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Tex tightened his grip on his guns, and braced himself for the worst.

His unit, which had been sent to Caspian and assigned to kill an arrogant billionaire by the name of Edward Kingman, had just received information from Bratton that there would be a new addition to their team.

A woman (well, synthetic) that answered to the name; 'Flint'.

Hawk, the unit's fiery red-head, eyed their new member suspiciously.

"Flint," Hawk started, effectively grabbing the synthetic's attention as it/she whipped her head around to face the human who'd uttered her code-name. "How about an introduction?" She asked, curiously tilting her head to examine every fake strand of hair and patch of rubber-like flesh that covered her synthetic, metal body.

Flint's eyes glinted in the sunlight, and a small smirk spread across her face.

"By all means," she replied, in a voice that mocked that of an ordinary human's. "if it makes you feel better, I'll introduce myself."

Without another word, she heaved her sniper rifle up onto her shoulder and took a clean shot at the guard several miles away from them, effectively popping him in the head and causing him to double-over, dead.

The team nodded to one another in silent approval.

Even though her attitude wasn't exactly on the likable side, they couldn't deny that she was a crack-shot.

Brutus sniffed the air with his snout, allowing his gut instincts to take over.

"Synthetic is loyal, but stubborn."

Hawk rolled her eyes.

He was only stating the obvious, he couldn't possibly have gauged her loyalty by breathing in the scent of her motor-oil and lead.

Tex begrudgingly admitted defeat. "Hmph. She'll do."

Flint lowered her weapon and strutted her way past the team.

"Come with me if you want to live." She mocked, smirking at her own attempt at humor.

Tex scoffed.