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Blake Belladona, butler and personal helper of Weiss Schnee, walked through the lifeless hallways within the Schnee mansion. Her ebony hair was kept long and cared for, cat ears prodding out at the top. She wore her usual uniform; a black double-breasted tailcoat above her white long-sleeved shirt and cream-coloured corset, shiny black trousers and a pair of high-heeled boots. She carried a pin above her left pocket, signifying her affiliations with the Schnee Family and Dust Company. Tied around her upper right arm was a black ribbon, a memento from her deceased idol.

She walked with a constant pace, neither slow nor fast. Despite the lifelessness of the hallways, there were the many paintings hung on the walls and the occasional potted plant on a pillar or some old statues crafted in marble. The Schnee household had always been larger than most homes and with the lack of Schnee family members, only staff, the hallways loomed with a depressing quietness. Though, this had never bother Blake. She had grown accustomed to the old manor.

Despite her occupation as a butler, this was her home.

Continuing on, she saw her destination. A pair of white, wooden doors stood at the end of the particular hallway, a pair of knight's armour stood beside each door. She stopped just as she reached there, fixing her composure. With a deep breath, she knocked her folded hands upon the wooden frame, generating a familiar sound that echoed through the house.


And then, she waited. She waited and waited, until the voice of a single man called from beyond. "Come in."

She opened the doors and closed as she entered the single but large room. The room had an office-like atmosphere, with large bookshelves within the golden walls on the left and some tall windows built on the right, letting the light of the morning Sun enter, shining upon the circular Mistralian carpet at the centre of the room. There were pieces of decoration ranging from head-only sculptures and ancient artefacts. At her side of the room were large paintings and an even larger one above her head, each depicting the old ages of man from the various parts of Remnant.

The largest painting though, hung at the far side of the room, showcasing an aged man with combed white hair and similar coloured facial hair that grew around his mouth and cheeks. He wore a light blue suit and tie, his face stern and eyes lifeless.

It was the picture of Snow Schnee, founder of the Schnee Dust Company.

Underneath the painting was a trophy shelf and in front of that, a man sitting behind an expensive wooden desk with stacks of documents on the side. The man looked similar to Snow, but while his hair was combed in a similar fashion, it was shorter slightly and mostly black with whites in certain places. He was not wearing a suit but instead, a striped blue long-sleeved shirt with a pen in its pocket. Despite Blake's presence, he only continued tapping the keyboard of a silver laptop with a snowflake symbol with one hand and holding a pen on top of some papers with another, only glancing at her once.

"Welcome, Miss Belladona. I thank you for being able to come to my study at such a short notice." The man said, his eyes still focused on the monitor.

"I live to serve you, Mr. Schnee." Blake said, only to flinch at the end. The man stopped tapping the keys for a minute before looking at her in the eye.

"I have told you before that you are not allowed to call me 'Mr. Schnee'. You are only allowed to call me 'Mr. Frost' or 'Mr. Frost Schnee'. Is that understood?" he ordered with a slight coldness in his tone.

"Yes, of course… I apologize for my behaviour, Mr. Frost." Blake replied, looking down to avoid his gaze.

The man, known as Frost Schnee, sighed as he folded down his laptop. With a pen between his fingers, he rubbed his temples and laid back on his brown leather office chair. "… Do you know why I have called you here, Miss Belladona?"

"Is it because of Mistress Weiss Schnee, sir?"

"Yes and no. My daughter is indeed involved but it also involves yourself." He said, straightening himself while so. "When did she leave, I ask?"

"She left yesterday morning, sir, along with two of our butlers to carry her luggage. She carried with her mostly her clothes and necessities, plus some cases of Dust." Blake answered, her tone unshifting.

"Did she ask where I was?"

Blake's ears perked upwards. She would lie to him as the truth may most likely hurt, but he was her superior and it was her duty to oversee all activities within the Schnee household and report back to him. Hesitantly, she answered, "… No, sir."

Frost's composure did not change. The thing about all Schnees is that they are always good at hiding their emotion. Frost Schnee, much like his father, Snow Schnee, were the best at it. Even with all the years of experience, she could never read the man's face and body language. All he did was reply, "… I see."

He went back and opened his laptop once more, "I have called you here currently, as you had guessed, regarding of my daughter and her transfer to Beacon Academy."

