Chapter 19


"She'd been dead for hours…" Neville said into the cup of coffee he was silently crying into. "Hours…I didn't even know…hours…"

Harry gently wrapped his arms around his giving friend. It had been months since he'd seen him and they had both been through so much, but Neville's pain seemed to supersede any residual pain Harry could complain about…at least he could now be semi open with his mate, while Neville and Severus still had to hide their obvious love.

"I saw her though…she told me she was tired, was going to take a nap…for the first time since I'd gotten back, she called me Neville…"

"That was her way of telling you she was going to be ok. I mean her ghost disappeared, she is in a better place now. She wants you happy."

Neville tilted his head to the right so that he could look at his friends better. He had to admit that Dean's words made sense. His grandmother had seemed happier…saner than she had been since his parents had died.

"I know you're right, but I still blame myself for not noticing that she'd passed…"

The coffee became diluted again as tears began to slide down his red, tear stained cheeks.

Harry squeezed his friend again and tilted their heads together.

(( Humans will do extraordinary things for those they love. ))

The words were whispered, sent directly to Neville, meant for no one else but him. Harry was pleased with the odd control he'd developed since he'd woken.

(( She knew she wasn't getting any better and she wanted you to be happy. She gave up her own life so that you could regain yours. Take a deep breath and go find Severus. You've been back for more than a week and you have yet to go down and let him hold you, he is the only one that can help ease your soul deep grief.))

Neville let another sob rack though his body as he set down his mug and threw his arms around his silent friend.

"Thank you," He whispered, crying for another minuet before he stood and quickly rushed from the room in search of his moody lover.

"Whatever you said to him seemed to work Harry." Seamus said with a laugh as he watched his friend run off. "And speaking of you 'saying' something, Has anyone else noticed that Harry doesn't broadcast his thoughts to everyone anymore?"

Harry nodded and smiled at his other nodding friends. ((Seems like my coma wasn't all bad, huh?))

Seamus looked up at the staff table and shook head as he looked back down at the mute Gryffindor. "Says you. You didn't have to deal with your Male Veela mate who was 'worried', and trust me…I use that term in the lightest sense. If Dumbledore himself hadn't 'requested', again used loosely, that Lucius teach class, I don't think he would've un glued himself from your side."

With a smile, Harry looked up at his mate. The man was truly beautiful, natural white silver hair gleaming in the magical torch light, his icy, electric eyes blazing with an inner fire that burned straight into his darkest corners of his souls.

"I love you…" He mouthed, smile brightening when he saw the icy blue eyes flash.

((You tease.))

Harry winked up at his mate. ((You just seem to bring out the best in me…))

((The best you say…)) Lucius replied with a smirk.

"You know Harry…I wish Dean would look at me like that sometimes." Seamus sighed dreamily, nudging his boyfriend pointedly.

"I look at you like that," The black boy replied with a return nudge. "You just don't see it because you are usually to busy sucking away at those perpetual peppermint pops you love so much."

Harry silently chuckled at the red blush that exploded over the Irish boy's cheeks. It really was cute how much his friend's loved one another. Harry counted himself lucky to be able to see their free and easy teasing.

(( I have homework to catch up on guys.)) He sent, giving the both of them a small wave as he stood and slung his backpack over his shoulder as he left the great hall with a sigh.

((You'd think they'd cut me a break because I've been dead to the world for the last month, but no!)) He mentally grumbled, sending his complaints to his friends who were now repressing smiles and waving off weird looks from those around them.

((I'm pretty sure that's how I'm going to die. My homework 'to do' pile will just fall over on me one day and I'll die…hey. Now that I think about it, that's a great way to die. Good thing I have a divinations essay to do, might as well get that out of the way first.))


Four hours, twelve assignments, and three paper cuts later, Harry found himself in the library trying to reach for another book embellishing the third goblin rebellion of the turn of the century.

(( I swear…)) He hissed angrily as he shifted the other six book of varying sizes and shapes in his arms so he could stretch alittle further without over balancing. (( Next bloody goblin rebellion I'll be in the middle of the battle field to beat some since into both sides! Who ever keeps repressing these stupid creatures needs to die!))

With a mental cry of triumph, Harry pulled the book down from the shelf and added it to his already large stack.

(( So what if I can't see,)) He hissed to himself softly, trying to glance around his books so that he didn't crash into anyone. (( The table isn't that far away…))

Unfortunately, the dark haired boy neglected to take into account the Murphy's law that seemed to apply directly to him and only to him. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. He was barely six feet from the table, he could feel it, when he seemed to collide with a larger stack of books than his own that let out an oddly feminine squeak as they both crashed to the floor, books scattering everywhere.

