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I thought of this story and it was too good not to write and post. I was going to be a One-Shot but there will be more as my time allows.


Dark Kat had another plan to get rid of the SWAT Kats permanently. Everything was already in motion and was working flawlessly. The only thing that he needed to do is to lure them out and into his trap. Once they were trapped, the chemicals he had placed at the warehouse would take care of the rest. He yelled, "Fixer, I need your services."

Fixer, aka Joseph had just finished rigging up the last of the bombs he was contracted to build. He then heard Dark Kat's summoning. Fixer put down his tools and went to Dark Kat. He arrived a few minutes later and asked, "You summoned me?"

"Yes, I need you to set up a diversion for the Enforcers and manage to get the SWAT Kats into my trap," Dark Kat said."

"Do you agree to my fee?" Fixer asked.

"As long as everything works as planned, then yes. You will be paid handsomely," Dark Kat answered.

Fixer smirked and then said, "As you wish Dark Kat." He then left. He went back to his room, opened the door, entered, and closed the door behind him. As he changed into his working clothes, he said, "I'm getting too old for this. I want to have a family. I have more than enough money saved up so my family can live very comfortably and never have to work. Now I just need to find a woman who will accept me for who I am." He finished changing and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was still in good shape for a man of his age but his face revealed his true age of 42. Fixer put on his signature hat and left the lair.

Anne and Johnny received an anonymous tip that there was going to be a large drug bust at an abandoned warehouse in the center of mid-town MegaKat city. Anne had changed out of her skirt and blouse into a jump-suit so she didn't ruin her good clothes. She joined Johnny by the van and said, "I know what you are going to say and you can't change my mind. I'm going in there and I am going to get that story."

"Anne, I know I can't change your mind. Once that head of yours is set on something, nothing can change it. But Anne, this is going to be very dangerous. Let me go in there and handle this alone. I don't want to see you getting hurt," Johnny said as he coiled a cable up and put it in the van.

"Johnny, I appreciate that, I really do. However, I'm the reporter and my nose is telling me this is going to be a big story and I am going to tell it," Anne said.

"Alright Anne, just be careful. I care for you deeply," Johnny said.

Anne put her right hand on Johnny's cheek and said, "We have been down this road before. We can't date. As much as you want to, I won't mix business with pleasure."

Johnny sighed and said, "I know Anne, but you can't blame a guy for trying."

Anne kissed his cheek and then said, "You are a sweet man Johnny. You know, Kelly in operations is available."

"She is? Kelly is cute but she is not as beautiful as you. Please be careful," Johnny said.

"You know me Johnny," Anne said.

"That is what has me worried Anne. You are far from careful," Johnny said.

They both got into the van and drove off.

Fixer arrived at the warehouse after setting up the diversion that Dark Kat ordered him to. He had already rigged up several bombs to seal the SWAT Kats in once they entered and had the chemicals ready to release at his command. Now he just had to wait for his targets to arrive.

The SWAT Kats were already in the air and were headed towards the warehouse to assist with the drug bust. Razor had a bad feeling about this whole mission. He sensed something just was not right with how easily they heard about the raid. He said, "T-Bone, something does not feel right about this."

"What do you mean buddy?" T-Bone asked.

"Have we ever received a credible tip from the Enforcers before or ever?" Razor asked.

"No, I see what you mean. I'll tell you what we are going to do, we are going to the park to check out a bomb threat and let the Enforcers handle the warehouse on their own. We will monitor the situation and if needed, we will respond," T-Bone said as he changed the direction of the jet.

Anne and Johnny arrived outside the warehouse and parked the van far from sight. She got out of the van and said, "Wait here Johnny, I'll be back soon." She closed the door and walked towards the ware house.

Fixer sat in an old office chair and watched over the entire warehouse. He heard a window open and saw a very shapely form enter. He quickly grabbed a pair of binoculars and looked over at the window and the body that was entering. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw a very beautiful red-headed woman drop from the window. He then said, "What is she doing here? As much as I love beautiful women dropping into my life, she does not belong here." He left his post to get to her before she accidentally triggered one of his traps.

Anne dropped out of the window and landed hard on her feet. "That drop was farther than I thought. I have to be more careful, I'm not the cheerleader I used to be." She took out a small flashlight to help her see around the dark warehouse and started wandering around. As she walked, she said, "For a drug warehouse, this place is way too empty and quiet. Something is not right."

Fixer was getting closer to the intruder and saw her walking directly into one of his traps. He yelled, "Stop! Don't move another inch!"

Anne heard Fixer's yelling a hair too late; she walked right into a trip wire and triggered an explosion.