"As you may have known, I had insisted on you staying within the household. This was partially due to my daughter's inexperience in dealing with the lesser influential. Of course, knowing my daughter, there is a high probability of her making a fool of herself in a place where her name holds no power."

"Which is why I am changing your plans and giving you new orders. You are to attend Beacon Academy with her as a Huntress in-training and look out for her."

Blake's eyes widened in surprise. She was to attend Beacon as a student? Can she even do that? The initiation starts today and she was miles and miles away. She would never reach there in time.

"And don't worry about your application. Ozpin and I had a little talk and you are allowed to enter Beacon as an official student without taking the initiation. He had told me of the uneven number of students this semester and would instantly grant you into a team that lacked a single member."

Like Blake, any other person would have asked on how he was able to do something like that. But Frost Schnee was no normal person. His influence spanned throughout the Four Kingdoms. Sure, Hunter academies are hard to bargain with but being a Schnee is more than a just a name. It's a birth right.

"When will I leave, sir?" Blake asked, ignoring her previous thought.

Frost Schnee relaxed himself, and that was the first time Blake has ever seen him do so. "You will leave in a few hours. I give you permission for the entire morning to prepare yourself for the trip and Beacon. At 11 o'clock sharp, a car will come pick you up and you'll be flying in the Schnee's personal Eaglebeak."

While she didn't show it, she was quite surprised by his choice of transport. Eaglebeaks are small but extremely fast aircrafts made specifically for long travels with the highest form of comfort available. Bullheads were built for transport of the masses, Eaglebeaks were built for transport with comfort and luxury. Sure, she had rode the personal Eaglebeak before but it was always with at least one member of the Schnee family.

Never by herself.

"Shall I report you back, sir?"

"That won't be necessary. My daughter would've expected such things so I won't be needing it. Only report to me when we meet in person on by liaison. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." Blake bowed a bit in understanding and Frost shooed her off. She turned around with a flick of her tailcoat and walked out of the room.

After she made some distance from the study and entered her room, Blake slumped on top of her bed in a baffled state. Frost and Weiss never had a good relationship with each other. He was too strict and while Weiss was too demanding. Both negatives but they don't work together well.

And it all started on the day of 'his' death.

'I'll be needing some new clothes…'


Blake walked towards the Schnee family's personal Eaglebeak. The body was slick and suave, each wing the shape of a smooth right-angled triangle but connected to the body in a curved motion. Two powerful engines were built under the wings, glowing a luminescent blue as it roared.

Its silver-coloured body was designed to reflect any form of external heat while maintaining the temperature inside in a controlled environment, and all topped with a white paintjob, the SCD symbol just at the right side. Much like its name, the tip of the aircraft was that of an eagle's beak, albeit sharper forward and less curved for a more aerodynamic design.

Blake walked calmly from the car, a moderately-sized luggage bag being pulled behind her. Throughout her life, Blake had always travelled light. It was easier to maintain and less likely to lose any important items. Though, that meant she can carry only necessities, she didn't have much that she felt needed and wanting other than her clothes, her weapons, her equipment and her toothbrush.

These pearly whites aren't shiny themselves.

She felt the moderate temperature of Atlas's air, the season of spring ended a few days ago, opening up for summer. Walking towards the aircraft, she noticed a straight, elderly man with grey hair and a bushy moustache waiting for her on the way. His black suit and golden bolo tie was, without a doubt, the most striking. As she reached him, she continued walking forward, this time with him walking by her.

"I was not expecting you to be here, Sebastian." Blake said first, starting the conversation.

Sebastian laughed. "Well, I was not expecting you to be attending Hunter academies, Miss Belladona."

"Please, call me Blake."

"Of course, Miss Belladona." He said with an innocent smile. Blake knew that he was trying to annoy her so she held on, despite how she disliked formal greetings.

Blake sighed. "Still, that doesn't answer my question."

"Why, is it wrong for me to watch my apprentice leave the household?"

"I haven't been your apprentice for four years already."

"You'll always be my apprentice, Miss Belladona."

As they continued their trek forwards until they reached the aircraft's stairs, Blake gave her luggage to the crew, who placed it in the storage compartment. Looking at Sebastian's wrinkled face, Blake spoke up with a saddened face, "I'll miss you, Sebastian."

