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Chapter XXX.

Last Time.

"Vunezon Shūto! (Venaison Shoot!)"

He kicked Scarlet through the roof before seeing Robin was falling. Sanji dived before a clone of Naruto in his gold chakra flew over and caught her before landing on the ground.

Up with Luffy's fight, they traded blows with each other before two Naruto clones grabbed Shiki and held him up before the real Naruto in his gold chakra dropped down with a very large gold Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere.) "This is for taking Nami you son of a bitch! Gōrudo Rasengan! (Gold Rasengan!)"

Naruto hit Shiki sending him into the ground creating a large crater before the move died down after a minute leaving Shiki down into the ground just as his buildings blew up.


The island started falling before the people of the village flew off with their feathers being bigger.

The Going Sunny, A Few Days Later.

Nami wearing one of Naruto's button shirts walked out on the deck and was greeted by the others minus Luffy who was sitting on the railing holding the Tone Dial. "Oi (Hey!) Nami!" They turned to Luffy who walked over and stopped by Robin and Naruto holding the Tone Dial-up. "You wanna explain what this was about?"

"Oh, that's nothing!" She yelled running down having her shirt fly up slightly.

"'I don't match up to Shiki' 'We're all gonna die' That's some really mean stuff."

"You didn't finish the message Luffy, there was more but you stormed off," Naruto said as he wrapped an arm around Robin.

Luffy played the message again having Nami chase him and Usopp around trying to throw the Dial in the ocean before grabbing it and throwing it over just as the last part of the message played. "If you don't believe me… Then prove me wrong… And save me."


Going Sunny.

"What's the deal now?"

Naruto who was shirtless wearing faded jeans and brown hiking boots, looked back from the wheel to see Luffy wearing a blue vest, Chopper, Usopp, and Brook fishing. With Chopper and Brook holding nets. "There hasn't been a bite all day."

"I saw a Sea King at dawn that could have scared anything off," Naruto commented walking over and saw the others under the tree at a table.

Nami's wearing an orange shirt with an orange floral pattern, pearls, white short shorts, and her high-heeled sandals.

Gina is wearing a red bikini, black vest, and jean short shorts with strapped high heels.

Robin is wearing a purple outfit consisting of a cowboy hat, a cleavage-revealing sleeveless shirt, with a wide, yellow collar covered with black concentric circle motifs, matching pants reaching down to her calves, and purple high-heeled Mary Janes. She also has a string of round and yellow ornaments hanging loosely from around her waist.

Sanji's wearing his suit with a green under her suit and a white and blue horizontal striped tie.

Franky's wearing a purple shirt.

And Zoro's wearing an opened white shirt with red stripes.

"Nami, are we there yet? I wanna be on Fishman Island now!

"Uresai! (Shut up!) We're almost there!"

"There's a big school of fish coming up!" Usopp yelled bringing his goggle down over his right eye.

Storm clouds formed as the fish swam under the ship and past them just as whirlpools formed. "It's a Sea Snake Current! Brace yourselves!" Nami yelled as multiple water spouts shot up and started to bend back down. "Naruto!"

"Got it!" Naruto yelled trying to turn the wheel. "Damn, it won't budge!"

The spouts started moving and move to the Sunny having the others attack breaking the water when it got near. Suddenly, one pushed them up and had them fly over. "I see it, the Red Line!" Luffy yelled seeing a very tall red rock wall in front of them.

"There was a storm last time too," Sanji said as he remembered when he, Luffy, Nami, Zoro, and Usopp came into the Grand Line there was a storm when they got to Reverse Mountain.

A larger spout shot up in front of them before Nami spoke. "Ride the wave-like Skypiea!" They then hit the spout and shot up before they pulled the sails up before Naruto hit a button.

"Ku do Bāsuto! (Coup de Burst!)"

They shot over the spouts and landed outside the storm before coming up to the Red Line. Luffy remembers the many obstacles the crew had to face since entering the Grand Line. Franky remembers how he ventured into the South Blue through Reverse Mountain, and Robin remembers how she entered the Grand Line through the West Blue while Luffy hopes to sail the ship around the world to get to the wall one more time.

