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It had been a restless night. Again. It had already been three days since she'd seen either Haldir or Endawyn around, and she REALLY didn't want to think about what they were doing.

Because thinking leads to more thinking, and more thinking leads to restless nights, like the three nights I haven't been bloody sleeping like I should.

Not willing to see Hermione or the others just yet—Drusilla didn't like company when she was upset—she decided to go take a stroll. Anything to keep my mind off them. She thought as she pulled on her Hogwarts robes over the simple nightdress she was wearing.

It was beginning to lighten, the familiar gold of her surroundings gleaming slightly brighter, signalling the beginning of a new day.

A new day of what? She thought bitterly, making her way down the steps. New day or not, it didn't seem to make a difference.

Absently nodding to the Elves who had walked past her, she found her thoughts drifting back to Endawyn and Haldir again. Would he kiss Endawyn the way he…kissed her?

It was the millionth time she'd wondered about that, and it sickened her. She was acting like a lovesick fool, and yet there seemed to be nothing she could possibly do about it.

She'd numbed the pain, detached herself as far from it as it possibly could, and she supposed it kind of worked—helped by the three days without a shadow of either of them—oh, it worked very well, all right. At least she could remotely think about those two together without feeling the strange tearing sensation inside.

Not too much, anyway.

Oh, who was she kidding?! She desperately hoped that whatever she came for would be over so that she could go back home and forget all about this. It seemed like the best thing to do.

Home… it seemed like a strange concept to her now. She would rather face Snape after he was stinkbombed and live with him rather than see the Marchwarden again!

And then again, why wasn't there any news of Dumbledore or anything? She supposed that he would not take four missing students so lightly. Especially since one was Harry Potter. It just wasn't like him.

The soft sound of gurgling water greeted her ears, and she smiled slightly. The small stream she'd discovered the day before had amazing comforting qualities. Pushing away a couple of bushes, the sparkling stream glittered in the warm gold glow, as if it was welcoming her.

Drusilla sat down beside the stream and ran her fingers through the water. It was surprisingly cool to the touch, and she couldn't help but splash at the surface of the water, watching the droplets dance as it landed back into the stream, catching the light and sparkling brightly.

They're so much like diamonds, she thought in awe as she splashed more water. She could almost swear that water back at home never QUITE caught the light that way. Briefly, she wondered why there weren't any fish in the water when a soft, musical voice cut through her thoughts. "Good morning, Lady Drusilla. May I?"

Blinking in surprise and secret annoyance, how did she find me here?! she turned to the one person she never really wanted to see. Especially on such a pretty day. Endawyn. She looked as breathtaking as ever, her sunshine-spun hair shimmering around her like some kind of loving glow, and she was dressed in one of those impossibly intricate Elven dresses. Drusilla had half a mind to say 'May you what?' but she had a strange urge to be lady-like and polite in front of her. She was such a fair and comely creature, Drusilla was sure that everyone did whatever she asked.

She suddenly felt like something to be found under the heel of a boot or something. Weakly, she managed a shrug. "Yeah--I mean, yes, of course."

Sod it. Now she sounded like a total prat. Wait till Hermione heard about this.

Endawyn didn't make a move to sit. Instead, she smiled at her. "Walk with me, Lady Drusilla? I believe I haven't gotten to know you very well."

Walk with her? A soft voice at the back of her mind protested, but Drusilla decided to go ahead, anyway. It wouldn't be very polite to refuse. "Um…okay--I mean, all right."

Endawyn waited for her to stand up before they started walking. Drusilla painfully noticed that the only sound in the peaceful forest was the crunching of her feet. Endawyn made no sound at all, as silent and graceful as a shadow. Embarrassment colored her cheeks slightly before she tried to lessen the weight of her footsteps. Honestly, the way she walked would've alerted a bunch of orcs to them now, Endawyn thought in mild annoyance. The more she knew the girl, the more she wondered. What, exactly, was it that made Haldir fall for her? What was it that she herself did not possess? She was perfect, the kind of Elf everyone wanted, and she knew it. And those clothes that little elf girl was wearing beneath that drab black coat…ugh. It was something Endawyn would not even deign to look at.

