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The Fate of a Hero

By Dan Kuhlmeyer

It has been twenty-five years since Yugi defeated Pegasus at Duelist Kingdom. This story is about the children of Yugi and his friends:

Brian, the son of Yugi and Teá, plays Duel Monsters like his father, by always trusting in the heart of the cards.

Michelle, Joey and Mai's daughter, is a Duel Monsters champion with her mother's attitude and her father's courage.

Trevor, Tristan and Serenity's son, is Brian's best friend and is usually annoying, but will always take risks for a friend or loved one.

And Derrick, the son of Seto Kaiba, is a shy young man with his father's dark side.

Together, they must trust in their cards and in each other to defeat a great evil trying to take over the world.

"Score, baby!" Trevor laughed as he played two cards on the playing field. Trevor had his father's tan skin and hair color and style and had his mother's brown eyes. He was dressed in his school uniform: blue pants and a blue jacket unbuttoned over a white shirt. "Darkfire Soldier, equipped with Salamandra which raises his Attack to 2400, destroys your Curse of Dragon and wipes out your life points."

"Not a bad move," Brian said with a smile. Brian had his father's multi-colored, spiked hair, except he had some brown instead of yellow. He also had his father's purple eyes. He wore his school uniform similar to Trevor's. "But actually, I'm going to wipe out your life points."

"Say what?"

Brian flipped over a card that was face down. "Mirror Force deflects your attack and sends it back to your monsters and sends your life points to zero."

"Ah, man," Trevor slammed his fist to the table. "That's the third time in a row."

"Hey, you're doing better. You had me down to Four hundred life points."

Michelle laughed as she walked up to the two. She was a blonde that styled her hair like her mother's and she had her father's brown eyes. She was dressed in her school uniform: a pink sweatshirt over a white blouse, a blue bowtie, and a short, blue skirt. "Keep practicing, cuz. And in about a month, you'll be half a good a duelist as I am."

"Oh, Miss Hotshot thinks she can do better?" Trevor mocked his cousin. "Take out your deck and let's see what you've got."

She gave him a cold look. "How many times do I have to tell you, Dumbo? I'm just one duel away from being Regional Champion. I don't want to waste my energy on a loser like you."

Trevor growled at her when they noticed a dark haired boy walking past them. He was taller than the rest of them and had almond colored hair and icy blue eyes. He wore his school uniform with his blue jacket buttoned to the neck. He stopped for a while, and snorted as he walked away.

"Hey, isn't that the new kid?" Trevor asked.

"Yeah," said Brian. "I didn't hear his last name, but I think his first name is Derrick."

Derrick walked outside the school. He already knew the names of the three kids he walked past. Michelle was a pro at Duel Monsters and Trevor was her annoying cousin. He only knew Brian by his father's reputation. Yugi was known as the King of Games. He was the victor when anyone challenged him to a game of Duel Monsters or Dungeon Dice Monsters.

But Derrick wouldn't want to be Brian's friend. His father, Seto Kaiba, was once a Duel Monsters legend, the number one Duelist in the world. But that was until he met Yugi who beat him at a game and destroyed his reputation. Since then, Kaiba and Yugi have been sworn enemies.

"Hey, Derrick."

He turned and saw a dark haired man in his thirty's waving at him from a red convertible. Derrick ran up to him.

"Wasn't Dad going to pick me up, Uncle Mokuba?" Mokuba gave him a look of concern. "Your dad's kind of busy at the moment so he wanted me to drive you home, again." His face suddenly lit up. "But he said he'll make it up for you."

"He always says that."

"But this time, he means it. He knows how much you love Duel Monsters so he has tickets for the three of us to see the Regional finals."

Derrick's face started brightening up. "You mean it?"

"Yep. So why don't you jump into the Moku mobile so we can get ourselves ready?"

Derrick smiled as he stepped into the passenger's seat. He strapped himself in and Mokuba drove off.

"Well guys, I'd better get going," Michelle said to Brian and Trevor. "My game's at seven. You're going to come watch me, right?"

"Of course we are," Brian said to her.

"Do you even have to ask?" Trevor told her.

Michelle smiled and walked away.

Derrick was enjoying an after school snack when the phone rang.

"I'll get it," Mokuba said. "Kaiba residence," he spoke to the receiver. "Hey, Seto. What? But you promised him. Seto, you can't keep breaking promises to him. Alright, I'll tell him."

He hung up the phone and looked at Derrick with concern in his eyes. His eyes were full of disappointment.

"He's not coming, is he?"

"They just called for a meeting which will take hours. But he said I can take you."

Derrick stood up. "Don't bother. I'll just watch it on TV."

With that Derrick stood up and headed towards his room. Mokuba looked at the tickets on the counter and smiled.

"I wonder if Angela and Carol are doing anything tonight."

So he took the tickets and walked out the door.

Using a virtual stadium, Michelle watched in horror as her opponent, Chris Steel, use his Twin-Headed Fire Dragon to destroy her Skull-Red Bird. She looked at the scoreboard and saw that she only had three hundred life points and Chris had eight hundred.

"Why don't you save yourself the embarrassment and surrender, little girl?" Chris laughed.

Michelle glared at him with fire in her eyes. "'Little girl'? Better start writing your will."

In the stands, Brian and Trevor sat one row away from their parents, as well as Michelle's. Trevor elbowed Brian with a smirk.

"Uh oh. He called her 'little girl'."

"Bad move," Brian called out to Chris.

