Narcissa stared at the sacred circle of the Bones family and sighed. They hadn't raised monoliths. They had laid flat stones in concentric stones in a grove surrounded by oaks and alder trees. The house was hidden from view by the branches. When she visited as a child, she'd never seen this place. The family guarded this space with great care. Amelia had always dragged her away from the trees toward the wide fields. Narcissa dragged in a trembling breath. She felt the loss of Amelia keenly. They'd been friends of a sort once. Forced socialization created odd entanglements. Hogwarts had pulled their tenuous bond apart, setting them down different paths.

Amelia had been a witch with gravitas and kindness. An unusual juxtaposition of her ambition and a genuine desire to help others had crafted her into a powerful and determined force, one Riddle had been unable to ignore or tolerate. Her death was a horror on many levels. She'd have matured into a bloody dragon of a matriarch in the same mold as Augusta Longbottom, but she was denied the chance.

"We've lost so much to the war." Narcissa leaned against her husband's shoulder. "The traditions, the very fabric of our world, have been ripped apart. How are we supposed to find our way through this?"

"Susan is following her family's tradition." Lucius linked their hands and pulled hers up to his chest, pressing the back of it to the place just over his heart. "Hermione and Luna invited people that mean something to them to stand in for her lost family. Hannah and Millie have been seeing to the small details. Blaise will help her take her place in our world as will we all."

Narcissa nodded and let herself relax. She'd never felt the pull of another family's magic this strongly. She stepped away from Lucius and knelt next to the flat stone where she would stand. She see a tracery of glowing light on it. It was beautiful as it shifted and moved like the thinnest lines of molten gold.

With a shaking hand, she stroked a finger along one of the lines and felt the welcoming warmth of the magic tingle under her skin. It spread up her arm until it enveloped her. She closed her eyes and felt a tug deep in the center of her being.

She opened her eyes and found herself in the same place standing under the glow of the sun. There was a large circle of women around her. They were clad in golden robes and crowned with flowers.

"Hello, Narcissa." Amelia stepped forward from the crowd. She looked to be about the age of Susan. Her burnished blonde hair sparked with copper lights. "It's good to see you."

"Amelia?" Narcissa blinked. She glanced from the familiar face to the sea of others arrayed around her. The sun felt warm on her skin, and the scent of apples filled the air. "Is that really you?"

"In the spirit." Amelia shrugged and rolled her eyes. "You have a tiny bit of our magic living in you, so we brought you here."

"You wanted me?" Narcissa shook her head. "Surely Alice would be a better choice. She's with the girls now."

"Alice is a wonderful witch, but she does not share our magic yet." Another witch stepped forward. Narcissa smiled at Susan's mother. She had been a few years older than Narcissa and a half blood, so they hadn't socialized. Narcissa examines her ready smile and gentle mien and felt that loss as well. The deep auburn of her hair glinted gold and bright red in the sunlight. "Our Susan has grown strong. She has filled her life with solid friendships and love in all its forms, but she needs you and yours. All the girls need you."

Amelia smiled at the other witch as she stepped back.

"Hermione and Luna found Susan and Hannah easily. It took them time to find Millie." Amelia sighed. "You don't have the luxury of time. Your son's wife is a warrior as are her sisters. You need to teach them and learn from them."

"What am I supposed to teach them?" Narcissa took a deep breath. "They are accomplished witches."

"They still need you." Amelia smirked. "Did you think being day born was a curse? You are a witch that understands the stars and values the earth. Trust in the balance."

Narcissa blinked and found herself back in the moonlit grove with the other wedding guests. She looked across the circle at Andromeda and smiled. Her sister and Alice would help her. She wasn't alone. She glanced around the grove and felt the depth and breadth of power surging as they each moved to their assigned stones. This odd group of witches and wizards had come together in love and faith to support Susan and Blaise. She glanced over at her husband as he chatted with Frank, she felt a deep gratitude bloom within her.

There was life and hope here. There was love and family here. There was magic here.

She felt it well up inside her, golden and strong. She had spent a lifetime trying to belong, trying to be worthy of her name and status. It had been an utter waste of time and effort. She had always had a place in this world. She had always belonged.

She glanced up at the moon and stars visible through the branches above her head and thought of all those that had come before and all those that would come. She took a deep breath and let her gratitude flow.

Golden lights rose up from the ground and settled in the branches. Narcissa watched the small orbs of light and smiled. The Bones family wasn't gone. They had not disappeared from the earth. Susan would have children. There would be women with kind eyes and fierce determination to populate their world again.

"Thank you." Narcissa closed her eyes and imagined a sun drenched field full of laughing children. "Blessed be, Amelia."