The city was usually peaceful at this time of day. Of course, that would be the case if it weren't for the heavy workplace violations by the Schnee Dust Company and the current protests happening at town square. The Faunus, humans with extra appendages of that of animals, were holding up strike signs and shouting various remarks. In front of them was a stage and on it, a lion Faunus. He was wearing a blue suit and a striped tie, slightly teared at the shoulders. His lion traits involved his fluffy-edged tail and his orange mane, growing thick around his head.

He was a Faunus rights activist. And he demanded rights.

"Brothers and sisters! I bring you grave news. Yesterday, two of our brethren were found dead after inhaling toxic materials found in Dust. And what company handles Dust?!"


"That is correct! This has been the fifth death this month! And each of it were of our brethren, OUR PEOPLE! All of which were at the death mines that is the SCHNEE DUST QUARRIES!"

The crowd roared in anger. One could see the Faunus's fangs appearing as the gritted their teeth. Some were even carrying pictures of the president of the SDC, Frost Schnee, and burning it in anger. The humans watching it were wary of the situation, wondering whether or not it would turn violent. Police officers were ready at sight, wielding guns with rubber bullets and riot shields if necessary.

"We, the White Fang, will not tolerate this kind of negligence! We demand our respect! We demand our rights! And most importantly, WE DEMAND OUR EQUALITY!"

Faunus cheered at him, anger subsiding by the minute but never permanent. The Faunus had always have an intense hatred towards the Schnee Dust Company and like always, this would be directed to its highest order, the Schnees. The founder, Snow Schnee, started the company from scratch.

But Dust was not easy to mine. At its base form, white Dust, it was extremely volatile and quite poisonous. This led to many companies and inspiring businessmen afraid of harvesting it due to the costs of getting even a single kilogram of it. But Snow Schnee was not any businessman. He hired Faunus to work in these mines, earning coin for each bit they could find. With the expensive costs of Dust in the market, he made himself a millionaire overnight. For Faunus, they believed that getting work was the first step of achieving equality.

The truth was not so generous.

Snow abused the Faunus, knowing that the mines were dangerous. If he got himself human workers, he would have to pay more and that could lead to extreme losses. Not to mention the various human rights laws that he would break if they were to die.

But Faunus did not have these laws that protected them. They could die horribly in the mines and the government wouldn't bat an eye. With that, he avoided purchasing the safety equipment in harvesting Dust and gave the workers terrible living conditions to cut costs.

When the Faunus realized it, they were too late.

Too many had been working for the company at these conditions, causing an indirect massacre of the Faunus race. This led to an outcry by the Faunus but he simply silenced them. He had grown too powerful and he was not stopping.

The creation of the White Fang was a new beginning. A Faunus rights organization, it was the first legal one to exist. Peaceful protests had been put, meeting with various individuals were done and even an activist being on television for interviews. They were growing stronger and sooner or later, they would be able to achieve what they deemed equal.

Snow was not having any of it. With his power, he tried to shut down the White Fang from gaining too much influence. He could not accept his easy money-making scheme go to rot. Peaceful protests? Police sent to stop it. Meeting with individuals? Planting Faunus hatred in them before the meeting proceeded. Television interviews? Cut it off the system.

When his son inherited the company, they believed a change was coming.

And yet, nothing.

This and a bunch of other stuff led to the current protest, the Faunus representative and White Fang leader being the lion Faunus, Charleston.

"We, the Faunus, will not and CANNOT accept this! Which is why I, Charleston of the White Fang, ask for your help." He said through the microphone. The crowd quickly grew quiet, wondering what and why he would ask help. Charleston was basically the highest level of authority for the Faunus race. For him to ask help would be… important!

"The Schnee Dust Company will be having an important lunch of sorts tomorrow. But unlike other lunches, the heinous FROST SCHNEE will be there! If our words cannot reach the company, then we will make it reach its HEAD!" The crowd erupted with deafening cheers. Bystanders tried their best to ignore it while police officers around hurriedly went back to report.

Charleston fixed his tie. "I ask your help to be here tomorrow at 11 am. At 12, we will march to the lunch held by the SDC and with it, DEMAND FROST SCHNEE TO HEED OUR WORDS!"