Fixer dove at her and knocked Anne out of the way of the falling ceiling. However, the ceiling fell around them trapping them both beneath the rubble. After the dust and debris settled, Fixer brushed the dirt from Anne's face and looked her over to make sure she was alright. He then looked at her face again and said, "Beautiful, what have I done to have such an angel to drop into my life."

Anne opened her eyes and saw a very handsome man peering down at her. She backed away and asked, "Who are you and why are you here? Are you one of the drug pushers that run this warehouse?"

Fixer laughed and answered, "No, I'm not a drug pusher. Frankly, those who deal with that stuff deserve every ounce of justice that gets handed to them. As for who I am, I'm just a lonely fixer who is in charge of this warehouse. Now, what is a gorgeous woman doing in this abandoned warehouse?"

Anne blushed as she heard Fixer call her gorgeous. She responded, "I'm Anne Gora, a reporter for Kats Eye news. As for why I am here, I received a tip that there was going to be a huge drug bust here and I was determined to get that story."

"Well Anne, you defiantly got a story. Although not the one you wanted," Fixer said. He looked around at the situation they were in and then said, "We are stuck in here but good. So what made you want to be a reporter instead of a beauty queen?" Fixer asked.

"My nose for news I guess. So why are you here; exactly if this warehouse is abandoned?" Anne asked.

"It is a very adorable nose you have Miss Anne and my employer pays me very well to take care of this place," Fixer said.

Anne pushed him away from her and asked, "Wait a minute, you were yelling at me to stop moving just before this place went up. Did you place booby traps in here?"

"Smart and beautiful, just the way I like my women. Yes, I placed the traps all over this place in order to trap the SWAT Kats. Although I never expected to have a beautiful woman stuck in one of my traps, much less myself," Fixer answered.

Anne stood up and got as far away from him as she could. She then asked, "Why did you want to trap the SWAT Kats?"

"My employer wants them out of the picture, permanently if you get my drift. He is paying me a large sum of money to make sure that they go away," Fixer said.

"You're a gangster and here I thought you were being a chivalrous gentleman? Boy was I wrong," Anne said as she turned her back to Fixer.

"Look Anne, I am a gentleman. There is not a lady out there whom I dated that can deny that. Sure my job has me do some things that are not, well thought of. But I always treat a lady with respect and no matter the pay; I never, ever touch a child. Those that do are lower than dirt in my opinion," Fixer said.

The air in the warehouse started to cool off and Anne shivered. Fixer noticed this and took off his coat. He slowly walked over to her and draped it over her shoulders. He then said, "Take my coat Anne. You need it more than I do."

Anne felt the left over body heat that was trapped in Fixer's coat warm her. She turned around and said, "This coat is big enough for both of us, please share it with me."

Fixer cocked an eyebrow at her and asked, "Are you sure you want me close to you? I might try to steal your heart and sell it on the Black Market."

Anne sat down on a crate and opened the coat so Fixer could also stay warm.

Fixer sighed and walked over to her and sat down. He put his left arm around her waist and used his right arm to close the coat over both of their bodies. He then took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of her perfume. It was the same one his wife used to wear. He said, "Anne, you remind me of my late wife."

"Late wife, what happened to her? If you don't mind me asking," Anne asked.

Fixer pulled her tighter so she stayed warm and then said, "I was not always a gangster. I was a physicist and a good one. Beverly and I were happily married for over eight years and were expecting our first child. I was going to be a father and I loved it. One day, I was at work and I received a phone call asking me to build a batch of highly efficient explosives for a certain demolition company. I knew the company was owned by a several un-scrupulous individuals, so I refused. The next day, I received a note stating that my refusal was un-acceptable and I had better reconsider. I threw the letter away and never thought of it again. Well, I should have called the cops or something and reported them. Two days later, Beverly was crossing the street and was killed by a car. The driver disappeared, never to be seen again. I was approached again after I buried Beverly and was told that her death was not an accident, but a result of my refusal. I have been on the wrong side of the law since."

"That is horrible! I'm sorry for your loss. I..I don't know your name." Anne said.

"It was Joseph, everyone now calls me the Fixer now because I fix situations," Fixer said.

"Can't you just go away and disappear? You are smarter than they are, surely you can figure out a way out if this life," Anne said.

"And go where? They are connected all over the world. I would be found and then killed," Fixer said.

Anne leaned into him more to get even warmer and said, "Anywhere. There has to be somewhere that they can't get to you?"

Fixer liked having Anne close to him. He smiled and said, "There might be, if I had someone to disappear with."

"What are you saying Joe?" Anne asked.

"I'm saying disappearing is very lonely. If Beverly was still alive, I would have disappeared with her. But she is not. Anne, I have told you things about my life that no one else knows and the reason is because I like you, a lot. If we get out of this, would you go out on a date with an older man?"

"Are you asking me out on a date Joe?" Anne asked.