"I'll miss you too, Blake." He replied, a soft smile on his face and warmth emitting from his figure. Blake hugged him tightly without prior notice and to react, he hugged her back with the same love he had given to her all those years.

Letting go, she climbed up the stairs in silence, only to look back at Sebastian with a smile of her own. Tears began forming around her eyes and as one became too heavy, a small yet noticeable trail fell down her cheeks.

She reached her seat, which was to say any empty seat, and looked out the window to find Sebastian walking away. She reminisced of her history with the Schnee household, especially her time with the aged man.

Sebastian Blue, head butler of the Schnee household.


Five years ago…

All she could see was darkness and darkness alone. It was cold and empty and to see darkness is to see nothing at all. The young cat Faunus panicked, wondering where she was and how she got here. She tried to scream but all that came out was an empty voice, one without sound. Noticing she couldn't scream, she tried to run and yet, she learned that she had no arms nor legs.

She was not in the void of darkness. She was a part of it.

Everything she did was nothing, nothing she did became anything. But as she continued on in fear and desperation, she noticed a figure just nearby, walking straight towards her.

"Adam?" she asked herself, but without a voice to do so. Seeing Adam walking towards her gave her hope and despite her current form, she tried her best to run towards him. Minutes became seconds, seconds became hours and hours became seconds. Her perception of time twisted and turned till she had no idea how long or how short time had passed.

But she did notice her getting closer, and when she did reach him, what she saw was not her friend. What she saw was a blank face, covered by the mask of the Grimm, grotesquely melted with his.

And like all Grimm, it screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Blake yelled in fear. Waking up with a jolt, she felt the sweat trailing down her face and her ever increasing heartbeat. She covered her face with her hands, repeating to herself of the truth.

'It was just a dream… Nothing but a dream…' she repeated in thought.

Finally calm, she looked around her home, hoping that Adam was here to comfort her or simply just to feel safer in a familiar environment. Sadly, that was not the case here. What she saw was not her home, but a completely foreign atmosphere.

The walls, the ceilings, even her own bed, was completely and utterly white. White was the colour that painted every corner, with a few others here and there, plus a single window that let the sunlight in. A bright ceiling lamp made the white even whiter, and now was just blinding. There was a brown, wooden drawer just in front of her bed looking relatively new and a wooden rocking horse for some reason. Blake stood out like a sore thumb, a target, in the room of contrast.

Knowing instantly that this was not her room, much less able to afford it, the cat Faunus shot out of the bed, the white blankets flung away. She looked down at herself and noticed that her usual clothing was cleaner than ever, looking brand new. Ever her ribbon was clean and tied neatly on her arm.

She ran straight to the single window, her eyes slitting yellow. As she reached, she desperately tried to pry the window but it just wouldn't budge. She searched for any locks and found herself a padlock. Sadly, due to the lack of a hairpin or a lockpick, she was unable to break the lock.

Looking around, she searched for anything that can be used to get her out of her situation. There was a door as her second route but it was most likely guarded. She dashed to the drawers and searched through it all.

'Clothes, clothes, MORE CLOTHES?! Who needs this many clothes?!' she screamed in frustration within her mind. The clothes were, at least, not all white. There were many colours and for some weird reason, all of them were her size.

Her options getting slimmer, she ran to the window, attempting to pry it once more. And like before, it failed to open. She remembered of the rocking horse and instantly got a plan of escape. 'That's it!'

Dragging the horse near the window, she lifted it up above her head with her weak limbs and ready to throw it to her escape route, possibly smashing it into pieces and generating loud noise. At her current predicament, she simply did not care.

"RAAAAAAAAHHHH!" she screamed, carrying the horse in her hands with a running start. But before her freedom was clear, the door opened with a loud creak, surprising Blake and making her topple down instead. 'FUCK!'

Blake groaned as she got up, removing the horse from on top of her. While lying down, she saw an elderly figure in a suit standing at the opened doorway. He had brown hair with white strands, all neatly combed and a pair of small circular spectacles on the bridge of his nose that housed his wrinkled face. He held a small and gentle smile, something that Blake saw nothing but sinister. His eyes were squinted in focus, portraying his old age.

