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PANDORA are genetically enhanced women who undergo intense training at special military schools in order to become soldiers that fight the NOVA. Pandora's strength originates from Stigmata, alien tablets that are infused with the nerves of the spinal column. The results of the merging of physiology and alien technology provides the Pandora with superhuman abilities that is over ten times greater than that of an average person. Additionally, the technology allows the Pandora to manifest armor and weapons which are deadly to the NOVA. Pandora were originally developed by the late Dr. Gengo Aoi.

NOVA are the natural enemy of mankind. These inter-dimensional beings exist in a realty different than our own. Not much is known of their history. Their motives are unclear as to why they want to eradicate the human race. The NOVA's main weapon consists of the ability to "Freeze" organic and mechanical objects with a strong energy pulse. The cascading energy renders everything within the kill zone radius inert and stationary. Over time, Pandora have developed the ability to nullify the Freezing effects. In doing so, the alien threat was neutralized during the Great War of 2077.

June, 2091

"MONSTER…" The sunlight from the surface penetrated deep into the depths of the sea. The luminous blades of light just barely touching her skin.

"MONSTER…" Her body writhed under the waves - bubbles floating upwards from her nose and mouth. She could see the surface, but something was anchoring her to the sea floor.

"MONSTER…" She pulled on the chain lashed to her ankle. Wrestling with all her might, she couldn't break the heavy links. She started to feel weak. The oxygen was depleting from her lungs - she had to take a breath. Then, looking down into the darkness she saw it.

The ominous creature gracefully swam up to her. She frantically yanked on the chain again; tugging and twisting the thick forged links. In an instant, the serpent revealed its two massive rows of razor sharp teeth. With just seconds of air left, she released the chain and courageously faced her fate with fists clenched. Suddenly the creature halted, floating motionless a meter away. It studied her, perhaps contemplating how it would enjoy eating its tethered meal. Then it spoke.


With lightning speed, it coiled itself around her mid-section and violently tore at her body with several large bites. Descending from the swirling cloud of red - a severed leg, sinking to the ocean floor with the chain still bound at its ankle.

Gasping for air, Summer woke from her nightmare. The subtle hum of the jet engines droned in her ears. As she looked around the passenger compartment, many of the other passengers were still asleep. She adjusted herself in the seat, removed her glasses and took a tissue to gently blot the droplets of sweat from her face.

Sliding up the window shade, she looked out over the horizon. The sun had risen and the clouds across the horizon were scattered and thin. She could see the blue-green hues of the Atlantic Ocean thirty-seven thousand feet below. Checking her chrono, she only had one hour remaining before the aircraft landed. Summer stretched her legs and adjusted herself in the seat again. Prior to the flight, she had spent some time in the airport restroom removing the layers of bandages from her face and neck. Just a few days earlier, Summer was locked in a fierce battle with Larisa Tamm for the top ranked position at the Spring Carnival. Suffering a devastating defeat, Summer had received multiple injuries that left her body bruised and scarred. When she boarded the plane, several people noticed her swollen eye and the reddish-purple bruises. Even the white lines of the healing paste on her throat brought undesirable attention. Despite her advanced regeneration, Summer hadn't healed enough to hide suspicion from the passengers. Thankfully, most of her additional injuries were safely hidden under her white sun dress.

Naturally, she was embarrassed to be out in public. She could only imagine what the civilians thought of her visible injuries. She contemplated several different outfits that would discreetly hide the bruises. In the end, she fabricated a story about a hiking accident, figuring this would guarantee that nobody would be overly concerned; hopefully she wouldn't have to interact with anyone. She was already anxious at having to face her parents and explain her condition.

The mainland of Great Britain came into view as the aircraft descended to make its final approach. The city of Eastbourne was on the southern coast. As the aircraft continued its approach, Summer began to make out the outlining roads, city streets, the pebble coast and the shoreline of her home town.