Nami warns the crew is dangerously close to Marie Jois, the home of Navy Headquarters. Chopper, Gina, and Usopp take a swim via a circular tube from one of the dock systems while Zoro exercises while thinking of how he barely managed to survive Kuma's assault.

Robin, Brook, and Luffy take the sub to see if there's a way under the Red Line or if Fishman Island is visible. Later, Nami checks on Robin, Brook, and Luffy's progress in the water. The skeleton swordsman reports a monster in the water and requests to Nami the kind of panties she's wearing but she threatens him. As Luffy, Robin and Brook use the Shark Submerge III, the water pressure rises from going over 500 feet.

On the Sunny, Sanji presents some tarts made from Thriller Bark. Nami begins to worry about how to get to Fish-Man Island, just as Shark Submerge III emerges. Luffy shows he, Brook, and Robin had no luck searching for the island just as a large rabbit fish jumped out of the water. Before Luffy jumped on the Sunny and twists his arm. "Gomu Gomu no… Rifuru! (Gum Gum Rifle!)"

He hit the fish in the stomach having it fall back and spit two things out of its mouth before Naruto caught one of them in his arms. He blinked as he saw he caught a mermaid. She is a young kissing gourami mermaid, and she has short green hair and dark purple eyes. She's wearing a yellow and pink t-shirt that exposed her stomach and an orange backpack, a pink tail with light fins, and her dorsal fin is white.

He looked over to see a starfish landed standing on two of its legs. He's orange and appears to be stitched along his outline. His face is in the middle of his body and he wears a hat similar to a tam hat or rastacap.

"You… OK?" Naruto asked as the mermaid looked at him.

"You saved us!"

"You're welcome," Naruto said with a nod.

"IT'S A BUNCH OF HUMANS!" She screamed, eyes bulging out with her tongue as Naruto put her on the deck. "Sorry, I was just surprised. I'm Camie, thanks for saving my life, it seems I'm always being eaten by Sea Kings. I think this was the 20th time."

"You gotta stop that." Usopp interrupted her before she blinked.

"There must be some way to pay you back. Oh, I know, takoyaki!"

"You have some!?"

She nodded before smiling. "500 berries each!"

The starfish then slapped her at that. "You're not selling them!"

Sanji ran around, excited about meeting a mermaid before dropping to his knees after Usopp brought up Kokoro. Luffy laughed as he dodged Sanji's attacks before stopping, and grab the starfish. "Why do you have this talking glove-thingy Camie?" She smiled before explaining he was her pet, and master Pappag.

Pappag suddenly jumped up on the railing with a guitar and started singing as the others ignored him as Camie explained her dream of being a designer with the shirt she's wearing is Pappag's 'Criminal' brand.

Pappag went on to explain how he's able to talk was because he thought he was a human when he was a kid and learned the language. "Oh hey... Since you're from around here I can ask you-!" Nami started talking until Luffy jumped in front of her waving his arms.

"Nami! Takoyaki comes first!" Camie nodded before pulling a den-den Mushi out of her backpack.

"Just let me catch up with Hachin." She said as she called him up, but was surprised when another male's voice answered. "Oh, that voice must be Camie, right? This is Makuro! From the simple-minded Makuro Crew! Wait, I shouldn't say that myself..."

"Why do you have Hachi's Den-Den Mushi?" Camie asked as Makuro laughed.

"Because we beat him up with the help from the Flying Fish Riders. If you want him back... Come to Sabaody Archipelago, in the water five kilometers east of grove 44." He explained before hanging up.

"Sorry, Luffy-chin. Can we do the food later? I've got to save my friend first." Camie said as Luffy tilted his head, and crossed his arms as Nami walked up.

"We'll help you... And by 'we' I mean them." She said pointing to Naruto, and the others.

"You're lucky I love you Nami or I would be pissed that you're using me.." Naruto said as Nami smiled sweetly at him.

Later Flying Fish Riders Base.

