This story is based on the Skyrim Romance mod by Mara Lightfeather, and the Lykaios Race mod by KrittaKitty. The main character (Nikkita) belongs to me, otherwise all credit for the mods and the game Skyrim belong to the rightful owners. I hope you guys enjoy this story, I will continue to add on to it when I can!

I also want to note that, while I had this in third to first person POV, I have now changed it to ALL first person POV. I enjoy it much better now and I hope you do to!


The frosty winds of Skyrim stirred the fur on my charcoal pelt, causing snow to trap itself within my hairs. Despite the bitter cold weather, I was actually quite warm. My thick winter coat shielded my skin from feeling the harsh temperatures. I was also wearing a set of heavy black fur lined ebony armor. However, it was specially fitted to my unique wolfish body, leaving my large weather resilient wolf feet exposed. Instead of a helmet I preferred to wear a long hooded and fur lined cape which trailed behind me, though it proved troublesome as it blew violently against the wind.

It was midnight when I finally reached Dawnstar, and the faint sounds of the restless civilians turning in their beds as their dreams turned to nightmares echoed in my ears. I felt sorry of these poor people, and as a sign of remorse, I pinned my ears against the nape of my neck and closed my aqua eyes. No doubt this was the work of a Daedric prince, but as much as I wanted to help these people, I would not risk my soul to such evil. Not while Alduin's presence still hung in the air.

I had no intentions of staying at the inn in Dawnstar, but I had no choice while the blizzard outside still flurried about making it dangerous to travel. Inside the inn, I could hear a man dressed in priest robes mumbling about the recent nightmares, and again my heart ached. I would help these people one day, but not quite yet. As I lay in my temporary bed, I could feel what everyone else felt, and constant visions about that fearful day in Helgen made me toss and turn in my sleep. When morning came, the blizzard let up and I promptly made my way south, eating my breakfast as I walked.

Late into the afternoon, I had finally arrived in Riverwood. I was on my way to Falkreath, but decided to stay in Riverwood for the rest of the day. It had been a while since I'd seen my friend Hadvar, and by chance he was still in town.

As I approached The Sleeping Giant Inn, a few men along the narrow road began shouting obscene statements at me, and fought with one another on who would woo me. It shocked me a little that even men would be interested in someone like myself, though they could've also been drunk out of their mind. When I stepped up to the door of the inn, a voice from the shadows called to me.

"Ah, and who's this? The villagers look at you as if you're nobility. Well, if you're looking for someone to kiss your boots, I suggest looking else where", the deep gruff voice resonated in my ears. Who would dare speak to me this way!? I looked to the direction the voice came from, only to see a muscular ranger with piercing amber eyes. He was handsome, but his attitude was hideous, that could only mean one thing…

"You're Bishop aren't you? I heard about you. It would appear the rumors of your nature were true", I responded to him, an utter look of disgust drawn on my face. He chuckled slightly and looked at me with the same look of disgust, "Who's asking?" I stepped towards him, removing my hood as I did, and stared straight into his eyes with my ears perked. "I would watch yourself ranger boy," I sneered. "I am Nikkita, the Dragonborn, but it's my teeth you ought to fear more then my voice."

He chuckled again in amusement and grinned at me. How cocky and arrogant he looked, yet strangely sexy. "Oh now, now Princess, no need to get angry. I was only asking you a question", he grumbled. I could see a slight look of fear build in his eyes, but his face remained unimpressed. I grunted at him then sniffed the air around him. He smelt like forest and campfires, but his breath reeked of mead. Yet there was another smell, a smell which was all too familiar to my own.

"Have you been traveling with a wolf, ranger boy? I can smell him on you, though I see no wolf around here." My words caused him to lower his head, and for a moment I saw sadness creep over his face. He quickly shook it off then grew angry, "Yeah, my wolf Karnwyr..." He hesitated then let out a deep sigh, "He was captured by some trappers while we were out hunting one day, and I managed to track them east. By the looks of it they have grown into a small clan of bandits, and I'm not about to just stumble into an ambush alone and get us both killed.

As I scratched the fur on my neck, I pondered over what he said, "Well, I could help you get him back. On one condition." I paused for a moment to see if he would answer, when none came I continued, "I could use someone of your skills at my side." He gave me a look of disapproval then growled at me, "What does a she-wolf like yourself need a tracker for anyways?" I shrugged at his response, "I don't, however there is quite a bit of gold that comes with being in the company of the Dragonborn, and it would give you something to do."

He took a moment to think over his answer, "I will accompany you, but only if I feel you're worth it. Deal?" I nodded my head, "Deal. So we're heading east then?" I looked in that direction and my ears fell to my neck. "That's no good, there is only one place east of here that trappers would take a wolf, and that is to Cragslane Cavern. It's an old cave that has been renovated to house pit wolves that they place bets on and force them to fight each other to the death. I've had dealings with them before." I felt a snarl escape my throat as I strode off in the direction of our destination.

"We better move quick before it's too late. Come along Bishop", I gestured for him to follow. Although he did, he still snapped at me, "Watch it Princess, I'm my own man! Don't expect me to just do as you say, got it?" I rolled my eyes at him and nodded. I was hoping to have gotten some rest before I went halfway across Skyrim, but I was determined to help this ranger. I pitied my feral kin, they did not deserve to be mistreated in such ways. Whether I was truly helping this ranger, or helping myself feel better about rescuing another wolf, I did not know. I was just eager to greet those son of bitch bandits once more.

The night sky was filled with hues of blue and green as the aurora danced over our heads when we had arrived at the cave. It didn't take long for us to kill the bandits and free the wolves. After we left with Karnwyr, we were a little ways down the road from the trail that lead to Cragslane Cavern, when I turned to Bishop and asked, "Now I've helped you get your wolf back, will you stay with me?" He nodded and chuckled, "I've never had this much fun in my life, you're much stronger then I thought. Lead on ladyship."

Ladyship? My heart danced a little, for not once has a man ever called me those words. I looked off in the direction of the mountains and sniffed the air as well as listened for any sign of wildlife. When all was clear I began climbing my way to a nearby cave. It wasn't very deep, but it was hallowed out enough that it would protect us incase it rained. Bishop was groaning behind me as he tried to keep up with my fast pace until finally he asked, "Where are we going Princess? There is nothing over there." I looked back at him and smiled, "There is a cave that we can seek shelter in for the night." He nodded and followed me till we found the cave.

Bishop helped me set up camp by hunting our dinner and preparing it, while I built a campfire and rolled out our bedrolls. We sat quietly side by side staring at the fire, then from the corner of my eye I could see his eyes wandering the open areas of my fur. Perhaps he liked how the campfire's light made my fur shine red hues. Or perhaps I had something dried in my fur, and he was debating on whether or not he should tell me. Either way, when I looked at him confused, he quickly drew his eyes away. After a short moment, I finally broke the awkward silence, "Bishop... Do I interest you?"

A slight hue of crimson blossomed in his cheeks before he turned his head away from my line of site, "Don't flatter yourself Princess, you're not my type." Not his type? I felt a little angry, though I had no reason to be. "Is it because I'm a wolf?", I snarled, and instantly he turned to me and stared at me as if I offended him. I shook my head and rolled my eyes before curling up on my bedroll. He let out a sigh as he lied down on his and turned to face away from me. Pretending not to notice, I pinned my ears back and curled my tail around my body as I drifted off into a deep slumber.