Tittle: Don't Speak Author: Deaths Silent Dragon or Angel Shinigami Warnings: slightly AU and a lot of OOCness going on. Other than that, fluff, humor, Darkness, Language, and other warnings to come. Pairings: Harry and ??? Summery: After a curse gone wrong, Harry is left deaf and Voldermort know exactly where he is. Dumbledore hears of Harry's problem and makes him and the Dursly's come to Hogwarts a few days early. When the term starts Harry and the others find out that Malfoy's father, Lucius, is the new DADA teacher.a year full of odd things abound.

*Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~

Harry Potter had just finished arranging four pancakes on four different plates when his cousin Duddly came tiptoeing into the kitchen.

"Morning Harry. Breakfast looks amazing." He stated as he moved to help his cousin with the setting of the table and the drinks.

Harry and Duddly had been the best of friends all summer. After Harry had walked in on Duddly and Piers making-out in the living room. Duddly had begged and pleaded with Harry not to tell his parents, and Harry soon caved. Harry, knowing this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, had made Duddly a deal. First, Harry told Duddly that he had to be nicer to him. No more beating him up for meanness. No more taking his food. Nothing. And the second part of the deal was that Duddly had to loose 50lb. Over the summer and keep it off.

Duddly had happily agreed to these terms and Harry, Duddly, and Piers, were all proud to say that Duddly had lost over two hundred and fifteen pounds, and was keeping the weight off spectacularly!

At first Duddly was only nice to Harry when they were alone together, but as the summer wore on, Duddly started to show Harry some kindness in front of his parents. Small things like saying thank you to Harry after the dark- haired boy had cooked a really good meal or just served the family tea. And it just got better from there on out. Now you barely found one without the other. Piers had stopped being a git to Harry, and he was often times found in the cousin's company.

"Thanks Duddly, I tried to really hard this morning because I remembered Uncle Vernon saying something about that big investor that was coming over for tea around 3:30 p.m. I thought it would be nice to have a non-healthy breakfast." Harry smiled at his cousin and handed him some silverware. "Here you know how these are arranged."

Duddly laughed as he took the utensils from his younger cousin and walked to the table and began to place the forks in place from smallest to largest. Harry took this time to think about how different Duddly and himself looked from each other.

With the weight off, Duddly looked a ton different. He was never going to be as tiny as his boyfriend Piers would, or as lean and muscular and himself, he had a lot going for him. His eyes now took up half of his face and the sandy-blond boy could see his feet. That was something the boy had never been able to do. Not even as a child. Duddly kept his hair in a very controlled short style right above his ears and had a streak of red in it. Aunt Patunia had almost had a heart attack when she saw Duddly's blond locks a magenta/blood red color. It was really the first time Duddly had ever been punished for something in his life.

Harry, himself, however, had developed into a drop-dead gorgeous sixteen- year-old over the summer. And now by early august, Harry was turning the head of every person he walked by, male and female alike.

He had always loved long hair, so when his fifth year rolled around he had refused to cut it. Now, a month till he started school, his hair was past his thighs and regularly pulled back into a loose ponytail.

Like his cousin, Harry also had a different color in his hair, Only his was a brilliant shade of Ravenclaw-blue. Harry also had his ear pierced and had tried to get Duddly to get his done as well, but Duddly stated that he was wilded out with the hair coloring and maybe one day he would follow Harry's lead in getting a pricing, but not that day or any day soon.

"That was thoughtful. I'm sure daddy will love the gesture. Anyways, I heard that daddy's client has a nice looking son." Duddly turned around and winked at Harry and sat down when he heard his father and mother shuffling down the stairs.

When Harry had found out about his cousin's preferences, he told him he liked guys as well, Only he preferred older men while Duddly didn't really care the age.

Harry laughed at his cousin and shook his head at the boy. " Oh stop it you, or I'll tell Piers you were thinking of other guys."

Patunia and Vernon walked into the kitchen at that precise moment and slid into their chairs at the table.

"Harry, have you gotten the post yet?" asked Vernon as he groggily peered around the table looking for it.

Harry pulled out a stack of letters and handed them to his uncle. "Yes sir. I also put out the welcome mat and straitened up the living room. Duddly helped me with breakfast, so I had plenty of time to dust the hall way as well."

Vernon smiled at his nephew and nodded his thanks and patted Duddly on the shoulder as Harry served the bacon and eggs. "Well done my boys well done. Are you going to go run after you clean the kitchen?" Vernon asked as he took a sip of his coffee and unfolded the morning new paper.