"Duval-sama! They're back." A man said as he stood in front of a tied-up Fisman.

He's an octopus fish-man with pink skin and grey hair styled into spikes. He has a muscular build and is wearing a jacket with a red sun tattoo on his forehead.

Duval is a very large man wearing a large mask, with long red tufts attached to it. He has a muscular torso but has skinny arms and legs. He's wearing an open leather jacket, black pants, cowboy boots, and a long fur cape.

"I've been waiting for dat man, and those pirates arrival for a long time," Duval said before looking down. "I'll be the one to kill dat guys today." He finished picking up a rifle with spears in it. "Let's get to work, and get them!" He yelled as everyone scrambled to get into place.


On their way to the base, Pappag explained Sabaody is still into the slave trade before they came up to the horseshoe-shaped base and found their way to what looks like a small deserted village. And saw someone in ink tied up in a cage in the middle of the harbor. "Oh No... This defiantly isn't a trap." Naruto said as Camie called out to the person.


The person nodded before speaking. "I'm fine Camie! You don't need to worry!"

"This is a trap turn around!" He yelled out as everyone but Chopper, Naruto, Robin, Gina, Franky, and Brook looked down in thought as Naruto walked up to Camie.

Sanji looked over and yelled. "Hey! How's Arlong doing?!"

Hachi blinked before replying. "Huh? Arlong? No him, Choo, Kuroobi, and everyone else was captured by the Navy, I'm the only one left."

"SO IT WAS YOU, HUH, YOU DAMN SQUID?!" Luffy asked/yelled as Hachi looked shocked at his loose lips. "So you're that damn squid who was with Arlong?! You're that takoyaki-seller, Hachin?!" Luffy asked again as Usopp explained dealing with Arlong before coming to the Grand Line. Although with him being the one who fought them all.

"HEY, SQUID! Now that we know it's you we won't save you now!" Luffy yelled again before forcing the next words out. "But... Is it... True that your takoyaki is as good as I heard it was?!"

Naruto sighed before hearing Usopp order to turn the Sunny around. "Nami-chin..." Camie looked up to Nami who sighed.

"Sorry, Camie... But if we knew he was your friend."

"Then you won't help me save him?" Camie asked tearfully until Naruto puts his hand on her head, and took off his shirt before walking to the railing.

"N-Naruto what are you doing? You can't seriously be thinking of helping him right?"

Naruto looked back to Nami before looking over to Hachi. "I'm not going to help him... I'm helping Camie... We did promise her after all... And I've never broken a promise before."

He jumped over to Hachi and reached down before hearing a splash, and a scream. He looked over and saw three Fishmen holding Camie in the water before hearing Hachi start banging on the cage. "Wait Camie! I'll save you!" Hachi said as Naruto threw a kunai at the lock breaking it.

Naruto jumped over and created clones that took out each man on the base before seeing Duval come out on a large ox. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto saw the other's fighting men on flying fish. He then dodged a bullet and kicked the helmet off Duval showing he looks exactly like Sanji's drawn wanted poster.

Duval goes on a rant that he blames Sanji for everything that happened to him. He tells of how bounty hunters came after him at the behest of the Marines. As Sanji makes it where Naruto is with Zoro, Brook, and Luffy jumping over, the Flying Fish leader tells his enemy that he had to hide all his life. As he demands his life back, Sanji kicks Duval squarely in the face.

Then, Duval and Sanji argue about the face on the wanted poster while the rest of the Straw Hats believe Sanji is lucky. The cook then yells that Duval should've shaved his hair or grown a beard before hunting him down. Duval after that revelation, explains that he and his gang wanted a casual lifestyle and they were petty bandits making a living.

He explains that one of his gang members scolded a girl for spilling ice cream, and threatened her father. As their reign carried on, the Marines put out a bounty for Sanji forcing the town to clear out. At first, Duval thought the villagers would both fear and respect him, but the Marines reached him, thinking the bandit to be Black Leg Sanji.