((Oh my god, I'm so sorry!)) Harry hissed unthinkingly as he tried to gather the scattered books, despite the fact that he couldn't see them due to the fact that his glasses had been knocked off during the fall.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going, here let me help you!" The female voice chattered nervously, as she began to gather the books as well.

Harry paused at the sound of the voice, he hadn't heard it all year and he found that he missed it.

((Ginny!)) He hissed excitedly, looking up to see the red headed girl pause in mid book collection.

Ginny looked up to see exactly who she'd run into and gasped when she saw the beautiful green eyed boy she'd fallen in love with so many years ago staring back at her.

"Harry…" She breathed, letting the books she'd gathered clatter to the floor again before she stood and ran from the library with out saying another word to the boy who was still scattered over the ground.

((What in the world?)) Harry murmured to himself as he began to feel around for his missing glasses.

"Hey Harry, you ok?" Piers asked as he hurried over to help his friend, not really paying attention in his haste until he heard a very loud crunch and felt something twist and snap under his feet.

((Well…you found my glasses.)) Harry laughed softly, carefully standing and moving over to the lime blonde's side.

"Bloody hell…" Piers sighed as he leaned down and picked up the destroyed glasses from under his feet. "Hold on, I can fix this."

Harry waited for the boy to pull out his wand and repair his glasses, but as the seconds ticked by and minuets passed Piers finally looked up and blushed.

"I don't remember the charm, sorry…" He chuckled, still looking down at the disfigured glasses in his hand.

(( Oculus Repairo )) Harry hissed, flicking his wand in time with the words and smiled as he saw the blur on the peach blur twist and twine until the soft glow around it faded and Piers placed the glasses in his hands.

"Handy." He laughed as he turned his attention away from the dark haired boy to the mess on the floor. "Hey, what are you doing looking up love spells? It's not like you need the help."

Harry shook his head and flicked his wand, all of the books floating for a moment before they zoomed over to the table closest and organized themselves into two nice neat piles.

((Those aren't mine, but I think Ginny Weasley might be playing with some thing dangerous.)) Harry replied, picking up two of the books the red head had been carrying. (( Securing the heart through the stomach: candies, cookies, and cakes and Make them love you with a look, these are very dark grey books. I'm surprised they are even available to the studentbody…))

"Those might be just light enough to get through the very broad screening process, but this one isn't." Piers replied, holding up a small pink volume that had 'A picture lasts a lifetime: capturing a soul mate through photography' scrolled across the front in gold script.

((Why would she have that book?)) He asked, staring at the small book as if it were evil objectified. ((Why would Dumbledore even have that book in the school. Restricted or not?))

Piers just shook his head and looked down at the pile of books that seemed to get darker and darker with each title. Whatever the girl Harry had bumped into had been up to wasn't harmless magic. It was pure black and filled with desperation.

"Think we should talk to Dumbledore?" He asked, looking up from the books with wide eyes.

Harry nodded slowly, looking up from the book with a sigh. ((Yeah, we should. Tell you what, take that to Dumbledore and tell him what's going on. I'm going to talk to Ron. We may not be friends anymore, but it's his little sister, he'll have to listen.))

Piers nodded, picking up the small book and the books he'd been on his way to check out as well before he smiled at his friend and went to find the headmaster, thank goodness he'd been called to the man's office a few times while Harry had been in the hospital wing.

Harry looked at his own pile of books and figured he could always gather them again, it wasn't like he wouldn't have time to write the stupid essay. Quickly sending the love books back to their collective sections, he left the library and made his way to the Gryffindor common room where he knew Ron would be.


"He knows," Ginny whined loudly as she huddled herself on a dusty desk of an unused classroom. "I ran into him in the library, he knows I just know it. We're finished!"

"Shut Up!" A strong female voice shouted as the owner of said voice slammed the back of her hand into the sobbing girls cheek, sending the red head to the floor with the force of the blow.

"The only reason he might even suspect what you're up to is because you panicked. But that's fine. I don't really need you anymore anyways…" The girl replied, moving over to an open window so she could see out over the castle grounds, her long black hair lightly blowing in the breeze.

"You…what?" Ginny asked, holding a hand to her rapidly swelling cheek.

"You heard me." The other girl replied, turning so she could see the shocked red head. "I don't need you anymore. I can manage on my own from here on out."

"But…but you said if I helped you that you would help me!" Ginny cried, quickly getting to her feet so she was on a better level to fight with the dark haired girl. "All those things we did! Those horrible things! I'll tell Dumbledore if you throw me away like this!"

"Things we did?" The dark haired girl asked, raising one perfectly sculpted eyebrow. "You mean things you did my dear."

Ginny made to protest but was cut off rudely as the dark haired girl continued.

"It was you who sent all those awful letters to Harry in fifth year, all those nasty gifts that made him so depressed he almost ended his own life. To bad you didn't try hard enough though." She laughed, only to laugh harder when Ginny shouted that she had only sent what the other girl had told her to send.

