cell sent to him by Mirei. He is a teenage boy with bluish gray eyes, short black hair, black shirt with a white sleeveless shirt, gray tie, black pants, and white shoes.

His cold eyes scanned the message. He appeared aloof toward the meaning behind the message.

Then, after much reluctance, he pressed a key on his computer and BlackWarGreymon appeared on his screen through cyberspace.

"What have you summoned me for, Yuuya?"

"An urgent situation is set to materialize and possibly escalate, Black."

"I'm on my way, Master Yuuya."

Yuuya turned and faced the skyview windows of his office. He watched as a red hole started to materialize above Tokyo. Yuuya frowned at this forthcoming phenomenon.

"A breach from the other side?" he muttered in bemusement.


Shibuya, Tokyo (渋谷区, 東京)/11:20 AM

A teenage girl with orange eyes, green hair with long sides, wears an 'x'-like hairpin, black hooded shirt with white vertical lines on the back, orange eye marks on the hood and wavy marks on the sleeves, wears a bike goggles around her neck, black/white bra, black shorts with a vertical line on each side, black stockings, and black/white boots stared at the breach opening above Tokyo.

The girl looked anxious about the incoming enemy. However, her partner, a Veemon, grabbed her hand and smirked.

"Relax, Rina. Whatever it is, Taiga and his friends will be there."

"You're right. And wherever they go, then I, Rina Shinomiya, and Veevee will be there to make a hero's entrance!"

"That's the spirit, Rina!"

"Still, this energy I'm feeling… it's pretty scary…"

Veevee blinked. "Do we stand a chance?"

"I don't know, but hey we can't let that bother us! Let's go and teach this villain not to mess with our town and friends!"


Shinjuku, Tokyo (新宿区, 東京)/11:30 AM

Hiding out in an alleyway is a young girl with fair skin, blue eyes, shoulder-length red hair, which is tied on the sides with blue hair ties with white dots on them, and a large chest. She wore a black lace-trimmed bra, black stringed panties, a light blue dress in the front and black in the back, and has blue hemlines as well as large blue triangles in the bottom hemlines of both the front and the back. The dress is cut in the sides that exposes the strings of her panties, and both halves of the dress are connected by fourteen blue strings on each side, forming seven "X"s on it, and a pink hooded jacket with a light blue inner side. She also wears knee high gray stockings. The stocking also have black garter straps connecting to the inside of the dress.

Appearing behind this woman are a pair of round bluish eyes. The shadow emerged, exposing arms resembling WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Omegamon stood behind the determined woman.

"I'm at your service, Nokia."

"Let's check this out, Omegamon."


Elsewhere, in Shibuya, two teens stood on a rooftop gazing at the breach. The one on the left is a teenage boy with fair skin, red spiky hair, and blue eyes. He wears a black shirt under a gray shirt with a yellow target-like ensignia with a yellow "AWA STUDIO WORKS" written under it. He also wears yellow pants, black sneakers with yellow soles, two gray bags with yellow lines on his waist, with the straps forming an "X", and blueish gray goggles on his head.

The one on the left is a teenage girl with fair skin, gray eyes, short red hair, which is worn in a ponytail on the left side, tied by blueish gray goggles, and a medium chest. She wears a yellow shirt with black raglan sleeves, yellow vertical lines going through the sleeves. Much like how the boy has it, there is a similar yellow target-like symbol with the "AWA STUDIO WORKS" in yellow written under it. She also wears a black glove on the right hand, a short black pleated skirt, yellow stockings with two black vertical lines in the outer sides, and black shoes with yellow soles and two yellow dots on top of them.

These are the Aiba siblings, who've and currently work for Kyoko Kuremi and Mirei.

A Terriermon, Palmon, and Hagurumon sit beside the Aib siblings.

The boy turned to his sister. "You ready for this, Ami?"

"What if this is too much for us, Takumi?"

"Then, we pull out for safety to recover, but we're not running away."


Takumi wore a confident smile. "And if push comes to shove, we have friends to help us, including Taiga and Niko."

The Aiba siblings nodded and turned to their Digimon.

"Ready to fight, Terriermon, Palmon, and Hagurumon?!" The siblings asked their partners.

"Yes!" They shouted in unison.

(End theme)


Other World/X and Simms' Planet

"Have the players been set?" Simms asked Kyoko and Mirei through an viewing orb.

"Yes, sir. Taiga and his friends are at Odaiba. The other Tamers are close by as we speak." Mirei answered.

"And I'm close by watching Taiga and his entourage. 'He' will be here very shortly." Kyoko answered.

Simms turned X, who approached the viewing orb.

"We're set. Now it's all up to Taiga and his friends."

X nodded and eyed the viewing orb.

"Hopefully this is the final push he needs to unlock his full Ascendant strength."


Odaiba Park (お台場公園)/Odaiba (Odaiba (お台場))/11:50 AM

Taiga and his friends faced the statue of Taichi Kamiya and Agumon. This statue honored the late-hero and his Digimon partner, who along with the other Digidestined, Ascendants, and heroes, thwarted the villainous threats to Earth and the Digiverse. On the opposite end are the statues of the other Digidestined.

"There he is. My hero," Taiga said, taking off his goggles and bowing his head. "I wear these googles in your honor."

"We know Taichi has been deceased for decades, but what about the other Chosen?" Niko wondered about the others' whereabouts.

"They'd be elderly by now," Akiho said. "Wow, even a former heartthrob like Yamato Ishida would be an old man by now."

"Some probably moved on and others passed on, but we'll always remember them as the heroes they were," Taiga stated while putting his goggles back on. "I hope I'll live up to your Ascendant's name, Taichi Kamiya. It's too bad I haven't fully awakened that power yet."

Agumon reassured. "Give it some time. I'll bet becoming Ascendant didn't come easy for Taichi either."

"So, are we ready to look at the next honorary statue? This time it's with the original eight," Akiho pointed them northwest from where they were.

As the group passed by, an ethereal figure watched them. It was Taito Yagami, the Ascendant predecessor of Taichi Kamiya. The armor-clad warrior smiled as he watched Taiga walk away with his back turned. Knowing the power of Omega X was in good hands, Taito prepared to leave.

However, Taito briefly paused and gazed at breach opening up. The speed of the breach opening hastened like no tomorrow.


(Cue Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth OST - Prelude to a Bloody Battle)

Staring toward the sky, Kyoko noticed the breach opening.

"Damn, it's almost time." She called Taiga with her cell. "You're going to have to cut the sight-seeing short, the breach is almost complete."


Cut off from the others, an isolated figure garbed in a long dark gray coat with a hood, brown boots, and carrying a sword in a sheath on his back. A Patamon is seen sitting on his left shoulder.

"Should we?" The Patamon asked his partner.

"Our job is just to observe. Not take action. Let's wait this out," muttered the figure as his blue eyes stared at the breach.

(End theme)


Time and Space Dimension between Eastern Digital World and Earth/Unknown Mothership/11:58 AM

(Cue Dragon Ball Super: Broly OST - Ruled by Freeza)

Sitting in a throne, a short-statured figure with a chestnut-shaped head stared at a visual of Earth. The screen zoomed in to magnify Tokyo's cityscape. Then, it further magnified to show Odaiba.

"My lord, we've successfully breached the planet Earth," a green alien with a bandana-shaped head, red spots, and garbed in a new style of the Buriza Force's battle armor reported to his fair leader.

"Most excellent. Yes, we've made sure to triple scan the entire planet for any Ascendant readings?"

"Yes, sir. We've confirmed two and a planet full of Digimon."

"So, the rumors turned out to be true. Earth and the Digital World have become fully synchronized. Digimon now live among the human filth," the villainous figure chortled. "Well, I'm sure they won't mind another visit from another world. Yes, this will make a fine planet to sell on the planetary market." He glanced over toward a statue that resembled Burizalor. "I do this in your name, father."

"We're in, Lord Kurizalor."

As Kurizalor's ship bypassed the breach, the sun's rays released enough light to reveal Burizalor's spawn. He looked akin to Burizalor's first form minus the horns.

"Let's determine if these Ascendants are anywhere as strong as their predecessors were. I, Lord Kurizalor, will teach them the meaning of pain!" The new emperor maniacally laughed.


Odaiba Park (お台場公園)/Odaiba (Odaiba (お台場))/12:02 PM

"Look up there!" Agumon pointed to the spaceship descending away from the memorial vicinity.

"Let's check this out," Niko suggested.

"Right, follow me!" Taiga called out.

The group raced over toward the spaceship and saw it landed in an open field. Onlookers backed away and watched in awe. The shuttle doors opened as Kurizalor, in his short-statured glory, walked out accompanied by a fleet of armed guards carrying arm cannons and laser pistols.

