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Jeff and Violet's relationship is about to take a turn for the better. Wish them well.


After Frankie explained his elaborate plan to everyone, Paulie returned to the kitchen in order to make breakfast for everyone.

Francine and Emily listened to the men talking for a few minutes, then decided they hear enough 'Guy' talk for the morning. They both got out of their seats, went over to where Anne was sitting, and lifted her out of her chair while Emily said, "Come on Anne, we are going to have a little 'Girl talk' in the kitchen, once we kick Paulie out that is.

Anne was about to protest but then she noticed the determined look in Emily's eyes and decided against it. She did ask, "Can I at least kiss Joe one more time?"

"I guess that will be alright, just make it quick. You haven't seen my husband eat yet and I assure you, he can pack it in better than a Linebacker," Emily responded.

They put Anne back down and she went over to Joe. She grabbed the fur on his cheeks, forcing him to face her, and kissed him, nice and hard.

Joe was surprised when Anne kissed him all of a sudden and especially the way she initiated the kiss. However, he leaned in and kissed her back.

Everyone in the café stopped what they were doing and watched Joe and Anne kiss.

Anne pulled back from the shared kiss, licked her lips, then asked, "Do you think that will hold you over while Emily, Francine, and I go and have a little female time Joe or do I need to kiss you again and this time, I might not be so gentle?"

"I think that you might give me a heart attack one day if you keep kissing me in that manner Anne," Joe replied. "Although if you did I would die a happy man." He smiled at her right after he finished speaking.

"In that case," Anne said before she turned to Frankie and asked, "Frankie, can you and Jeff start bringing Joe with you to the gym? I can't have him die on me can I?"

Frankie let out a deep belly laugh and answered, "Sure Anne, Jeff and I will make sure that he gets a real good workout and gets in shape for you and I am sure Emily will help you plan out a strict diet for him too."

"Now wait a minute Francis, my diet is perfectly fine and I'm in good shape for a man my age," Joe rebutted.

Frankie lifted his right eyebrow and asked, "Really? Then what did you order for breakfast Joe?"

"My usual when I come here," Joe answered. "Two eggs, bacon, toast with butter, and coffee."

"Did you also order the coronary bypass on the side?" Emily asked. "That is not the way to eat Joe and I know you come here more often then you should. You need to be eating a lot more healthier foods and cut back on the fats." She then grabbed Anne and said, "We have a date in the kitchen Anne and we are going to have to kick Paulie out of the way in order to get to his stove and make a decent breakfast for this crew." They soon disappeared into the kitchen followed by Francine.

A few minutes later, Paulie was shoved out of his own kitchen and back into the main section of the café. Francine walked out of the kitchen right behind him and stood guard in front of the two doors with her arms crossed in front of her.

"What the hell Francine?" Paulie asked. "This is MY café and my customers deserve to be able to eat what they want!"

"Not today Paulie," Francine answered. "We girls are taking over and if you have a problem with that. You can bring it up with my father."

Paulie turned to Frankie and asked, "Can you control your daughter?"

"No I can't," Frankie replied then took a sip of his coffee.

Paulie was about to charge back into the kitchen. Then he looked into Francine's determined eyes and quickly decided against it. Instead, he grabbed an extra mug from the counter and took Anne's seat next to Joe before he poured himself a cup of coffee and asked, "Are you sure you want to get involved again Joe? There is a reason I got a divorce from my wife and you just witnessed it."

"Paulie, you got divorced from Deb because you were never home," Joe said. "Plus Debbra is just as stubborn and determined as Francine is. You two just weren't compatible."

In the kitchen, Emily had already opened the refrigerator and was searching for fruit and vegetables for the guys. As she stuck her head further into the large cooler, she asked, "Can you start whipping up about two dozen egg whites Anne?"

Anne knew her way around the kitchen pretty well and was not afraid to her her hands dirty when it came to cooking. Even though she liked being in the kitchen making her own meals, her hectic schedule didn't allow for such luxuries. She ended up eating Take-Out most of the time and paying for it later when her stomach acted up in the middle of the night. "Alright Emily. Do you also want me to start chopping up a few onions if you are thinking of making healthy omelettes for the guys?"

Emily found some fresh spinach and red and green peppers towards the back of the refrigerator. She grabbed as much as her little hands to carry and pulled out of the refrigerator. She responded as she walked over to the counter, "If you would not mind." She put her bounty on the counter, found a real sharp knife, and started cutting up the veggies into small pieces. "Our men have been eating like crap for I don't know how long Anne. Especially my brother. Before he bought this place, he only weighed about 170 pounds. Now look at him, he looks like a big bowling ball!"

Anne started separating the eggs as she was asked to do. She then asked,"So how does Frankie and Jeff stay so fit, if they eat here constantly?"