"Anne, I am 42 years old and I am tired of being alone. I want to have someone to come home to, someone to hold tight, like we are doing now and someone to love again. I feel very comfortable around you Anne so yes, I am asking you out on a date," Fixer said.

"In that case, yes I will go out with you Joe on one condition," Anne said.

"And what would that be?" Joe asked.

"You think about going straight. I'm not dating a gangster," Anne answered.

"Dating? As in more than one?" Joe asked.

"Hmm, possibly. I need to see if you are up to my standards," Anne answered.

"What standards might those be?" Joe asked.

"I need to know if you are all talk and no action. You are a smooth talker Joe and a handsome one too. Can you back up your words? As I mentioned, I have high standards," Anne said.

Joe turned to her and looked into her eyes, leaned forward, and tried to kiss her.

Anne held a finger up to his lips and said, "Not yet Joe, we just met and I don't kiss on the first date. However, holding me tight is allowed.

Joe pulled back and smirked at her. He then said, "As my angel wishes." He pulled her into his body and Anne leaned her head on his shoulder.

Joe really liked having Anne in his arms and her head on his shoulder. Then he heard the firemen snicker at them as they held each other. He reached into his coat, pulled out a gun, and aimed it at the firemen without breaking the embrace.

They left the scene as fast as they could. However, they were replaced with several Enforcers with bigger guns. One of them said, "Joseph the fixer, you are under arrest. Please raise your hands above your head and don't move."

Joe stopped holding Anne and asked, "Which is it officer? Raise my hands or don't move?"

Anne could not help but to giggle at Joe's response.

The officer didn't find the humor in his question and handcuffed Joe. He was disarmed and taken out of the warehouse.

Another officer asked Anne, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine officer. What is going to happen to Joe?" Anne asked.

"He is going to see a judge and most likely going to jail," the officer said and led her out of the warehouse.

As she left the warehouse, she saw Joe being put into the back of a patrol car. She ran to him, kissed him on the cheek, and said, "I will find you and come visit."

"I hope so, my beauty. As long as I have you in my life, I am willing to try to go straight," Joe said.

"You would do that for me? Why?" Anne asked.

The door to the patrol car closed and then he replied through the open window, "As I mentioned, I'm tired of being alone. If having you as my girlfriend means I have to go straight, then that is what I will do." The patrol car then took off with Joe in the back seat watching Anne as he was taken away.

Anne was still wearing his coat and smelled him in it. She clutched it tighter to her body, refusing to let it go. She walked back to the van and Johnny and waited for the interrogation to start.

Johnny ran to her and asked, "I heard the explosion and called the Enforcers. I was so worried about you Anne. Are you alright and who's coat is it you are wearing?"

"I'm alright Johnny; a mysterious man rescued me when the warehouse collapsed around us. He kept me warm and safe until we were rescued." She then looked back at the open road that once had a patrol car containing the man she was now smitten with.

Johnny noticed that something was definitely bothering Anne. He asked, "Are you sure that you are alright?"

"I'm not sure anymore, can you please take me back to the studio so I can go home?" Anne replied and got into the van.

As Johnny heard the van's door close, his tail drooped to the ground and he said, "Sure Anne, I'll take you back.

Anne arrived back at her apartment an hour later, still clutching the coat to her body. She closed the door, went to her bedroom, stripped down to nothing, and climbed into bed with the coat. Anne then cried herself to sleep.

Joe was finished being processed downtown and was now waiting to be arraigned by a judge. He felt Anne's kiss on his cheek and made a very hard decision, one that was going to affect both of their lives forever. He was summoned to the courtroom and the awaiting judge. Joe stood at the defendant's table and waited for the judge to preside over the arraignment. He constantly thought of Anne while he waited. He asked himself, 'How can a woman that I just met occupy all my thoughts and why do I feel the need to be near her constantly?'

"All rise," the bailiff called out. He continued with, "The honorable Judge Williams presiding."

Judge Williams then walked into the courtroom, took his seat, and said, "Please be seated." He looked over the docket in front of him and then directly at Joe. He then asked, "What do I owe the pleasure of having you in my courtroom Mr. Fixer?"

"Your honor, my client.." the defense attorney started to say but was interrupted by the judge who said, "Your client has committed more crimes against the city than I can count. Tell me Mr. Fixer, why should I not put you in a cell where you will never be seen again?"

Joe starred directly at the judge and answered, "If you do that, you will never find out who I have been working for and exactly how to find them."

"What exactly are you saying?" the judge asked.

"Your honor, I am willing to give you the information you need to take down the city's most wanted bosses in exchange for a Witness Protection for me and my girlfriend," Joe responded.

"How do I know that the information you are going to give us is credible and reliable?" the judge asked.