He currently stood between her and the opened doorway.

Her ticket to freedom.

"Ah, I see you've awakened, Miss Faunus. I heard quite a commotion from the down the hall and I had hoped that you-" he was unable to finish the sentence as Blake ran passed him, her limber body perfect for such escapes. The aged man didn't even react as she does so, turning slowly as she ran quickly through the halls, searching for any open windows or doors. She passed through some maids cleaning the house who dodged her during her speedy escape, and butlers who were surprised by her presence and tried to stop her. She easily overcame the obstacles ahead as her Faunus instincts ran wild.

She ran through the hallways, down the staircases and even into rooms connected to more rooms. With every man, woman or object she faced, she easily manoeuvred her way around them, not stopping for a minute and keeping her incredible pace. She smirked at the security this place had, seeing that even though she got here by accident, she was able to traverse around without problem.

Despite her currently winning streak, she couldn't help but feel unnerved by the man who opened the door for her. Sure, he was old and showed that quite much but something felt wrong when she ran around him. 'His eyes… He watched me the whole time as I ran past.'

Finally, she reached the grand staircase, the large main doors at the floor below, showing their ever wooden glory. Not wanting to waste any time, she jumped over the railings and fell feet first from the floor above. And as her feet reached the ground, she dashed forward with as much strength her young legs can push.

'Just a little closer!' Blake picked up her pace, the door inching closer each second. And as she reached for the knob, a mysterious wall suddenly appeared in front of her, shocking her off her feet. She crashed into the wall and was promptly thrown back by the force onto her butt.

"I see you've managed to find the door, Miss Faunus." Said the wall.

Wait, walls can't talk.

The cat Faunus looked up and found herself staring at the elderly figure that opened the white room's door. Despite his ever obvious age, he was able to reach here faster than she could, even though she ran faster than she ever had. Sure, he might have known some shortcuts and understood the layout of their current environment, but he couldn't have reached here without at least running.

Blake quickly leaped back up and jumped backwards, gaining some distance from the unnerving man. With her increased eyesight, she scanned the room for any advantages she could use against him. Adam had taught her to use her surroundings in case she was in trouble against an opponent she couldn't beat. He had always took his time to train her, from stealing to basic sword fighting. The Faunus she lived with had always been exceptional in combat but because of his Faunus heritage, he was unable to procure much income and with that, many combat schools won't accept him due to lack of funds.

When you don't have money, you don't have anything.

Looking around, Blake noticed what seems to be a very expensive jewelled egg sitting on a stand, showcasing its beauty and pricelessness to all visitors. The cat Faunus untied her ribbon and used to grab the egg. The elder had tried to intercept but was too slow as the egg was pulled back into her hands.

"Now now, Miss Faunus… Don't do anything rash... That egg is worth more than all the other objects you've broke during your escapade." The man said, his usual cheery tone replaced with a worried one. True that on her way here, she broke a few things here and there but then again, this wasn't her home and she couldn't care less about the rich suffering some petty losses when she was running for her life.

After a minute of tension, she walked forward slowly towards the man, his face slowly forming into a smile. He opened his hands, ready to accept the egg from her grasp. At a certain distance, she quickly threw the egg in his direction, achieving a shocked expression from him as he leaned forward to grab the expensive item before it reaches the ground. With his focus somewhere else, Blake made her move and ran around him.

Apparently, his attention had not shifted as his leg stretched to the side, tripping Blake at her high velocity. The door opened in surprise, sending her tumbling down the stairs and into the muddy stone path.

While the Sun had been shining that time, the rain actually stopped a few minutes earlier. Plus, the outside was freezing.

Blake laid on the on the ground face down, her clean clothes now covered in mud. Her black ribbon was still in her hand and she tightened her grip on it. She slowly got up onto her knees, her face swelling in tears. She was covered with cuts and her head bruised from the tumble. She was even bleeding slightly.

And that hurt a lot.

"Ah, look at that, Miss Faunus. You got yourself all dirty." He then grabbed both of her arms, albeit forcefully a bit, hugged and carried her like a parent would to a sleeping child, her head looking behind while on his shoulder. Blake tried to struggle but his grip was a lot stronger than she anticipated. He walked towards the door, Blake in arms, and bowed slightly.