Faunus continued their cheers but was quickly silenced by the lion Faunus with a hand. "…I ask much of you. Many of which have families to tend to. But while that is true, this may be the CHANGING POINT OF HISTORY!"

He whispered in the microphone, "So please, I beg as an equal, come and change history for our children." With that, he left the stage with microphone at hand. The Faunus protesters chanted out his name as he walked away, disappearing behind the backdrop. Charleston was the Faunus every Faunus dreamt to become. He was the example that every Faunus strived for. He was kind and caring, knowledgeable and understanding, fierce and true.

He was everything good about the Faunus personified, and that was what was seen in the eyes of a young Faunus girl.

Her eyes were golden and catlike, her black rough hair flowing in the wind. In her hands was a strike sign, much like everyone had. Her clothes were simple and old, the only thing fashionable was her scarf. And that too was bland.

She watched Charleston walk off stage and she was determined to meet him. With her sign at hand, she ran around the crowd, trying to quickly meet up with him before he left. Her catlike instincts were a gift to her as she easily traversed through the Faunus crowd. She saw a glimpse of him, just so close, and with quick reflexes, jumped out of the gathering of Faunus.

Only to bump into someone. A wolf Faunus to be exact.

Falling on her butt, she looked at the wolf Faunus in front of her. His hair was short yet sharp, coloured grey with dark streaks. He was wearing a white bulletproof vest above his black clothing and was holding a rifle strapped to his person. He had a belt around his shoulder and with it, hung small packs of ammunition.

He was a White Fang militant. But unlike others, his armour had red streaks on it.

"Who the hell are you?!" He asked with a vicious tone. The cat Faunus was too much in shock to answer, and he didn't like. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up forcefully. "I said, who the hell are you?! Are you a Schnee spy?!"

She didn't know what to respond. She could have just said her name but she was too scared to even speak out. Tears had formed around her eyes and yet, the wolf Faunus was still enraged at her. "Tell me who you are or else I'll cut that pretty little face of yours…"

With his free hand as he let his rifle hang loosely, he reached out for a combat knife at his back. Pulling it out, he dangerously held it to her face, intent of scarring it. He pushed the bladed side deeper and deeper, her tears now flowing in pain.

A hand grasped his. And it was no ordinary hand.

Charleston stood behind him with all his glory, holding his hand from pushing the blade deeper. He did not carry the same enthusiasm and pride that he brought on stage. No, this was pure wrath, and he was desperately trying to hold it back.

"Jared, what do you think you're doing?" the lion Faunus asked, his tone venomous. The wolf Faunus had a stare down with him, and he did not look like he was giving up. "I'm just handling some spies, that's all."

"That there is a child. She is no spy of the SDC. I ask you politely to pull that knife off her face."

He gritted his teeth and turned to the cat Faunus. "I'll be done in a sec. She needs to be taught a lesson."

This time, Charleston was no happy. His grip tightened and the wolf Faunus noticed. "She needs no lesson on this. As the leader of the White Fang, I order you to stand down."

Being the leader of the White Fang has its perks. One of which was full authority over the members and personal guardsmen or militants. Jared, the wolf Faunus, was a militant of the White Fang and he must obey the direct order. Reluctantly, he grunted and pulled the knife off her face and dropped her carelessly onto the ground.

Her face had a small cut on the left cheek and it was bleeding. Placing her hand on her face, she noticed the blood coming out and slowly, her tears start building up once more, ready to explode. Just as she was about to cry loudly, the lion Faunus kneeled down before her. With a spit on his fingers, he wiped away the blood from her cheek and suddenly, glowed faintly.

Letting go, the cat Faunus checked on her cut. It was no longer there.

"There, now there's no reason for you to cry anymore." The lion Faunus said. Even so, she sniffled a bit, her hands rubbing her eyes. She looked like she was going to return crying. Charleston panicked slightly before checking his pockets. He pulled out a thick black ribbon.

