Hello guys! This is the first crossover I do Sherlock and Hannibal. I hope you enjoy!

This chapter is exclusively Johnlock;

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The story takes place from the season finale of the 2nd season of Hannibal and the season finale of Season 3 of Sherlock.

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-Hamish, grab your coat, we have a case - Sherlock Holmes shouted excited downstairs of 221B Baker Street. It was the first case after a long week tedious, and the man barely could stand the excitement.
Lestrade had just turned on (as he always did when an important case arose), saying that two bodies had been found on the campus of the University of Criminalistics West End.
While Sherlock wore his overcoat usual, Hamish his son, came down the stairs even more excited than his father. The boy was 17 years old and had all the energy that a teenager could have. Well, energy for certain activities, how to solve crimes. But what could be expected with parents as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?

Hamish passed his hand over his clearest brown hair (almost blond) and took his coat like his father had advised him. Sherlock realized that the boy had woken up due to their wrinkled clothes and his undeniable face of sleep.
-No Slept the night because I was reading my reports, then fell asleep a few minutes ago- Father noted. Hamish knew it was not a question, let alone an earful. The boy also knew that Sherlock did not care that he stay late reading police reports, often accompanied his father to the dawn in his readings. Who did not appreciate anything that practice was his other father, John. He always said Hamish needed to sleep at least eight hours a day and that one so young should not become stressed due to a sleepless night. But Hamish had trouble sleeping, and Sherlock. In fact the boy was very much like Sherlock. Not appeared in, after all, it was physically, John's faithful copies. The same color hair, face shape, light eyes ... differed only in height, Hamish was as high as Sherlock, even with only 17 years. Already Hamish personality was unmistakable, he was one second Sherlock Homes. The boy had incredible deduction skills and a directness that often offended those who were not used to the Holmes.

-Yeah ... I was bored. But now we have a case! What Lestrade said? - Harry asked smiling with a guy who asked "Do not tell John my sleepless night, please!". Sherlock can not help but smile.
-were Found two totally mangled bodies on the campus of a university. Apparently no one saw how they got there. Lestrade described the scene as "astonishingly frightening". Oh, I can not wait - spoke Sherlock, already down the stairs, accompanied by Hamish. The two could hopping with excitement.

As soon as they left the 221B, Sherlock called for a taxi and went quickly toward the University. Along the way, Holmes can not help but notice when his son was anxious. Whenever their way to a crime scene together, Hamish was nervous. Sherlock knew all this nervousness was given due to his father (he) thought of Hamish.
The boy felt unsafe near the father's skills, which Sherlock considered extremely unnecessary, after his son was a very talented detective. It was the first of its kind in criminology University and was already a stage at Scotland Yard, thanks to help from Lestrade, his uncle.
This Hamish behavior brought to Sherlock one clear vision of John. Despite all the years of experience, John was always nervous when going against a crime scene. Even now, I am working in a hospital and consequently participated less of investigations.
Sherlock felt a certain longing fellow in all his adventures, but he knew that John loved his job, he loved helping people, even if it cost him a few nights on duty and some crimes less. Sherlock still surprised with how your life will change you 17 years ago when Mary went away, after all that John discovered (and accepted) about his past.

Soon after Sherlock have been sent to "exile" after killing Magnussen in order to protect John and Mary and was called back after the sudden appearance of Moriarty, Mary Watson changed. She became extremely introspective and moody, which was letting John totally worn out. And then a few months later came the birth of the child, which was a surprise, after all everyone expected a girl. The labor doctor just revealing inaccuracies in examining sex of babies, are more common than we think. Born a boy with remarkably like John, that almost nothing recalled Mary. John seemed delighted by the idea of ?having a child and Sherlock loves seeing him like this.

At that time, Sherlock knew exactly everything he felt for Watson or whatever imagined can feel so far at least. He had fallen in love with John, almost without realizing it. But the blonde was a married man, a father happy. Sherlock could not see the right to talk about their feelings, even if it hurt him every day.
The doctor's relationship with the detective changed after a few days after the child's birth. Mary escaped from the hospital leaving his son John and back. The news was a great shock to Watson, who was totally unresponsive to the attitude of his wife. She did not tell him anything, not fired. He does not even bother with the newborn child, and this, that John would never forgive. When the child was released from the hospital, John made sure to register it right away. Hamish Scott. The name came after a brief conversation in the hospital's maternity door.