Patunia shook her head. "Actually Vernon, its our morning to clean the kitchen."

Vernon blinked for a moment then looked at a dry erase board on the wall next to the stove. "Ah, so it is. Well then, are you boys going to go out after breakfast then?" The man asked as he took a bite of his unsalted eggs and wiped his mouth.

Duddly thought for a moment and nodded his head. "Yes dad. I think we are going to go exercise for a bit. If its Alright with you Harry, I'd like to stop by and pick up Piers before we run to far."

Harry smiled and winked at his cousin and nodded. "I think that would be a wonderful idea. He needs to gain some muscles and I enjoy his company."

"You know Duddlykins, I like that boy. He so nice and clean cut. I wish you had more friends like that." Patunia said as she bit into a piece of bacon and wrinkled he nose. "Harry, this is awful. Is this low-fat bacon?"

Duddly nodded his head and smiled. "Of course mummy. You and dad both need to watch your cholesterol. No matter how much you don't like it. I only wish that Harry and I could be here to make sure you eat right through out the school year."

Vernon gave a hearty laugh and patted his son on the shoulder again. "Don't worry Duddly. We know all the trouble you and Harry here have gone through to make sure we are healthy. We will try our hardest to follow the diet when you two are gone."

Patunia nodded and smiled. "Ok you to. Off with you. Vernon and I will clean up. You go get changed and have fun. Make sure you're home before three to help me with drinks and all that."

Duddly and Harry said their thanks to their Mother, or in Harry's case Aunt, and ran upstairs to get changed.

"Hey Harry, what do you think? Plain gray sweats or my Smeltings set?" Duddly asked as he looked in the mirror and held up two different shirts.

"I don't know, plain gray?" Harry called as he put on a pair of loose shorts and a football jersey.

"Thank you!" Duddly called as he pulled on the shirt and pants set and laced up his shoes.

After many hassles, Harry and Duddly finally left the house. Jogging up the street, Harry waited as Duddly went to persuade his boyfriend to go running with them.
Hours later two vary tiered and vary sweaty boys trudged into a quaint little house on privet drive.

"Boys! Hurry now, go take showers and get into some nice cloths! The meeting time has been changed! Hurry!"

Patunia shuffled the boys upstairs and fluttered back down to the kitchen to check on the scones that were in the oven.

"Duddly you take your shower first. Uncle Vernon will want you down stairs before me so you can greet his guests. I'll lay out your cloths for you." Harry handed his cousin a towel and pushed him to the bathroom.

"Alright Harry, but something that is appropriate. Nothing like what I know you'll wear down stairs." Duddly closed the door and when Harry heard the water running, he walked into his cousins' room and looked through his wardrobe.

Harry almost laughed at the selection, but thought better of it and started to pull out shirts and toss them on the bed. " Let's see.. No. No. That needs to be burned.No. No. Maybe, Yes!"

Holding up a button up gray shirt and black jeans, Harry smiled and lay them over the tall back of his cousin's writing chair. Grabbing a pair of gray socks and black shoes, he put them on the floor next to the chair and proceeded to put everything back in the closet.except the pink and purple shirt that he had every intention of burning.

The water turned off just as Harry was walking out of his cousins' room. "I hope you like what I picked out. It wasn't easy, but you will look relatively good. You really need some new cloths."

"I know, but mum and dad like what I have. Good thing I lost so much weight, thanks for picking out my cloths.I'd offer to pick yours out, but if I know you I'll get a nose bleed with half the stuff in your closet." Was Duddly's muffled response. As the door opened Duddly laughed and walked down the hall handing Harry a clean towel. "Your turn."

Harry laughed and shook his head, taking the towel from his cousin. "You wouldn't get a nose bleed, but you wouldn't know where to start matching anything together."

Harry closed the door to the bathroom and peeled off the sticky jersey that was clinging to his back like glue. Taking off his silver rimmed glasses, Harry set about pushing his shorts over his slim hips and adjusting the water to get the temperature just right. Stepping into the shower, Harry let the hot steaming water carry away any dirt and surface sweat before he took the soap and lathered up his chest.

After his body was washed, Harry then untied his hair and let the amassing mass of ebony soak up so much water that it practically shined obsidian. Sighing, the dark-haired boy squeezed some shampoo onto his head and started to massage the gooey liquid into his hair until every last strand was saturated with suds. He then repeated the process with conditioner. Rinsing everything out of his hair, Harry turned off the shower, stepped out, and wrapped the white towel around his waist.

"Harry come on! They're here! Get dressed and don't take to long. I'll see you down there." Duddly cried as he rushed down the stairs to answer the door.