"Excuse me!" Taiga called out as he poked his head out and looked at Kurizalor.

"Let me see!" Akiho demanded. As Taiga and Niko moved, she got a good view of Kurizalor. Her face conveyed befuddlement. "Bwuh? Wait, this is the new threat that we're supposed to face? He's shorter than me!"

Niko cupped her mouth. "Quiet! Don't ever judge someone based on their size alone!"

Taiga nodded. "Yeah, I've just sensed his energy. Akiho, you can, too, right?"

"Well, yeah…" Akiho closed her eyes and probed Kurizalor's power. As soon as she did, the pink-haired girl's tune changed. An apprehensive look adorned her face. "...oh crap… this… this is nuts."

"See? His power is beyond anything I've felt before," Taiga confirmed.

"How the hell are we supposed to fight him by ourselves?" Niko wondered.

"Greetings Planet Earth. I've heard so much about your wonder relations with the Digital World. Humans and Digimon living together in each other's company," smirked Kurizalor, who finished scanning the crowds full of humans, Digimon, D-Reapers, and Spirians. "If you don't know who I am, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lord Kurizalor, son of Burizalor, and I've come to collect your planet and sell it to the highest bidder."

Upon hearing this, the crowds muttered with concern.

"But, we can't sell a planet without a little clean-up in order." With that, Kurizalor snapped his fingers and beckoned his squadron to aim their lasers at the crowds. "We'll make sure your eradications are swift and painless. But, if you do try and resist, we won't hesitate to make it as slow and painful. Your choice. You die or live to serve under me! Men, open fire!"

(End theme)

Once greenlit to attack, the armored squads started firing on the crowds. Then, a swift flash of orange light moved in and pushed the laser beams away. A flash of blue light flew by and redirected the beams at the armored squads. The blasts knocked and deleted most of the tyrant's guards.

Kurizalor balked. "What?!" He watched Taiga and Niko kicking away several armed guards.

"Go for it, Agumon!"


The boys activated their Digivice wristwatches.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super: Broly OST - Broly Begins to Battle)

Agumon evolved into WarGreymon and casually drops in on an armored squadron. He quickly blew them away with a Brave Tornado.

Sashenka evolved into MachGaogamon. He punched and kicked numerous alien soldiers away.

"This way! Get to safety!" Akiho called out and led the crowds away from the dangerous infighting.

With Akiho occupied, Digitorin evolved into Garudamon and used Wing Blade to wipe out several aliens.

Despite his soldiers being wiped out, Kurizalor remained calm and collected. An impish smile formed on the little emperor's face.

"Wonderful, so the lowly Ascendant scourge have exposed themselves to me. Just exactly as I wanted!" Kurizalor announced as he flew up to Taiga first.

"Taiga, look out!" WarGreymon roared as he flew in and interceded Kurizalor from seizing his partner.

"And you're the Ascendant's pet. Would you please be so kind and step aside?!" Kurizalor whirled around and extended his tail, grabbing WarGreymon by the neck and tossing him away.

WarGreymon rebounded and catapulted himself off a tree.

As Kurizalor reached over Taiga, WarGreymon tossed a Terra Force at Kurizalor's way.


The orange sphere exploded and knocked Kurizalor back. MachGaogamon rushed Kurizalor and went for a frontal attack. The little tyrant phased out of MachGaogamon's reach. Kurizalor reappeared behind MachGaogamon and tail whipped him down. This knocked MachGaogamon back into Gaomon.

"Sashenka! Let's kick it to the next level!" Niko called out as he used Digivice wristwatch to empower and evolve Gaogamon into MirageGaogamon.

WarGreymon and MirageGaogamon double teamed against Kurizalor, who parried and dodged their attacks.

"Try all you can, but you won't keep this up!" Kurizalor boasted and vanished out of their reach.

"Up there!" Taiga pointed up to Kurizalor, who fired destructive blasts at the Mega-level Digimon.

"Hang on!" Garudamon called out as flames burst from her body and engulfed her, changing her into Phoenixmon.

Phoenixmon flapped her four wings and launched grains of golden mist that tried to purify Kurizalor's presence. Kurizalor quickly fired a beam that connected with Phoenixmon's chest and knocked her away.

"No, Digitorin!" Akiho cried out and ran over to where Phoenixmon crash landed.

"That was cheap, you jerk!" Taiga roared.

"No, you gang attacking me like this is cheap! Which, by the way, I can escape from. Watch carefully!" Kurizalor cackled as he tossed two Death Waves that pushed WarGreymon and MirageGaogamon back.

Coming to their Digimon's defenses, Taiga and Niko flew at Kurizalor. The tyrant easily seized their fists and bashed their heads together. Then, Kurizalor quickly tail whipped them away.

"No, this isn't good!" Akiho cried out realizing the boys and the Digimon couldn't put Kurizalor down.

WarGreymon stirred and raised his head. He heatedly glared at Kurizalor. "I'm not beaten… we're not beaten yet."

"Ohoho! Delusions of grandeur, my friends! I, Lord Kurizalor, have come, saw, and now conquered this planet's very best!" The tiny emperor boasted his incredible strength. "Who would dare pose a threat to me?!"

Suddenly, a red sphere similar in nature to WarGreymon's Terra Force hurtled toward Kurizalor. The tyrant barely dodged the sneak attack and looked up. BlackWarGreymon spun around and went for a decisive killing blow. BlackWarGreymon's Black Tornado knocked Kurizalor far back.

"That's Yuuya's partner!" Niko recognized the Digimon.

Taiga turned and saw Yuuya. "Thanks, Yuuya! You're a lifesaver!"

Yuuya maintained his focus on his Digimon holding off Kurizalor.

"Hah, you got lucky, my black-armored friend," the tyrant sneakily grinned. "I was busy dispatching these two, I didn't suspect there'd be others, but your partner is of no threat to me." He pressed his scouter. "I'm not picking up any Ascendant power from him, so he's easily expendable."

BlackWarGreymon raised his Dramon Claws to attack. "You're welcome to try, but you'll fail, otherworlder."

"Yes, and you'll be going in pieces very soon. Like right now!" Kurizalor roared as he shot across to attack BlackWarGreymon.

Then, a UlforceVeedramon phased in front of BlackWarGreymon and slashed at Kurizalor with its arm blade. Kurizalor narrowly dodged getting bisected by the warrior.

"Another one?! How many of you pets have been waiting in the wings anticipating my arrival?!" The tyrant angrily fumed.

"A little bird informed us," UlforceVeedramon sardonically replied. "By the way, that was my cue to distract you."

(End theme)

"Distract from wha…?!"

"Now it's my chance!" A boisterous girl announced.

"Huh?! What?!"


(Cue Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth OST - Hope Star)

Suddenly, Rina Shinomiya got the drop on Kurizalor and kicked him square in the face. With a big grin on her face, Rina's eyes gleamed as Ki flowed through her legs.

"Hope you liked my Rina Kick!"

"All right, Rina!" UlforceVeedramon cheered his partner on.

"Rina, look out!" Taiga called out to the crazy girl.

Rebounding from his humiliation, Kurizalor launched his tail to grab Rina. UlforceVeedramon quickly grabbed and pulled her out of Kurizalor's reach. WarGreymon and MirageGaogamon landed double attacks on Kurizalor. They knocked Kurizalor to the ground and left him laying in a heap.

"We've got him," Taiga muttered as he and Niko stood up ready to fight.

"Geez, sometimes I wonder if Rina is an Ascendant like us?"

"Heh, probably not. She's her own unique fighter. Guess that makes Rina Rina." Taiga said. "At least she can use and sense Ki like we can."

"You two dudes ok?" Rina asked Taiga and Niko, getting nods from both of them. She flashed them a thumbs up and powered up with a flashy white aura. "Cool, now that I'm here we can beat this lizard-looking freak!"

(Theme fades)

"Heheh," a low chortle filled the vicinity with dread. "Did you children think this was all I had to offer? You know nothing of the terror my family line have brought to the Digiverse!"

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - A Tyrant Revived)

Sitting up, Kurizalor whipped his tail around and brushed off the debris that piled on top of him. He meticulously scanned the Tamers and their Digimon.

"Now, behold the true terror that awaits you! Feast your feeble eyes on Lord Kurizalor's true form!" Declared the emperor as a pinkish aura engulfed him. As the earth around him shattered and sank deep, he let out an earth-shattering scream. His battle armor broke off and burned away. His outer chitin body shattered, unleashing a burst of white light that blindsided the group.

As the light faded, everyone gazed upon the tyrant's true unveiling. The son of Burizalor walked out of the billowing smoke. He greatly resembles his father. His chestnut-shaped head and body orbs were purple. His body was white and nimble-looking. His tail became white and longer.