"Here, take this. If you do, please stop crying. OK?" he asked. She looked at the ribbon in front of her and grasped it quickly, holding it to her chest. He was not ready for it and the next thing he knew,the ribbon was no longer in his hands. Charleston laughed heartily at the sight. "My, my, what nimble hands you have. Tell me, youngling. What is your name?"

Without looking, she answered. "Blake… Blake Belladona."

Charleston grinned widely. "Blake Belladona… What a beautiful name." he assisted her onto her feet, holding her hand gently while doing so. "Where are your parents, young Blake? They must be worried sick."

"I… don't have any parents. They both died due to the Dust mines."

"Oh." Charleston was taken back by this. He would have asked her to come live with him but with the current predicament and the importance of his line of work, plus its dangers, he did not wish to put her in harm's way nor does he wish to neglect her. "Well, um… Where do you live?"

"I live with my friend, Adam. He takes care of me." Blake said honestly. Adam did in fact, took care of her. He gave her food, water, warmth and shelter. He did all the work and the odd jobs to earn some money for her and he never asked anything in return. He always stopped her from getting work to repay her debt to him, saying that "these hands shouldn't be used to help humans".

Adam never liked humans. Blake never knew why.

Charleston sighed in relief. He wouldn't mind taking Blake in with him after hearing her piece of life, but seeing that someone else was there for her, she seemed fine. A small thought appeared as he relaxed.

"Would you like to come to the protests tomorrow, young Blake?" Charleston asked. Blake's eyes shined instantly and she nodded vigorously on it. Seeing her enthusiasm made him happy and gave out another hearty laugh. Wiping off a tear, he patted her head. "I hope to see you tomorrow then, Blake Belladona."

With that, he left to his car, Jared following him from behind. He scoffed at such show of affection and ignored the young cat Faunus completely. Blake was left speechless.

She finally met her idol.


It was Tuesday. Normally, that wouldn't be much but to Blake, it was everything. After telling Adam about her experience, he quickly congratulated her and gave her some extra money for tomorrow. It wasn't much but it looked like a big difference to her. Even though Adam was happy for her, she could hear his frustration in the other room. Adam was 15 and she was 12 so it was natural for him to do the work and get paid. In a year or so, he'd be able to work for the White Fang, getting decent pay unlike his current job.

It was hard for Faunus to get good-paying jobs with humans. And slightest mistakes can mean big trouble for them.

Blake though, believed on making a difference. To make his life better and to thank him for taking care of her when he could had left her. She walked pridefully to the town centre, wearing the ribbon given to her on her arm. And with her, many other Faunus walked side by side. Faunus had waited for the day that their words will be heard.

Today was that day.

Meanwhile, at a fancy and expensive restaurant, sat a young petite girl, waiting for her lunch. She was wearing a white summer dress and had beautiful white hair. Her back was straight and her arms were stiff, showing her stature.

She was Weiss Schnee, daughter of Frost Schnee and future heiress to the Schnee Dust Company.

Besides her was her father, his body as stiff as she was. He was meeting some very important clients and brought Weiss with him to give her the experience needed. To be honest, she was bored of watching these men talking.

"As you know, the Schnee Dust Company had recently revealed a new product. It's still in the testing ranges and if everything goes as planned, this product would revolutionize the world of medicine." Frost Schnee said with a smug look.

His clients were the head doctor and medical expert of Vale, a high ranking officer from Atlas's great military and a famous scientist well-known for his achievements in the properties and usage of Dust.

"I see…" said the doctor. "This new product of yours. What can it do?"

"Well, it was planned as a small emergency room of sorts. It would be quick and accurate in healing major injuries such as near-fatal wounds and third-degree burns. The use is simple but ingenious."

Frost continued. "The patient is placed into the machine's bed. The machine is then closed and it will scan the patient for injuries and vitals. There, the robotic arms inside will do its best in saving the patient by pumping regulated amounts of Dust into the body and certain points. There are also arms used to stitch back deep wounds and apply healing solvent to any other injuries, as well as other uses. If the patient's heart has stopped, there are also arms that act as defibrillators."

"For now, it can only heal physical wounds like gun shots and stabs. For diseases like cancer, it can only slow down the effects and remove any dangerous toxins from the body but it cannot yet heal it completely."