The female elf tried not to grimace as the girl's awkward and loud movements sounded next to her. Honestly, did not her mother teach her basic manners? But then again, what with the black blood that ran in her veins, the girl was better off an Orc. The Valar had made a mistake by creating someone like her to be an Elf. In normal circumstances, Endawyn would not even think of looking for her, but this was far from normal. She would have her one true love back, or die trying. Haldir, for the past three days had been most distracted, and whenever they were out for a walk, he would make it a point to walk past the general area where Drusilla was living in. It was most irritating.

I am superior to her, she thought to herself, her chin raised. She had not gone to Mirkwood to learn archery and swordplay for nothing.

Breaking the silence, she asked. "Have you taken breakfast?"

The girl looked mildly surprised at the question. "No. I'm not hungry."

Sensing a chance, Endawyn smiled. "I was just preparing to have breakfast with Haldir. Would you like to come along?"

She watched as the light in the girl's eyes dimmed slightly and blanched. "Oh…I'm really not hungry, you can go ahead if you like."

Drusilla watched as the Elf's face creased slightly in concern. "But it is not good for you not to eat anything, Lady Drusilla. If you are…embarrassed, don't be. Although Haldir and I often enjoy intimate meals together, I am very sure that he would not mind. Honestly."

Intimate meals? The pang in her heart sharpened painfully. How intimate were they, really? Endawyn, for one, didn't seem to notice her reaction as her luminous eyes fluttered shut in what Drusilla recognized as bliss. "He is such a gentle lover, Lady Drusilla. Gentle yet passionate…" she paused carefully. "You do not mind if I confide in you?"

That was the EXACT thing Drusilla did not want the Lady Endawyn to do. There was so much a girl could take, after all. She didn't even know this Elf, and yet she thought Drusilla was close enough to share those kind of secrets with her? And besides, whatever the two of them were up to, Drusilla sure as hell did not want to know. The less she knew, the better. Suspicious, Drusilla looked up to see that if it was some kind of malicious joke or something, but she only saw sincerity and hopefulness in those warm eyes. She immediately felt bad. Here Lady Endawyn was, trying to make friends with her, and all Drusilla could do was feel bitter. Of course, she figured that the Elf did not know what happened between Haldir and her, after all. Besides, someone as beautiful and all-knowing as Lady Endawyn was would be above petty feelings, right? She was an Elf, after all.

Before Drusilla could think up of anything to say, Endawyn had taken her hand and smiled gently. "I've always wanted to make friends with you, Drusilla. It gets dreadfully lonely sometimes, without anyone to talk to. It feels so natural just speaking to you, like you are my equal…" she trailed off, her eyes downcast. Her equal? The younger Elf thought, stunned. This magnificent beauty…her equal? It was painfully ridiculous. But she looked so sad Drusilla felt almost sorry for her. She supposed being this wonderful had its drawbacks after all, and Drusilla had firsthand experience on what it felt like not to have friends, though her case was vastly different--it definitely wasn't beauty that set her apart from the others. But still, it was a dreadfully lonely existence.

"I…I don't mind." Even as the words spilled out of her mouth Drusilla regretted it immensely. What had she gotten herself into? Endawyn beamed at her, letting go of her hand quickly. After all, her first objective had been accomplished; there was no more need to touch her longer than necessary. This girl was such a naïve lass. "Thank you, Drusilla! You have no idea how grateful I am. Matters of the heart are not easy burdens, after all. I am fortunate to have someone to share mine with."

Drusilla looked mildly uncomfortable. "Well…"

"I should go now," Endawyn cut in smoothly, slipping on another bright smile. "My love is waiting for me, after all. Would you mind terribly if we met for dinner? I would like to get to know you much better."

Dinner? Drusilla wasn't sure if she would ever eat anything again, much less dinner. Right now she just felt like curling up and dying. Oh Merlin, what have I done?


Unbeknownst to Drusilla, the Fellowship had indeed arrived, weary and full of grief. Haldir had not gone for breakfast with Endawyn after all, as he and his company was supposed to patrol the borders, as the Lady Galadriel had foreseen that the Fellowship was coming, bringing a great evil into the sacred wood. Haldir had not been too happy about that prospect, but he knew better than to go against his sovereign's orders. Thankfully, she had not pried into his…personal matters.