"Oh yes Ginny dear, you sent all those things so that dear dear Harry would turn to you in his pain and would finally see you as his pillar of strength. Look how well that turned out." She mocked. "I thought about ending our 'friendship' when I came home from winter holidays to find Harry getting better…but I knew you were still of use to me. And how useful you were this summer.

I'll admit, I was very angry when you fire called me and told me what you'd done, could've killed you really, but I figured if he died I really wouldn't care to much. Who would've thought he'd have survived such a blast, muggle explosives are powerful."

"I wasn't trying to kill Harry!" Ginny screamed.

"Oh yes, you were trying to kill the Malfoy brat who just happened to be sleeping in the same room…brilliant plan that. It was just luck that he survived…he's like a cockroach. No matter how many times you step on them seems like there is always a part still twitching. Fortunately I have a cousin that took classes at the ministry with that Polkis brat.

Making it look like a death eater attack took some quick foot work, you're lucky I pulled it off once I learned that everyone had lived.

The love sick are always the best minions. They'll do anything for those with power to achieve their hearts desire."

Ginny cried and pulled out her wand, pointing in a the dark haired girl with a shaky hand.

"Did you ever intend on helping me?" She asked, her hopes and dreams shattering before her eyes as she watched the girl's mouth twist into a mocking smile.

"Not really." She replied, pulling out her wand, casting a body binding charm in the same motion. She laughed as she watched the red headed girl fall to the floor, her face frozen in pure shock. "To tell you the truth, I'd planed on killing you all along, but I think I like this better. You take the fall and I get to try again…it's a win win for me. Wouldn't want to be you though…"

Just then the door to the classroom burst open and Dumbledore rushed in followed by McGonagall, Snape, and a group of Aruors, wands at the ready.

"Headmaster! I was looking for someplace quite to study and I found her in the middle of a spell." The dark haired girl cried, her wand still pointed at the paralyzed red head. "I stunned her because I couldn't think of any good spell that would use blood!"

The adults looked around the room and sure enough there were runes and various Latin words swirled over the floor in coagulating black smears that could only be fairy blood from the way it shimmered in the light that was now flooding in from the hall ways.

If Ginny could've screamed her innocence, she would've, but as the adults raised the lights in the room and began to gasp and whisper about dark magic, she knew there would be no point. She had been set up and there was no point in deigning that she was going to fall very hard.

"Gentlemen," Dumbledore prompted, his usually kind voice full of disappointment and sadness. "I shall call her parents and inform them to meet you at the Ministry."

With that, Ginny was released from the body bind and was taken into the custody of the Aurors. She didn't scream or fight it, she knew she wasn't going to get out of this. A silent tear streaked down her face when she saw the bundle of long blue and raven hair tied together with a emerald green ribbon.

She'd cried. She'd been so excited when she'd been able to secure the Harry's hair brush one morning. She didn't know why it was in the common room, but she didn't bother to look a gift horse in the mouth, so she'd quickly pulled out all the hair and painstakingly straighten each piece, tying them together , and placing the small prize under her pillow.

She didn't know why her prize was now lying on the ground, surrounded by pictures and other pieces of her collection, that she was sure she'd never let out from under her bed, but there they were. Looking damming and ugly to anyone else but her.

'Oh Harry…' She thought as she was pushed from the room and escorted to the headmaster's office, the magical cuffs around her wrists biting into her skin painfully. 'I wish I could've saved you. Broken that horrible spell on you. Then you'd have seen….seen that I was the only one for you…how much I love you…Oh Harry.'

The dark haired girl played her part well, blinking innocently when she was informed of what she'd 'stumbled' upon and looking properly horrified at all the right places, but inside she was smiling, practically giddy over the fact that someone had turned the little red headed mouse into the Headmaster before she'd gotten the chance, it just made her cover all the more believable.

Potter's time was fast approaching and the best thing was that he'd never see it coming.


At the same time as Piers was telling Dumbledore what had happened in the library, showing him the pink book unknowingly setting off preplanned events, Harry was making his way into the Gryffindor common room, spotting Ron on the couch before the fire reading a quiditch magazine, just like he knew he would.

((Ron!)) He hissed loudly, making sure his tone would startle the red head enough for him to get a word or to in before the boy began ranting at him.

Collin Creevy looked up from the tarot reading he's just laid out for his divinations homework when he saw his favorite photography subject burst into the room, he didn't even mind the hissing as he focused all his attention on the two ex- friends.

((Ron you need to go find Ginny and talk to her. She is getting into some dark magic.)) He hissed, knowing better than to try to send his thoughts to his old friend, but not knowing how else to warn him without writing out his words which took more time than he felt the shocked Ron would allow him.

