"Not like that JCole rapper..." - Klaus Mikaelson

"You're taking her with you."

Maya sat there, looking at a newly dressed Frankie. Maya had dressed her in the most comfortable clothes that she could find. Thus, Frankie was currently in old Adidas track pants and a white t-shirt that had a photo of Tupac flipping you off with both hands. Frankie's hair was wet and it was strange to see her hair sticking to her face, as opposed to the voluminous curls that framed it. People were walking all around the apartment, cleaning up from Klaus' stay.

Vampires. They were vampires. Not people. Well, when Maya stared at the blond male in front of her who had crouched down to inspect the unconscious Frankie. Klaus. That was his name. Maya wasn't sure of his connection to Frankie but from what she'd seen tonight, Maya knew that Klaus cared deeply for her. Just like Maya knew that Klaus knew things about her that she didn't know. But that wasn't something she would deal with right now.

Right now, her mind was on the fact that Klaus was clearly packing up to leave and amongst the stuff people were carrying out, Maya had caught sight of various items she was sure belonged to Frankie. A laptop covered with Supreme stickers. An old Nike duffle bag that looked filled to the brim. A neon green skateboard. All of these had passed Maya as she had sat, tried to ignore the situation she was in and focus on Frankie's sleeping form.

"She has nothing here." Klaus spoke, his eyes on Frankie.

"She has her uncle." Maya retorted. For once, the weirdness of her being in her history teacher's home washed over her. She shook her head. "She has the life she's built up."

"Her life's changed far too much her to go back to the same." Klaus spoke. "Our dear Frankie has triggered her werewolf side." As he said this, Klaus' lips turned up. Maya looked at Frankie and tried to spy any differences in her. Any muscle growth. Any… extra hair. Anything that would provide evidence to what Klaus just said. Nothing.

Maya stared at Klaus until he finally tore his eyes away from Frankie to face her. He gave her a look, waiting for the question everyone knew was on the edge of her lips. Maya slowly chose her words.

"You are… very confident in talking about… the supernatural with me." Maya said. Klaus' smirk grew as he knew exactly what she was saying.

"I know you won't say anything." Klaus said. Maya gulped, realising that how right he was. "I also know that this isn't news to you."

"Yet you won't tell me what you know." Maya retorted. She crossed her arms. "Who is the person you were referring to before?" Maya finally allowed a moment of selfishness, breaking away from the subject of Frankie to the things this vampire knew about her.

"My brother." Klaus answered.

"Your brother?" Maya asked. "You have a brother?"

"I have three, actually." Klaus responded, leaning back in his seat.

"And one of them…"

"Is obsessed with you."

Maya opened her mouth.

Then she closed it.

She had nothing to reply to that.

"His name's Kol." Klaus paused. ""It's spelt K - O - L. Not like that JCole rapper our dear Frankie here is obsessed with."

Maya stood up, needing to pace around as she absorbed the information. It was strange enough that Klaus knew of JCole but Maya just put that off to Frankie… but, here she was, being told that there is another vampire obsessed with her. Obsessed. Klaus had used that word. Obsessed.

"What do you mean when you use the word obsessed?"

"Perhaps obsessed is a bit extreme." Klaus perused. "I only use that to annoy him. He's… lovesick. Whenever you weren't there, he was always moping and complaining."

"I. Uh. You - uh." Maya stopped and cleared her throat. She put a hand to her forehead as she turned on her heel to continue pacing back and forth. "If what you're saying is true - "

" - which it is." Klaus interjected.

" - then, that would mean that I was alive… before." Before what Maya wasn't sure.

"That, love, is a long story that I won't get into."

"Why?" Maya said, finally stopping and looking at him.

"Because telling a story that spans a thousand years would take time I do not have." Klaus said, making Maya's eyes grow even more. Klaus abruptly stood up and walked out to the kitchen. Maya glanced at Frankie, checking on her before she followed Klaus out the living room.

"I - uh, you can't drop a bombshell like this onto someone and not give answers." Maya said, trying to keep her voice calm. For the most part, she managed to keep it even. "I beg of you - "

"Maya." Klaus stopped her. "We were once good friends so for the sake of that friendship you do not remember, I will drop the hint of looking into the Captain and Skippy comics." Maya frowned but didn't say anything. "That's one of the most… notable times." Klaus said. Maya let out an annoyed breath of air. Klaus' face softened an inch. "I understand it is annoying but if I spoil it, he will kill me."

"Kol?" Maya guessed. Klaus grinned.

"Don't worry, love. He'll be awake soon. Until then, do some research so you're ready." Maya shook her head, not wanting to ask any more questions to which the answers would infuriate her. Instead, she decided to stop being selfish and sort out what's happening with the friend who had just overdosed on drugs and was now apparently a werewolf.

"I'm taking Frankie to teach her the means of being a werewolf whilst also keeping an eye on her." Klaus answers Maya's unspoken question. Maya looked at Klaus with wonder but he shook his head. The pair used to be such good friends that Klaus could always make a fair guess as to what was concerning Maya. That was not to say he had anything over Kol. Everything that Maya felt, Kol felt. Klaus was sure, that Kol could read her mind and always knew what she would think about something. That was them.

But he couldn't tell her anymore than that. She would just have to wait to experience it for real.

Until then, Skippy was a good beginning.

"Maya found you. I don't actually know why she brought you there… or how she knew to bring you there, to the loft, but she did. I was… Klaus saved Damon's life and in return, I went with him. He, uh, also saved yours too. I don't know what happened to you Frankie. I mean, you triggered your genes and Damon said you seemed fine, giving you the keys to the Lambo. We all thought you just wanted to go home. Like, take a break. From everything. But we also needed to find you. Yeah. I know. Maya came the funeral and she didn't know where you were but then she rocks up with you, half passed out. You… you smelt of car petrol, blood, alcohol and - "

"Compton USA. Made me an angel on angel dust."