Maybe some help would be welcome, since his feelings were still mixed up, to his utmost displeasure. All he knew from the jumble was that the feelings he'd felt for Endawyn paled in comparison to the ones he felt for Drusilla. Did that mean anything? For all his wisdom, he had never been in love before, so what was 'being in love'? Deciding that that topic was best if it was never crossed, he decided to file it away and concentrate on the matter at hand. He would go and find Drusilla later. All he knew was that he wanted her more than anything. But now, he needed to guide the Fellowship.

Save for the extremely impolite, grubby dwarf, the others were passable….

All save for one.

The hobbit named Frodo, the one who brought the great evil with him, worn in a chain around his neck.

For the last time, Haldir had tried to stop them from going deeper into the Wood and tainting the purity he held so dear for thousands of years, but it was all in vain. He had no other choice but to escort them there. The Elf Prince of Mirkwood was silent the entire way, deep in his grief. Well, he could somewhat understand that. Mithrandir was dead. By the time they reached, it was already close to evening; the Elven lights now illuminated the entire area.


Drusilla cocked her head curiously to the side as she heard the heavenly voices of the Elves all around her. They were singing! It was indeed a wondrous sound, but…but why were they so sad? The melody was a haunting lilt that tugged at her heart, and briefly she wondered what that song was for. She could barely make out one or two words, and all she could get out of it was some kind of gray. And a pilgrim. Hermione had been off with Ron as usual, and Drusilla very much preferred to be alone after spending the whole day with her friends and exploring the area. Thankfully, she had not bumped into either Haldir or Endawyn, for which she would be eternally grateful.

"Mithrandir is dead," a soft voice said behind her, and Drusilla spun around, startled. It was Endawyn, who had come up behind her. By Merlin, did those Elves have some kind of stealth device or something? How was it that she could sneak up on Drusilla without her noticing TWICE?? "Mith-who?"

Maybe it was the light, but Drusilla thought, for a split-second, she saw a look of disdain cross Endawyn's eyes. But when she blinked again, it was gone. Your eyes are playing tricks on you, Dru. She shrugged it away nonetheless.

"He was a great wizard. In the tongues of men, he is called Gandalf the Grey." She spoke softly, her voice clear as musical bells as the breeze blew at her softly, lending her an otherworldly air. Drusilla could see shimmering tears form in Endawyn's normally sparkling eyes. He must've meant a lot to her, she thought. Although she didn't know who this…Gandalf the Grey is, or rather, was, from the sounds and looks of it, he must've been a powerful yet good person who made a huge difference in people's lives. It wasn't often that she heard Elves sing. Well actually, it was the first time she ever heard it, but still. The bittersweet strains almost brought tears to her eyes, and she didn't even KNOW who he was.

A tear made its way down Endawyn's cheek, and Drusilla looked at her, alarmed. It was the first time she'd seen an Elf cry, and how the heck could she make it look so beautiful? When Drusilla cried it didn't even look that perfect. It was the whole disgusting affair; running nose, swollen eyes, shiny nose… And here Endawyn looked like an ice sculpture or something. "Endawyn, are you all right?" she asked, fumbling in her pocket to see if she had any handkerchief or something. The Elves here sure did not believe in the uses of tissue paper--they never even HEARD of it.

"I am fine," she said softly, elegantly wiping away at the tear, only to be replaced by a few more. "It's just that…with Mithrandir's death and Haldir's disappearance…"

Disappearance? Drusilla thought quizzically.

Taking her silence in stride, Endawyn carried on, squeezing out a few more tears. After being told by Haldir that he would not be having breakfast with her, and seeing him look up almost wistfully at Drusilla's Valar-damned room once again, her jealousy knew no boundaries. Her childhood love was definitely besotted with that disgusting twit, and she had to find a way to make him stop thinking of her, because no matter how much she pried, he refused to say anything.