At Ron's confused and rapidly reddening face, Collin decided to jump in and help translate.

"He said that Ginny is doing bad things and you need to talk her out of it." He said, smiling brightly when both boys looked over at him, one in shock and one with the same confused angry look.

"Hi Harry!" He waved, "I've been studying parsletonge since first year, knew if you knew it it would be important to know one day!"

Harry smiled at the weird boy and hurriedly explained what had happened in the library, which Collin translated to the best of his ability, to which Ron constantly interrupted and spewed foul slurs at the hissing boy.

"My sister isn't like your new friends!" He shouted. "Bet you're lying just to get more attention!"

Just then Lavender came rushing into the common room followed by Hermione and Pavartii, all of whom moved over to the couches.

"Oh my god, Ron, you'll never guess what I heard from Tomas who heard from Stephaney who heard from a friend that swears she heard from her brother, who saw it with his own eyes!?" Lavender gushed, continuing before anyone could process what she'd just said. "Tomas told me that Stephaney told him that she over heard a friends brother telling her friend that he saw your sister being led away by Aurors!"

Ron blinked once before he was up and running out of the common room, Hermione hot at his heals, Harry and Collin looking at one another for a second or two before they followed.

((Harry, What's wrong?)) Lucius asked, sensing his mates' anxiety and worry.

((Ginny was just arrested according to someone who heard from someone who was ease dropping on someone else who was telling someone else they saw it happen…)) He sent, still running after Ron who didn't even stop running when he crashed into Neville who had been on his way back to the dorms.

((Quite the information network we have here,)) Lucius commented sarcastically as he watched the red headed girl silently scowl at him from her position by Dumbledore's desk. ((She was only arrested mere moments ago. So I'm guessing you are on your way here?))

((You got it.)) Harry replied, sending a quick run down of what had happened to Neville who was now following them as well.

By the time they reached the gargoyle guarding the stair case to the Headmaster's office, everyone was slightly out of breath from the mad dashes across moving stair cases and quick maneuvering around students who Ron had either pushed out of his way or had jumped out of the way on their own when they saw the red head heading their way.

After a second of catching his breath Ron stared up at the gargoyle stupidly before he turned to the collective Gryffindors behind him.

"Anyone know the password?" He asked watching the group collectively look at one another and shake their heads.

Just as the boy was about to explode on the group, the stone statue shifted and began to move out of the way revealing a very calm McGonagall who simply looked at the group and motioned for Ron and Harry to follow her.

"Mister Weasley, Mister Potter, if you will." She said, turning back to go up the stairs once more.

Both boys followed the woman curiously, motioning for the group to stay put as they left, the gargoyle shifting back into place behind them.

The first thing that both boys heard when they arrived at the door at the top of the stairs was the voice of one very upset Molly Weasley. Both boys were very pleased that they weren't the ones being yelled at this time as they pushed open the large door.

"…on Earth was in possession of your senses, Ginerva Elisabeth Weasley? What were you thinking? Were thinking? And you Ronald Weasley!" She cried, spinning around and pinning the red head with a fierce glare. "You should've been paying more attention to your sister!"

"But Mum!" Ron shouted, his attempt to defend himself cut off by his sister's defense of herself, if it could be called that.

"I'm not a child that needs to be looked after mom!" She cried, making sure she could be heard over all the yelling her mother was doing.

"You, Ginny Weasley, are only fifteen! And from your actions it is far to clear that we should've been keeping a much closer eye on you! You'll be lucky if they don't suggest the Dementor's Kiss for this!" Molly raged, bursting into tears at the thought of one of her children being given the Kiss.

"I don't understand Mum," Ron said, moving over to hold his sobbing mother. "What has she done?"

"Miss. Weasley has confessed to a number of crimes including, but not limited to, Harassment and Murder." One of the Aurors replied, looking over at the red heads before he turned his attention to Harry, who was now seated next to Lucius, who had been called upon due to the charges being brought against the girl.

"Mister Potter, sir, we have been informed of the incident over the summer. Is there anything you would like to say to Miss. Weasley before she is taken away?"

Harry blinked and looked over at Lucius who wrapped his arms around his mates waist before he informed him of what he'd heard the red head girl confess.

Unsure of what to say, Harry simply rose a hand to his throat and looked at the girl he'd always considered a sister.

His voice…gone forever because of her stupidity and blindly vicious jealousy. He didn't know how to feel, he didn't know what to think, his mind was blank.

"Oh Harry!" Molly cried, rushing over to the boy she felt as if he'd raised, pulling the boy from Lucius's arms to wrap her own around him. "Oh god I'm so sorry!"

Harry blinked down at the woman and pat her head in a comforting gesture. It wasn't as if it were her fault that he daughter had gone insane.


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