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Chapter XXXII.

Last Time.

Sentomaru, who saw the boulder as well, nodded before running off as Kuma jumped away before Rayleigh got beside Naruto, sword in hand before looking at the Admiral. "If what you say is true.. Can you fight both of us? And not get hit by one of those black balls?"

Kizaru just looked before he glowed. "I guess not… Besides, I gotta get ready for the battle to come."

He then disappeared before Rayleigh looked at Naruto. "That's some fruit you got there, kid."

"Technically not a fruit. I'm from a different dimension where everyone had powers. And OK yeah, I just found out it was because of a woman who ate a fruit that gave us all powers." Naruto said dissipating the cloak.

"Really?" Rayleigh stated, rubbing his beard. "What are you going to do now?"

"Wait for Luffy to stop moving I guess," Naruto replied with a shrug. "I can teleport to anything that has a formula I can put on it and he was the only one I could put it on. The others don't have it but I have kunais that have it on them and they usually used those but none of them had any of them."

"I guess we can go back to the bar and have a drink. I moved your ship so you should be alright now."

Naruto shrugged before following after the elderly pirate.


Sabaody Archipelago Shakky's Rip-Off Bar.

Naruto sat at the bar drinking from a bottle as he heard Shakky, Hachi, Pappag, and Camie talk about the disappearance of the others.

"But he's not stronger than an Admiral," Shakky spoke up, holding a cigarette.

"No, but I am," Naruto said putting the bottle down. "I've been taking it easy on them to let the others escape. But the Government just fucked up by having Kuma attack Nami, Robin, and Gina. I'm not holding back anymore now."

"I've got something to tell you about that."

Naruto turned to see Rayleigh walking in. He then opened his mouth to speak.

Three Days Later, Amazon Lily.

Naruto appeared in a cage before hearing gasps. He looked around to see women surrounding the cage before he stopped on one of them.

She is a young woman with short, unruly blond hair, long slender legs, and a slim, curvaceous figure. She's wearing a revealing bikini top and miniskirt made of animal skin that greatly shows off her large cleavage and long legs, and a white cape that seems to resemble a Marine jacket. There's a snake who is black and green striped wrapped around her waist.

She is also wearing some type of black and white striped legging similar to a stocking on her right leg, along with high-heeled boots.


The second woman is extremely tall. Her facial features are childlike, with wide dark brown eyes and long orange-brown hair with locks falling below her shoulders from either side of her face. Her outfit consists of a revealing blue corset, that exposes her large cleavage with yellow cottony edges and buttons on them.

A blue bikini bottom that also has yellow cottony edges and buttons around her hips underneath a white cape and a plumed hat-like type helmet with cheek guards and an emblem of a skull with snakeheads around it embossed at the front over her forehead. And dark outdoor boots with a sword sheathed horizontally over her lower back.


The last woman is a very large, corpulent woman with a masculine-like build. She's wearing a similar outfit as the other two, and also carries a snake weapon. She's wearing a coat around her shoulders and has a very square, thick chin. She also has her hair in pigtails.

Sweet Pea.

"Where'd you come from?"

Can all men do that?"

Naruto blinked at the questioning before seeing women surrounding the area. 'I guess this is like that village Shizuka's from if they're asking these kinds of questions.' He thought before speaking. "No, all men can't do what I just did. The… Island I hail from, everyone has powers to do what I do." He explained not wanting to rile the women up if they don't know about fruits or anything outside the village.

Luffy's arm stretched past him grabbing his hat Sweat Pea had on having Naruto look back to see Luffy.

"Whoa, men can stretch their arms?!"

"No, just Luffy, there are fruits that can give you powers but take your ability to swim away." Oh, I'm Naruto." Naruto explained as Luffy got dressed.

And blanched at the flower pattern and frills that were sewn on them before yelling. The women jumped back and had their snakes stiffen before using them as bows as they notched arrows on them.

Suddenly, They shot their arrows at them, and Naruto created a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and created a hole in the wall, and left the village with Luffy who grabbed Marguerite as the other women followed. They then ran out of the village before jumping off the cliff.

"Gomu Gomu no... Fusan! (Gum Gum Ballon!)"

Luffy expanded having him, Naruto, and Marguerite land on the ground. Marguerite shook before pulling a long knife and aimed it at them. "Stay back." She said before going off with questions. "I've heard all men have viruses, can all men get fat like that?" Naruto shook his head.

"No… As I explained, Luffy here ate a fruit that gave him the power of being rubber. And no, we don't have any virus." He finished as Luffy suddenly looked around.

