"Our sun is one of 100 billion stars in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies populating the universe. It would be the height of presumption to think that we are the only living things in that enormous immensity."

-Werhner von Braun

The sun was setting in the east. A dust storm was coming and the inhabitants of the small town of Big Town (paradox if there ever was one) started to hunker down for the night. They were all from Little Lamplight, a piece of shit town where they grew up on fungus. Longshot hated the damn place, both Big Town and Little Lamplight, but they were the only people he ever knew and he would be damned if he was going to go somewhere else. But as he paced his room in the small town, he had to acknowledge something.

The town was dying.

Big Town had been doing rather well; the walled settlement had been expanding. Trade was going well and people were coming to the town were coming in. Longshot had grown up scavenging with the Little Lamplight scavengers and had gained the name Longshot because of his expertise with a hunting rifle. When he had arrived, he started to working the shifts with Dusty, a former security guard from Rivet City. Everything had been going well.

And then people started being taken by slavers and super mutants again. The outside buildings which had been inhabited since the town started to expand were being attacked with a force not seen in years. Longshot had lost people who had been with them for years. Fifteen people out of one hundred were gone and people were scared. Two dozen people had signed up to watch over each night. Minefields were reinforced, the robots reinforced as well, along with ensuring there was only one path to town.

Longshot took a seat into a couch that had been torn apart by bullets. Tiny bullet holes were everywhere. The couch wasn't very comfortable, but then again, nothing was comfortable in Big Town. The young man sighed as he started to clean his hunting rifle, the beauty that had kept him alive for the last six years. He had nicknamed it Longshot because well damn it, he wasn't creative and he didn't need to be. Using an oiled cloth, he started to disassemble the damn thing and cleaning it one part at a time.

It was just around eight when he heard a knock on his door. The small cramped house he lived in was home to four people including himself. Setting aside his now cleaned rifle, he got up and went to open it. The dust storm was starting to calm down, though gusts of wind were still tearing into the walls of the settlement. Bracing himself for the wind, Longshot was next to the door, opening it. Outside was Flash, one of the older residents of Big Town. The moon was shining in full force after the dust storm and filtered into the living room.

"Longshot, we got a pack of super mutants heading east of the town. Dusty said at least six lead by a nasty Overlord. I've got Big Mouth and Shoulders with me, armoring up. Stinky's got them in his sights and he's been keeping an eye on them. Moon's out tonight. We'll trail them and see where they're headed. You want in?" Flash asked. Longshot nodded, feeling oddly relieved. For what it was worth, he was going to do something. Having been on guard, going back on the trail was going to be...well interesting.

"Yeah Flash. Let me just get Longshot and my armor."

Flash nodded his acknowledgement and left. Longshot grabbed the rifle. Checking it and undoing the bolt, he heard the smooth click of it sliding back into place. Satisfied with it, Longshot reached onto the desk that was snagged right in the corner of the room and grabbed the rifle scope lying on top of the rotten wood. Inserting it onto the rifle, he went towards his room which he shared with another Little Lamplight emigrant by the name of Kid. His leather armor was strewn across a deserted wooden chair, carelessly taken off when he had gotten home from his guard shift.

The long sleeved black leather jacket had been augmented with football pads reinforced with strong hard leather. Knee pads he strapped across his black pants and the young dark skinned man wrapped a bandanna around his neck. Goggles were then worn around his neck, ready for any dust storm. Grinning as he saw himself in the broken mirror, his brown skin disappearing behind black leather, he got out of his room. Flash was there, now armored in his own leather armor, while Big Mouth and Shoulders were standing in the living room as well.

Shoulders was known as Shoulders because he was massive. But his shoulders were bigger than everyone there so he was stuck with the nickname Shoulders. Standing at around six foot five, weighing two hundred and eighteen pounds, he carried a combat shotgun he nicknamed Terribly Terrible along with a sledgehammer. His blonde hair was tied in a tight ponytail and his emerald eyes shone in the darkness. He was encased head to toe in leather armor as well, built for him by the town's mechanic and local handyman, Gears.

