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Chapter Sixteen - The Final Ride

The day rolled into evening as the beautiful sunset casted a wide array of oranges and reds clear across the western horizon. As the sky grew darker, Natsu and the others road back to Magnolia as they began to discuss their long and adventurous day.

"Wow, you really have motion sickness?" Erza tried to hold her smile to a small grin as she road bedside Natsu and Happy.

Lucy sat behind Natsu on his blue steed as she rolled her eyes. "Yea, and he barely made it out alive." She then tightened her gripped on his waste and laid her exhausted head on his upper back.

Jellal laughed from the other side as he observed the scene unfold. "Now, now. Every man has his weakness. The important this is Natsu overcame it to save your live."

Natsu then chuckled and lit up with laughter. "Yea, ya here that Lucy! Jellal said you needed me to get motion sickness."

Lucy slammed her head into his shoulder and sighed. "No, Natsu…he didn't."

Erza then brought up another question. "So, Natsu. Now that you've successfully defeated the Spriggans, have you ever considered moving out to the capital to become a Marshal?"

"Oh yea! That could be exciting!" Lucy lit up with joy at the thought of Natsu moving out east. "You'd be perfect at that!"

Natsu then thought about it for a moment, and realized just how many marshals he's worked with in his life time (His foster-father Gildarts, his trainers Bisca & Alzack, and finally his new partners Jellal and Erza.)

He then smiled with hope in his eyes. "Yea that'd be awesome! Only…I'm still and ex-convict, remember…?"

Lucy then began to frown as Jellal continued. "Yes, well I guess we aren't the deciders. In any case. Congrats again on saving the town. I'm sure the capital city would be proud of your accomplishments.

Natsu then road with pride and let out a loud laugh. "Oh yea! YA HEAR THAT CAPITAL! I SAVED THE DAY!"

"Sure you did, Natsu." Lucy let out a tiny giggle and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek.

Natsu then caught on to something as he looked down to Lucy's hands around his waist. He found Lucy had tied a piece of cloth over her right hand, but he could see a few pieces of a very familiar brand mark sticking out of its edges.

"Hold on, Lucy...did they brand you, too?"

Natsu sounded like he didn't want to hear and answer, but Lucy nodded her head and repeated the same quote used by him when she first discovered his brand scar.

"Yea, it hurt when I got it…but now it's pretty cool."

She smiled and winked as she took off the make-shift bandage and showed him her new scar.

Natsu laughed and commented back to her. "Well, you know you can't go hidin' that thing at those fancy parties back east! You gotta show all your stuffy friends how tough you are!"

Lucy paused and realized that she would more than likely be making the journey back to the east alone, and because of that she brought Natsu in for a tighter hold.

"Yea…sure thing."

As they finally made it back in town they were greeted by several familiar faces.

Standing in the middle of the street was Gajeel and Gray who both held Levy and Juvia as they all looked on to the arriving cavalry.

Gray then lit up with a grin. "Hey, look whose back! How was the ride?" He asked with sarcasm as he clearly saw Lucy was okay.

Gajeel then snapped over to Natsu. "I hope you're happy, Salamander! We had to save this place the minute you ran off to chase some train, and I got shot!" He held his injured arm out, and as he did Levy flicked the wound to shut him up.

"What he means to say is congrats! And I'm so glad to see you're alright, Lucy!" Levy jumped over to give Lucy a hug as soon as she came off the horse.

Lucy smiled at her new friend's kindness. "Awe, thanks Levy! I'm glad to see you're okay, too!"

Levy then put her arm around Lucy and began to wink. "Man, I bet Natsu was pretty heroic when he stopped that train to save you."

Lucy blushed and let out a little smile. "Um, actually he just sorta jumped right on while it was still moving…"

Levy nearly fainted with excitement. "NO WAY!? Ooo that's so romantic!" She gave Lucy a big hug as they both laughed with joy.

Natsu let out a small laugh, but not before Sheriff Laxus came by to put his arm around his shoulder. "Man, Natsu you really stepped up today. I'm actually impressed."

Natsu scratched his head. "Hey, thanks Laxus! Sorry about that leg, though. Hehe."

Laxus looked sort of angry that he brought it up, but he waved it off as a usual silly quote by Natsu. "Yea, whatever…"

Mirajane, Lisanna and Makarov all joined in as the entire town came over to celebrate his victory.