The closest airport was Gatwick. It is the second largest compared to Heathrow. Her usual transportation back home to the United Kingdom was on board the el Bridget Company's private jet. In this case however, the small plane was scheduled for an alternative flight so Summer reluctantly had to take a commercial flight instead.

As the captain spoke through the airliner's intercom system about their landing, Summer reviewed her simple instructions:

When exiting the terminal, just look for Morris.

Summer smiled at the thought of seeing Morris Penberthy again. He had been the family driver for several years. She knew he would have the limousine all polished and ready. She was still feeling nervous about meeting her parents at the gate. She also dreaded the one hour drive back to Eastbourne; assuming the entire trip would be her mother asking questions about her injuries and her utter failure at the Carnival.

The bustle of Gatwick made Summer uneasy. The masses of people hurried from terminal to terminal seeking their final destinations. Fortunately, they were too oblivious to identify the presence of the young Pandora. She awkwardly walked through the lines of travelers; avoiding groups of people and sidestepping around luggage as she exited the terminal. A thought crossed her mind as she excused herself past another group of travelers.

All these people feel safe because of me…because of our sworn oath to protect the human race. But right now, I am totally invisible to them…

As she stepped outside, the familiar sounds and smells stimulated her senses. Looking left, then right, she didn't see Morris.

"Where is he?" Summer whispered. "How can my parents be late?" She paced the sidewalk for ten minutes looking for her driver.

Morris Penberthy was never late. Today however, he was delayed.

"Please be patient Miss Summer! I'm almost there!" Guiding the Mercedes limousine through traffic on the M23 at break-neck speeds, Morris rushed to the airport. Finally pulling into the Arrivals zone, Morris wedged the large car between two small taxis. Leaping out, he quickly walked along the sidewalk desperately looking for his passenger.

"No! She has to still be here!" Morris shouted. "Summer, Miss Summer! Oh Christ, I hope she didn't take a taxi. I'd be fired for sure!"

Through the crowd of pedestrians and travelers, he saw her. She had a medium length white dress with red flower patterns. Her white hat and shoes complemented the dress in every respect. She looked lovely, but her forlorn face exhibited her true feelings. Walking slowly along the sidewalk, dragging her suitcase and duffle, she looked almost lost.

"Miss Summer! Oh, I'm so sorry. Miss Summer!" Their eyes met. She seemed to perk up after giving him a slight wave. Morris ran over to get her bags. "Miss Summer, thank goodness you're still here. You see, I was delayed and…"

Summer embraced him, and held on longer than usual. Morris felt uncomfortable - of course he had been part of the family for twenty years, but never would he expect to receive such a warm greeting.

"Morris, it's okay. I understand…"

"Let…me get your bags Miss Summer." Morris shouldered the duffle and carried the suitcase back to the car. Placing both articles in the trunk, Morris shut the lid and quickly opened the rear door.

"Welcome home."

"Home. I'm happy to be back Morris, thank you." As she held his hand to get into the car, she noticed immediately that the passenger compartment was empty.

"Morris, where are my parents? Why aren't they here? Didn't they know that I was arriving today?

Morris felt embarrassed, "Please Miss Summer, I'll explain everything on the way."

Somewhere in the northwestern waters of the Black Sea

The warm air had a lingering odor. The dimly lit room crackled with energy as the simulator program began. It was a crude version; nearly half the size of the flagship models Genetics use at their training facilities. The unfinished walls and ceilings exposed the holographic projectors. The flooring was uneven with patched iron frameworks.

In a secured cubicle on the outer wall of the room was a small spectator booth. In the booth were several men huddled around a single digital screen. They were focused on a young male standing in the center of the room.

He wore simple army fatigues. The drab colored fabric was a stark contrast to the double-laced black combat boots. His open collared shirt revealed a muscular chest. The sleeves stretched tightly around his defined arms as he raised his clenched fists. His straight black hair overlapped his dark brown eyes as he nodded to the controller.