"Ah, I get it!" The Atlestian officer spoke. "So how does this help in the military?"

Frost chuckled slightly. "We designed it specifically for that. You all probably know of the use of rocket lockers in Hunter academies, correct?"

"Ah yes, it was built for instant weapon retrieval. Quite a useful invention, I might add." Said the scientist.

"Well, this product of ours is designed the same way. It can be called upon by Hunters or soldiers in need of medical assistance. With our newly-designed fusion core, it can be used continuously at a period of 12 hours. There will be no problems of electricity."

His clients all smiled at that remark. An instant emergency room that can be used when needed at any location. This truly was a product that would revolutionize the world.

A waitress came by and in her hand was a tray of food. "Ah, it seems our meals have arrived. We'll continue our talk afterwards."

Weiss looked upon the dish in front of her. Grilled peppered mackerel with a purée garnish. Just the way she liked it. She picked up her knife and fork and manneredly sliced one bite. Despite her wanting to just cheer for her food, she held back. She must not make a fool of herself in front of her father's clients.

She was a Schnee and that name alone carried weight.

After finishing their meals, Weiss carefully placed her utensils at a 5 o'clock angle. She wiped her mouth with the table napkin and drank some juice. "Thank you for the meal."

Frost smiled at his daughter's politeness. This was one of the reasons why he chose Weiss as the heir instead of her sister. But truly, there was another reason why he chose her over his eldest daughter, Winter. One trait that he was both proud of and frowned upon.

Frost ignored the thought and stood up from his chair, invited, "Come then, this is no ordinary lunch. I brought the ER Port with me to show you all personally."

"ER Port? Is that what you are calling it?" asked the doctor. The scientist too was interested.

"Yes. We have yet to make a name for the product so we call it the ER Port for now." Frost replied. As he guided his clients to their vehicles, Weiss had ran off in front of him and was staring out the window. "Daddy, look!"

Frost looked out the window that separated them from the outdoors and froze. Beyond the gates were Faunus upon Faunus, holding strike signs and chanting out his name. Around them were the whole police force of the city, each wielding riot shields and wearing armour. They couldn't stop the protests as it wasn't illegal but that didn't mean they couldn't take precaution.

With them was the leader of the White Fang, the lion Faunus, Charleston. He held out a loudspeaker and spoke with his full voice.


Frost trembled a bit as he stood. He was expecting a peaceful lunch and sponsorship negotiations for the ER Port. He didn't expect to see a mob of Faunus protesters just outside of the gates, calling out for his blood. It was trouble enough to have them outside of his company's factories and office branches. This took the cake.

"Tch, filthy Faunus." The officer insulted. "Always demanding more than they deserve."

The scientist looked at him in confusion. "Doesn't the military at Atlas hire Faunus in their ranks?"

"Exactly." The officer scoffed. He did not like Faunus. "They think they're so great with their night-vision and super strength. We humans had to work our asses off to reach where we are. And yet, here they are, daring to ask for more."

The doctor was about to say something but decided not to. That would only make more problems than its worth.

"Daddy?" Weiss asked. Frost looked at his daughter, her eyes showing no fear. "How are we going to go back?"

Frost didn't know how to answer this. He could call the police for help but the Faunus had done nothing wrong. Seeing as there was no other choice, he pulled out his phone and began tapping the numbers. Just before he could press call, he was stopped by the officer.

"Not to worry. I brought with me my own personal squad. They'll be able to handle this easily." He said. The officer pulled out his own phone and with one tap, called his team. Suddenly, a helicopter appeared out of nowhere and with it, dropped down a single trained soldier cladded in black. The White Fang militants nearby armed their weapons, in case of any violence were to occur. Even the police grew wary.

The officer walked out of the building, his new guard just behind him. The gates between them, the officer spoke with the lion Faunus. "What is it that you want, Faunus?"

Charleston was taller than him and in that perspective, made him look frightening. But the officer was unfazed, even by the slightest. "Are you working for the Schnee Dust Company?"

"The SDC? Ah, no. I am a high ranking officer of the Atlesian military. Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Fry, nice to meet you."