Endawyn did not take kindly to losing, much less to an Elf with questionable loyalties and black blood. She did not trust Drusilla one bit. And she had come up with a wonderfully subtle plan.

She continued, "Yes. I have lied to you, my friend. He has not been close to me since the day I returned. The passion we had was fading, and he…he has no longer…bedded me with the same fervor as he had many times before. I think he tires of me, like he does to all the women he has had." She let a few more tears spill and looked shattered. "He has found a new woman, I know it! I love him so much, Drusilla. And for him to just use me and throw me away like that…he wasn't around for breakfast this morning. I know he's with another! I just…I cannot take it…"

Out of the corner of her eye, Endawyn saw the look of anger that crossed her features. Good. Her plan was working very well so far. Just a little more… "He has so many women before. He took what he wanted, and then he left them without a single thought. I-I thought that I could change him, since I knew him for so long…but now…it's happening to me….to me… What do I do?"

Endawyn saw Drusilla's jaw set, and her dark eyes flare with anger. She had been taken in just like that. She ducked her head lower to hide the smile she felt creeping over her face, and choked back a sob. She had to make this count.

"He still loves you, Endawyn," Drusilla spoke at last, barely keeping her fists from clenching. How dare he? Was she, was Endawyn all just a simple game to him?

He has so many women before. He took what he wanted, and then he left them without a single thought.

The terrible words resounded in her mind with alarming clarity. Was what he said he felt for her a lie? Was that…that kiss they shared a lie? Was… One look at Endawyn's shattered expression confirmed her worst fears.

It was all a lie. Haldir was just a womanizing bastard. Where she once felt pain, now she simply felt anger. Anger…and betrayal. He has so many women before. He took what he wanted, and then he left them without a single thought.

Without a single thought…

To him, Drusilla knew that right now she barely existed, and he was most likely on to other women. Had Haldir been cheating on her too when he--

No, Drusilla thought. Because he has never accepted me in the first place. For there to be cheating, there would have to be an 'us' first.

It hurt, but it was true.

Endawyn was so in love with him, and Haldir had to go and fool around….

That was it. Drusilla had had enough. Enough moping. Enough hoping that he would turn up below her window and ask her to be his. Enough of the self-pitying drivel.

It was time to teach that wanker a lesson.

Both her lesson, and Endawyn's.

Drusilla was a person who did not get angry easily, but this situation was really pushing it, and she had to do something about those bottled emotions before she exploded.


After she and Endawyn parted ways, Drusilla decided to go and search for the jerk. She was on the warpath now, and nothing and no one was going to stop her from giving the Marchwarden of Lorien what he deserved. Storming through the forests, she caught no sight of him or his company anywhere. Even his brother Orophin had seemed to disappear.

Where IS he? She wondered angrily, shoving through a clearing and glancing around. At least she could see exceptionally well in the dark to keep from running into trees. Making her way back to the lit areas that lay just a few feet away from her flet, she decided to ask one of the Elves. She didn't believe that none of them knew where he was.


The stream bubbled quietly as Legolas, Elf Prince of Mirkwood and current member of the Fellowship, dipped his silver pitcher into the clear water, his mind not on the action. Rather, it was on one of his oldest and dearest friends, Gandalf. He was the wisest Maia ever to have existed, also the friendliest, although his temper needed a slight improvement. But for him to sacrifice himself to the Balrog like that… If only he was able to do something, anything instead of being paralyzed by fear, maybe, just maybe…

A sudden rustling of bushes caught his attention, and he stiffened, on the alert and wary. Lothlorien was supposed to be one of the safest places in Middle Earth, but ever since they set out from Rivendell, no place was really considered safe, and what with the darkness growing…

It was too soft to be an Orc, and judging from its distance, the rancid smell that was the foul creature's signature should have hit him by now. Instead, all he sensed was anger and something else he couldn't exactly identify.

The Elf Prince turned around the same time a young Elf maiden stormed out of the underbrush, face flushed slightly. So surprised he was to see someone like her--Elves were supposed to be QUIET, after all--that he paused in what he was doing. She, too, stopped in her tracks.