Big Mouth was famous for his mouth. Known as the Mayor back in Little Lamplight, he had been hit by the nickname when he had badmouthed the actual mayor of Big Town. He had been smacked on the ground by Longshot and Shoulders when had done so and had been labeled a Big Mouth by the ever so imaginative Stinky (who later confessed that this was his version of revenge after being forced out of Little Lamplight). Grown now, he handled a Chinese assault rifle, magazines slung across his leather armor. His baby blue eyes stared into Longshot, still sore after receiving the beating, but was a good guard and a better diplomat. He had been the one to represent Big Town in the meetings at Rivet City when Red couldn't make it.

"So what's the big deal again? Fucking mutants starting to come out their own haunts?" Big Mouth asked, his tendency to swear kicking in.

"Super mutants. At least six lead by an Overlord. Stinky's keeping an eye on them right now. Heading east near the old trainyard. Three of them are the regulars and the rest are brutes. We trail them, make sure they don't get near the town and then radio their location to the Brotherhood. We don't have the firepower to deal with them and the Brotherhood outpost in Arefu needs to be warned anyway. So we'll keep an eye out and trail them. That's it."

"Got it boss," Shoulders simply said, cleaning his own shotgun. The 12 gauge shells could rip apart any mutant at close range, but there was only one giant hulking human and more than five hulking super mutants.

"Alright good. We'll split into three groups. Shoulders and Big Mouth will take the rear and make sure we don't get surprised. Once we link up with Stinky, me and him are going to stick the closest. And Longshot will keep an eye on everyone."

Flash's plan made sense. Shoulders and Big Mouth weren't stealth warriors by any stretch of the imagination, but they were great at killing shit. Longshot, being nicknamed freaking Longshot, was the best at keeping his distance and making sure no one got shiskabobbed by anybody. Stinky, despite being a terrible storyteller, was actually decent at sneaking around and Flash, being the main man in charge of scouting and scavenging, was a much different man than what Longshot had heard from. Thanks to the Lone Wanderer.

They headed out of town, crossing the bridge where Dusty was sitting in the seat with his own assault rifle. Robots were patrolling the outside and the minefield placed outside set up by Timebomb spread across only allowed for a single point of access to the town. Timebomb had begrudgingly put CAUTION MINEFIELD signs after two merchants almost lost their legs. A MK 5 turret was tracking them; the tri-barreled death machine ready to kill them if they proved hostile.

The moon's gleams of light were in full force as they approached the flat expanse of sand and dirt that separated them from Stinky and the super mutants. Shoulders and Big Mouth brought up the rear of the group, while Longshot started to separate. The set of hills that started to the east would give him a good vantage point. Stalking closer to it, Longshot looked back to keep an eye on the group. Shoulders and Big Mouth were keeping twenty feet back from Flash and Stinky had met up with them, his hands slightly bleeding for some reason. In his hands was a R91 assault rifle.

Finally making it to the top of the hill, he saw the super mutants. Seven of them, three of them big and ugly, the brutes of the group. Metal helmets and metal plates adorned their bodies, and each of them carried a rifle of some kind. Two of them were the regular kind, the dumbest of the dumb. They were the smallest as well, barely topping eight feet. One of them had a hunting rifle, in bad shape, while the other had a sledgehammer in his big meaty yellow hands. Finally, one of them was a Master variant. Fuck. This ugly motherfucker topped nine feet and had on a aviator hat and a Super Sledge. Whatever these guys were, they were packing. Positioning his hunting rifle he stared through the crosshairs and looked at the Overlord.

The huge figure topped twelve feet, wielded a Gatling Laser with one hand as if it was a pistol. The energy pack was in rather good condition and fit comfortably around the thing's back. The fucker was absolutely ugly and he was grunting by the way his mouth moved. Longshot wanted to put a bullet in his face, but the thing was practically bulletproof to the .32 rounds his hunting rifle shot out. Groaning in disappointment, he huddled behind a rock. Looking back at the group, he saw Shoulders and Big Mouth stopped for some reason. Shoulders head was looking up.

The hulking figure stared upward.

What is that? Longshot looked upward and saw something resembled a shooting star. Bright, flashy, and heading straight for them.


The pilot knew she had made a mistake. The ship was starting to burn in lower atmosphere. The engineering crew was dead or incapacitated, the security officers were being beaten back to the bridge, and half of the bridge crew was dead as well. The lower decks were starting to leak and the sealing wasn't working. By the Goddess, we can't let these pirates get their hands on this!