"Hey… Was there anything in my pockets?!" Marguerite blinked before reaching into her right top and pulled out the Vivre Card. Luffy dashed over and grabbed her hand as she tried to pry him off, before finally doing so, and ran a few feet away.

Naruto sat down on a tree root before explaining what happened at Sabaody Archipelago. "And we ended up here." Marguerite nodded before speaking. "So... You're pirates?" She asked as Luffy paced.

"Hi (Yes) Luffy, I'll take us back to Sabaody Archipelago soon, I just used a lot of chakra coming her and that's after fighting that admiral."

She then suddenly pulled her snake up before Naruto appeared beside her and winced. Marguerite blinked before looking to see a rattlesnake was about to bite her but Naruto's forearm instead. He pulled his arm back before reaching to grab the snake by the back of the head then pulled him off before tossing it away.

Groaning, Naruto had his arm covered in red chakra and had poison come out via steam before covering his entire body for a moment. "Nani? (What?) What is that?"

"I'm healing," Naruto explained before rolling his arm just as Sweat Pea, Aphelandra, and another woman jumped over.

She's a slim normal-sized woman with tan skin and long black hair arranged in a ponytail. She's wearing a revealing bikini that has two lines connecting the top and bottom going through a gold ring on her stomach and a white cape.


"Get them!"

They both ran, with Naruto running up a tree then ran across the limns.

A Few Miles Out.

On a Marine ship beside a dead Sea King, a Male Marine was talking to three women about helping the Navy deal with Whitebeard as he would try to stop Ace's execution.

He has a black mohawk and a mustache wearing the standard marine uniform, consisting of a purple and white pinstripe suit with a coat draped over his shoulders. Underneath his coat, is a dark blue shirt and a light blue tie. He is of average height and very well-built with a katana attached to his right hip.

Vice-Admiral Momonga.

"So you would give up your position than help the Government?!" He asked as the first woman walked down from the head of a giant snake with the others.

She is a very tall, slender woman with long black hair that reached past her waist with locks of hair that frame her face down to her chin, large breasts, a high forehead, and dark blue eyes that have long, voluminous lashes and a narrow waist. She's wearing a revealing red blouse that showed much of her chest and a loose sarong that exposed her long, slender legs with the green symbol of the Kuja adorned on it.

She's also wearing white cape sporting epaulets commonly found on the jackets of high-ranking Marines and red high heel pumps. There's also a large white smiling snake with a skull with her.

Boa Hancock, one of the Ōka Shichibukai's (Seven Warlords) former bounty: 80,000,000.

The next woman is a muscled, and large woman dressed like many of the other inhabitants of Amazon Lily. Her hair is arranged in a way that it looks like the patterns on a cobra's hood and to some extent, a Valkyrie's helmet.

Boa Marigold.

The final woman is a large lady who resembles a snake. Her head is disproportionately large and wide to her body and her long tongue is forked as it's sticking out of her mouth and has sea green's dressed in very revealing clothing with a large black panther beside her.

Boa Sandersonia.

"Even if I killed anyone, kicked a kitten… The whole world would forgive me because I'm beautiful." Hancock said getting both her crew and the Marines to swoon. She leaned back, formed a heart with her hands, and attacked the Marines. "Mero Mero Merrow! (Love Love Beam!)" Heart-shaped pink beams came out of her hands and hit the Marines turning all but Momonga who stabbed his hand into stone.

Kuja Village, A Few Hours Later.

Naruto and Luffy were running in the village before jumping off a cliff onto a mansion. Suddenly Naruto fell through and landed in a large bath. He quickly shot up and coughed. "Oh come on, I just bought these!" He exclaimed before seeing the back of a nude Hancock. "What the..." He said narrowing his eyes at what was on his back before she quickly turned around, and glared at him.

"What the hell are you doing on my Island?!" She asked as Naruto stepped out.

"Kuma sent my friend here…" He stopped as she suddenly aimed her hands at him, and shot a beam... That did nothing to him. He blinked before looking at his hands. "Was that supposed to do anything?"

Suddenly, Sandersonia and Marigold ran in. "Nee-chan. (Sister.)" They gave her a robe as Hancock tried again only for nothing to happen.

Naruto blinked as they looked shocked. "Why didn't you turn to stone?! Don't you feel any wickedness in your heart? Even after you saw me naked in the bath?!"

"Why? Well, I'm in a relationship, and you never did anything to me." Naruto explained before running as Hancock glared.

"I must hide this! No one must know!" She yelled as he jumped out of the window.

As he was falling, Hancock hits him with a small heart that caused him to crash on the ground. He looked up to see more women surround him. "Oh hey... Is there any way you could let me leave?"