The controller pushed a few buttons and the Holo room began to hum with energy. One by one each of them materialized; four glowing blue outlines of Pandora. Each opponent wielding a different deadly Volt Weapon.

A voice on the loudspeaker filled the spectator booth. "As you can see gentlemen, we have programmed a team of Pandora to test our asset. Dr. Litvinchuk was kind enough to send along a data file with approved parameters for each Pandora."

The young man slowly turned in place as he studied each transparent woman. Without warning they attacked; three of them rushing in at once. Pivoting on his left foot, he grabbed the Volt Weapon of the closest Pandora and shifted his weight to counter the second hologram. Rolling to his right, he kicked the third woman in the face as he grappled the first transparent enemy.

Blocking her Volt Weapon, he quickly dropped to one knee and executed a take down maneuver. As the third woman fell to the ground, he followed up with a smashing boot to her face. Flipping under and leaping up to the second Pandora, he struck the hologram in the chest and swept her legs out from under her. He grabbed the second Pandora's weapon, spun it around and impaled the first hologram in the upper chest. With a decapitating swing, he dispatched the first Pandora, who quickly vanished as her head struck the floor. The fourth Pandora, who had been waiting outside of the melee, suddenly rushed in.

Using the captured weapon, he sliced at the second Pandora who was recovering. Following through, he lunged at the third Pandora and cleaved her arm at the shoulder. Spinning around, he connected with the fourth Pandora and delivered a roundhouse kick. As the third Pandora hologram fell, he rolled to his left and impaled the second Pandora he had previously knocked down. The injured third Pandora tried to attack with its weapon, but the man was too fast. With a two hit combo, he removed her right leg below the knee and severed the hologram's head from its shoulders.

There were now two transparent Pandora remaining. Both slightly wounded but still deadly. The man spun his stolen weapon in the air and attacked. His lightning fast reflexes dealt precise blows to both women as he continued his combat assault. Finally stabbing the second Pandora in the neck, he stepped to his right and grappled the fourth Pandora and drove her face into the floor.

The young man didn't seem to fatigue, his energy and power staying true. Walking over to the second Pandora, he violently removed his weapon from her neck and swung it around to engage the fourth hologram. The second Pandora vanished from the room as the man continued striking at the fourth woman. With three of the Pandora holograms eliminated, he focused his assault on the last standing opponent. Something about this last hologram seemed to pique the interest of the spectators. This Pandora held a weapon they had definitely seen in combat before.

The fourth Pandora successfully defended herself against the onslaught of attacks and landed several accurate strikes of her own. Thin lines of blood began appearing through the young man's ripped clothing as he stepped sideways. It didn't seem to matter; he continued his relentless attack. Little by little, his speed increased. Within a few moments, the hologram showed signs of injury. In one quick action, the man released his Volt Weapon and lunged at the final Pandora. Rolling around and gripping the woman from the behind, he performed a double-arm choke hold.

Struggling with her opponent, she violently thrashed the man back and forth. Releasing his grip from her neck, she spun around and threw him against the wall of the simulator room. Riveted panels of steel fell from the walls exposing circuitry and other conduits as the young man collapsed to the ground.

The man slowly got up, surprised by her power. Disregarding his pain, he attacked again, dodged her Volt Weapon, and rolled over and locked arms. She was immensely strong. He strained with all his might but she wouldn't move. Baring his teeth, he grabbed at her midsection and tried lifting her off the ground.

In retaliation, the Pandora smashed the side of his head with her boot. Using her single bladed weapon, she slashed across his eye and cheek. Ignoring the pain in his left eye, the man delivered a right cross to her face and followed through with a take down. As she fell to the ground, he quickly somersaulted over the hologram and gripped her head and chin just above the neck. This technique would have been effective if his adversary had blood and oxygen flowing through her body.

She continued to struggle, but his muscular arms held her upper body in place.