Kurizalor chortled evilly. "Does my evil aura even begin to terrify you lot?"

"The hell can we do to this guy now? His strength shot up to like twenty times over!" Niko exclaimed.

Rina whistled. "Wow, I'm impressed, shorty! You're like totally stronger now!"

Kurizalor shot a fierce glance at Rina. "And I'll soon be shutting that trap of yours, you unruly child!"

"You won't lay a hair on my Rina!" UlforceVeedramon declared as he flew at Kurizalor. He slashed at Kurizalor, who dodged the Digimon's attack.

WarGreymon, MirageGaogamon, and BlackWarGreymon joined in as well to attack Kurizalor. He humored the Digimon by dodging and zipping around them. As UlforceVeedramon grabbed Kurizalor, the lizard-tailed villain sneakily moved away and let UlforceVeedramon bump into WarGreymon.

BlackWarGreymon tossed a Terra Destroyer. Kurizalor stopped it with his tail and whipped it back at him. BlackWarGreymon batted away the destructive ball, which exploded in mid-air. Kurizalor quickly snuck behind BlackWarGreymon and chopped him in the back of the neck, sending him crashing to the ground. MirageGaogamon amassed a golden sphere, but Kurizalor fired eye beams that cut through and detonated the ball. MirageGaogamon took the explosion in his face and collapsed in a heap.

As the Tamers tended to their partners, Kurizalor fired multiple Death Beams. The beams blasted the ground, knocking away each Tamer.

(End theme)

"Ok, I'm ready to clean up this mess," Kurizalor sighed out of boredom. He floated into the air and raised a finger overhead. "I've decided. Eff this, I'm blowing up your planet. How's that?!"

The Tamers dreaded what was to come. Their world was set to be wiped out. Taiga and Niko watched their partners slowly sitting up.

Kurizalor scoffed over their persistence. "You two just won't keel over, will you? Fine you can die standing for all I care."

"We can't let him destroy our world, Taiga," WarGreymon muttered.

"I know."

"Niko, we've got to stop him no matter how many times we have to keep going," MirageGaogamon firmly stated.

"Um yeah, of course, but he's stronger than us."

DON'T YOU TWO GIVE UP! A voice internally yelled in encouragement from beyond Earth's realm.

Taiga and Niko recognized this voice. "X?"

Your predecessors, Omega X and Metalla X, fought Burizalor before. They've bested him. Now, you two can best his son Kurizalor!

Niko muttered reluctantly. "Can we?"

"Heck yeah we can!" Taiga said.

Remember who you two are fighting for. And dig deep. Your have Omega X and Metalla X's powers resonating within you and your two partners. The masked watcher encouraged them.

"Are you two mocking me standing and gawking like that? Eff it, I'm blowing your crappy planet up now!" Kurizalor prepared to toss down his Death Ball.

Just then, a projectile made of ice and hot energies headed for Kurizalor. Withdrawing his attack, Kurizalor evaded the incoming attack. He saw the attack come from Omegamon.

(Hope Star resumes)

"Omegamon?!" Rina exclaimed. "But, that means…!"

"Nokia Shiramine at your service once again!" Chimed in the woman, who exuded enough positive energy to light up a Christmas tree. She smiled and winked to the other Tamers. "Hey, Taiga. Miss me?"

"Nokia?!" Taiga exclaimed. "Can't say I'm disappointed. I'm glad you and Omegamon came through for us."

"These constant interruptions are getting bothersome…!" Kurizalor prepared an attack, but MegaGargomon, HiAndromon, and Rosemon appeared with the Aiba siblings.

"Sorry we're late!" Takumi announced.

"We'll make up for an early hero entrance next time!" Ami called out.

"You all came through," Taiga was enthused to see his allies.

Then, Mirei appeared with Angewomon and LadyDevimon.

"What can you do without us?" Mirei coolly smirked. She used her Digivice to fuse Angewomon and LadyDevimon into Mastemon.

"You all dare to interfere with my business? Fine, I'll kill you all first!" Kurizalor roared. As the Digimon amassed and attacked him with mass number, the tyrant forged another Death Ball. He tossed the planetary destructive ball and prepared to wipe them out with it.

"Don't give up, guys!" Rina cheered her partner and the others' as well.

"C'mon, it's all of us against his scrawny lizard ass!" Niko exclaimed.

"Well, this was an afternoon somewhat well spent. Black, let's make this worth our while! Take him down!" Yuuya commented.

Akiho cried out and encouraged them. "C'mon, guys! We can't let him destroy our beautiful world!"

UlforceVeedramon, Mastemon, BlackWarGreymon, Omegamon, MegaGargomon, Rosemon, and HiAndromon headed off Kurizalor. The tyrant forged purple energy orbs and tossed them across, which struck and repelled most of them back. UlforceVeedramon and Omegamon shot past the blast barrage. Kurizalor unleashed a quick Death Wave, pushing the two Royal Knights back.

Kurizalor put the finishing touches to his Death Ball. "TO OBLIVION TO YOU ALL!" He paused as a sports car came flying at his direction. "WHAT?!"

Kyoko was inside driving her car and making a head-on collision with Kurizalor.

"What kind of crazy nut jobs are you people?!" He prepared to split Kyoko and her sports car in two with a beam.

"The kind that kick your kind off our planet!" Kyoko called out as a beacon of golden light enveloped her and her sports car. For a moment, her hair seemed to turn gold.

Then, she and the sports car merged to become Alphamon. Everyone but Kurizalor marveled at Alphamon's emergence. Kurizalor flipped out at Alphamon's sudden appearance.

"Whoa, no wonder there was something off about her. She was a Digimon this whole time?!" Akiho exclaimed.

"No, I am merely borrowing this human's body," Alphamon revealed, 'her' voice sounding like Kyoko Kuremi's. She raised a hand and summoned her Ouryuken Sword. "Kurizalor, I highly suggest you surrender."

"Me? Me? Lord Kurizalor surrender to the likes of you vermin?! NOT A CHANCE!" Kurizalor flew at Alphamon, who swung her Ouryuken Sword and knocked him away.

Alphamon called to the boys. "Taiga, Niko! It's time! Invoke your Ascendant powers! Bring them to surface now!"

(End theme)

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C))

Taiga and Niko exchanged nods.

"You're ready to try this again?"

"We've failed many times before."

"Yeah, but this time we have something to fight for. We were always in a hurry to invoke the full extent of our powers, but for hollow and selfish reasons. All just so we can show off. Now, we have a good reason to use them!" Taiga turned and faced Kurizalor, who was recovering from Alphamon's attack.

"All right, I'm ready, Taiga!" Niko said.

Taiga walked up to WarGreymon. Niko stood beside MirageGaogamon. The boys placed their hands on their chests. The symbol of Courage flashed on Taiga's chest. The symbol of Friendship appeared on Niko's chest.

"This is it," Taiga muttered as he focused and felt his powers seemingly being merged with WarGreymon. As the symbol of Courage resonated within him, the Crest's energies became shared between him and WarGreymon.

Then, a fusion was triggered. Their bond invoked the final push necessary to create a new Ascendant. Instead of becoming similar to Omega X, Taiga's appearance remained similar. His facial appearance stayed the same, except his hair turned blond. His eyes, however, are greenish blue. He wore a slender black suit and an orange 'x' shape, which enlarged and covered most of his chest.

With the symbol of Friendship flowing within him, the Crest's energies became shared between Niko and MirageGaogamon. Their fusion was then triggered. Their bond invoked the last push needed to create a new Ascendant. Just like Neo Omega X, his face and hair remained intact instead of looking like Metalla X. He wore a slender black suit with a large dark green 'x' shape on his chest.

"What?!" Kurizalor balked at the two Ascendants' full transformations.

Wisps of golden light shrouded the new Omega X and Metalla X.

"In honor of the legendary hero before me, I am Neo Omega X."

"And in honor of the legendary rival before me, I am Neo Metalla X."

Neo Omega X and Neo Metalla X dropped into fighting stances.

"It's finally done," Alphamon nodded in approval. "Well done, Taiga and Niko."

Akiho gleamed over her two friends. "Wow, I can't believe this. Yep, that's my two besties right there!"

"That's so kick-ass! They look so much like the two Ascendant rivals! I can totally feel y'alls energies!" Rina rapturously yelled out.

"Not bad," Takumi smiled.

Yuuya wanted to say something, but kept silent.

"Their powers are truly extraordinary," BlackWarGreymon commented, brandishing his claws. "I wouldn't mind dueling them one day."

"Ooo, now that's some interesting hair style and color choices," Nokia eyed the Ascendants' hair. "Oh, maybe something to consider?" She carefully noted this for a potential Ascendant hair style.

Omegamon added. "These Ascendant powers are something else. Truly marvelous."

