Time Line of Events and Important Facts

This is a timeline of events with in relation to the books to help with any confusion

*Sam was a wolf when he found Bella in the woods which was September 2005*

June 2005

Sam first phases (I suspect since prom was around June for Bella and she had just been attacked by James I'm going to go with the presence of nomads triggering Sam to phase.)

July 2005

Sam imprints on Emily

Leah finds out she's pregnant (She became pregnant around the middle of June)

September 2005

Leah begins to show and moves in with Emily's parents

February 2006

Leah gives birth to Hailey Sue Clearwater (Since she got pregnant she gave birth mid to end of February which puts her at eight months which is accurate for giving birth)

March 2006

Leah and Seth Clearwater phase

Harry Clearwater passes away

Everything in the books happens as they are. Jacob still imprints on Nessie and has his own pack. Another reason Leah left Sam's was so she could avoid slipping up about Hailey.

Hailey is now five so the present date of the story is Spring 2011

Packs age and Couples

La Push Pack – Uley and Black

Sam Uley (25) – Alpha / Emily Uley (Young) (24)

Jared Cameron (21) – Beta / Kim Cameron (Conweller) (20)

Paul Lahote (21) – Omega / Rachel Black (24)

Brady Fuller (18) / Zoe Miller

Collin Littlesea (18)

Jacob Black (21) – Alpha / Renesmee Cullen (4 biologically, 10 physically)

Leah Clearwater (24) – Beta

Seth Clearwater (19) – Omega / Alyson (18)

Embry Call (21) / ? you'll have to keep reading to find out

Quil Ateara V (21) / Claire Young (7)

Plus seven younger wolves from the Volturi incident in BD but they are still in school so they won't really be mentioned.

Makah Pack

Vince Hart (24) – Alpha / Sydney (24)

Alyson Hart (18) – Beta / Seth Clearwater

Eric (23)

Tyson (21)

Logan (21)

Derek (23) / Camille (25)

Shane (19)

Mark (24) / Leslie (24)

Chevy (22) / Violet (20)

Zoe Miller (16)

Nyeli (17)

Naomi (17)

Danielle Spencer (18)

Nova (18)