"Frankie doesn't come here that often Anne, or at least he doesn't tell me he comes here," Emily responded. "Jeff on the other hand comes here more than he should. He doesn't cook for himself and since he only lives a few blocks away, he comes here and eats for almost nothing. How Jeff doesn't blow up like Paulie I don't know. I can only hope that now that he has a girlfriend, Jeff will learn his way around a kitchen." She was about finished with dicing up the veggies as she asked, "How are those eggs coming?"

Anne had just finished her job and was starting to slice up the onions. She responded as she sliced down the center of a large white onion, "Done."

"Good! Have you ever worked a Flat-Top before?" Emily asked.

Anne looked to her right and saw the large, square, steel plate with a stainless steel vent hood over it. She found a long stainless steel spatula laying to the right of the large griddle, picked t up in her right paw, and said, "I didn't always work in the News, I had to pay for college somehow so I worked as a short order cook as well as a waitress for years. Making omelets on this is going to be a piece of cake!"

Emily brought over a bowl of fresh vegetables she cut up into bite sized chunks, placed it next to the flat-top, and said, "Then get going Anne. Frankie gets quite grumpy as he gets hungrier."

Anne started pouring the egg whites onto the flat-top and watched as the translucent liquid started to solidify before her eyes. When she sensed the time was right, she flipped the entire thing over in one flip. She then added the veggies that Emily previously cut up to the eggs and waited for the entire thing to finish.

Emily grabbed a small stack of plates and brought them over to where Anne was working. She put them down on the counter and said, "That was some kiss you laid on Joe back there. The way you kissed him made me think that you two were already married instead of dating."

Anne started plating a portion of the eggs onto the plates as she said, "Yes it was Em. I have to admit, I fell for Joe faster than I ever thought possible. I hope he feels the same way about me too?"

"Trust me Anne, he feels the same way about you. Let's get this food out there and served before my daughter decides to set my brother up on an exercise regime that will kill him," Emily said.

Jeff woke up again with Violet in his arms. He looked down at her beautiful sleeping face and said, "I could get used to this very quickly."

As he ran his fingers through her hair, he asked, "What is it about you Violet that makes my heart beat faster, makes me feel like a teenager who managed to get a date with the hottest girl in school, and makes me not want to let you go?"

Violet was sleeping better than she has had in a very long time. She was dreaming about her future and coming home to find her kids playing in the living room while her adoring husband played right along with them. She put her briefcase down, went over to them, and got down on her knees before she asked, "Can I play too?"

Her question made the two kids turn their heads to her and scream in delight, "Mommy!" Before tackling her to the floor and hugging her.

Her husband smiled at the sight before him as he rose, went over to his kids, and removed them from their mother. "Come o you two, your mother just got home. Let's give her a little break." Her husband said as he carried their kids off to the kitchen.

Violet watched has her hunky husband effortlessly carried their children to the kitchen. She then turned to see her wedding photo and read the inscription in the frame, "Jeff and Violet forever, Frankie, Emily, Francine, Sapphire, & Crystal." She then went to join her family in the kitchen.

Violet stirred and started waking up from her dream. However, just before she completely woke up, she lifted her head, kissed Jeff on the lips, and said, "Good morning my husband."

This took Jeff by surprise. Not that he minded Violet kissing him. No, he did not mind that at all. What threw him for a loop was her calling him her husband. He nervously asked, "Violet, did you realize you called me your husband just now?"

Violet's eyes shot open and she looked him in the face before she answered, "I'm sorry Jeff, I didn't mean to call you my husband." She lowered her head back to his bare chest, then said, "I was having a dream where we were married. I came home from work and found you on the floor, playing with our two children. After you took them to the kitchen, I looked at our wedding photo. I know we just started dating Jeff, but the dream felt so real, and it felt good to be married to you."

Jeff brought his arm around her then said, "Violet, I have to admit, having you in my arms feel real good and I like that feeling, a lot. Do you believe in love at first sight Violet?"

"I haven't before Jeff, why?" Violet asked.

"Because, I think I am falling for you," Jeff answered before he looking into her eyes, lowered his head, and kissed her for the first time.

Violet closed her eyes and kissed him back as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Jeff quickly realized he was losing control and his body was becoming more aroused with each second that passed. He pulled back and said, "Violet, we need to stop. As much as I care for you, I'm not ready to cross that line and be intimate with you."

Violet understood what Jeff told her but she never had a man turn her down. Her mind was racing thinking things that made her nervous. One particular thought was, "Between the dream I had and Jeff telling me that he was falling in love with me, could this man really be the guy I was meant to be with?" She kissed him one more time before she said, "Jeff, my friends told me about you before Crystal and Sapphire brought you to the bar I work. As much as I trust them, I was apprehensive about meeting you. Sapphire swore to me that you were a great guy and had a heart as big as your chest. Now, that I have met you, I don't want you to leave me."