~ Flashback On ~

John watched her son by the farrowing house of glass. The child differed from the others, due to its clearest hair and his vibrant blue eyes. John was now father and had no idea how to take care of his son from that moment. Mary cowardly fled without even bothering to tell him. How can you be so stupid to believe that Mary cared for him or his son? He forgiven, after all we found about him. After having shot one of the most important people in his life, his best friend, Sherlock Holmes. John could not imagine what would happen if Mary had killed Sherlock. He could not look at her again, not if it happened.
But still, after all this, it still has been able to leave him without the slightest consideration. John was lost, lost and tired. I wanted to sit in his chair at 221B and cry, cry everything a man could cry. But it could not afford the luxury of depressing, not now in his hands the responsibility of a life. John consolation was stand there in front of motherhood, watching your child sleep soundly, so innocent.
To the surprise of the doctor, Sherlock remained with him all the time. Did not talk much, just stood around, as if at any moment John could fall apart and he was there to hold him.

He does not have a name- said John Sherlock, who as usual was at his side, staring at the child-Mary and I just think of girl names. I ... I do not know ... I do not know what name dar- John looked at his feet. There he was, totally lost without even knowing what name to give his own son.
-Hamish. If you are looking for babys names- Sherlock said in his hoarse voice, giving a slight smile. John laughed a little louder than he thought appropriate.

-Hamish ... Is a good name ... ... Hamish Scott. How about - asked the blonde a little embarrassed for suggesting the name means friend. Sherlock was unresponsive and blinked several times, as if trying to associate that information.

-It's A horrible name John- the brunette replied seriously- But will funcionar- and then they both looked at each other and could not hold a big laugh.
What Mrs. Hudson would think when he found out who had given the child the name of John and Sherlock? God would speak Lestrade and Mycroft? John did not mind, it was a perfect name.

~ Flashback Off ~

So Hamish Scott was growing with time. John moved back to Baker Street and Sherlock was clinging gradually the child.
At first I complained that it was difficult to reconcile the investigations with a child at home and could not think straight with Hamish crying. Until he realized I was the only one who could calm the child when she began to cry.
John was most careful parent could imagine. Sometimes Sherlock had to convince him it was just a cold, although John is a doctor there. Mrs. Hudson was Grandma (as she liked to nominate high) most loving of all. He made infant formula and changed the child with such tranquility, that always rises Hamish slept their care. Mycroft even learned to like the child, which he demostrava be much smarter than most children of their age group.

John and Sherlock ratio also changed.
At first, they still treated as friends, until one evening when Hamish called John Papa and then immediately called Sherlock pope. It was then that John was carried away by all that feeling very time saved and kissed Sherlock right away, jumping on him and throwing him on the couch. Harry responded eagerly, despite his obvious embarrassment. After that their relationship grew and stabilized. They were now a couple, somewhat unusual, after all Sherlock still had his difficult personality and John was still kind and understanding (and angry).
In the same period, Mycroft and Lestrade took their relationship, leaving a super contends John and Sherlock shocked. He did not understand how anyone could like Mycroft, in his own words.
Hamish did when first birthday-old John made sure to change all child documents, adding the Holmes surname. The gesture left Sherlock so thrilled about to organize next to Molly and Mrs. Hudson a surprise party for Hamish, and then it was time for John to be totally thrilled.
A month after the anniversary of Hamish, Lestrade brought the news that he and Mycroft would be parents. also a boy. Had made artificial insemination in a woman, meticulously chosen by Mycroft.
And so life went on 221B, Baker Street. Hamish Scott Watson-Holmes, has grown to become brilliant as Sherlock, brave as John, astute as loyal as Mycroft and Lestrade. Life of Sherlock was incredibly good, and he could not be happier with it.

-Already we arrived, Dad! - Hamish said taxi down and taking Sherlock their devaneios- Did not you say "university" was actually my university-said the boy looking at his father, who had a face of pure boredom with that detail. They walked toward the forensics team that had gathered around a large fountain surrounded by signaling tapes and curious people. To come closer to Lestrade expression on the phone made a lot more sense. There were two bodies, a woman and a man, probably nearing the age of 30, they had a huge open cavity in the abdomen and all the bodies had been taken away. They lay with arms outstretched as if to imitate angels. The image was disturbing in many ways.

-Looks like that Christmas has come early this year- said Sherlock's son.

-Let's open the presents - played Hamish. Sherlock and son exchanged a look accomplice, smirking with excitement. That would be a big investigation.