DISCLAIMER: Nope they aren't mine but the product of a far more creative and imaginative genius by the name of Kevin Williamson.

"Is everything ok in there?" Pacey knocked on the door, awaiting encouragement to enter.

Jen's face poked through a small opening and she rolled her eyes.

"She's about to hyperventilate- it's your turn" She opened the door fully, allowing Pacey to enter.

"Wow Jen" Pacey eyed her appearance in the sky blue bridesmaid dress that set off her fair complexion. "You look ravishing. If you weren't a married woman.." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her. Jen held up her hand to his face.

"Hold that thought. We have more pressing issues" She pointed at the bundle of white sitting in the corner, her head over her knees. Pacey walked towards her and sighed.

"Joey?" Pacey kneeled by her. "Jo.look at me"

Joey looked up; her eyes were wide, a million thoughts flooding her brain.

"Pace, I can't do it" her voice was thin and desperate.

"Oh yes you can" he replied adamantly.

"But lets say it's not our time.I mean, somehow we've been a part of this pattern our whole lives- on again, off again, on again" her head bobbed up and down, emphasising her words "and maybe that's just how it's meant to be. Maybe..."

"Ok Jo, shut up" Pacey had to stop her. He was being slightly flippant, attempting not to add gravity to the thoughts that were weighing her mind. He knew that these were meaningless jitters. Joey had to go through them as a formality. She needed reassurance, and he was probably the person whose judgement she trusted most. Jen was relieved when she saw Pacey because she knew that only he could have the desired effect.

"Will you look at me?" He took her hand in his and looked into her beautiful face. "Joey, as much as I hate to use this word, you and Dawson are soul mates. I must admit that I have been known to be a cynic when it comes to the aforementioned matter" He heard Jen snigger slightly "but I have been converted recently into a believer, and anyone who sees you two together knows that you are meant to be. So just go out there and do the inevitable.If not for yourselves, for the sake of all the other innocent creatures who get involved with either of you two!"

"Amen to that" Jen agreed.

Joey chuckled at Pacey's truism as she looked at the two people who had probably most been hurt through the whole debacle. It seemed that neither she nor Dawson could get involved with anyone without sucking them into the whole 'Dawson and Joey' saga.

"I love him Pacey. I know I want to be with him"


"So.that doesn't mean that today is the right day. So much has gone wrong already- there have been so many negative signs!"

"Like what?"

"Well first of all my dress is a little too big on me"

"Joey you look amazing"

Joey ignored his compliment "...And second of all Alex isn't well. Bessie has spent most of the morning in the bathroom with him throwing up"

"Unfortunate, yes, but completely unconnected with whether or not you should marry Dawson"

"And thirdly- Andie isn't here yet!"

"Joey, I told you that Jack spoke to her and she is in a cab on her way from the airport"

Jen sounded exasperated.

"Joey face it, you're getting married today. The only important factors are that you and Dawson are here- nothing else matters and I can tell you that Dawson is out there in the chapel waiting for you, counting the seconds until he sees you walk down that aisle as the most beautiful bride he has ever seen" Pacey took her hand and touched it with his lips.

"Joey, he's the one. Don't throw this away again"

The sincerity of his words jolted her.

"Why do you always make things sound so simple?" She smiled meekly at him.

"He can't help it, he has a simple mind"

"Funny Lindley, real funny"

"Ok" Joey took a deep breath and stood up. "I'm going to do this"

Pacey smiled as he looked down at her.

"You know, I thought that this was going to be difficult for me, but seeing you wearing your wedding dress, I just know that you and Dawson are meant to be, you two deserve to be happy."

Joey felt tears spring to her eyes, touched by his words. "Thanks pace" It meant a lot to her.

"You look beautiful Joey" he leaned down to kiss her cheek "Now go make Dawson a happy man" She nodded smiling at him and he gave her a small wink.

"See ya in church Lindley" he called out to Jen as he walked by.

"How is that man still single?" Jen mused shaking her head.

"It's one of the great mysteries of the world."

"Although we both had our chances and blew it." Jen pondered. They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Let's get you to the church on time!" ~