Walking out of the bathroom, Harry grabbed another towel from the linen closet and rubbed it over his dripping hair as he walked to his room.

Closing his door and locking it for good measure, Harry then opened his closet and gazed at the large selection of silk shirts and leather pants.

After Harry and Duddly started to get along, Duddly insisted he and Harry go shopping for some new clothing. Harry readily agreed and by the next week he had an entire wardrobe of nice shirts and leather pants. Along with jeans that fit right and anything else you could think of. Harry looked through his clothing carefully and after some due consideration, chose a dark green silk shirt and a pair of tight, but not super tight, yet still tight, black jeans. After putting on a pair of black socks, Harry grabbed his black ankle boots and quietly went down stairs and into the kitchen.

"Anything I can take out to them Aunt Patunia?" He asked as he straightened his shirt and smoothed out his pants.

"As a matter of fact Harry dear, there is. Would you take this plate of scones into the living room? It would help ever so much." Patunia turned and handed Harry the platter just as she noticed his outfit.

"Harry what in the world are you wearing," She asked, Not really caring about the well-chosen cloths. But not really to pleased about the snake earring that ran from the top of her nephew's ear around to the lobe. It then continued through his ear just to curl around his neck and have the snakes head rest right in the hollow of his throat.

"Well, it's an earring Aunt Patunia. I like it. I saw it the other day and just had to get it." Harry said fondly as he brought his hand up and stroked the silver and green snakes head.

Shaking her head, Patunia smiled at her nephew and placed the platter in his free hand. "Here you little brat, take these, go on now." The brunette haired woman shook her head fondly as she watched the longhaired boy go off to the living room.

Harry knocked on a white sliding door and waited for someone to let him in. When the door opened, Harry smiled at his cousin and walked into the room away before looking up and practically dropping the plate he was holding.

He stared wide-eyed at Two blondes who looked just as shocked to see him. The staring contest would've gone on longer if Vernon, who was completely oblivious to the whole situation, had not beckoned Harry forth and nodded to the table right by the younger of the two blondes.

"Come now boy, don't be shy. Set the scones there and then sit over on the couch there. Duddly has already claimed the seat next to our young guest."

Harry numbly walked over to the coffee table and set the tray down, making sure he didn't shake too much.

Duddly noticed that Harry was vary shocked by his father's client and his son and walked over, placing his hand on his cousin's shoulder. "Hey Harry, you Ok?" He asked softly trying to convey that it was all Ok.

Harry nodded and smiled weakly at Duddly as he straitened and walked over to stand next to the door.

Vernon blinked at Harry's actions and cast a nervous smile to the older blond across from him. "Harry. Why don't you sit next to mister.Maloy.was it?"

"Malfoy," Harry said, just as both blondes had opened their mouths to correct him. "His Name is Malfoy." Vernon and Duddly were both shocked to see that Harry new the two people in their living room. "How did you know that Harry?" Duddly asked, thinking that he had known everything about his cousin.

As Harry went to answer, he was cut off by a smooth as silk voice from the couch adjacent to his Uncle. "Perhaps it's the fact that Harry and my son go to school together.or maybe the fact that he's just really good at guessing . take your pick."

Harry was surprised that Lucius would say anything magical around muggles, but it did save him some explaining. " So Lucius.what are you doing discussing business deals with muggles?" Harry asked, forgetting for a moment that his Uncle and cousin were standing, or sitting, in the room.

Lucius smiled and chuckled slightly. "Come now my dear Mister Potter. Did you really think all our money came from the magical world?"

Harry had never considered that before. He had just assumed it had.

Draco chuckled and rose from his sitting position on the couch and walked over to Harry. "Hello Potter. This is a lovely house you have here."

Harry nodded; making sure he knew where the blonde's hands were at all times.

"Now Potter, seeing as how we are not at School and that stupid rivalry seems to stay there.what say we give this friendship thing another go? Hm?" Draco put on a dazzling smile and extending his hand to Harry. "Hello. My name is Draco Malfoy? What's yours?"

Harry blinked for a moment before he relaxed, smiled, and clasped the others offered hand. "My name is Harry Potter. It's nice to meet you Draco. You have a lovely name."

Vernon didn't know what to say. He was quite shocked to find out that his most high paying customer was a wizard. "Excuse me."

Everyone in the room looked at him. Lucius stood and looked at him. "I'm sorry for this, mister Dursley.Maybe we can continue this meeting another time. How about I treat your family to a late lunch and we get to know each other? Hm?"

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