Charleston was unamused by this. He did not wish to meet some military lackey. He wanted Frost Schnee. "I have no business with you, Lieutenant Colonel. Please step out of the way and open these gates."

"Ah but you see, this is my business. I am having quite an important meeting with him and I don't want to mess this up, after all." He smirked. "Besides, I doubt animals like yourself would understand."

Charleston stiffed. That remark of his was a great insult and all he wanted to do was rip that man into shreds. Jared had heard of it and was ready to pull out his gun at a moment's notice.

But he wouldn't. Charleston wouldn't let him.

"It is fine, Jared. These are just mere words." The lion Faunus assured. Jared gritted his teeth by that statement. It was words that brought them here, that brought them this far and yet, Charleston was simply going to ignore this?!

The officer laughed insultingly at them. "Haha, that's right. Put that pet of yours on leash, why don't you?"

Jared was not having any of this. He didn't like that tone in his voice and he didn't like how he spoke towards them. Most importantly, he didn't like how he looked down on Charleston. Despite all that, Charleston remained calm. "Calm down, Jared. There is nothing more he can do to harm us."

Charleston looked back at his supporters. "We will continue this rally until Frost Schnee comes out himself." And turned to the officer. "Make sure you tell that to Mr. Frost."

"Haha, will do." He said. From Jared's point of view, he knew that the Atlesian wasn't going to do such. What he didn't expect was for someone to shoot tear gas at them as they walked away. "WE'RE BEING AMBUSHED!" Jared yelled.

It was chaos.


Blake didn't understand.

One minute, they were all having their peaceful protest, demanding to meet Frost Schnee and the next thing you know, there was yellowish gas everywhere and she couldn't see. The crowd were running around frantically, everyone was in panic. Signs were dropped onto the cold ground, the police didn't know what to do. They didn't shoot that tear gas, after all.

But who did?

Blake too was in panic. The tear gas was working its way up her nerves. Even with her Faunus heritage, she was not immune to the chemical and was unable to guide herself out of the chaos. Her eyes barely closed and full of tears, she could hardly see where she was going.

Forcing her eyes open, she saw Charleston coughing loudly as he too tried to escape. His guard, Jared, was nowhere to be seen, probably separated during the chaos. Suddenly, a black figure appeared behind Charleston, his face hidden behind a gas mask and helmet. The figure had said something to Charleston but she couldn't hear it.

He pulled out a gun and shot the lion Faunus straight into the chest.

"NOOOOO!" Blake screamed as she saw the sight. Because of that, she had revealed herself to the killer, who looked over towards her with his empty eyes. Before she could react, the figure aimed his gun at her and pulled the trigger.

Next thing she knew, she had fallen on the ground as crimson surrounded her. All she could see afterwards was darkness.

Cold, empty, darkness.


The sound of gunshots worried Jared as he frantically searched around for his leader. With the tear gas and smoke, he couldn't see well under these conditions. If he knew this was going to happen, he would have brought with him some goggles. Pulling up a scarf to his face, he tried his best to find Charleston among the chaos.

Roaming through the coloured smoke, Jared called out his name. "CHARLESTON! CHARLESTON, WHERE ARE YOU?!"

As he walked aimlessly, he felt a wet squishiness under his shoe. Looking down, he saw the one thing he truly dread. 'Blood…'

Following the trail of blood as fast as he could, he found him staring at a puddle of it but without the body. Continuing his trail, He saw another puddle, albeit smaller and was slightly different coloured. But the trail was still there, still fresh and Jared was not willing to give up just yet. He ran along the trail, determined to find its source.

And hoping it wasn't his.

Despite all the gas, smoke and panic, he moved on nonstop. He was guided back to the restaurant, the smoke had entered its premise as well. But the sight was different. The gates that divided them from Frost Schnee had been torn apart.

Jared continued on, only to find himself face-to-face with a black figure within. He was wearing a full black outfit, including a gas mask, helmet and a black vest. At his side was a silver pistol and his back was a short Japanese blade in its sheath, a tantō. From his outfit, it was obvious who he was affiliated with. It was the same soldier that came recently from the helicopter.