"Pause the simulation." The voice on the loudspeaker commanded.

"As you can see, Oren has defeated three out of the four Pandora. In the next few moments, you'll witness him terminate this final opponent." Once the simulator was reactivated, the Pandora began to struggle again. Her strength and stamina was impressive. In one final pull, the young man twisted her head, breaking her neck with a sharp crack.

The simulated woman crumpled to the floor dropping her weapon next to her. Unexpectedly, the body didn't vanish as the previous versions did. Her final resting place - face down, on display for the spectators in the viewing booth. As the lights in the simulator room came back to full brightness, the spectators emerged from the booth and walked up to the young man who had straightened up to attention.

"Gentlemen, the test is complete. After your inspection of the asset, please exit to the door on your right."

Each of the men shuffled past the young soldier and exited the simulator room. Blood still flowed from his head wound as he nodded to each individual.

The last person to leave was an older Japanese man in his sixties. He was wearing a perfectly pressed military uniform with multiple honorary medals and bars. He approached the dead Pandora and knelt down beside her. "Dr. Dehrdome, what data was compiled on this specific Pandora?"

After a few moments, the steel door on the far side of the room opened with a heavy metallic sound. Emerging from the opening was a tall thin man wearing a yellow lab coat.

"That Pandora lying on the ground represents Satellizer el Bridget-Aoi in her prime; circa 2074. The data gathered on her abilities reflects a twelve percent margin of error. Would you be interested in reviewing our data, General Kun?"

"Twelve percent?" Kun replied as he looked up at the young soldier standing at attention. "Oren was almost defeated, and she was just a simulation with a twelve percent error!" The general stretched out his hand, secretly wanting to gently touch the simulated woman's hair.

"General, our asset has exceeded all our expectations. He did defeat the Pandora didn't he?"

She looks so helpless lying dead on the floor.

General Kun frowned and retracted his hand from the glowing hologram. "Doctor, I just want to make sure we are doing the right thing. We can't afford to make any mistakes."

"General, please. We have studied the data; there is no one similar to Satellizer or her old Pandora companions anymore. The days of the Guardians are over. With our asset and the phased plasma weapons, we will be an unstoppable force."

"I hope so, for all our sakes doctor."

As the three remaining men left the simulator room, the glowing body of Satellizer el Bridget-Aoi vanished from the floor.

Virgina, United States

"Shut up!" Adriana exclaimed as she watched the delivery man walk the second motorcycle off the flat bed truck.

"Yes! I ordered them last month." Henry Lohman confessed.

"This is so awesome!" Marcy shouted. "I want the black one please!" Both girls couldn't sit still any longer. They ran outside as the delivery man rolled the yellow Suzuki GSX-R1700 up next to the black one. It was extremely difficult to contain their excitement.

"Thank you daddy!" Both girls said simultaneously. Adriana ran her finger down the side of the yellow gas tank and then squeezed the supple leather seat. Gripping the throttle, she smiled from ear to ear.

The delivery man frowned at her and turned to Henry. "Um, sir? She doesn't seem old enough for this type of motorcycle. They're both R1700s."

Henry chuckled as he took the delivery slip. "It's not a problem, they're both Pandora. Thanks, have a great afternoon."

The man's eyes went wide as he stepped backward almost tripping over himself. He hastily returned to the truck still staring at the two girls. Adriana looked over at the man, puzzled at his dumbstruck expression.

As the truck sped away, Henry called his daughters over. "Come here you two. Listen, I know what happened back in Japan. I agreed with the punishment you two had to endure. However, these two sport bikes are my gifts to you for dismantling a serious terrorist organization responsible for mass murder and destruction." The girls nodded, their smiles fading as fast as the advertised top speeds of their new motorcycles. "Above everything else, please try to respect these machines. These aren't toys…I got the faster and more ferocious models so you two can enjoy some cruising time."