"I'm sorry, sir. She had been a bit more trouble than anticipated." He apologized to the unseen person. She tried turning her head but all she saw was his hand flicked, a silent order of them to leave. The elderly man bowed once more and continued carrying her inside, her freedom fleeting from her eyes every second.

'I've been kidnapped!'

A few minutes later, with her constant struggling before giving up two minutes earlier, they entered a large bathroom with a tub that looked a lot more like a small swimming pool for kids. The air was filled with mist, obscuring her view slightly. Reaching a certain point, he stopped and laid her on a wooden bath seat. "Here you are, miss. Do take care when you bathe. The floors are quite slippery."

Just as he turned around, Blake ran straight towards the door, not wanting to take any chances.

Of course, he was ready this time and quickly grab hold of Blake's hand, before pulling her up to an eye level. Blake writhed in his grasp, making herself look more like a wiggling fish stuck to a hook. After a minute, she stopped and two stared intensely at each other with pure annoyance on each face. The butler's stern face transformed back into his cheery one, "My name is Sebastian. What's yours?"

Blake swung onto his arm and bit into it with her cat teeth.

The man shivered slightly.

"I can see that we'll get along just fine, then." He said with his usual cheery tone. Though, the pitch seemed a bit higher.


"Miss Belladona? Are you awake?"

Blake slowly opened her eyes, the warm light from the aircraft's window seeping into her lenses. She had fell asleep on her own arm, watching the clouds roll by during the trip. It was hard these days to find a quiet and peaceful moment, as her schedule was usually packed with chores, escorts, planning for the Schnees, taking calls, etcetera. Lazily turning her head, she looked at the man that had woken her.

"Miss, I'm sorry to interrupt but we've reached the destination. The city of Vale, at Beacon's aircraft landing zone, as ordered." Said the man, wearing a white short-sleeved uniform and a hat. He was most likely the pilot as she was the only passenger other than him.

"Hmp…" Blake grunted, signalling that she understood. The pilot tipped his hat and walked to the exit, both to remove her luggage and also to take a break. Blake, still on her seat, yawned silently, mouth agape like a cat. She stretched her arms upwards and also her back, standing straight up afterwards. Pulling out her scroll, Blake checked the time.

'Huh, it's just over two in the afternoon. Must've been a three hour flight.' Blake wondered silently. According to the schedule that was given with the acceptance letter, the initiation started at 9:30 in the morning. It would last for two hours before a break period of 30 minutes, followed by an extensive tour for one and a half hours and another 30 minutes for rest, giving ample time for new students to explore the area. Due to the expansiveness of Beacon grounds, it would take quite a while to walk around, which was why the tour would take a lot of time.

The initiation ceremony and team placements start at two, which was about now. Walking out of the Eaglebeak and down its stairs, she was greeted by the warm sunlight of Vale and the pleasant breeze, nothing compared to the frigid winds of Atlas. Plus, Beacon Academy was nothing like what she would have expected. The buildings were huge and well-designed to be both attractive and capable of withstanding Grimm attacks. The land was beautiful architecture, from various fountains and gardens, to statues and neatly trimmed hedges. All of it with a single clock tower of platinum blue in the middle, showing its glory to all of Vale.

It was built at the side of a ledge, the ocean waves crashing onto the rocks below. The academy was built here as it was close to the city of Vale and yet, private enough so that no wanderers would come by and sneak their way in. The only ways in and out of Beacon is if you had a student's or worker's ID within their scroll or a Bullhead ticket, something they would have to buy a few days earlier.

For Blake's case, she was given an acceptance letter with an ID code. When entering Beacon's airspace, the pilot would tell to command of the code, which would be verified and her entry was permitted.

While she basked herself with the enjoyable sensation and view, her thoughts were interrupted by the pilot, who had removed her luggage. "Here you are, Miss Belladona."

Blake took the luggage from the pilot, silently thanking him for his service. The pilot nodded back and left her alone to her own devices. Taking a deep breath, Blake walked calmly towards the tower, seeing it as her only landmark. When new students come here, they would be given a map by the seniors who volunteered, as so they wouldn't get lost. Since Blake came in late, she did not receive a map and for that, was forced to find the large maps built onto signs that were usually placed around areas like Beacon.