Kurizalor was absolutely flabbergasted and beyond infuriated with the end result. Like Burizalor before him, he spent more time toying with his adversaries than finishing them off when he had the chance. The vast numbers and constant interventions against him certainly didn't help matters.

"Heh, so what?! You've dyed your hair gold and shoved glowsticks up your asses. I'm supposed to be impressed?!" Kurizalor snapped, seething and losing his composure. "Your predecessors may have beaten my father, but I won't fall like my old man! To hell with you all!" He amassed a barrage of energy balls and tossed them at the group, but the Ascendant duo were his primary targets.

Neo Omega X nullified several energy balls. Neo Metalla X then blasted away each energy ball. Kurizalor flew at the Ascendant duo and went for a frontal assault. The Corrupt unloaded with fisticuffs and tail whips, but the Ascendant duo dodged his blows. Kurizalor went for a tail whip, but Neo Omega X caught the villain's tail. The Ascendant then swung him around and tossed him to Neo Metalla X, who punched Kurizalor back.

As Kurizalor hit the ground, he winced. His face contorted with fury as he lunged at the duo again. As he for a tail whip, the Ascendant duo vanished out of thin air. Kurizalor was tricked by after images. He turned only to get punched by Neo Omega X. Neo Omega X followed up with a knee to the tyrant's face and landed a roundhouse kick that knocked the villain back. Neo Metalla X quickly phased in front of Kurizalor and landed consecutive strikes that rattled the tyrant. After dazing Kurizalor, Neo Metalla X landed a powerful uppercut and sent Kurizalor into the air.

Out of sheer desperation, Kurizalor shot high up into the air and amassed another Death Ball.

"And this time for good measure, I'll make it bigger!" Kurizalor expended more energy to augment and expand the size of his ball. "Hah! Legendary Ascendants, my ass! YOU CAN ALL BURN IN HELL!" He tossed the ball down on his adversaries, intending to take them and the planet in one shot.

(End theme)

"It's coming down fast! This amassed sphere has enough capacity to wipe out and delete this planet!" Mirei cried out.

"I'll have to help stop it!" Alphamon decided to intervene.

"Taiga! Niko! Do something fast!" Akiho shouted and pleaded.

As Neo Omega X and Neo Metalla X nodded to each other, they faced incoming planetary destroying force. They remembered X's teachings and readied their counterattacks.

You can both do this. Remember the techniques you've learned. Now send it right back to him! X once again entered Taiga and Niko's minds, encouraging them.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super: Broly OST - Full-Force Kamehameha)

Neo Omega X cupped his hands to his right side and gathered a blue energy ball. Neo Metalla X pushed both hands forward and charged up Ki.

"What's this?! Your last ditch effort, Ascendants?! Give me your worst!" Kurizalor taunted them.

"Ready, Niko?!" Neo Omega X yelled.

Neo Metalla X gritted and focused on gathering more energy.

"Let him have it!" Rina shouted to them.

Alphamon stepped behind the Ascendant duo.

"Don't let up, you two!" Alphamon encouraged them.

Finally completing his attack, Neo Omega X fired what looked to be the Tsunami Wave. Neo Metalla X unleashed a variation of the Final Blaze. The beams headed straight for Kurizalor's Death Ball. Kurizalor merely laughed off the Ascendants' attacks. Initially, the beams hit the destructive sphere and barely even pushed it back. Kurizalor quickly gained control and shoved the sphere toward them.

"Niko, let's combine our attacks!"

"Ugh, fine!"

With that, Neo Omega X and Neo Metalla X unleashed more power through their attacks. The beams then coalesced and formed into a singular white beam that smashed into Kurizalor's Death Ball. Much to the tyrant's dismay, the beam punched a hole through the ball and collided with him. Kurizalor tried putting up a barrier, but the beam had enough power to shatter his defenses and swallow him.

Kurizalor screamed a blood-curdling roar and was sent sailing high into air. Many panicked thoughts raced inside Kurizalor's mind as he got crushed by the combined attack and sent crashing toward his spaceship.

(End theme)

"Lord Kurizalor!" A surviving group of soldiers raced over to retrieve their brutally injured leader.

"Let's get out of here and put Lord Kurizalor in a recovery tank!" Another soldier declared a retreat.

With that, the soldiers carried off a limp and burned Kurizalor into the spaceship. The ship then lifted off and entered a stargate. The portal then closed.

"You two didn't even attempt to stop them?" Yuuya asked the Ascendants.

Neo Omega X nodded. "We'll stop them next time. Besides…" He fell to a knee and powered down. "Transforming took a lot of us."

"Your bodies will have to get used to your fully awakened Ascendant powers," Alphamon stated. "This will certainly require more training from X."

Neo Metalla X also cooled off and powered down. "This takes a lot of ya, but it's pretty exhilarating to have."

"That was awesome! You two showed that jerk who's boss!" Akiho cried out as she hugged her two friends.

"Hey, take it easy, Akiho," Niko said as he and his Gaomon split from their Ascendant form.

Likewise, Taiga and Agumon split after powering down. Akiho noticed a scrape on Taiga's right elbow and took out a handkerchief. She offered to fold it over Taiga's cut.

"Here," she said, handing her handkerchief to him.

"Thanks, Akiho."

"Yeah, you need it more than I do."

Folding and tying it over his elbow, Taiga smirked. "Though, my body hurts a little worse than the cut. Man, this power is so exciting."

"You two glowed brighter than my house lamps," Nokia commented.

"I wonder if we'll see that guy again?" Takumi referred to Kurizalor.

"I hope not," Ami added with disdain for the villain.

"If he does, we'll be ready. If I'm not around, then these two certainly will be ready for Kurizalor," Alphamon said.

"Hear that, Taiga?" Niko turned to his friend.

"Yep! That lizard freak's in for a world of hurt the next time he shows here," Taiga declared.

Rina popped in between the two. "And I'll kick him hard again if he shows his ugly face here again! Now y'all gotta show me those fancy techniques you pulled off!"

Taiga chuckled. "It'll take time and discipline."

"I've got all the free time in the world!"

"Wait, until you meet X then," Niko said.

"There's still one big elephant in the room," Taiga quickly veered toward Alphamon. "Since when can you turn into a Digimon, Miss Kuremi?! And how did Alphamon take over your body?"

"Yeah, did you keep that from us this whole time?!" Agumon frantically asked her.

Takumi interjected. "Some of us already knew, but she asked us to keep a secret."

"Don't worry if you three were the last to know," Ami addressed Taiga, Niko, and Akiho.

"We were stunned as y'all are now," Nokia giggled.

Alphamon chuckled as she de-evolved, splitting back into Kyoko Kuremi and her vehicle.

"I do apologize, but I'll give you the long story another time," the blonde woman smiled with a wink.

"I have so many unanswered questions. Ah, I can't wait!" Taiga replied.

"Wonder how long until that creep comes back for another rematch?" Niko turned to the sky.

"Who knows? And quite frankly let's not worry anytime soon," Taiga scanned the blue sky.

"Agreed, he'll be nursing his wounds for a long while. Next time, we'll be ready for him," Kyoko stated.

"And next time, he's gonna be feeling my Rina Kick again!" Rina boasted about her lucky shot.

"You were great out there, Rina. Anyway, let's rest and finish looking at the memorials. Thankfully, they weren't destroyed during the attack," Taiga said, sitting down with Niko as they recovered.


Having observed the events unfold, the coat-wearing, sword-carrying figure with the Patamon smirked behind his hood.

"This time's in good hands, Faith. Ready to go?"

"Yep! Whenever you are, Dimitri!" Faith chirped happily.

Removing his hood, Dimitri smiled toward Taiga and company's way without their knowing.

"Your legacy's intact, Tai and everyone," the time traveler took out a device and opened a portal into the timestream.


Observing Taiga and his friends from afar, Taito's spirit smiled and nodded in approval. He then vanished and returned to Other World.


Other World/X and Simms' Planet

"They've at last grasped the Ascendant power, sir," Simms informed X, who smiled behind his mask.

"As I expected they would," X said. He faced the D3s, BanchoLeomon, BW, and Pikkan. "What do you guys think?"

They shared X and Simms' positive endorsements.

"With the original Digidestined and D3s' time behind them, we can look forward to this new generation of heroes, but I will miss the golden years." BanchoLeomon said.

"Yeah, but I have good faith Taiga and his friends will help preserve the peace. Our roles are merely guides like we've done for Tai and his friends," X said, removing his mask to show off his face again. "They'll certainly face great adversaries like Kurizalor, but that comes with the territory of being Chosen ones." He looked into the viewing orb to get another glimpse of Taiga.

(Cue Dragon Ball Kai Opening – Dragon Soul)

"Isn't that right, Tai? You're probably watching this in spirit somewhere." He smiled genuinely. "And I know your spirit's been traveling around these days."


