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I was bored. I was so mind-numbingly bored that I'd actually go along with the next idea that came out of Emmett's mouth. Of course, three hundred years of mundane living can do that to you.

My siblings and I decided that, while Carlisle's lifestyle was ideal for an optimist, it was simply too exhausting to keep control of our natures. I'm already damned to hell, and it can't get much worse than that. So we left, the image of a sobbing Esme and a stiff-jawed Carlisle burned within our crystal-clear memories forever.

Being changed so young, however, limited all of us. Who would want a "fresh-out-of-college" doctor or lawyer in their employment? Even with top marks guaranteeing us positions, it would only be a matter of time before we would have to leave.

That was almost a hundred years ago, back in the year 2110. Surprisingly, our situations only got worse from there.

Running a hand through my copper hair, I opened my mind to be barraged with thoughts of all ages. Rolling my eyes briefly at the new drama, I let my gaze sweep across the cafeteria apathetically. Abruptly, I halted at the inquisitive stare meeting me head-on.

Big, chocolate brown eyes gazed at me from across the cafeteria, unblinking. Dipping into her mind revealed nothing, surprisingly. My focus never wavered. If anything, it intensified as I struggled to get a sound from her vacant mind. My frustration grew as I ripped my eyes away from hers, to stare at the white concrete walls in distaste.

Had I turned back around, I would have seen the mocking smile grace her lips, her warm mocha eyes flashing mossy green before settling into brown once more.

It's as if she didn't think at all, I mused softly to myself.

My boyfriend, Jasper, raised a questioning eyebrow at me, feeling my fluctuating emotions shock his nerves. I shot him a quick smirk, loving how his burgundy eyes widened slightly in surprise. Even after 268 years of marriage, I can still break that cool facade of his.

"Edward, are you okay?" He asked quietly, his lips barely moving.

After a slow nod of assent, I let my eyes travel over to the mousy blonde girl once more. Hidden behind a curtain of straw yellow hair, the only noticable thing about her was her height. Even sitting she was towering over her peers, smiling awkwardly at the numerous people directing comments to her.

"Do you know him?" Jessica, the annoyingly mouthy white girl, asked brashly. The jealousy was obvious in her voice.

"He's such a freak," Mike muttered. Tyler voiced his agreement.

"He's still staring at you," Lauren sneered, her lip curling meanly.

"If Edward Cullen is staring at you, you must be able to turn him straight, then!" Eric said mockingly.

The girl's cheeks flushed with blood, visually appealing in the most obvious way.

Jasper's strong hand gripped my jaw, forcing me to face him. With his eyebrows furrowed, I could feel the heat of his anger burning through me. His lips crashed against mine loudly, drawing the attention of the new girl and her friends.

Their jeering reached my ears faintly as Jasper eventually slowed, placing unhurried kisses along my jaw and ending with a peck to my nose. He leaned back in his chair, satisfied with the dazed look in my eyes.

"You're so possessive, Jasper," Alice whispered, snuggling into Emmett's side. His arms were draped around both Rosalie and Alice, making an interesting picture.

Ignoring her, Jasper murmured, "Even though I don't mind sharing, you're mine."

"Agreed," I stated. The girl's glare pierced my back for the rest of the lunch period before the bell rang, dismissing us to class.

We walked slowly, savoring the time in between periods. I felt Alice's hand wrap around my arm tightly, snagging me before I entered Biology. Sparing her a quick glance, I mouthed, Make it quick.

"I see three, instead of two. Sadly, I'm just not sure who," Alice sings softly.

Her vagueness irked me, my irritation rising when I realized her vision was shrouded in shadows. Only three outlines were visible, with flashes of gold and crimson appearing sporadically in the light. We were obviously locked in the throes of passion, God help me. A pair of flaming orange eyes lit the shadows, rolling backwards as a splatter of the girl's blood flew in the air. Alice released her grip, bouncing away after a brief curious pause.

I walked into class, seeing the blonde girl sitting in my seat. Stalking towards her, I slammed my hand on the counter, my red eyes sparking.

"This is my seat!" I snarled. "Move!"

She only tilted her head calmly in reply. Is she daft? I could feel the rumblings of a growl in my chest, prepared to move her myself. That is, until the teacher came in.

"Mr. Cullen! Have a seat right now!" Mrs. Banner snapped. "I will not have you antagonizing the new student Isabelle!"

Glaring daggers, I slunk to the back of the room, feeling the curiosity of all the students. My books crashed to the countertop, leaving me aching to do that to the blonde's skull.

It was then I realized I couldn't smell her either. Intrigued, I inhaled deeply, every smell strengthened because of the heat. Surprise, surprise!

As if she could feel my gaze on her, the girl turned around briefly. Baring her teeth in a wicked grin, her eyes flickered yellow so quickly, had I been human I would have missed it. She spun back around, just in time for the teacher to not see.

It didn't matter though, because the gauntlet had been thrown.

Let the games begin, Isabelle, I darkly thought. Let them begin.