"Daddy, I don't have a license."

Henry pondered Adriana's statement for a few moments. "You've had some training on smaller motorcycles right?" Adriana shrugged, and then nodded. "Just carry your Genetics ID card with you at all times. If the authorities every pull you over, just present the ID card and they will let you go. Just don't break the law, okay?"

"We won't." Marcy replied acting very smug.

"Thank you girls. I'm so proud of you. Now, let's go easy on mom since she wasn't too excited about these expensive motorcycles."

Eastbourne, UK

"Stop the car Morris." Summer demanded.

"But, Miss Summer, I need to take you home." Summer refused to acknowledge him and kept staring out the window wondering what to do.

"Fine, but take me to the Wishtower first!"

Morris swallowed hard. "Miss?"

"The Wishtower Morris!" Her voice was angry and firm. Then, softening for a brief moment. "Please, Morris?"

The limousine altered its heading and drove into downtown Eastbourne. Finding a parking space across the street from the slopes, Morris exited the vehicle and opened the door for his only passenger.

"Miss Summer, may I accompany you down to the shore?"

Summer got out and started walking away. "No Morris, stay here with the car. I… I just need to clear my head. I'll be just a minute….please!"

Summer crossed the busy street and walked to the slopes where the Wishtower stood. The gentle sea breeze felt warm on her skin.

What did he mean? Sick? Mother was fine the last time I talked with her. There has to be a mistake. Morris is overreacting.

On the trip back from Gatwick, Morris had told Summer that his delay was caused by the sudden collapse of Satellizer while preparing for their trip to the airport. Her father, Kazuya, had helped her back into the house, ordering Morris to go on without them. Pick up Summer at the airport and bring her back to us!

Satellizer had been showing signs of Degradation for some time. Her Stigmata tablets were destabilizing. The excessive use of her amazing abilities had taken its toll on her body. Now, the alien technology was destroying her body from the inside out.

This debilitating condition is common among Pandora, especially gifted ones who possess multiple tablets. In Satellizer's case, she was fortunate to have accumulated ten tablets overall during her tenure as Field Major. Six of those tablets were Legendary Stigmata; a purer and more potent type than the standard issue implants typical Pandora receive. Now, her multiple implantations were slowly killing her.

Removing her glasses, Summer wiped the tears from her face as she stood on the shore looking out over the English Channel. The tide was in which kept the softer sand conveniently under the rolling waves. With trembling hands, she held the white sun hat; her light brown hair fluttering in the light breeze. She had waited forever for this moment - to actually stand on the shores near the slopes of the Wishtower. Unfortunately, the current situation with her mother stole every last ounce of pleasure at being at her beloved spot.

Suddenly, she cried out as she fell to her knees on the hardened stone shore, pouring out all the raw emotion she had pent up for so many months.

"This can't be happening!" I just got home! Mother, you can't leave me! Oh God, please!"

Several pedestrians and tourists took notice. It wasn't common for them to see such a young woman distraught and in anguish. Not knowing what to do, most of the people turned and walked away; leaving the teenager alone with her misery.

"Oh mother, it's too soon." She sobbed. "There is so much more I needed to say. Please don't go…"

"Please Mummy! She's crying! She needs to talk. I want to help her!"

"No luv, she needs to be left alone. She doesn't seem to be acting very sane. Please come along darling."

"No Mum, I want to help." Letting go of her mother's hand, the ten-year-old sprinted down the slope.

"Alexandra! Come back here!" Her mother angrily chased after her down the hill. Summer turned as Alexandra tapped her on the shoulder. The tears were running down her sullen face as she looked at the little girl.

"Hello, my name is Alexandra. I wanted to come help you. Why are you crying? I thought Pandora never cried." Summer's eyes went wide as she held in a sniffle. "How…how did you know?"

Alexandra smiled confidently. "I could tell." At that moment, Alexandra's mother grabbed her arm and yanked her away. "Get over here! Don't ever run away from me like that again. You can't just greet strangers like that!"