"I'm not going to leave you Violet," Jeff said. "How about after we get dressed and eat something, we both head over to my apartment, pack up a bag or two, and I move in here. Just as we talked about earlier Violet."

"Jeff, I don't want to pressure you into moving in here, if you don't want to," Violet said.

"Who said I didn't want to? Violet, I might be green when it comes to women and what they want. However, what I feel for you is special. I truly believe me moving in here with you is going to turn my life around for the better."

Anne and Emily served their food and sat down next to their respective men.

Just as soon as his food was placed in front of him, Frankie dove in and took a large bite of his omelet. "This is real good Em, what did you put in this?" Frankie asked.

"I only cut up some fresh vegetables Frankie, Anne was the one who did all of the cooking," Emily answered.

Joe finished the bite of food he had in his mouth, wiped his mouth with a napkin, then asked, "You made this Anne?"

"Yes, I had to put myself through college somehow and the local diner needed a short order cook. The schedule allowed me to attend school and work," Anne said.

"Well, if you keep making me meals like this, I'm going to get fat like Paulie," Joe said.

"Like I will allow that to happen," Frankie said. He put his fork down, then said, "Joe, you are part of my family and have been for years. Even though the situation that brought us together was not ideal, my daughters could have not gotten a better uncle. We all are not only going to keep you and Anne safe from the Family, but we are going to make sure that you are in great shape so when you finally decide to get serious with this lovely lady, you both will be able to live out a long and happy life together."

Rick out his fork down, then asked, "Joe, I loved Beverly like a sister and I hated you as well as the Family for getting her killed! I wanted to hurt you just as bad as they hurt Beverly! But I didn't and you know why? Because, you were hurting more then I could ever hurt you. Losing a wife and an un-born child had to cut you to the core." Rick started to cry, wiped his eyes, then said, "I miss my sister Joe, why did they have to kill her?"

Joe and Al went over to Rick and hugged him before Joe answered, "They wanted to get to me Rick, the Family wanted to make sure that I stayed with them for as long as I lived." Joe broke down and started to cry as well before he said, "I miss her too Rick, I miss her every day. The day Beverly told me she was pregnant, I was so happy that I was going to be a father and Beverly was going to be a mother. This was something we talked about for years and it was finally coming to fruition. We bought a house outside of the city with a large yard that our child could run around and play in. After a few months and Beverly had started to show, I made a decision to leave the Family in order for my child to be able to grow up without having to deal with the crap that came with my current job. My decision got my wife and child murdered and now I finally have a chance to start over. I will never stop loving Beverly Rick, but I have to move on with my life. I love Anne and she loves me. I want to have with her what I had with Beverly, that means the house, a pair of rings, and as many children she will bore me."

"Whoa! Back up a few and say that again Joe," Anne said. "As much as we love each other, we've only met not that long ago. I'm sure its too soon to be talking about that stuff."

"No its not Anne," Joe said after he turned his head to face her. "Beverly and I were married a month after we met and she got pregnant a few weeks later."

"That's way too quick for me Joe," Anne said. "I'm old fashioned and I want to have a long relationship before I get engaged."

"Anne, Frankie and I were engaged only after dating for six months and I became pregnant with Crystal on our honeymoon," Emily said.

"Wow you all move fast," Anne said. "But I want a long courtship before I even think of getting engaged to be married, even to you Joe."

Joe took her hands in his, looked into her eyes, then said, "I'll just have to be patient then and wait until you are ready Anne." He kissed her right hand then said, "And it will be worth every minute. You mentioned you wanted to see my house, shall we head there now? I need to get some more clothes as well as a few other things if I am going to be staying at your place for a while."

"I would love to see your house Joe, but as for you staying at my place, that may change after seeing your house," Anne said as she took her paw back.

Joe lifted an eyebrow, then asked, "How so?"

Anne put on one of her thousand watt smiles, then said, "I might have to kick you out so we can stay in your house."

"I think I can deal with that Anne," Joe said then he rose from his seat, extended his hand to her, and asked, "May I escort the most beautiful woman in my life to my residence?"

"Hey! You used to call me the most beautiful woman in your life uncle Joe!" Francine yelled.

Joe turned his head to his niece, then said, "Sorry Francine, but you have been demoted to second."

Francine huffed before she disappeared into the kitchen.

Almost everyone in the café started laughing at Francine's antics before Frankie said as he rose, "I had better go and calm her down for she might start re-arranging Paulie's kitchen, if you get what I mean."