Makarov looked very pleased with his young friend's achievements. "Well done my boy. You brought a lot of pride to this town."

"Oh dear, this is all too much to handle!" Mira then giggled and began to fan herself as she looked at Natsu and Lucy standing side by side.

Lisanna then winked at Lucy as she began to smile. "You better be nice to my Natsu!"

Lucy felt very uncomfortable from all the attention as she still barely knew any one there. "Ah gee…thanks guys."


The whole town froze as Natsu and the rest of the gang looked over to the Train Station. They all noticed a brand new shiny black locomotive was sitting in the station and a large army of capital officials was standing outside the doors.

Natsu jumped up and growled. "WHO'S ASKIN' FOR ME!?"

Then a man with brown hair tied back in an ornate bun stood forward wearing a pair of very thin glasses. He also wore a military uniform and looked on with a stern expression.

"My name is Captain Lahar. I am the leading officer of the Fiore Military's western division and I survey this region for acts of crime. We received a message from a young lady who ventured in from this town by means of train."

"Cana...she's alright after all." Natsu smiled and thought about his sister, and laughed as he looked back. "So what do you want me for?"

Lahar stood tall. "We had a few concerns that pertain to your involvement in the recent events, let's walk this way…"

As he took Natsu to the Town Hall, Lahar then ordered his other men to survey the town and administer more help to its people.

Immediately, a tall and very handsome boy with dark blond hair stepped up and looked Lucy right in the eyes.

"My my, I heard the daughter of Jude Heartfilia was beautiful, but no one ever said anything about breath taking." He looked down and grabbed her hand as he introduced himself.

"My name is Sargent Hibiki Lates, and I'm here with the capital's forces. Shall I escort you to one of our camp sites for some refreshments?"

Lucy shook with fear and smiled at her odd new friend. "Um, hello…my name's Lucy…and no you may not."

Then a tall, dark and handsome boy with medium length black hair looked over to Juvia and gave her a cold shoulder.

"You're okay, I guess. The name's Ren Akatsuki, but don't bother waiting for me to ask for your's." The strange military man then leaned into Juvia as she became more and more uncomfortable.

"Um, Gray…he's scaring me." She waited for her valiant boyfriend to save her with passion and grace, but Gray just sort of nodded and turned her the other way.

"Okay, then don't talk to him…" He kept a straight face as she latched on to his arm.

"OH GRAY! I knew you would never let another man steal me!"

The Strauss sisters then began to giggle as a third strange boy with bright blonde hair came over to greet them.

"Well, my name is Eve Tearm, but forget that. I'm so blown away by your sibling beauty that I don't even need a last name!" He smiled with soft eyes as Laxus looked over to Elfman.

"Tsk. Aren't you gonna do anything about that?" Laxus eyed the little Eve as he cupped Mira's hands in his own, but he chose not to act.

Elfman laughed. "Nah! A real man need to jump up and do his own work!" He then smacked Laxus on the back and turned away, leaving the angry Sheriff to roll his eyes.

Jellal and Erza both looked around and smiled, and the former spoke first. "Ah, I remember back when we were cadets. You know, we met right outside the main hall of the academy...?"

Erza blushed and smiled softly. "Oh I don't forget, I'm just trying to remember why we…"

"Oh could it be, Miss Erza!? *SNIIIF* It's soo wonderful to smell you delicious parfum once again!"

Jellal looked confused and turned around as Erza stood still as a frozen statue.

"Oh, no…not him." She cringed at the thought of the new guest.


Then a short, orange haired man with a hideous face and a reeking stench crept up behind the beautiful red-haired Marshal. "Ugh, your wonderful hair is still so shiny and full of life! I am so happy to see you stayed so beautiful. MAN!"

Erza nearly sank into the ground until Jellal spoke up. "Erza, is this a former boyfriend?"

"AGH…" Erza's world shattered as Jellal's question burned through her mind. "No…just a very forward acquaintance…"

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lieutenant Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. And lucky for me Erza and I go back well into the distant past." The little man then jumped up behind her and began to stiff her scent once again.

"OH! My sweet honey, I have missed you so…"

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU TROLL!" The red haired marshal couldn't take it anymore, and Erza quickly jumped up to punt the poor man clear across the other side of the town.

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Ichiya shouted with passion as he flew through the sky and landed hard into the ground, and as he skidded across the dirt road, he landed at the feet of Captain Lahar.