Drusilla couldn't believe her eyes. Standing right in front of her was a slender elf dressed in the most intricate of silvery blue tunics, holding a water pitcher. The gentle light bathed him it its glow, making his flaxen hair shimmer with an almost otherworldly quality. The Elf had well-defined features and one of the most piercing gazes she'd ever seen. But right now, all that annoyed her even more.

Why do Elves have to look so darned beautiful all the time?! She thought in frustration. She hated feeling so self-conscious, but she just couldn't help it. Why did she even HAVE to be an Elf, of all things? She couldn't be more different from them!!

Not really caring about what that Elf was doing here, she marched straight up to him. "Where's the Marchwarden?" To Hell with manners, she thought brusquely. Those stupid Elves were the ones who caused her so much trouble in the first place.

The Elf frowned, half in confusion, half in displeasure. "I beg your pardon?"

"The Marchwarden of Lorien. You know, the sodding one with the ego problem?"

"I know not, Lady."

"The Hell you don't," she snapped. "Don't lie to me, all right? I have to see him. Now."

Not know what this 'Hell' was, Legolas decided that it was something of a derogatory term, he narrowed his eyes at the insolent Elf. Didn't she know who he was? What was more, he really wasn't in the mood for this. His dear friend had just passed on and he needed a little time to himself. But then again, why would any young girl want to find Haldir of Lorien? "Find him somewhere else, Lady." But then again, why would any young girl want to find Haldir of Lorien? "Why do you want to see him for?"

"It's none of your business." She snapped coldly, crossing her arms over her chest. "Just tell me, is the git on patrol tonight?"

"How am I supposed to know?" he asked, slightly annoyed now. What part of 'he didn't know' did she not get?

"Because you look like one of his comrades?" she looked at him like he was stupid, which set his teeth on edge. By Valar, what was wrong with this Elf??

"I am not one of his comrades." He said coolly.

"You're an Elf, and you're in Lothlorien, aren't you?" Drusilla exploded. She was getting nowhere here. "So tell me where the sodding jerk is!!"

"You need a few lessons in manners, Lady," his voice turned cold as he started her down. Who was she to say something like this to him? Didn't she have any modicum of mannerism at all?

"You can shove those darn manners where they belong," she retorted icily. "If you don't want to tell me, fine. I'll find the jerk myself!"

Legolas watched as the incensed young Elf flounced away, annoyed and slightly mystified by what had just happened. An Elf girl who acted almost like a barbarian?

The anger in her large brown eyes was palpable and she did have the most curious looking hair. Most Elves had hair that was long and straight, not in bouncing, well-defined ringlets.

And then that voice.

He'd never in his life heard a female Elf shouting, and especially not in a place like Lothlorien, and it surprised him. True, she was not beautiful. The truly picky might even say she was ugly, her mouth was slightly too small, and her features not as sharp, but she just had that…something about her. A certain kind of spark that intrigued him despite his grief. She was a pretty thing all right, in an unconventional way--at least to him--and although her earlier behavior was nothing short of barbaric and fitting only for a dwarf, he wondered who she was.

"What happened?" Aragorn asked, making his way to his friend. He'd heard an argument shortly after speaking with Boromir, and had decided to come and check things out and see if everything was all right.

"An uncouth Elf maiden happened, that was all."


"Brother," Orophin walked towards where Haldir was testing out his arrows, his expression odd. "There is someone looking for you."

Tucking the latest batch of arrows into his stock, the Marchwarden looked mildly quizzical. "Who is it?"

"Lady Drusilla." He replied, noting the slightest of sparks that flitted across his brother's eyes momentarily. Strange.

"What is she doing out this late at night?" Haldir asked, carefully masking the sudden, strange surge of pleasure that rose within him. He had been wanting to see her, and had planned to try to talk to her a little later.

"I know not," Orophin shrugged slightly, then lowered his voice. "But she looks very angry."


It was a stroke of luck that allowed her to chance upon Orophin while she was storming to her chambers, and she asked him to direct her to where Haldir was. She kept her temper in check this time, but only barely, because he had been nice to her. He bade her to wait for a moment before he disappeared into the woods. A part of her really wanted to follow him in there and find out what that jerk was doing, but she decided that she really didn't want to know. If he was with another female Elf…she really didn't know how she would react.

