A little mature but not too explicit. Fair warning

Six weeks later, their clothes are half-off, when she asks him to fuck her. He isn't surprised by her request but his immediate reaction and singular mission to please his wife alarm his inner sanctum. He can't live without her. He knows that now. With each kiss comes the sobering reality that she is an equal match in every way. Their spirits are intertwined and dependent on the other. There's nothing she could ask that he wouldn't die trying to do for her and he allows his soul to be exposed even if for glimpses at a time because he is only for her.

"I don't want to hurt you." His words land sweet and soft in her ear as his kisses continue to lay down her jaw to her neck.

Her eyes penetrate his, "You aren't." She says and their lips mash and fold together building the heat between them.

He's slow and deliberate taking all of her with his senses. She folds and molds into his body but he can feel an extra edge to her passion if that's even possible. He wraps his arm below her waist and pulls her onto him as he rests on his back pulling her wrists into his chest.

"Vic." He looks at her fully, "We'll do what you want."

"No." She says and his fingers float through her hair and he trails down her arm back to his chest.

His chest rises to meet hers and his tongue brushes her lips, "I love you." He says as his arms wrap around her waist and he pulls her into him.

"Walt." Her hands collapse on either side of his face, she feels his sideburns peak through her fingers, his smooth skin glistens from the first blushes of passion between them. "I fucking need you."

He grunts and smiles at the same time, her tongue slides into his welcoming mouth, and he pulls her harder wanting to deepen the kiss between them and she does and when she pulls back to take in the necessary air to sustain life she says, "I love you, Walt."

"I never knew you could love me so much." She says as she wraps her fingers around him and he catches his breath and thrusts upward as she guides him inside of her. Her body shudders at their reconnection and her muscle memory savors the feel and shape of him.

The momentary suspension of time and void of light make her a little dizzy. She suddenly becomes aware of the smile that has formed on her face and her body eases into him. His hands wrap around her rib cage and move up to cover her breasts as they fill his palms. He's careful of their sensitivity but he can't resist the soft fullness under his hands. Though years of conditioning have taught him to close his eyes he no longer does with her. He wants to soak in every inflection, rise of brow, and expression of her pleasure.

He controls her pace as the smooth heat builds between them and he presses his hands against her hips and stops her momentum as he wraps his arms around her filling her neck with flutters and kisses.

She knows he stops her because he wants to elongate their reunion. He doesn't want it to end. Not yet. He presses against her chest and his face rests against her breast. Her heart beats in his ear and their breath rises and falls together. He can feel her throbbing around him and it nearly sends him over the edge.

Vic looks down at him, pulling her fingers through his hair and grabbing the back of it, "Are you going to stop fucking around and fuck me?"

She's on her back before the last syllable leaves her lips and his thrusts are deep and slow and her back arches trying to meet him as she yearns and aches for him. Her stomach cramps a little from the fierceness of her orgasm and she has to catch her breath but she does and she can only softly say, "Yes" in his ear.

He pins her hands above her head as he strokes and sinks into her falling over the cliff with her. Their bodies lock together.

"You missed me." She says with a prideful full smile.

"Fuck yeah, I did." His face is serious and her smile grows wider at the rare scatological response from her otherwise composed husband.

Al cries from the other room and Walt rolls over and kisses her cheek, "I'll go." He says and she thanks him still wallowing in the after-glow. She unashamedly watches his nude form cross in front of the bed. She admires the flex of his muscles as he pulls on his boxers and ceremoniously snaps the soft elastic against his waist. Just before he crosses the threshold he looks at her, smiles, and winks.

She loves him of that she is certain.

~ The End ~