Odaiba (Odaiba (お台場))/5:30 PM

"You kids need a lift to your families?" Kyoko asked Taiga and his group.

"Nah, we'll manage on our own, but thank you, Miss Kuremi," Taiga replied.

"Or, should we call you Alphamon?" Agumon asked.

"However, you want. Until we meet again." Kyoko winked as she got into her vehicle and drove away.

Akiho sighed. "Well, that was one crazy afternoon. There's still plenty of time for us to hang out."

"I could sit down. That fight took a lot outta me," Taiga said as he found a bench for them to sit on.

As he went to sit down, Taiga spotted a familiar face among the crowd. He and Agumon spotted what looked like Tai Kamiya and his Agumon.

"Taiga, are you seeing…?"

"Holy crap! It's him! I mean, them!"

"Who?! Who's them?!" Niko asked Taiga and Agumon.

Wasting no time, Taiga and Agumon headed off straight for Tai and Agumon.

"Taiga! Agumon! Where the heck are you two going?!" Akiho called out to them.

As Taiga and Agumon went through the crowd, they saw Tai and Agumon walk away.

"Hey, it's you! You're Tai!" Taiga yelled out to get the Bearer of Courage's attention.

"You're the Agumon who came before me! Hey!" Agumon cried out to Tai's partner.

As they got closer, another crowd got in the way, causing Taiga and Agumon to get lost in the shuffle. Nevertheless, Taiga and Agumon pushed forward in desperation to meet with their predecessors.

"I can turn Ascendant like you can now!" Taiga called out. "Tai! Tai Kamiya!"

Having gotten past the crowd, Taiga and Agumon scanned their surroundings.

Tai Kamiya and Agumon were gone. There was no evidence of their physical presence.

"They're gone, Taiga? Or, maybe they weren't really here?"

"Like a trick to our eyes? Nah, I know what we saw," Taiga smiled. "That was them."

"TAIGA!" Akiho cried out behind the Tamer and his Agumon. "Did you find what were you looking for?"

"...heh, they kinda got away on us. Oh well, there's always next time," Taiga said.

"I felt some weird voices from the direction you were heading. Then, it just went poof and vanished," Akiho explained with her senses.

"Maybe they were Digimon spirits?" Digitorin deduced.

"Maybe? But one of them felt human. It almost like that Ascendant energy you and Niko gave off earlier, Taiga," Akiho pointed out. "What do you think?"

Taiga adjusted his goggles. "I say we let it be and move on. Anyway, aren't we walking home?"

"Yeah, Niko's coming this way anyway."

"Cool, but let's make him follow us!" Taiga grinned as he grabbed Akiho's hand and ran ahead with her.

"Wait up!" Agumon and Digitorin called out as they followed their partners.

"Hey! Slow down, Taiga! Don't make this a race!" Niko shouted as he saw Taiga already mid-flight and carrying Akiho along.

"Yikes, we're going too high, Taiga!" Akiho cried out, instinctively folding her arms around his neck.

"I'll slow down just for you… and slowpoke Niko," Taiga chuckled.

"Thanks, Taiga," Akiho smiled as her cheeks blushed some.

"Next stop, your place, Akiho," Taiga said as he carried her to her home. Agumon became WarGreymon and Digitorin became Phoenixmon. Their respective Digimon partners flew alongside them.

Watching from a far-off rooftop, Tai and Agumon appeared again. They saw Taiga and WarGreymon flying off in the far distance.

The sun began setting. The time was right for the duo to return to the Other World and the realms beyond that.

Knowing their legacies were intact, Tai and Agumon calmly turned away. They flew off into the opposite direction. They passed by each Odaiba landmark, including the Daikanransha Ferris wheel, the Rainbow Bridge, and the Odaiba Memorial. They headed straight for the setting sun.

As they approached the sun, the duo willfully opened up a portal to the Other World.

Before making their final leave, Tai and Agumon waved to Odaiba.

"See ya!"

(End theme)



Written by:







Haruhi Suzumiya s0s


Crimson G


And others not mention that review the story.

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(Music ends)


The End

(Digimon Fusion Kai: May 16th, 2010 – December 21st, 2018)

(Cross Generations: November 20th, 2015 – December 21st, 2018)

(Digimon Fusion Series Overall: 2001/June 5th, 2003 (Rewrites) – April 17th, 2005 (Original End)/December 21st, 2018 (CG's end and franchise))

(Kanius's co-authoring with Chaosblazer and the final time Chaosblazer write scenes/parts for the author: 2011 - November 2018)

(Kanius's co-authoring with Ford1114 and the final time Ford1114 write scenes/parts for the author: 2011 - November 2018)

(The Final Years of the Author's Full-Time Fanfiction Writing: 2016 - December 2018)


A/N: And so it ends, friends and fans.

This time skip further serves to show the world long after the Digidestined's time. This also shows a world after the Ascendant golden age.

I basically took concepts from Digimon Re:Digitize/Cyber Sleuth and Dragon Ball Online (which had ideas and characters reused and adapted into Dragon Ball Xenoverse).

This whole chapter could be interpreted two ways:

1)A pilot for a new series, which I have no plans to do. This is all you're getting.

2)A DLC chapter for Re:Digitize/Cyber Sleuth.

I took what are essentially the ensemble casts from both Digimon games (example, Takumi/Ami Aiba from Cyber Sleuth), created a new continuity for them, and established them as DF-616's future Digimon hero generation.

So, how did Omega X and Metalla X's powers end up in stones? Interpret it two ways: either the original wielders passed away/retired (with the latter, the powers were transferred into a stone until a successor finds the stones) or their powers were simply gathered and cloned. I think either direction is fine.

Kyoko Kuremi being Alphamon stays true to that character in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Alphamon will continue using her body as a vessel until the integral part of Kyoko's data soul is found.

Kurizalor is obviously derived from Kuriza of Nekomajin. Though unlike Kuriza, Kurizalor wasn't a gag character. I decided against killing off Kurizalor since he'd be a recurring villain for Taiga and company. He'll probably end up helping (against his own judgment) Taiga and the others fight bigger threats from Cyber Sleuth. Eventually, Kurizalor might become golden like his father.

Taiga and Niko may seek Ascendant Blue later in life after possibly meeting with Whismon.

Speaking of fates, what about the central DFK cast we've been following for so long? Well, this chapters showed X/Max, the D3s, BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, and Simms. They're still hanging around; Tike, Kara, and David have aged themselves up. Now which Dimitri and Faith appeared? I'll leave that to you to decide. The central DFK cast (except Tai, who already passed on 40 years before) have already become older and have retired from active Digidestined duties. Their children took over. Matt (with Yamakins' influence mostly diminished) finds isolation to continue training.

I intended to leave others' fates ambiguous. Example, Beerusmon's fate stays unknown, because I'm not sure if Beerus will end up passing on or retiring his God of Destruction position in Dragon Ball. It's hard to tell his future fate in Super. Likewise, Freeza's fate remains unknown in Super's future. So, I left Burizalor's future status up in the air. Though, Kurizalor didn't mention Burizalor as "my late-father"; that should tell you if the tyrant has gone far away and left his son to do his own business.

Taking notes from Dragon Ball Online, Earth is now filled with Digimon citizens. There's Digimon of all types and other digitized beings (namely the D-Reaper race) that coexist with humans. Although relations are mostly good, there's still anti-Digimon fanatics and politics to deal with. So, it's not wholly a perfect paradise. So, really not different from the 02 epilogue, except the gates don't always stay open (they're regulated like immigration centers) and not everyone gets a Digimon partner.

The last part with Tai and Agumon was a direct homage to the very final scenes of Dragon Ball GT. Though Tai and Agumon didn't leave with a Shenron and didn't merge with the Digicores. Their spirits can still wander between the real world and the after life. So, they're in good company with the other benevolent spirits that look after the realms.

Once I get back on Digimon Fusion Ascendancy (and believe me I will, it's been months without an update for that fic), I intend to run through any completed and/or ongoing story arc Super comes up with and any original arcs I might have in mind. The final chapters will show Tai and Agumon's funeral as they leave with Whismon. I may include this chapter in Ascendancy as the bookend, but for now I think works fine as a Cross Generations ending exclusive.

And like I said, outside of Ascendancy, this is the end of Digimon Fusion Kai's run. Consider this a sneak peek into the series' far future.