A few moments later, there was the slightest of rustlings, and then a familiar voice. "Drusilla."

His voice could still send tingles down her spine. She ignored the sudden fluttering of her stomach as she spun around to face the one Elf she had fallen in love with. He looked as exquisite as ever, in his forest garb and bow and arrows slung behind him, his eyes boring through hers. He didn't look guilty, only slightly puzzled. Well, as puzzled as the normally calm and cool Marchwarden would look, anyway.

In that instant, she didn't know whether to slap him or run into his arms. She didn't know how much she missed him until then, but he had a lover now. Or rather, a lot of them.

And none of them was her.

Hardening, she tamped down the longing in her heart as she made her way towards him. Her heart was pounding and she was inwardly nervous, but her anger fueled her and gave her strength. She had had enough, and he was going to know that.

When she next spoke, her voice was cold. "Haldir."

He paused for a moment. Orophin was right, Drusilla was indeed angry. But with what? "What are you doing out here at this time? It is not safe--"

"Don't tell me what to do, Haldir," she cut him off, her eyes blazing. "I don't need it."

He narrowed his eyes slightly. No one had ever spoken to him like that. "You--"

His words were cut off as a resounding smack echoed through the now-empty wood. A sharp sting flared on the side of his face, and he realized what she'd done.

She had slapped him.

"You are such an asshole, do you know that? Do you know how much Endawyn loves you?? And yet you go around behind her and CHEAT on her with other women! Do you know how shattered she is right now? Do you even have a heart?! I'm so sick of you stringing me along, you kiss me and yet you don't want to give me a definite answer, and I've had enough of your selfishness! Go back to Endawyn, all right? She loves you more than life itself!"

"What are you talking about?" he asked sharply. What on Middle Earth made her say something like that? It didn't make sense.

She stared at him dead in the eye. "You hurt me once, Haldir of Lorien. Don't hurt Endawyn too. You two are meant to be together. Don't break it."

With that, she turned on her heel and walked off, leaving a stunned Marchwarden in her wake.


"You said what?" Hermione exclaimed the next morning, eyes as wide as dinner plates. Ron had frozen in mid-chew, and Harry's mouth hung open. The normally mild-tempered Drusilla, flying into a rage and hitting someone? Well, it seemed like the Haldir guy had deserved it, but…Drusilla??

Drusilla stared moodily at her plate. She really didn't know what came over her last night. It was always like that, when she got very angry, she did not know what she was doing. Or saying, for that matter. "I kind of don't remember….something along the lines of not cheating on Endawyn. Something like that."

Ron looked almost delighted. "Give the blighter a mighty good smack, I'd say!"

Hermione shot him a poisonous look across the table before turning her attentions back to her friend. Something seemed…off about the entire situation, and she wanted to know what it was.

So far, she knew that Drusilla was besotted with the Marchwarden, and then came this Lady Endawyn, as nice as she was. And later Lady Endawyn wanted to become the best of friends with Drusilla…and suddenly she realized it.

"Dru," she said suddenly, her eyes serious. "You're upset because he had a lover and he didn't tell you, aren't you?"


"And when Lady Endawyn confided in you, you were feeling guilty because one of the people this guy 'fooled around' with happened to be you, too. And then you confronted him with all those emotions running--"

"Maybe you shouldn't be so…exact, 'Mione." Harry spoke up hurriedly, shooting a suddenly pale Drusilla a worried look. Hermione was right; it showed on Dru's face.

"Oh," Hermione realized her error; she'd been so caught up in her theory that she'd forgotten about her feelings in the matter. "I'm sorry, Dru. I--"

"It's all right," Drusilla said quickly, forcing a smile. She herself didn't even know she felt that way until Hermione had mentioned it, and it was quite…refreshing. Now all she had to do was try her hardest to avoid Endawyn and Haldir for the rest of her stay here, until whatever-it-was was complete. "I think I'll be going for a walk, anyway. It's a beautiful day out. I'll be near the river if you want to find me."

Without waiting for either of them to reply, she pushed back her chair and headed out.

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