'I hope I don't get lost…'

Sadly, she did for a few minutes. Her pace started to brisk, her posture more strict and to many, she looked like she was training for a race walking competition. Later on, she was able to find a map sign that was placed in the deeper parts of Beacon, hidden behind some trees. Checking the map for a minute, she discovered her location and where she was to head for the initiation ceremony and team placement.

Beacon's auditorium, one of the earliest buildings that was constructed during Beacon's first establishment, many years ago.

Blake walked her brisk pace once more, her luggage in tow, towards the area. She continued her amazement towards the design and architecture while doing so, staring upwards to the tall apexes of buildings. Unknowingly, she was greeted by a stern cough, taking her by surprise.


"YAH!" Blake yelped, jumping backwards while doing so. Looking forward, she saw a middle aged woman wearing a white blouse, a black business skirt and a pair of glasses and high heels. Her hair was blond and tied to a bun, and for some weird reason, she had a purple cape and was carrying a riding crop. Opening her mouth, she asked, "Are you Blake Belladona?"

Blake was hesitant for a few seconds, but later answered, "Yes, my name is Blake Belladona."

The woman adjusted her glasses before replying with an annoyed tone. "You're late."

"I… got lost…" Blake said honestly. Who wouldn't be honest on that?

"Was there no one to give you a map?" the woman asked, prompting Blake to only shake her head side to side. The blonde sighed in a clearly tired tone, rubbing her forehead as well. "Of course Ozpin would not assign anyone for this. It was bad enough for a surprise student to come by. He wouldn't even touch any of the paperwork."

The woman lifted her head and stared at the cat Faunus who, still surprised by the blonde's presence, gave an awkward and forced smile. The woman sighed again, "Come with me, Miss Belladona. You're lucky that the ceremony started late due to some students getting lost during the initiation."

The two walked side by side towards the auditorium, Blake with her luggage on wheels and the blonde, swaying her riding crop around threateningly. Blake kept her eyes on the torture tool, feeling slightly insecure about it being waved around like a magic wand for either disciplinarians or sadists. Maybe both. Either way, the cat Faunus blamed all of her adult literature.

She'd still read them, though.

As the two continued walking, the blonde suddenly stopped waving her riding crop. Though, she still kept her moving pace. Without looking, she spoke. "My name is Glynda Goodwitch. On the school grounds or during working hours, I am to be called Professor Goodwitch, that and only that."

"Yes, ma'am." She turned her head slightly at Blake. "I mean, Professor Goodwitch."

"Correct. I don't like being called 'ma'am'. It makes me feel old." The riding crop swung once more. "I don't know what your achievements or special services that you have, nor do I care. I trust Ozpin's decision in enrolling you and I hope you don't make me regret such. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Professor Goodwitch."

"Good. Now let's pick up the pace. The ceremony started when I left so it should be close to ending right about now."

As Glynda Goodwitch and Blake Belladona reach the auditorium, they could hear the headmaster's just finishing with the second last team on the list of newly enrolled students that went through initiation. Team JNPR, pronounced Juniper, led by a blonde knight known as Jaune Arc. Entering the hall filled with students, Glynda motioned her to walk backstage where the rest of her unknown teammates were. As she got there, she noticed that they were already on stage.

"Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long and-"

"Hey, um… Prof? In case you didn't know, I don't have a partner yet." A long haired and very developed blonde known as Yang Xiao Long said out loud, interrupting the grey-haired man's speech. He turned towards her without moving from his place, his green jacket ruffled slightly.

"Yes, I noticed, Miss Xiao Long." The man exclaimed.

"So, we can't have a team with only three members, ya know?"

Blake saw Weiss on the stage in front of her. The mistress was wearing her white dress and combat skirt with Myrtenaster sheathed. Her face had turned to a scowl, obviously annoyed by Yang's interruption. Blake knew Weiss was a person that was quick and efficient plus, not the kind to ask silly questions. Of course the teachers here had already planned something from the start.

They're not dumb.

"I can see that, Miss Xiao Long. If you let me finish, I will tell you the name of your new partner. She should be here with us right now." He turned back the microphone and repeated back the names, this time including the newcomer.

"Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long and finally, before I was rudely interrupted, Blake Belladona. You four are to form team RWBY, led by Ruby Rose." The crowd erupted into cheers, much like how they did with every other newly-formed team. Blake walked onto the stage from the back, her high-heeled boots making audible clacks as she went step by step. The crowd observed her appearance, from her professional outfit to her cute exposed cat ears. They were all quite surprised to see someone who didn't take part of the initiation still managed to enter Beacon. Most people would find it insulting for not entering Beacon through its traditional way of flinging student into a Grimm-infested forest.

But enough of that. As Blake walked straight towards her new group, she observed the reactions of her newly-elected teammates. Ruby was smiling in glee and Yang gave a slight smirk as one of her eyebrows raised.

Weiss Schnee? She freaked out.



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This is my theory on how it goes. For one, sending students to a Grimm-infested forest isn't exactly safe so they would most likely do that under controlled situations. Second, you can't just fail them in a test and kick them out after you accepted them. Many schools start on the same week so for them to lose it here, they'd lose it everywhere. So, you can't fail initiation. You can do extremely terrible which would led to very hard classes (or very easy ones because they don't like pressuring people, depends) and probably fail then.

Just not initiation.

So, back on track, Blake is a butler for Weiss in this fic. I'll be including snippets of flashbacks as a way to add depth into her character and sometimes extras to add history to the world. So in other news, enjoy!


5 years before the current timeline…

Adam walked back home in his usual red T-shirt and short pants, a plastic bag filled with an assortment of items in his hands, all bought from the nearby one Lien shop. He was never the type for fashion and never had the money for it either. He mainly worked at the construction sites around the city, earning the minimum wage of a few Lien every day. He would do odd jobs in the evening, like washing cars or taking care of the animals at the nearby pound. On weekends, he would search the trashcans and recycle bins for some extra cash.

All of this was for Blake.

Adam always respected her father. He was kind, honest and always helped those in need at the Dust mines. He was a great example of what Faunus should strive to become, much like Charleston was. But unlike the lion Faunus, Blake's father worked day and night without complain, only caring for his family and friends. Charleston stood on a tall pillar, speaking words without truth, voices without action and oblivious to all that was happening down in the slumps.

At least, that's what Adam believed.

Adam never liked the character of authority, but he knew it was necessary to keep the world from falling apart. If he had the chance, he would become that character and change the world for the better. Adam smirked at that thought, being an important member of the White Fang.

'HA!' he sarcastically laughed at himself.

Reaching their shady apartment, Adam pulled out a set of keys before unlocking the door. He worked at the far end of the city, away from most of the White Fang activity as a way to get some peace. He was determined to join the ranks of the famous White Fang when reached of age. That way, he can fix it from inside out and get the money to support him and Blake as the days roll by.

Blake had went to the other side of the city, where the recent White Fang protest had took place. He was confident that Blake would be fine, as she had lived through harsher times. In fact, since it was evening, the protest would've ended already, whether it was successful or not. Blake would be home, eating some canned tuna like she always does for dinner and Adam would see her smiling face.

"Blake? I'm home!" Adam said loudly, earning a slight echo from the empty apartment. He noticed that the lights were turned off, probably to save electricity.

Flipping the switch, he yelled out once more. "Blake? You here?! I got you some canned tuna! A different brand, this time. It's a bit expensive though but I thought you might like it!"

Again, no respond was heard. After setting the items down, he went into the next room. "Blake?"

The entire apartment was empty. Blake was nowhere in sight. Feeling slightly worried, Adam left the door unlocked in case Blake forgot her keys and hoped for the best. It was not like he can just go around asking for a missing cat Faunus. Humans wouldn't even care while Faunus most like wouldn't know. Not all of them were involved with the protests and the ones that had are not people he knew.

Plus, going to the police department ruled by humans was a bad idea.

Adam took a short shower, conserving the water, and with a slightly cleaner set of clothes, slept on the mattress. His eyes drifted to darkness, despite the uneasiness he felt.

The next day, Adam noticed that Blake had yet to return. This time, he was in a panic. Deciding to skip work for today, despite the chances of him to get fired being quite high, Adam went around town searching for her. He would visit places that they frequently go to and asked passer-by's questions. Many wouldn't know what to answer and most outright ignored him. There were even those that tried to mug him in broad daylight.