It had been all good and all. Discovering a mass relay, getting official recognition and going with a pair of frigates for defense. The Matriarchs had given them total autonomy in pursuing their goals of opening up this new solar system. Ice had been broken and the what not and the three ships had started to explore it. A medium sized sun was in place, still going strong. At least eight planets (the one near the mass relay was considered too small to be a planet and she felt bad for it for some reason) and they had scanned each of them. The biggest one was a place of storms and a giant red eye, while the rings around the second biggest one were the most fun to go through.

But it was the third planet that received their attention the most. When they had scanned it from afar, they had discovered water on the planet. Excited, Captain Mari had decided to move from the asteroid belt towards the planet in order to send a team down and conduct a full scan. That's when the pirates used a warp jump from Saturn's rings and ambushed them.

It was brilliant, the asari begrudgingly admitted. The three pirate ships had swooped in and, with a flurry of torpedoes, obliterated the frigates guarding them. They then blasted the engines and boarded the ship. Whoever these guys were, they were professionals. Swooping in and boarding wasn't just something any run of the mill pirate could do.

"Mam! We are burning, our kinetic barriers are down, the hull is tearing apart, and half of our men are dead!" the executive officer screamed. Captain Mari was busy, giving orders and buckling in.

"To all hands, prepare for impact! To all hands, brace for impact!" Captain Mari ordered. She then added one last tidbit.

"Pray to the Goddess we survive. And hope that we don't meet a fate worse than death."

The pilot took those words to heart.

Paladin Bael had been doing this for over two decades. Standing outside of the Citadel, armed with a minigun, with two sentry bots waiting for people to come just so he could turn them away. With Sarah Lyons with the bulk of the Brotherhood of Steel in pursuit of some enemy up north, he was stuck watching the Citadel and the kid. Well, the kid was watching him. The boy was old enough where he was in command of the fortress. Well...hell the boy's practically a Paladin now.

It was tough. With only about twenty Paladins and Knights to garrison the Citadel, along with over forty something initiates to train, the Paladin had locked his armor and was dozing. It was something he had learned to do; lightly sleeping because of the ridiculousness he had to go through. Just today, some random citizen from Arefu tried to convince him that vampires were real, some person from the Children of Atom claimed that they needed to heal them with Atom's glow, and of course, the bullshit from Rivet City.

So imagine his surprise when his motion detector registered a massive blip on his HUD. What in Maxson's name? He looked up, only to see a fiery collusion of fireballs spreading across the wasteland. It was literally something falling from the sky. Several contrails followed it, the different areas of whatever was, spreading across the Capital Wasteland. The biggest part, however, was heading near Big Town. The settlement was doing rather well compared to the other new ones sprouting up, though rumors of disappearances was widespread.

The fiery trails traveled all across, some parts slicing into Downtown. Others traveled south towards Rivet City and the Memorial, but most of the parts were concentrating on Big Town. The night's sky was emblazoned with the contrails, the moon bathing the spreading parts across the land. It was a rather beautiful sight, watching the falling masses and looked like a comet was shooting across the sky. Bael activated his radio, setting the channel to Maxson's. He would want to hear about it.

"Er...Knight-Captain Maxson, this is Paladin Bael. Do you see what I'm seeing?" he asked through his radio. Static met before the voice of a young man filtered through.

"Yes I do Paladin. I'm sending a team over there. Tell Knight-Sergeant Fernando and Knight Willow to get their team ready. They're going up there," the officer said. Well...he doesn't lack for confidence. And Fernando and Willow are among our finest Knights. "And Paladin. Gear up as well. You're leading them. I think you could use some exercise Paladin. Head to the courtyard."

And the link went dead.

Of course. Wait...what? I'm heading there? Two decades of this and I'm heading to Big Town? And what does he mean by exercise?!

Bael instinctively looked at his stomach. Well, he would, if he wasn't encased in armor. Sighing and deciding to let it go, Bael activated his radio again. The channel was set to the other gate guard, a Knight by the name of Sanchez.

"Knight Sanchez, get your ass to the front door. You're guarding the entrance till I get back."

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