Moreover, consider this story the end of my tenure as a full-time fanfiction writer (1998-2018; 2001-2018 on ). While I still intend to write fanfics (Prelude/Wrath of the Defiants and Ascendancy are still things), Urban Legends and Akane no Mai will be prioritized fics I plan to write while smoothly transitioning into novel writing and get my first novel off the ground. In fact, Prelude/Wrath of the Defiants will be delayed to 2019 and 2020 respectively to give me time to work on my novel and Urban Legends/Akane no Mai. Even gives me room to fit Ascendancy since there's the Black Rebellion/Fiction Closure retellings and the ToP/Super Broly adaptations. YYGDM will be low priority for at least a year.

While it's possible I've influenced some writers, I wouldn't be here without being inspired by fellow fic writers. I have to thank Max Acorn, DigiDestined of Courage, AnT, Ultra Sonic 007, LazerWulf, Ford1114, and a few others for influencing my creativity and enhance my writing styles.

Max Acorn and Ultra Sonic 007 are two who've made the transition to writing novels. Although, Max Acorn managed to successfully publish his first novel (New World). It's already being sold on Amazon and I plan to purchase it. While I look to become a novel writer like them, I intend to forge my own novelist path.

Now that I've said my piece, let's review my (and Ford's) surveys. For any readers, surveys are completely optional to you, but I'd definitely like the feedback.

Kanius's Evaluations

Fave Male Characters: Tai & Agumon/Omega X (DF-616), Takato & Guilmon (YYGDM-01), Max Kamiya, Matt/Yamakins & Gabumon/Metalla X (DF-616), Dimitri & Faith/Angemon X (DF-811), John Smith/Volodramon, Kensuke & Veemon/Dramon X (XLR-8), TK & Patamon/WarAngemon (DF-616), BanchoLeomon, BW, Pikkan, Jax, Izzy & Tentomon/Kabuto X (DF-616), Beerusmon, Whismon, Hit, Xander, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba, Male Sailor Eris/Tyler, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Omega X (DF-616 Prime), Metalla X (DF-616 Prime), Takato & Guilmon (DF-616 Prime), Himo Saitou, Goku, Vegeta, Ren Amamiya/Joker/Satanael ΩX, Skyler Jones/Sion, Morgana/Mona/Mercurius ΩX, Alucard, Xander Harris, Rupert Giles, Cloud Strife, Saitama, Midoriya, All Might, Kratos, Atreus, Mimir, SliferGigaSeadramon.

Fave Female Characters: Sailor Pluto, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars/Houou Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Sedna, Sailor Varuna, Sailor Eris, Sailor Orcus/Sailor O, Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname, Kari & Gatomon/Celesta X (DF-616), Keke, Mimi & Palmon/Rosemon X (DF-616), Sora & Biyomon/Houou X (DF-616), Rika & Renamon, Kotori Ayami/Brunhilde (YYGDM-01 & Corner), Adora Frost/Mist (Corner), Skuld (Corner), Skogul (Corner), Gondul (Corner), Hifumi Togo/Tennyo/Sophia, Ann Takamaki/Panther/Hecate ΩX, Makoto Niijima/Queen/Anat ΩX, Mia Karnstein, Io, Ryoko Habuki, Sakura Kinomoto, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Team RWBY, Terra Branford, Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg.

Fave Antagonists: Burizalor (DF-616), Virus (DF-616), Zeed/Zeed X, R. Homura, Black Omega X (individual), Zamasmon/Black Ascendant Triad, Sailor Charon (YYGDM-01), Quedesha/Black Odin Triad (Corner), the Divine Enforcers, Millenniummon (YYGDM-01), Jirenmon, Toppomon, Sailor Specter, the Digital Warlord, Sephiroth, Kefka, Freeza.

Fave Antagonists Love To Hate: (M)otherfucker(I)mmoral(S)hi(T)/Neo Grimhilde, Zamasmon, Ragyo, Nui, Michael Denton, Furizlor.

Fave Awesome Moments: The entire concept of the dimension missions, Sailor Pluto meeting John Smith/Volodramon, the return of Gaiamon X, Brunhilde (YYGDM-01) teaming with Kill la Kill's cast and Brunhilde (Corner), Dimension DF-616 meeting Dimension DF-616 Prime, the true ending of Dawn of Chaos (CG Ch. 25), Sailor Pluto sealing Charon's fate for good, Virus' returns to aid Burizalor, Dramon X & Omega X (DF-616) gaining Ascendancy Instinct, Tai & Agumon (DF-616) meeting the Overseer, the very final moments of the Zeed X battle (DF-616 warriors vs. Zeed X), Metalla X (DF-616) and Dramon X (DF-616)'s final duel.

Fave Funny Moments: A lot of characters' quips and retorts in general, Tai and Yamakins' training with Whismon, Sailor Specter's fortress becoming a giant Bender, Zeed X's A/Ns, Making fun of (M)otherfucker(I)mmoral(S)hi(T), Sailor Eris briefly turning into Male Eris/Tyler again, Justice and Lasagna bits in Kill la Kill, Neo Grimhilde and Brunhilde (YYGDM-01) calling each other BFFs, Zeed X's fourth wall breakage and acknowledging the quips of certain readers, Kaiser X and Zeed X's rock band dialogue (Kaiser X: I prefer the classics myself), Zeed X's scottish accent of the tolls (Metalla X: Fuck your tolls!), Zeed X's Linda!Freeza face and infuriating Burizalor(Ch. 27), Asta dying in embarrassing fashion, Deadpool crashing the party, Arale's cameo, Yamakins and Kensuke's ballbusting duel, Rina surprise kicking Kurizalor.

Fave Heartwarming Moments: Pluto exploring the outside world thanks to Volodramon, Pluto and Mnemosyne reconcile (Ch. 29), Athena returning to battle, DF-616's last moments with Tai before his death (Ch. 29)

Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments: SM Crystal!Rajita transforming into Kaijuu reptiles, the Black Ascendants in general, Zeed X changing faces, Charon (YYGDM-01)'s mental breakdown, Neo Grimhilde's immoral rise and obsession over spreading her immoral energies throughout the omniverse, the entire sequence involving GranDracmon's final clash with Kensuke, Zeed X's playing head games with his victims, ZarcDracmon X, Toppomon becoming God of Destruction, Christina's father and the reveal he created GranDracmon.

Fave Tearjerking Moments: The tragedy behind the Divine Enforcers' future, Future Mimi and Palmon (DF-811)'s deaths, Athena's death, Dimitri's home dimension is permanently erased, Kensuke (XLR-8) and Orcus (YYGDM-01)'s reputations are permanently ruined beyond repair and no resolution, Omega X (DF-616)'s death, Ford (Story)'s crying as symbolism, Christina/Orcus (YYGDM-01)'s identity is revealed to the public that's truly the last straw, R. Homura's death and funeral, Tai and Agumon (DF-616) leaving to the other side (Ch. 29).

Fave Plot Twists: The Divine Enforcers in general, The reveal that everything is fiction (Ch. 21), Hina gaining a new form (Ch. 25), PV-18 making their guest appearances (Ch. 26 - 27), Dramon X (XLR-8) becomes a dimensional nuke (Ch. 26), Ordinemon's birth (Ch. 26), Jirenmon (and Toppomon)'s arrival (Ch. 26), Athena gaining a new Ascendant level (Ch. 27), Tai & Agumon (DF-616) meets the Overseer (Ch. 27), the reveal of Xeed and his cycles up until the 12th as Zeed X (Ch. 27), Virus (DF-616) returning and becoming Crimson (Ch. 27), the End of Time (Ch. 28), Omega X (DF-616)'s remaining lifespan that shocks his friends (Ch. 29), Digimon Re:Digitize & Cyber Sleuth being DF-616's future (Final Chapter), Burizalor has a son (Final Chapter), Kyoko Kuremi being Alphamon (Final Chapter).

Fave Arcs: in no particular order; Dimension Missions, Black Rebellion, Fiction's Closure

Fave Dimensions: DF-616, YYGDM-01, Character Corner, Transformers Prime, Sailor Moon Crystal, Hunter x Hunter, Voltron: Legendary Defender, YYGDM-DE, Across Conventions, DF-616 Prime, Dissidia, PV-18, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, The X-Files, Stranger Things, The Seven Deadly Sins.

Fave Battles: Detectives & Hunters vs. the Game Lord gameshow styled match, Omega X (DF-616) vs. Golden Burizalor, Max Kamiya & the D3s vs. the Digital Warlord Gundam-style battle, Heroes vs. the Divine Enforcers, Omega X vs. Hit, Dramon X vs. Hit, Guilkatomon (YYGDM-01) vs. Xander, Goku vs. Omega X (DF-616), Omega X (DF-616) vs. Black Omega X, Gaiamon X and allies vs. Black Gaiamon X.

