"Are you sure this isn't too early?"

"Moon died four years ago, Cas. I think that's enough time."

"No, I mean, isn't it too early for us to get a cat together? We've only recently moved in together."

"College sure made you lose all concept of time. It's been ten months. We've been dating for almost four years. Everything will be fine," Dean squeezed Cas' hand and led him into the animal shelter. "We just have to find a perfect little fur ball for us."

They'd visited this shelter a few times before, but this time they were ready to adopt. As he looked around, Dean's eyes fell on one particular cat. It had light brown and white fur with dark circles around its blue eyes.

"What is it?" Cas asked him when he realized he had stopped.

"This one looks so familiar."

"It's a snowshoe cat," Cas said. "It looks like Grumpy Cat."

Dean shook his head. "No, that is not it."

"Come on, Dean, let's go there."

Cas dragged Dean away, but Dean's mind drifted back to that cat. He was trying to focus on what Cas was saying, but then he realized it. "Bucky!"


"The cat reminds me of Bucky. In the Winter Soldier when he has smudged eyeliner and all."

Cas rolled his eyes. "I'm dating a geek."

"You're just pissy because I realized it first," he said and made his way back to 'Bucky'. "Cas, look at him."

"Dean, no. We're not adopting a cat because it reminds you of a movie character."

"He's a comic character too."

"Dean! We have to learn everything about a cat's breed before we adopt it. We can't just jump into it. It's a big responsibility."

"Cas, weren't you just talking about the snowshoe breed a few minutes ago? You already know everything you need to. Now look at this cute face. This is our cat."

Cas sighed, but looked at the cat. Dean could see his expression softening and he knew they had found their perfect cat.

"Damn it. You were right."

"Ain't I always?"

After they finished everything at the shelter, there was only one thing left to do.

"We're not naming him Bucky. No way."

"Cas, we have to."

"No, think of something else."

Dean sighed, but gave up. His boyfriend was stubborn as hell when he wanted to be. "What about Winter?"


"Yeah, because it's a snowshoecat. Plus, you know- Winter Soldier?"

Cas rolled his eyes, "Okay."

"Really? Wow, didn't know it was gonna be that easy. Thought I'd have to persuade you some more." Dean wiggled his eyebrows.

Again Cas rolled his eyes. Dean was starting to worry he was going to hurt himself one day.

Once they were in the security of their apartment Winter strolled around to get used to his new home while Dean followed him around, taking pictures.

"I've gotta send these pics to Charlie. She's gonna love him," he said after Winter fell asleep and there were enough photos of him on Dean's phone. For the first day, at least.

"I think you're more excited about the cat than I am."

"Well, I know it means a lot to you."

"Thank you, Dean," Cas stroked Dean's cheek and kissed him. "I'm very happy we brought Winter into our family."

Dean's stomach fluttered at the word 'family' and he grinned. He and Cas were a family and he couldn't be happier about it.

A few weeks after welcoming their new family member, Dean and Cas lay in their bed, cuddling (as always). They were about to drift asleep when they heard footsteps approaching.

"Winter is coming," Dean mumbled into Cas' neck and the only reason Cas hadn't rolled his eyes was because they were closed. He shouldn't have let Dean become obsessed with Game of Thrones.

"You're a nerd," Cas whispered.

"And you wouldn't have me any other way," Dean responded and Cas couldn't deny it because it was the absolute truth.

The mattress dipped under them as Winter climbed up and lay down beside their feet.

"He really loves sleeping in our bed."

"It's 'cause we're awesome."

Cas chuckled and kissed the top of Dean's head. "I'm so happy."

"Me too, Cas. I don't think life can become any better." Cas could hear a smile in Dean's voice. "I love you."

"I love you too, Dean," Cas whispered back. "Good night."

"'Night, Cas."

As he listened to Dean's light snoring, Cas thought about everything he and Dean had gone through. It hadn't been easy, but they had never let anything get between them. Sometimes Cas still found himself in disbelief that he was actually living this life and not dreaming it.

He felt Winter's fur brush against his skin and he was reminded of the times he had shared a bed with Moon. Even though he didn't feel as sad as before about losing her, he still missed her sometimes. Losing her had been a difficult time in his life, but if it had been meant to happen so he could get to this point, then he wouldn't change anything. Moon would always have a special place in his heart and hopefully Dean would always stay by his side.

Cas snuggled closer to Dean and smiled- he would never get tired of cuddling with Dean. And thankfully there were many, many years of it before them. One day they would expand their family, but for now the three of them- Cas, Dean and Winter- were happy together.

~the end~