He didn't taught himself self-defence and swordsmanship skills for nothing.

After beating the thugs to near-death, Adam felt tired with all the searching and decided to rest at the closest café he could find. Many of the patrons were uncomfortable with him there, even some of the employees avoided him. He knew he couldn't buy anything from the store so all he ordered was a glass of water.

With a cup of water in front of him, Adam clutched his head in anger, thinking and worrying on where Blake could've been. While he continued his moody moment, he noticed an article about the White Fang on the front page of a newspaper, currently being read by a human nearby. Adam swallowed his pride and walked up towards the human, trying his best not to look intimidating.

The man was caught by surprise when he noticed a shadow looming over him. With a cough, he asked. "Uhum… Yes, child? Is there anything you're interested here?" The man said, funnily sounding like a store clerk.

Adam, trying to not look intimidating, responded. "May I read that newspaper?"

The man's eyebrows raised slightly before setting down again. "Why, of course! Here you are, boy! I had just finished reading it. For now, I'm just waiting for my doughnut."

"Um… Thank you." Adam said as he took the newspaper from the man. The human smiled slightly at Adam, which would turn into a full grin of glee as his doughnut was delivered. Munching his doughnut with delight, Adam could only watch the man eat, feeling hungry himself.

Back at his seat, Adam went through the pages, searching for the full article on the White Fang. What he found was something he dreaded.


Adam ran off from the café, leaving his glass of water unpaid. He was lucky that the man with the doughnut had paid for him, finding a single glass of water quite inexpensive. Running straight towards the other side of the city, Adam thought of multiple scenarios of how the protest went bad. From bombings to full-on riots, he simply didn't care. All he wanted was his Blake.

Finally, he reached the restaurant where the protest had occurred. In view, he saw the long yellow lines of police tape surrounding the area plus some personnel looking around the place. Adam noticed a man with a brown coat and fedora standing nearby, ordering everyone on their search for clues. Adam, while still distrustful, walked up towards the man.

"Sir?" he asked. The man turned around to see him, all in his usual outfit. The man squinted his eyes and replied. "Yes?"

Adam breathed in and pulled out an aged picture. "I'm looking for a young female cat Faunus. She has black hair and is 12 years old. She came to the protest here yesterday and I was hoping that you can help finding her."

The man, apparently a detective, looked at the image closely. Afterwards, he sighed as told truthfully to Adam. "I'm sorry but I had never seen anyone like this throughout my whole carrier. But still, why are you looking for her?"

"I'm…" Adam thought of the words carefully. Brother? Father? Cousin? None of that fit their relationship. He was not in any way related to her and half of the reason of taking care of her was due to his respect towards her father. In the end, he replied. "I'm her friend."

"Caretaker, huh? What happened to her parents?" The detective asked. From his tone and Adam's perspective, he was obviously prejudice towards Faunus. Adam tightened his hand at the human's voice. Just like everyone else, that man looked down on his kind.

"They died at the Dust mines." Adam answered. He wasn't going to lie if it meant that he would find Blake. She was the only person he had left. Everyone around him either died or left.

The man's expression softened to a more sympathetic face. "I'm sorry to hear that." Adam grimaced on those words. He didn't want the detective's sympathy, much less from a human's. "Even so, I don't know anyone of this. You can file a missing child's report at the police department. We'll help out as much as we can."

Adam merely nodded in response and left the area. Just as he was about to leave, he heard an officer ran towards the detective with some documents. With his enhanced hearing, he was able to pick up their conversation, even from a distance.

"Sir, we got the test results on the second blood sample."


"Well, sir… That's the problem. It's not Charleston's."

"… What?"

"The blood results showed it not belonging to Charleston. In fact, the DNA was completely different. It was a feline-based Faunus like him but the species was different. 34% of it consisted of the common house cat, most likely black furred or in this case, hair. With the amount of blood, we assume it either being a small wound from an adult cat Faunus, or a fatal one from a child cat Faunus."

The detective's eyes widened. He quickly shifted his attention towards Adam, who had listened to it all. His eyes were bloodshot, and tears fell down his face. He gritted his teeth and his breathing was erratic. Under the control of his anger, Adam attacked the two humans unarmed, not caring of what consequences would occur.

He had nothing left to lose.