The personal guard of the Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Fry.

"Well, would you look at that. Another stray animal waltzing in the wrong place at the wrong time." Said the figure mockingly. "It was annoying enough handling that one guy, and now I have you to entertain me."

"Who… Who are you? Where is Charleston? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!" Jared went back and pulled out his rifle, aiming at the figure. The guy had the same idea and also pulled out his gun and the two began circling each other.

"Woah, woah, easy there… We don't any trouble now, do we? Well, I don't at least." He laughed. "You animals bring trouble with you everywhere."

Jared growled but the man doesn't seem threatened by the slightest. All he did was laugh and waved his gun lazily. "Ha! There's that animal side I was looking for! To be honest though, I'm looking for your boss too. I was sure to have put a bullet in him but that guy… Man! He's such a badass! Punched me off the ground and disappeared! I thought he could've broke my jaw!"

Hearing such words, Jared broke free of his imaginary shackles. He aimed his rifle high and sprayed bullets in the figure's general direction, hoping it would hit. The black figure quickly ducked behind a rock, letting the bullets hit the decoration. After being sure it was clear, he pulled his gun out and shot bullets towards Jared, his aim more precise and accurate. Jared took cover behind a tree but he could feel the accuracy of each shot.

Jared continued shooting at the figure, not being able to see well with all the smoke and tear gas. Waiting patiently behind the rock, the figure pulled out a flash grenade and threw it at Jared. Surprised by it, he was caught it the blast and was temporarily disabled. With his Faunus traits, this magnified its effects and left him dazed.

Blinded, the wolf Faunus shot wildly in all directions. The figure took advantage to this and jumped over the rock, running over to Jared as his rifle spewed bullets everywhere. Any strays that come in his way, he would block with his blade. Getting closer, he spun around and slashed Jared in the leg, leaving a bleeding mark and forcing him onto a knee. Before he could counteract, the wolf Faunus was forced on the ground by a punch. And as he tried to get back up, a foot stomped with great force onto his back, forcing him down again. The ground broke with a spider-web crack and Jared was forcefully coughed out blood.

"Hmpf, you Faunus are always the same. Thinking you're so much better than us." He lowered the blade to the Faunus's back. "I guess you were wrong then."

Just before he could pull the trigger to end the Faunus's life, he felt a sharp rock hit him in head, shattering the goggles of his mask. He staggered back and off of the wolf Faunus, shaking off the glass with his hands. Jared took the opportunity to escape and recover himself as the assailant was left confused.

"What the?!" The soldier looked around, left and right, searching for the person that threw the rock at him. His eyes were shown behind the mask, red with anger and was obviously not happy. Focusing himself, he sees a small white figure amongst the dense fog. "You…!"

Weiss Schnee stood still at her place, her left arm curved forward while the other was back. Her body had angled to his direction with one leg in the air. From her stance, it was easy to deduce the single, only conclusion.

She was the one that had thrown the rock.

Weiss Schnee flinched back, noticing that she had been found. Quickly, she turned around and ran off into the fog, hoping that the black cladded soldier wouldn't find her. While she had yet to enter combat school, she was quite proficient in using a sword, mostly the rapier. Sadly, she was not fighting an average person nor did she bring her weapon. Before she could reach the building, she was grabbed by the hand and pulled back, eye-to-eye with the man she just enraged.

"You got some nerve, kid…" He said, throwing her away from the restaurant building and onto the stone pavement. Weiss recovered herself on her back and watched as the assailant walked closer and closer to her, his grip on the tantō tightening. "You know, I don't care if you are the Schnee's daughter. Nobody messes with me and gets away with it."

Weiss tried to scramble back but as she turned to crawl her way out, she was grabbed once more by the hand, lifting her off her feet. She struggled off, kicking the man with her tiny legs in vain. She tried opening the man's grip with her other hand but it was too tightly locked.

"Let…! Go!" Weiss demanded in futile.

"Let go? LET GO?!" He laughed maniacally. "Now, WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!"

"I used to be a criminal, you know. I was in prison, waiting for my death sentence. That was, until the lieutenant showed up." He went waving his blade threateningly at her face. "He gave me a second chance. He gave me freedom to do what I want without repercussions!"