"Oww! She's not a stranger Mum! She's a Pandora!" Summer wiped her eyes and quickly stood up to politely greet the woman.

The blood drained from the mother's face as she quickly lowered her head. "I'm…so very sorry for bothering you Guardian, I didn't know your kind was allowed out in public. Please, forgive us."

Summer held in one last sniffle while trying to smile. "It's okay. Your daughter was being very kind to me." Alexandra shrugged off her mother's grip and stepped closer. Looking up into Summer's eyes, "What's it like being a Pandora? I think it's the best thing in the whole world."

Summer wiped her face again and knelt down next to the little girl. "Being a Pandora? It's not easy, but I'm doing ok. You have to be strong and endure many hardships, plus there are so many rules. It's a tough life. Every girl who becomes a Pandora has a story to tell.

"What's your story?" Alexandra inquired.

"My…story?" Summer stuttered. "My mother was a great Pandora in her day. She helped defeat the NOVA during the Great War. Her name…is Satellizer el Bridget-Aoi." Alexandra's mother gently touched her daughter's shoulder.

"Wow! You mean, the Satellizer?" The Untouchable Queen?" Alexandra replied.

"Yes." Summer chuckled. "She hasn't gone by that nickname in quite some time. She was a Field Major for Japan's military."

"What's your name?" Alexandra asked.

"My name is Summer, nice to meet you." Alexandra quickly stepped forward and gave her a hug.

"Alexandra!" The mother pleaded. "That's quite enough! I'm so sorry Guardian for my daughter's behavior."

"Thank you for everything." Alexandra whispered. Summer was astonished with this little girl's overwhelming personality.

"Why were you crying?" She asked.

"Oh, I was crying because…" Summer really didn't have the correct answer. She had been through so much training that she had become desensitized to the many trials of her life. The death of her friend Millie Bunce last year was now a distant memory, replaced by the violence caused by the actions of Mavis and FloodTide. In addition, the suffering and defeat she endured at the hands of Larisa also played a role in her depression. Then, after all of that, returning home to find out that her mother has the late stages of Degradation and that she probably would not be alive for much longer.

"I was crying because I just found out that my mother is very sick."

"Oh, that's too bad. I hope she feels better." Alexandra replied. Her mother tugged at her sleeve. "Alexandra, it's time to go darling."

Alexandra hugged Summer one last time. "Thank you again for being a Pandora and helping to protect me and my Mum!"

"You're very sweet." Summer managed to giggle "You're very welcome." She could feel her inner turmoil subsiding as she observed the young girl. As she turned to leave, Summer waved at them both. "Have a good day."

Alexandra and her mother walked back up the slopes and began mixing with the pedestrians and tourists walking along the streets. As Summer watched them, Alexandra turned around one last time to wave. As Summer waved back, Alexandra called out to her.

"Summer! Don't ever give up! Embrace your power!"

Summer stopped waving, she held her hand in the air for a moment; her mouth agape with what she just heard. It couldn't be those words from my dream?

"Alexandra! Alexandra, wait!"

In a rush, her white sun hat dropped to the ground as she sprinted up the grassy slopes onto the crowded sidewalk of pedestrians. She reached the spot where she last saw them; desperately pushing through the people as she looked right, then left. The mother and child were gone, as if they never existed. "Alexandra!" Summer broke down again. "No! Damnit!"

Many pedestrians on the footpath gave her a wide berth. Most of them didn't understand why this young woman was ranting and carrying on. An older couple shook their heads while another man frowned and stepped around her. Summer turned in circles, trying to pinpoint where they would have gone.

It wasn't my imagination! They WERE right here!

"Miss Summer! Miss Summer are you all right? Summer reached for Morris's hand as she kept her balance. "Take…take me home now please." She whispered.

"At once Miss Summer, at once!"

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