He dodged an arrow before running and catching up to Luffy who was running on top of a wall.

They dropped down in front of someone reading a paper with Naruto's, and Luffy's poster on it along with the World Nobel's that they beat up.

She looked at them wide-eyed. 'To think the men that came here are the two rookies with a bounty of three hundred million, and one that's over.' She thought as Naruto stared at her.

She's remarkably diminutive in height, with very thick lips, and wrinkled from old age. She also wearing a sea-green bubble belt meant to hold up the spotted-print short skirt. Also, she wearing a cape. Her hair is white and she has a pink flower on the left side of her head.

Elder Nylon.

They tried to run, only for her to kick them into a wall as the Kuja pirates surrounded them as the older woman clutched the paper.

Later Stadium.

A tied-up Naruto and Luffy were sitting in the stadium filled with women, and the Boa sister was at a spot in front of them with Hancock using her snake as a chair. As they explained why they were there, the women yelled that they were lying. Suddenly, Marguerite, Sweet Pea, and Aphelandra came up and tried defending them as Hancock walked down.

She suddenly turned them to stone and walked back. "Why did you do that to your people?!" Naruto asked as Boa said everyone will forgive her for being beautiful.

Suddenly a giant panther came down as he, and Luffy was freed. Naruto turned and had an image of Kurama appear behind him having the Panther whine and flee. "Well, I don't!" He yelled as Hancock looked shocked. "I'll fight... But when I win... You'll free them." Naruto said as Marigold, and Sandersonia jumped down and turned into snakes. Naruto then looked to Marigold. "I'll take her Luffy. Oh, could you hold on a sec?"

He and Luffy moved Marguerite, Aphelandra, and Sweat Pea to a lower level as everyone stared in shock that a man would do that. They jumped back up and looked at the sisters. Naruto went into his red cloak and attacked Marigold. She dodged and blocked his attacks before swiping at him with her ax.

"Holy crap!" Naruto jumped above the purple poison that she shot out of her mouth before being punched in the stomach. As he was attacking Marigold, Sandersonia grabbed Marguerite as Luffy was fighting her. "Damn it let her go!" Naruto yelled only to dodge another attack. Sandersonia lifted Marguerite high in the air and slammed down.


Naruto and Luffy yelled having a blast of energy come off Luffy and killing intent off Naruto knocking a lot of women out and had Sandersonia stop. "Put her down," Naruto said as Sandersonia followed his order. Naruto picked her up and sat her back with the others. "Thank you for leaving her alone," Naruto said before dashing and punched the shocked Marigold into the wall revealing spikes on the bottom.

"Gia Senkando! (Gear Second!)"

Luffy looked up as steam came off him before the sisters attacked. Only for both Naruto, and Luffy to dodge. Naruto dashed up to Marigold as Luffy grabbed Sandersonia, and slam her down on the floor. "Konoha Taijutsu: Senpū Rekkyaku! (Tree Leaf Body Technique: Whirlwind Furious Feet!)" He knocked her down the stair and looked up to see an annoyed Hancock.

"Mari! Sonia! Why are you playing around?! Finish them!"

They nodded before Sandersonia's hair turned into snakes, and Marigold covered herself in fire. They attacked both Luffy and Naruto who was back-to-back. Naruto attacked with a fury of punches at Marigold as Luffy did the same to Sandersonia. "Gomu Gomu No... Jetto Gatoringu! (Gum-Gum Jet Gatling!)"

The sisters tried to attack, only for Naruto, and Luffy to punch them having them run into each other. "AAHH!" Sandersonia screamed as fire covered her.

"Sonia! Marigold yelled before pushing her away and noticed their tails are tied together. Sandersonia fell over the side and grabbed the stands as Naruto noticed her coat was burnt off, and something on her back.

He jumped over and covered her back. "Damn that stings." He said through gritted teeth as the women yelled at him. "Hey don't move... Even if you're going to kill me I won't move." She glared until she heard the women shout about 'Gorgon Eyes'.

"You're covering my back?"

Naruto nodded before replying. "Yeah... This has nothing to do with us... And you must have your reasons for hiding it from the women that are family to you." He glanced up to see Hancock order the women out before sitting down and cover her face.

He frowned as he saw a tear fall before she spoke. "I can save them.." Hancock said as she looked down at Naruto and Luffy. "Or I can give you a ship... But only one." She said as she, and her sisters smirked.

Naruto and Luffy smiled before Naruto bowed his head to the ground. "Then you'll save them?" They looked at him in shock before Hancock shadowed her eyes, walked down, and freed the women.

To Be Continued.

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