Surprised, Duval tried to tell the Marines otherwise. Ruined, he had traveled with his gang and got his back severely injured. Duval became determined to chase Sanji to hell. Sanji grips the Flying Fish leader for putting Nami and Robin in harm's way. Duval then tries to shoot his Scorpion Harpoons, but the cook dodges.

Duval then orders a trap formation. As the Flying Fish Riders close in, Sanji kicks a rider but is struck by a steel net and pulled underwater. Luffy tries to save Sanji, but Zoro reminds him of his Devil Fruit abilities, so Hachi has to race to the rescue. Duval points out the speed of the Flying Fish as they can use oxygen tanks ensuring that Sanji will drown.

Then, Camie dives into the water after Sanji. Pappag then says that even if the Flying Fish Riders and Fishmen are fast underwater, mermaids are much faster than them. Luffy then wishes the mermaid luck. Then, the Flying Fish Riders bring up a large anchor to drop onto the Thousand Sunny. Franky heads to the wheel and announces there was a secret weapon installed just as the Flying Fish Riders drop the anchor.

Just as the anchor hits, Franky activates the Chicken Voyage, taking evasive maneuvers. Usopp then heads to the bow and finds some controls with a weapon stored. Duval is horrified to see the head of the Sunny opening, revealing a cannon. With the weapon aimed at the hideout. "Gaon Hō! (Gaon Cannon!)" The canon shot a blast of air that resembles an energy beam at the base.

Camie then brought Sanji up before the Ox ran at Luffy who looked at it intensely before stopping him and glared before the bull sweated and walked off before passing out. Sanji then walked over before kicking Duval in the face countless times before having him fly into a hut.

Later, the Crew is eating o Hachi's red and pink vendor ship as Luffy gorges on Hachi's takoyaki. The crew enjoys the food that Hachi prepared for them. Camie also presents some rice cakes and miso. Nami seems to have trouble tasting the food and threatens Hachi. However, she finds the rice cakes tasty. As they continue their tastes, Duval and his gang arrive. Duval now has a different face but with small spirals on his eyebrows.

The leader wants to thank Sanji for rearranging his face. Now that he has a handsome face and wants a rosy life. Before departing, Duval hopes the crew will ask if they have any troubles before having a hard time trying to wink. Sanji orders him to leave believing he'll be happy. Duval then becomes infatuated with Nami thinking she blew him a kiss, but she was wiping sauce off her lips. Duval gave them his number in case they needed help before leaving.

Later, after finishing eating and leaving Hachi tired, Camie cleans up with everyone satisfied. Over some tea, Camie then points out the crew needs to get to Sabaody Archipelago. Normally, the water pressure would crush submarines. Pappag explains that there are two routes to get to the New World; One route allows Marine Ships through Marie Jois without trouble but will deny pirates passage. Another passage is the ocean floor passage that goes through Fishman Island.

Chopper seems to have second thoughts, but as the Thousand Sunny is not equipped to go underwater, Camie hopes to get the equipment for the ship. As at the bottom of the Red Line is a big hole that will lead to Fishman Island about 10,000 meters underwater. Camie also points out the ship needs a coating to go underwater.


Just then, the Thousand Sunny arrives at the Sabaody Archipelago with bubbles floating about. Luffy becomes excited to see the bubbles. Camie points out the bubbles float out of the ground. Hachi then explains the mangrove trees as they stick to the water and home to the Hustle Muscle Mangroves. There is also a set of towns on the archipelago and numbers mark the trees and bridges that connect the islands.

The ship arrives at Grove 41 and Luffy gets off first. A bubble comes up and Luffy jumps onto them. Robin sees how the ground is sticky. Luffy then sees an amusement park called Sabaody Park with a Ferris wheel that Camie is obsessed with but Pappag denies her. Suddenly, the bubbles pop and drop Luffy to the ground hard but he then gets his head out.

Hachi then explains they need to find a coating specialist so they can coat the Thousand Sunny. He also trusts an expert ship coater and hopes to find him, but also warns of the World Nobles. And that under no circumstances are they to engage the World Nobles even if they kill someone.

"Just look the other way, pretend nothing happens."

To Be Continued.

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