His blade was inches away from her eye. "Now that I think about it, wouldn't it be great for you to die? 'Daughter of Frost Schnee, killed by Faunus protesters and the White Fang!' Now, wouldn't that be a good story to tell?"

He pulled the blade away from her face. "Of course, we'll need a scapegoat for that to work! Once I'm done with you, I'll find Big Bad Wolf there and kill him. I'll tell them my story and the lieutenant will be called a hero, Faunus will be thrown to the streets, I'll have a larger variety of missions to do involving these animals and you'd be dead. EVERYBODY WINS!"

Weiss was aghast by this. He was going to kill her and use her to blame the Faunus. The heiress struggled even harder, determined to escape alive. "I won't let you!" She yelled.

"Heh. Hehe… HehehahahahaHAHAHA!" He laughed away from her view. If it weren't for the screams of the people due to the chaos, it would had been heard instantly. "You don't get to make that choice, little miss beauty face."

He looked at her, his eyes still red. "Now that I got a better look at you, I don't like that face of yours…"

He lifted his tantō up high and slashed down onto Weiss, sending her fall down into a heap. Blood trickled down the blade, crimson and fresh. On the ground, Weiss screamed in agony, clutching her right eye with both hands as blood dripped down from her unseen wound.

"And that was just the tip of the iceberg!" He exclaimed. But from his psychotic attitude came a more sinister side. His eyes darkened with a grim expression. "The next one will be far more painful…" He said as he lifted his weapon once more.

But before he can enact his final judgement towards Weiss, Jared had jumped him when he was distracted, grappling him from the side. The two were sent tumbling onto the grass, each trying to get the upper-hand over another. Due to Jared's injury, he was losing his ground and was slowly being overpowered. Not wanting to wait any longer, he pulled back his arm when the figure had his back onto the ground and extended his claws. With one quick thrust, he embedded his sharp fingers into the side of the abdomen, going through the vest.

"ARGH!" The man in black screamed. He tried pulling off Jared's hand from his side but then, Jared would take the opportunity to beat him with his free hand. He placed his foot onto the wolf Faunus and pushed him off, as well as pulling out the claws. Jared fell back tumbling, breathing heavily as the large wound on his chest bled. The figure was not a good, standing up and ran off, disappearing into the fog and all while cursing. "Shit… Shit! Stupid fucking animal…"

"Hah… Hah…" Jared gasped in air. Pulling himself back up, he stayed sitting on the ground, making sure the figure had completely disappeared. 'I can't catch him at this state… I'm sorry, Charleston…'

Standing back up in difficulty, he noticed that the Schnee child was still on the ground, crying her eyes out as the pain felt agonizing. "Daddy… Daddy, where are you…?" She cried.

Despite the opportunity, Jared decided to ignore the Schnee, focusing himself on his original goal and that was finding Charleston.

His leg bleeding, his face swollen and his ribs broke, Jared continued on, following the blood trail that the human soldier had somehow missed. The blood was still fresh but was drying up considerably quick. He had little time before what was left being nothing but a red mark. Following the trail on the grass was harder as the blood seeped into the soil, easily disappearing.

"Charleston, where are you…?" He muttered to himself, going through the thick fog that was slowly dissipating. He went through the bushes and around the trees, all before finally reaching the man he was searching. Sadly, he was left shocked and wished that what he was seeing was nothing but an illusion.

Charleston was on his knees, begging upon Frost Schnee.

Jared desperately tried to listen to the lion Faunus's plead but with the flash grenade that the assailant had used, his hearing had been disabled and all he could hear was echoed whispers of unintelligible words. And the fog had not made it any easier either. The chemicals still affecting his vision he saw only blots of colour and Frost Schnee moving away with something black.

As the human disappeared, Jared stumbled his way towards Charleston, an orange and blue blot that only up close, he could see the details. "Charleston…" he pleaded. "Charleston, wake up! CHARLESTON!"

Charleston lied on the floor, blood flowing out of him. The charismatic leader of the White Fang was no more.

Only one casualty happened that day. One that all Faunus wished never did.