Fave Final Battles (Fiction's Closure): Heroes vs. R. Homura, Heroes vs. Paradais, Max/Cyber Mercury/Dark Cyber Mercury's threeway kiss fight, Neo Frigg/Valkyries (Corner)/Erinyes (Corner)/United Forces vs. Neo Grimhilde/Ultimate Grimhilde and her forces, PV Cast vs. Maria, Heroes vs. Zeed X/Zeed and Jirenmon, Heroes vs. Zeed X DA/GranZeed X, Metalla X vs. Dramon X.

Overall Thoughts of CG and the series finale of DF/DFKai (Alongside leading to Urban Legends and Defiants): Working on Cross Generations was a great and fun endeavor. I was allowed plenty of creative freedom since I had an inkling this would be the final multi-crossover event. CG has that sense of finality that I don't think even Wrath of the Defiants will match. It may, but WotD hasn't been written yet. So, who knows? WotD may end up with a happier ending than CG. Or, maybe another bittersweet one.

Y'all can't imagine how many revisions CG has gone through. We planned CG since 2011 and yes Zeed X was always planned to be the final villain. What was intended to be a GT adaptation (with brand new story elements to refresh the experience) was scrapped altogether for something new. Once Resurrection F came around, the plan was to still incorporate GT arcs and elements. We planned to set Burizalor's return between Bebimon and Super Artificial arcs, but when Dragon Ball Super started running, we knew GT wasn't going to work (plus doing a villain revival arc leading into Super Artificial Jax where many villains are revived seemed redundant). Every GT element was dropped, minus the Shadow Dragons (which we still used for the Shadow Dramons in this story) and Bebimon (whose events played out offscreen).

Eventually, even I didn't include Super's arc adaptations in this, minus the Future Trunks one. Every one of Super's arcs (pre-Future Trunks and ToP) became separate movie fics and now being retold in Ascendancy.

We decided CG's theme would be a celebration of pop culture across generations. In this case, some of our favorite pop cultures like anime, comic books, ancient mythologies (namely Norse), etc, were showcased and celebrated. This was also meant to cherish our favorite pop culture things while coping with the difficulties of real life. So, this fic became a coping mechanism while I was dealing with some real world and health issues. Zeed X ultimately was meant to symbolize the real world trying to destroy the things we cherish. Tai and Agumon's sacrifices was meant to remind their friends (and us readers) that they won't be around forever to resolve everyone's problems. And this epilogue's intention was to show that future generations can be depended on to continue carrying on our cherished pop cultures. Taiga being the next Omega X was meant to show the Ascendant's legacy will live on.

So, with the end of this story, this marks the end of not just an era, but a phase. CG would make a great series ender if it not for the whole Christina/Sailor O and Defiants deals. The next phase will be my transition to novel writing, but also starting on new fandoms to write for (Persona 5/Code Vein/Kakegurui/Nioh respectively through Urban Legends and Akane no Mai), showcasing a few more adventures in Ascendancy, and finishing off tired-out longer-runners (Prelude/Wrath of the Defiants). I'm hopeful my novel and UL/AnM will rekindle my writer's passion. It'll be nice to explore new fandoms and create one of my own.

So, going forward and as soon as I've posted this chapter, I will be back on putting the finishing touches to Urban Legends' first chapter. It will see an early release via email for my closest friends and collaborators. The official release on this site (and on AO3) will be on New Years Day 2019. So, this makes a perfect transition from CG to UL.

Speaking of AO3, I'll be porting over most of all my fanfics stories there. As of this writing, Digimon Fusion Kai and Wrath of Pharaohmon Redux can be seen there. Eventually all of DFK, YYGDM, UL, and even the Cornerverse stories will be posted there.

Other than delaying Prelude/Wrath of the Defiants to spring 2019 and early-2020, I don't have real schedules for my stories. I hope I can manage to put out more than one chapter per month for UL once I'm used to its worldbuilding and character casts. I'll update Ascendancy when I can (though, the Black Rebellion and Fiction Closure's arc retellings will be a breeze to go through) since I'll be writing original arcs and ToP/Super Broly adaptations from scratch. My novel should take up a bulk of my writing going forward.

Is there anything more to say? Oh, why is Burizalor ranked so high on my favorite antagonist list? Because he's been fairly entertaining to write, especially once he turned against Zeed X. And knowing Freeza was revived post-ToP and he has a role in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, I utilize Burizalor more. And think about this. He's managed to outlast Charon, GalacticNova X, Virus, and Zeed X. He's the sole survivor out of Zeed X's Neo Paradais. That's a feat in itself.

With rewards also came challenges along the way: time and creative differences. I wanted CG to be a monthly release. CG was supposed to be 35-40 chapters long (the first drafts had it at 50 when it was conceived as a GT adaptation), but Ford realized real life priorities might get in the way and so some chapter ideas were scrapped (and chapters were merged to accomodate for the cuts). Along the way, I worked a lot and didn't have time to write chapters. By the time I was ready to draft the Black Rebellion arc, I faced some health problems in fall 2017. There were no CG updates for months (plus I was working on other fics) and I focused on getting better. By the time I got better by winter, we ran through the Black Rebellion arc in two months time. I took another break to finish Valkyrie Advent. By spring 2018, I released the opening chapters to Fiction's Closure and by summer worked on the final chapters. Updates came to a halt especially when the chapters got extremely lengthy. Thankfully, they didn't burn me out the way Dawn of Chaos did, because I was having a good time and enjoying the insanity that was unfolding. Then, the ride ended with Chapter 28. I waited a whole month and a half to write Chapter 29. And how bittersweet that turned out. And here we are, the epilogue to not just CG, but DFK as a whole. YYGDM still managed to technically outlast DFK, but this whole experience has made me appreciate DFK more than YYGDM. I know that's a surprise to hear, but I've been writing Digimon Fusion (take that, Saban; I did it first) stories since the end of 2001. That's almost 20 years. Maybe YYGDM will make it to 20 years by 2023, who knows? But I've grown more fondness for my first fanfic love (which is just a DBZ-Digimon Fusion Fic for goodness sake). I don't know if I'll write endearing and charismatic characters like Akira Toriyama has done for his series, but I'll give it my best in my novel.

Along the way I've faced creative differences with collaborators. I won't go into details, but us content creators will have different ideas for our stories and sometimes will clash. That comes with the territory. That said, I'm happy we can mend creative differences and helped each other to see this story's end.

To those who've been fans of mine for years, thank you for taking their journey with me. There's still a few stories left to tell, but this is the last mega event.

Ford1114's Evaluations

Fave Male Characters: Tai & Agumon/Omega X (DF-616), Matt/Yamato & Gabumon/Metalla X (DF-616), Dimitri & Faith/Angemon X (DF-811), Kensuke & Veemon/Dramon X (XLR-8), Takato & Guilmon (YYGDM-01), John Smith/Volodramon, Noctis, Gon, Killua, Hit, Xander, Zenomnimon, Yog-Sothoth, Chilali (Corner) (^v^), Cloud, Zidane, Kuja, Omega X (DF-616 Prime), Takato & Guilmon (DF-616 Prime), Himo Saitou, Saitama, Genos, Midoriya, Bakugou, All Might, Todoroki, Negro Freeza, Kratos, Atreus, Mimir, Ren Amamiya/Joker/Satanael ΩX, Skyler Jones/Sion, Louis, Yakumo Shinonome, Morgana/Mona/Mercurius ΩX, Nekomata (Nioh), Rupert Giles (AKA Masako X), Xander Harris, Jack Rutherford

Fave Female Characters: Kari & Gatomon/Celesta X (DF-616), Sailor Sedna, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Orcus/Sailor O, Sailor Varuna, Rika & Renamon, Brunhilde (YYGDM-01), Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Willow, Tamara, Bulma, Brunhilde (Corner), Skogul (Corner), Skuld (Corner), Gondul (Corner), Celesta X (DF-616 Prime), Rasielmon, Black Lantern Skuld, Hifumi Togo/Tennyo/Sophia, Ann Takamaki/Panther/Hecate ΩX, Makoto Niijima/Queen/Anat ΩX (Makokins), Mia Karnstein, Io, Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Team RWBY

-Disliked Female Characters: Sailor Orcus/Sailor O (Ch. 29 onward)

Fave Antagonists: Zeed/Zeed X, Zamasmon/BAT, R. Homura, Burizalor (DF-616), Virus (DF-616), Digital Warlord, Sailor Charon (YYGDM-01), Millenniummon (YYGDM-01), Quedesha/BOT, Dark Cyber Mercury, Sephiroth, Kefka, Tabuu, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Maria (Nioh), The Synister Lords, Jirenmon (OP-mon), Toppomon (The Lorax)

Fave Antagonists Love To Hate: (M)otherfucker(I)mmoral(S)hi(T)/Neo Grimhilde, Zamasmon (for killing Athena), Furizlor, Michael Denton