Erza and the others all turned around as Lahar and Natsu returned from his debriefing. "Well, it appears Natsu has no other information for our reports. We will continue to monitor the town as the week progresses." He then gestured to his guards to walk over to the Sheriff's office to confront the other captured Spriggans.

As he left however, Lucy stepped up and shouted a question. "Hold on, what's gonna happen to Brandish?"

Natsu then added on. "Oh yea. And what about that nut job Jacob and that runaway train?"

Lahar turned and smiled. "The train will have the misfortune of greeting our far western division in the next town over. As for the Spriggan known as Brandish. She will be taken back with the others for further interrogation."

Lucy wasn't satisfied. "Well make sure she's let off easy. Brandish isn't the same as those other monsters."

The Captain admired her forgiving nature and smiled as he began to walk away. "I'll take note of that, Miss Heartfilia, but you shouldn't worry now. It appears Brandish was also marked with the Spriggan's enemy brand; so this will help us make our final judgment call on her future…And please, Marshal Scarlet leave my soldiers alone for the time being."

Before she could allow Ichiya to return for one more "free sample", Erza grabbed Jellal's hand and ran for their horses. "Okay, it's time to go back to the capital! NOW!"

Natsu then jumped up and ran after them. "Wait up you jerks! I'm coming too!"

The whole group gasped as Natsu froze in his tracks.


Mira began to frown. "Natsu, you've been here for seven years."

Wendy the nurse's aide then spoke up after that. "Yea, and you've been a big help around town lately."

Jellal then stepped forward to ask a simple question. "Hold on, are you sure you're allowed to go east?"

Natsu grinned. "YEP! They have my new job ready and everything. They told me to go back with you guys to become a Marshal! Then I can find my sister, Cana and live with her!"

He then stopped and turned back around to collect the whole view of the town. "Well, I think I'm ready anyway..."

Gray laughed and spoke before the group could continue. "Ah, man. Don't let us hold you back! You gotta go live your dream, it's just like your dad did!"

Gajeel then smirked. "Yea, and the sooner you leave town the better!"

Mayor Makarov then sighed. "Well, to be honest I've treated all you rail road hands like my own children over the years. My feelings aside, I hope you're ready for your next journey."

Lisanna then winked and spoke up. "Ah he'll be fine! Beside, I'm sure him and Cana will be sure to visit now and again."

Natsu the lit up with a big smile. "Oh yea!" and he went to say more but Lucy jumped over to congratulate him.

"Natsu that's so exciting! It's just like you wanted!" She was so happy for him she never even noticed he grabbed her hands first.

Natsu smiled and looked her right in her eyes. "What are you so worked up about? You're coming with me!"

Lucy then froze in place. "R-Really?"

Natsu turned to her and smiled as he took a firm hold her hands. "Well, duh? You said you wanted me to move out west!? Now we're both happy!"

The towns folk laughed and smiled, and Mira, Lisanna and Levy nearly fell over with an over does of romantic feelings as Natsu took Lucy's hands.

Lucy on the other hand had never heard any greater new in her entire life, and her entire world flipped upside down as Natsu said those words.

"Aha-ahaha! NATSU!" She then jumped up and gave him a big hug as the town's folk laughed.

Finally, Laxus then rolled his eyes and walked away. "Agh, just get out of my town, Natsu."

Natsu smiled and nodded his head. "No problem!" He then grabbed Lucy's hand and climbed up on to his trusty steed.

As Happy collected his two riders, the three horses road away; and the people of Magnolia waved good bye.

However, soon after Erza took the lead. "NO! We're not going fast enough! We need to keep moving!" She cried out in fear as images of Ichiya haunted her memory, making Jellal laugh a bit in sympathy.

As Erza cried out, Lucy grabbed Natsu by the waste and smiled. "Actually, we can talk all the time we need."

Natsu then grinned and turn his head to give her another quick kiss on the lips, but as they finished he moved away and made a gross gagging noise.

Lucy punched him in the back. "AGH! YOU'RE SO MEAN!"

Natsu turned around and gave her his signature toothy grin. "Ah I was just messin' with ya' Lucy! Man this is gonna be fun livin' with you!"

Lucy blushed and rested her head on his muscular back as she sighed. "Yea sure, whatever…"

Then as they made off for the east, the three horses road into the big blue night as the riders raced towards the capital of Fiore, and on into their new lives.

The End!

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