"It's a sad day for all Faunus as the leader of the Faunus rights organization known as the White Fang, Charleston Overseer, has been discovered dead at the-"


"The unveiling of the Schnee Dust Company's newest product, the Instantaneous Medical Capsule, or the IMC, had been received with mixed reception-"


"I have no knowledge of what had occurred upon Charleston Overseer but I assure you that I, Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Fry, that the Atlesian military had no involvement towards this tragedy-"


"Faunus protests are continuing to appear throughout the Four Kingdoms, sparking much controversy from the public-"


"Rumour has it that a new addition has been added into the Schnee household. All forms of questioning for this has been immediately denied-"


"A tragic bombing has occurred at the SDC Dust Research Lab at Mistral. Five scientists have been reported killed on site as thirteen others are now hospitalised, leaving many baffled for such massacre-"


"The White Fang continues to evade authorities as terrorist acts were appearing all over the world, from bombing to targeted assassinations-"


A sigh escaped the lips of the viewer, promptly throwing away the remote as she laid lazily on the sofa, sprawling her arms around. She was wearing a simple white top and a pair of black shorts. Her long hair was left out, messing and unkept.

It was a Saturday. She simply does not care.

As she continued to die of boredom, a nearby door opened and with it, a figure entered the room. She was wearing a black suit with a white corset of sorts underneath. "Mistress, your morning tea is ready." She said, carrying a tray with a porcelain cup and teapot on it.

"Ah, bring it here." The lazy viewer said as she straightened herself up once more, dusting her shirt to remove the wrinkles. The figure poured the girl some tea before handing it towards her, who accepted it without question. She blew the tea to cool it down before drinking a sip or two. "Thank you for bringing me tea today."

"Mistress, I bring you tea every day."

"Oh, you know what I mean!" She huffed. Taking another sip, she sighed. "These White Fang ruffians are starting to get even more aggressive. Did you know that they robbed a train full of SDC Dust?!"

"Yes, I did, Mistress. You told me last week."

"Well, I felt that you needed to be reminded, that's all." She smiled with the cup in hand. "It's nice knowing that some Faunus can be good people."

"What do you mean by that, Mistress?" She asked.

"Oh, there's no need to be so humble about it. You know what I mean." She leaned back on the sofa pillows. "Also, you need to be less stiff and more relaxed. I told you that you can when we're alone."

"I am relaxed."

"You look like you're about to accept another order."

"Isn't that my responsibility as your personal helper?"

She frowned. "Yes, it is… But that doesn't mean you have to be ready always."

As the girl went to drink her cup of tea empty, the helper continued to sit in silence, creating an awkward atmosphere in the room. Nearly finishing the cup, the helper suddenly shot her eyes open and looked at the girl. "I almost forgot. Mistress, your application into Beacon Academy has been accepted. You'll be leaving in two months' time."

The girl dropped the cup onto the floor in surprise. If the floor had not been carpeted, the porcelain cup would have shattered easily. She smiled widely, shot up and started tugging the helper back and forth. "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!"

The helper could not help but feel slightly terrified by this. The last time her Mistress had been this excited, it caused the SDC to buy an entire amusement park and renamed it into her name. It still stood and became the first project before the SDC began implementing themselves into the entertainment business.

It was good, but also very weird.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO BEACON!" She squealed in delight. "I was sure that my application wasn't going to be accepted after I forgot about sending it."

"Yes, I remember. You tried to send a death threat towards the headmaster."

"But I didn't!"

The helper smirked. "That's because I stopped you."

The girl couldn't help but pout over that. Pouring herself another cup of tea, she grabbed a treat and munched it down, followed by a swift drink to clear it all. Just as she finished, he eyes looked downwards in sadness. "It's too bad you are unable to follow me."

The helper's smirk disappeared. "Your father insisted that I help around the household."

"Yes, yes… I know. Father sees you as an important asset to the company." She sighed.

"But those years have been great with you. Thank you, Blake Belladona, for being my personal helper." She said while smiling, showing her left scarred eye.

"It is my pleasure to serve you, Weiss Schnee." Blake Belladona replied with a small smile.


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