Frankie snorted at the perfect timing.

"Well," Stefan said as he looked at the radio which had been blaring out the genius that was Kendrick Lamar, "there we go." He changed his grip on the wheel.

Frankie had woken up in back seat.

Frankie's eyes had met Stefan's in the rear view mirror.

Frankie jumped into the shot gun seat, ignoring the ache in both body and mind that it caused.

Then, Frankie turned to Stefan and simply asked: "What the actual fuck happened?" Stefan had sighed and began with, "Maya found you…"

And now we're back to square one.

"And now we're driving?"

"Klaus' form of a test. He's in another car and is testing to see if I will follow him or…" Frankie raised an eyebrow. "I'm indebted to him for saving Damon's life - no, he was voluntarily tending to you." Stefan added at Frankie's look. "He seems… attached to you." Surprisingly, this was the fact that Frankie didn't react to.

Stefan ran his eyes over her form, taking in the new set of clothing Maya had helped her in before they left Mystic Falls. Tupac shirt. Adidas pants. Yellow Nikes. Then, he went on to say, "Both Klaus and Maya packed you bags full of everything they thought you'd need."

"Did anyone fuck with Maya?" Frankie said, trying to imagine Klaus and Maya arguing about what shoes to pack.

"No." Stefan said. "Klaus didn't threaten her. He actually worked with her in saving your life." Frankie shifted in her seat. Stefan wasn't sure if this was the right time but this was the only time when Klaus wasn't there and he could openly speak. "I felt like he knew her."

"Fucking great." Frankie said, her voice bitter. "Did Maya fuck with him back?"

"No. She didn't even know of him. But he made these… remarks that she knew someone Klaus knew. A man." Stefan said.

"Hold up, so I'm fucking kidnapped and Maya is back in Mystic Falls, apparently fucking with someone Klaus fucks with also? What shit is this?" Frankie put her feet up on the dash and began tapping her knee, itching for a cigarette. Maya had packed her bag so the chances of finding cigarettes… who fucking knows.

"Maya doesn't know anything. We actually split on…" Stefan paused, thinking of the right words, "civil terms. Klaus and her made a deal. She keeps her mouth shut about anything supernatural and what happened to you," Stefan's eyes darted to her, gauging her reaction, "and in return, he will help her research about -"

"The guys she apparently fucking knows." Frankie answered. "Fair enough."

"You're not mad?"

"How the fuck can you be fucking mad at Maya fucking Moretti?" Frankie asked. "No. I'm way too tired for this shit. I'm just… fucking drained, man." She pulled up one foot and Stefan noted how she inspected the leather. He had seen her doing this numerous times in class. It was a habit she did: checking her shoes.

"Okay." Stefan said. "But look there's… something I need to talk to you about."



"You say that shit like it's some big fucking deal - "

"It is." Stefan interrupted.

"- and I said I'm way too fucking tired for that." Frankie changed shoes. "But you're probably going to fucking say it anyways, aren't you?"

"Klaus doesn't know Elena is alive."

Frankie stopped inspecting her shoes and turned to look at Stefan. She stared at him for a split second before she leaned over and slapped the back of his head. Stefan stared at her, obviously not expecting her to do that (otherwise he would've, you know, stopped her) And what's more, with her werewolf strength, Stefan actually felt pain from the slap.

"What was that for!?"

"You amped that shit up?"

"I amped what shit up?"

"But look," Frankie said, lowering her voice to imitate his, "there's something I need to talk to you about." Frankie rolled her eyes and looked out the window. For a second. Then she turned back and glared at him. "You fucking told me something. We didn't talk about shit."

"We need to keep him from finding out." Stefan said.

"No." Frankie said. Stefan frowned. "You need to keep him from finding out." Stefan exhaled and turned to look back on the road. "Don't fucking exhale. Fuck if I am still going to be dealing with the shit of Elena - fucking - Gilbert when I'm not even the same fucking state as her." Then, in a lower voice that Stefan could still hear, Frankie mumbled to herself, "I died for that bitch once."

"Out of you and Elena, I think you're more the bitch."

They were silent for a moment before the song on the radio changed.

"A bitch is a bitch. So if I'm poor rich. Talk in the exact same pitch."

Frankie burst out into laughter. And, despite what she had said about Elena and the situation they were in, Stefan could feel the chuckles beginning within in him, also. If Frankie Dogsworth was laughing, there was no way you couldn't join in. Stefan just shook his head, laughing at the perfectly timed N.W.A that Frankie began rapping along with.

Stefan looked at Frankie again. "How are you doing that?" Frankie stared at him. "Like… laughing and singing when we're following a homicidal hybrid vampire werewolf and you've just gone through hell."

"It's N.W.A."

"And you died." Stefan said. "How much have you gone through?"

"Look, Stefan, take it from me. I mean, like, fuck, I didn't think I'd have to give you fucking advice since you're, like, fucking gramps compared to me but fuck man. If life fucks up and fucks you in the ass, you just gotta try and focus on the good shit. Focus on that don't give a single, flying fuck about anything else." Frankie said. "My kicks look fresh and dope music is playing on the radio as I'm roadtripping with people that don't actually make me want to jump off a fucking cliff. The fuck am I going to fucking wail over becoming Scooby Fucking Doo."

Stefan was silent for a moment.

"I wish more people were like you."

"Now, why the fuck would you wish that shit on the world?"