Fave Awesome Moments: DF-616 meets DF-616 Prime for nostalgic moments, Helping out Ch. 25 as DoC's true series finale is one of the biggest Author Saving Throws, Pluto making Charon cease to exist, Kensuke (XLR-8) exclusively gains Ascendancy Instinct, Omega X (DF-616) becomes Ascendancy Instinct, Tike kicks Kensuke in the balls, Yamakins and Kensuke knee each other in the balls

Fave Funny Moments: Max mentions suspended animation of the HxH dimension, Slade: Yamakins, STFU! Power is not everything in life!, Skogul (YYGDM-01) felt irk of Ford (Story) and Geirskogul (YYGDM-01)'s teasing of comparing to Skogul (Corner), Zeed X's A/Ns, Making fun of (M)otherfucker(I)mmoral(S)hi(T), Justice and Lasagna bits in Kill la Kill, Neo Grimhilde and Brunhilde (YYGDM-01) calling each other BFFs (Alongside more one-liners in Ch. 26 such as 'Universal Bitch Whore Grimhilde' and Brunhilde sighed of Neo Grimhilde's rants), referring Makoto as Makokins, Kaiser X and Zeed X's rock band dialogue (Kaiser X: I prefer the classics myself), Zeed X's scottish accent of the tolls (Metalla X: Fuck your tolls!), Sailor Orcus (YYGDM-01)'s 'funny' anger in Ch. 27 onward (Can't wait to see a lot more in full prominence in Defiants), Zeed X's Linda!Freeza face to make Freezalor mad (Ch. 27), Granny!Ashtanga's laugh (Burizalor/Freeza: SHUT UP! (Cue them destroying it) (Ch. 28), Asta dies (Ch. 28), Yamakins and Kensuke knee each other in the balls (Ch. 29)

Fave Heartwarming Moments: Pluto exploring the outside world thanks to Volodramon, Pluto and Mnemosyne reconcile (Ch. 29), LK!Shu meets Canon!Shu (Ch. 29), DF-616's last moments with Tai before his death (Ch. 29)

Fave Nightmare Fuel Moments: Terror of the Black Ascendants, Zeed X changing faces, Zeed X's origins in his reincarnation cycle, Charon (YYGDM-01)'s breakdown, Neo Grimhilde's heinous goal of her immoral omniverse, GranDracmon's final hell towards Kenny, ZarcDramon X, Jirenmon's OP power, Christina's father and the reveal he created GranDracmon

Fave Tearjerking Moments: Athena's death, Dimitri's home dimension is permanently erased, Kensuke (XLR-8) and Orcus (YYGDM-01)'s reputations are permanently ruined beyond repair and no resolution, Omega X (DF-616)'s death, Ford (Story)'s crying as symbolism, The Triad completely separated (Nothing is the Same Anymore), YYGDM-01 implications that they'll never change contemporary/refusing to move forward to a new future (Which will be shown in Defiants and its epilogue. We're not going to change it to not be cliche, and prove why YYGDM's nature never changes), Christina/Orcus (YYGDM-01)'s identity is revealed to the public that's truly the last straw

Fave Plot Twists: The Divine Enforcers, The Doctors are controlled by Specter (Ch. 13), The reveal of DVT-98 (Ress B), The reveal that everything is fiction (Ch. 21), Hina gaining a new form (Ch. 25), PV-18 making their guest appearances (Ch. 26 - 27), Dramon X (XLR-8) becomes a dimensional nuke (Ch. 26), Ordinemon's birth (Ch. 26), Jirenmon (and Toppomon)'s arrival (Ch. 26), Athena gaining a new Ascendant level (Ch. 27), Tai & Agumon (DF-616) meets the Overseer (Ch. 27), the reveal of Xeed and his cycles up until the 12th as Zeed X (Ch. 27), Virus (DF-616) becoming red (Ch. 27), YYGDM-01 becomes the Apex Dimension, Omega X (DF-616)'s remaining lifespan that shocks his friends (Ch. 29), The ReDigitize cast (Final Chapter), Burizalor has a son (Final Chapter)

Fave Arcs: Resurrection B, Black Rebellion arc, Fiction's Closure

Fave Dimensions: DF-616, YYGDM-01, Character Corner, Transformers Prime, FFXV, Hunter x Hunter, Voltron: Legendary Defender, YYGDM-DE, Across Conventions, DF-616 Prime, Dissidia, PV-18, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Stranger Things, Gravity Falls, Ducktales (2017 Series), The Seven Deadly Sins

Fave Battles: Heroes vs. The Three Fiends, Omega X vs. Hit, Dramon X vs. Hit, Brunhilde (YYGDM-01) vs. Lightning, Goku vs. Omega X (DF-616), Varuna vs. Tabaga, Gaiamon X and allies vs. Black Gaiamon X

Fave Final Battles (Fiction's Closure): Heroes vs. R. Homura, Heroes vs. Zeed X's forces in DF-616 Prime, Heroes vs. Paradais, Max/Cyber Mercury/Dark Cyber Mercury's threeway kiss fight, Neo Frigg/Valkyries (Corner)/Erinyes (Corner)/United Forces vs. Neo Grimhilde/Ultimate Grimhilde and her forces, PV Cast vs. Maria, Heroes vs. Zeed X/Zeed and Jirenmon, Heroes vs. Zeed X DA/GranZeed X, Metalla X vs. Dramon X

Overall Thoughts of CG and the series finale of DF/DFKai (Alongside leading to Urban Legends and Defiants): This is one of the best written crossovers the author has planned for a while, and after rewrites and release with new changes over time, we have what we read now and like it. We have the chance of visiting other dimensions, leading to the final battle for fiction, not just that, but the fate of everyone's future in real-life. It is the end of the author's Triad crossover fics since he first thought of wanting a crossover of DF and YYGDM, after rewrites with DFKai release and Chaos's involvement, the Triad was born, and it had a long time. This is like the end of Phase 3 of fanfics, since it ends, it officially splits to two roads: Urban Legends and the PV-18 in general for the passage to new doors, and Defiants with YYGDM-01 in still stuck in fanfic stagnated bubble. Being a surprisingly improved sequel, UL will deliver something interesting to us and readers. I'm looking forward to Defiants, even though it'll have very slow updates (And I'm less focus on YYGDM since CG is finished) when the 'Wrath' section is release (and even Prequel) due to focus more on the author's future. Despite Prelude of Defiants' release is somewhere in Spring 2019, I don't mind if it's decide to be release in May 2019 (or at the last week of that month). I don't mind if Wrath of Defiants can be push back to early 2020. I don't mind (and honestly don't even care) if Wrath of the Defiants will end in 2023 or 2025 (Still wonder if it outclass One Piece like Zeed X mentioned? :P) as an example of it'll have the most delays/slower updates than DoC. Looking back my final A/Ns in Ch. 29 that I should have update my responses, I also imagine Defiants and Ascendancy switching priority updates that Ascendancy can be 1.5 (Since Kanius mentioned on email to me and Chaos he's going to catch up with that more) while Defiants a 2 (or at times due to the slower updates a 3 like Gaiden) (And Defiants will also be harder than CG (Even PV-18 once the author has gotten use to its writing and worldbuilding, and in ready for Akane no Mai) due to various reasons (Like it will have the biggest hero roster to date, even more in its natural (like native YYGDM-01) state compare to CG's Triad group team up) and not just being a series finale. Looking back on CG's development, I am glad of helping out the author by co-authoring scenes and outlining plots to make it easier in the long run. That's why I'm not going to do these anymore for Defiants and allowed it to have more space out updates than DoC and CG (Because unlike the good time in CG, there's not going to be any in Defiants in showing how tough these creative differences is going to be). Even though I'm also not writing scenes for UL/AnM for the author, at least they will be comfortable overtime. Defiants/YYGDM in general's epilogue chapter I can tell due to being a mega crossover of four anime franchises, will be the longest (and most intentionally rhetorical) epilogue of all more than the original D-Fusion and DFK/CG's epilogues and even usual anime epilogues, even epilogues like the canon endings of Sailor Moon/YYH/Yu-Gi-Oh!/Digimon, FMA/Brotherhood, Hunter x Hunter (2011 series), and Gurren Lagann (and even UL/Akane no Mai's epilogue planned).). Even western animation epilogues like Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Regular Show, Samurai Jack, and Voltron: Legendary Defender have meaningful endings than Defiants. But, Defiants is going to still have some surprises, especially the last parts despite their intentionally overdue before they appear.

A/N: Now that we've given our overall thoughts, there's nothing else to be said. This is me wanting to give the final say.

Thank you to my collaborators and readers. This is not the end of my fanfic writing days. You can still look forward to my remaining projects. See this as an end of one era and the beginning of another.

Take care of yourselves, my readers.

Until then, see you in my next tales. Later.