"Yeah!" Joey, Michelle's father, called out. "Nobody calls her 'little girl' except me."

"Will you stop acting like she was just born, you idiot?" Mai yelled at her husband.

Michelle drew a card from her deck and smiled with approval.

"I will now play a card face down, and I'll play the Dark Witch in Attack Mode."

She put down her cards, and in the stadium a fairy with dark hair appeared.

"What a pathetic way of losing!" Chris called out. "That thing only has 1800 Attack points, while my monster has 2200." He then spoke into a microphone. "Twin Headed Dragon, Double Fire Attack!"

Both heads of the holographic dragon took a deep breath and shot out two balls of fire at Michelle's Dark Witch.

"Not so fast," Michelle called out as she turned her facedown card face-up.

A crystal wall appeared around the Dark Witch and the dragon's fire vanished.

"What happened?"

"I activated a Trap Card. Mirror Wall protects my Dark Witch and cuts your Twin Headed Dragon's attack in half."

Chris growled at her as she drew her next card.

"Now I summon my favorite dragon, Hyozanryu."

All of a sudden, a large dragon that looked like it was made of diamonds appeared and growled at the other dragon.

"Hyozanryu," Michelle shouted in a microphone. "Diamond Ice Blast Attack!"

Hyozanryu shot out a blast of ice that destroyed the Twin Headed Dragon. Chris cursed at her as his life points on the scoreboard dropped to zero.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the announcer called out. "This year's Regional Champion is Ms. Michelle Wheeler."

The audience cheered for Michelle as she got her trophy and waved to everybody.

Brian, Michelle, Trevor, and their families met outside the building.

"Congratulations, Michelle," Brian said to her.

"You did pretty good out there," Tristan, Trevor's father, said to her.

Yugi then spoke up. "I've never seen anyone play as good as you do, Michelle."

"Are you kidding?" Joey spoke up. "She's been good at this game since she was in diapers."


All of a sudden, Joey fell unconscious to the ground when Mai swung her purse at his head.

Trevor looked at his mom, who was Joey's sister. "Has Uncle Joey always been so emotional?"

Serenity hung her head with her eyes closed. "Oh, yes."

Mai dragged her husband by the collar as she stormed off. "He's going to get very emotional once he gains consciousness. C'mon Champ."

Michelle shook her head and looked back at her friends. "I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye."

"Later, Michelle," Brian said.

"Great job, cuz."

Michelle turned and ran to her parents. Yugi, Teá, Tristan, and Serenity looked at each other.

"See you later Tristan," said Yugi.

"Later, Yugi," said Tristan.

"Bye," said Teá.

"Take care," said Serenity.

Brian and Trevor high-fived each other and walked away with their parents.

Inside the Duelist Arena, a blonde man dressed in black watched Yugi and his family head towards their car. He grinned as he looked at Yugi and spoke in a deep, echoing voice. "Now is the time to strike, and take what is mine."
Teá looked at Yugi and noticed he still had his eyes opened and was staring at the ceiling.

"Is something bothering you, Yugi?" she asked him.

"I was just thinking. Michelle's duel kind of reminded me of the good old days. When everything depended on whatever card we drew."

Teá smiled and nodded in agreement. "All of our adventures and what we risked everything for."

"Yeah. And it's funny, I've told Brian about them, but I've never mentioned Yami. And if it wasn't for him, well where would we be right now?"

Teá smiled. "I have absolutely no idea."

"Still, it is good to have a normal life."

"I second it."

They both jumped at the sound of the doorbell. Yugi looked at his alarm clock. It was midnight.

"Who would be visiting at this time at night?"

Yugi asked. After putting a bathrobe on, Yugi went downstairs and opened the front door. A blonde man in a black suit looked at Yugi.

"Yugi Motou, I presume?"

"Yes. Can I help you?"

"I am Marcus Mage, president of Industrial Illusions after Pegasus's death."

Yugi stared in awe at the dark man. "Well it's an honor to see you at my door. What can do for you?"

Mage held up his hand. "I assume you recognize these."

His hand started to glow and three golden items appeared and orbited it. One looked like a tiny ball with an Egyptian eye in the middle. Another was a large ring with a pyramid that had the same symbol in the middle and five spikes were hanging from it. The last one was a staff with wings and the eye symbol at the top.

Yugi was horrified at the sight of them. "Millennium items. Pegasus's Millennium Eye, Bakura's Millennium Ring, and Malik's Millennium Rod. How did you get a hold of them?"

"That is not important. But I only need one more Millennium item. And I have chosen your Millennium Puzzle. If you give it to me without any hassle, I might make things easy for you."

Yugi backed away shaking his head. "NO!"

"Then you leave me no choice. I must have it no matter what the costs are."

With that, he shot a beam of light came from his hand at hit Yugi in the chest. He screamed for a while and then, his lifeless body fell to the ground. Mage laughed as he looked at a card. The center was blank for a moment and then Yugi's face appeared.

"As Pegasus did to your grandfather twenty-five years ago, I have stolen your soul from your body. Now nothing stands in my way."

He searched Yugi for the Millennium Puzzle, but could find nothing.

"What's this? It's not here? Where is it?"

He suddenly heard Te's voice. "Yugi, is everything okay down there?"

When she came down, Mage was gone but Yugi was lying on the floor, like there wasn't any life in him. A few minutes later Brian came down and saw his mother holding Yugi with tears in her eyes.

"Dad? Mom, what happened to him?"

To be continued...