"Because I am tired of constantly looking over my shoulder; waiting to be busted or killed by one of my associates. I want to settle down again and have the family that was taken from me years ago by my current employers. I'm tired of being on the wrong side of the law your honor and I want to correct that soon, "Joe answered.

The judge thought about what was being offered for a brief minute, turned to the prosecutor and asked, "Do you have any objections to offering protection to the witness and his girlfriend, if and only if the information he provides is correct?"

The prosecutor knew that even though Joe was a very big fish to get off of the streets, there were much bigger fish that he could help him take down. He replied, "No objections your honor as long as his information is credible."

"Will both members of council and the defendant adjourn to my chambers," the judge said and got out of his chair. He then left the courtroom.

The defense attorney leaned over to Joe and said, "I hope your information is as good as you say it is. Because if it's not, they are going to bury you." He then led Joe into the judge's chambers and closed the door.

The judge said, "I don't like this. I finally have the Fixer in my courtroom and I can throw the book at him for all the crap he has pulled over the years. But taking down the crime syndicate of this city is a higher priority than frying this guy." The judge turned to Joe and said, "You have one chance of getting yourself out of spending the rest of your life on Death Row. I want names and addresses of where I can find those cats."

"On one condition your honor," Joe said.

"What is it?" the judge asked.

"I can guarantee that someone saw me holding my girlfriend at the warehouse. I want her protected."

"You mean Anne Gora? That reporter with the hot tail and legs that go on forever?" the prosecutor asked.

Joe ran over to the prosecutor and slammed his fist in his face, knocking him down. He then spat," Don't you ever talk about her like that again or you will regret it!" He turned to the judge and said, "I told you someone saw us! I want her under wraps and completely safe or I will just clam up not and rot in jail. If I do that, you will never get your hands on my employers!"

"What is with you and this reporter? I have read your jacket. Since your wife and child were killed, you have never been seen in public with a woman. Now you are going on like she is your wife. Are you in love with her?" the judge asked.

"Yes. No. Argh, I don't know," Joe answered as he raised his hands to his face in frustration.

The prosecutor got off of the floor, checked his jaw to see if it was broken, and said, "I want this asshole locked up on assault charges!"

"Counselor! Shut-up! If you heard about him and Anne Gora, chances are one of his employers have also." The judge said. He turned to Joe and said, "I will get her protection and I am truly sorry for your wife. I heard Beverly was a lovely woman."

"She was your honor, and thanks for getting her that protection. On second thought, the deal is going to change. I'll give you everything that I know, right here and now and I walk away, get Anne, and we both disappear never to be seen in this city again," Joe said.

"No way! This man is a felon and he just wants to walk away from everything he has done? Not only will I be fired, but the entire justice system will become a laughing stock," the prosecutor yelled.

"Calm down counselor, he is not just going to walk away. I have a counter offer," the judge said.

"What would that be your honor?" Joe asked.

"You were once a physicist right?" the judge asked.

"Yes I was, so what of it?"

"The Enforcers needs someone in the crime lab that understands how explosives work on a chemical level. How about it Joe? You said you wanted to turn your life around, well here is a golden opportunity to do that."

"Are you off your rocker your honor?" the prosecutor asked and then quickly shut his mouth.

The judge shot the prosecutor a very angry look and said, "Congratulations counselor, you get to spend a night as a guest of the city. Have a good night in a cell. Now Joe, I want your answer."

"What about Anne? She will still be in danger if we stay in the city," Joe said.

"I'll arrange something for her protection. You have nothing to worry about when you are not with her. Your answer?" the judge said.

Joe thought about it while he paced around in the judge's office and then he thought of what Anne told him that she would only date him if he went straight and this judge was giving him the perfect opportunity to do so. He answered, "You have a deal. Give me some paper, a lot of it and some coffee. We are going to be here quite a while."

The next morning Anne woke up with Joe's coat still in her hands. She got out of bed, put the coat down, slipped into a robe, and went to get the morning paper from her door step. She opened the door and leaning against the wall was the man who rescued her. She asked, "How are you not in jail?"

"Nice to see you too Anne," Joe's eyes wandered up and down her body and definitely liked what he saw. He then said, "I made a deal with the judge, I now work for the city, sort of."

Anne cocked her hips and asked, "Sort of?"

"I work in the Enforcer's crime lab under the watchful eyes of the prosecutor for five years. Then I'm a free man. Although working in one of the most sophisticated labs in the city is quite appealing, especially if I get to date a very sassy reporter with an adorable nose for news."

Anne's face gave away her excitement for him. She reached out, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him to her. She then asked, "Are you asking me out again?"

"I believe I am," Joe said as he started moving his mouth closer to hers.

"As long as you are asking, yes I will go out with you," Anne said and then kissed him again on the cheek. She pulled Joe into her apartment and closed the door.