Some people believe that in the beginning, there was nothing. They are wrong. Even when nothing exists, time flows and fate is made. The first beings were just that, time and inevitability, also known as Chronos and Ananke. They had three children; chaos, order, and void. Chaos was the kind and caring sister while order was the tough brother who feared nothing. Chaos was skilled in making stars, planets, and galaxies. She made stars and fed them to her baby brother, void. Order got jealous of chaos and tried to kill her. Void noticed this, and while they were fighting, Void stood in front of chaos and took the blast that would have killed her. Order then fled, consumed in guilt and anguish.

Chaos made a new galaxy and a solar system in it, and put a planet that could contain actual life, gods, and humans in it. She created the nine worlds Asgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Midgard, Jotunheim, Nidavellir, Nilfheim, Muspellheim, and Helheim. However Midgard, or earth was her favorite and she dedicated it to her brother, void for his sacrifice. She created other primordials such as Gaea, Ouranus, Erebus, Nyx, Aether, Hemera, Pontus, Thalassa, and Tartarus. They formed the primordial council, which was a democracy. Chronos and Ananke faded, leaving chaos as the rightful heir. She watched the gods of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Asgard, and many more grow and prosper. Everything was peaceful for a few millennia.

However, all good things must come to an end. She could sense trouble and danger heading towards earth. She knew her days were numbered, only a few millennia left. She decided to choose a mortal heir who was kind, caring, wise, strong, brave, loyal, humble, modest, and not power-hungry. She decided the only one who could be like that was a mortal. She searched the fates' life strings and looked around the whole universe. She searched for centuries and finally found the one, the perfect person for the ruler of the universe. That person was Perseus Jackson.