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"Still awake?"

The soft voice barely sounded in the silent dark room and grey eyes turned over to look at his bed mate, "I can say the same to you, brat," Levi snorted, staring at her features as best as he could in the dim light, "You look like shit."

"So do you," Kagome huffed, spotting the slight bags under the Corporal's eyes, but she did know she could not say that she looked any better, "Put in a nicer way though."

"Stop being so damn kind," Levi ordered, pushing her hair away from her face so she could not hide it from him, "Get some sleep."

"Can't," The Priestess sighed, wanting to roll away from his heavy gaze, "Nightmares," She said before he could ask, "Something I imagine what you're dealing with too."

"Tch," Levi grit his teeth, biting his tongue from snapping at the strange girl the Survey Corps had found unconscious out in the field not too long ago – and in one piece at that, "I suffer from no such thing."

At first, she had irritated him, but slowly – somehow – it had changed to the exact opposite and though they had been sharing a room for a while now (mainly so he could keep his eye on her at all times), they had recently started sharing a bed.

Neither knew what to define their relationship as, so they simply said nothing about it.

"It wasn't your fault, you know," Kagome shuffled closer to the man, placing her hand on his chest where his heart was located, "Petra, Oluo, Eld, Gunther – it wasn't your fault they died."

"I'm aware of that," Levi said coolly, rolling over top of Kagome and she let out a surprised noise at the sudden change of position, "Ever going to spit out the reason you cry out at night?"

"Trying to change the topic?" Kagome looked away, not wanting to think about her past regrets she had about the Shikon and her duty to it. She then bit her lip when she felt his calloused hand grab at her breasts, "A-again?" She flushed deeply, still not used to being intimate with anyone, never mind someone like Levi.

"If you're going to scream, then I prefer a different sort," Levi rolled his eyes when Kagome tried to shy away from him, "You can cut out the virginal act. We've fucked countless times already."

"D-doesn't mean it isn't any less embarrassing for me!" Kagome hid her face with her arms, "I did grow up on a shrine you know!" She blurted out without even thinking.

Levi paused, taking in the surprising information, 'A shrine?' He wanted to ask more since she refused to talk about her past with anyone, but he refrained since it would probably just ruin the mood, 'Does that mean there are other humans beyond the walls?'

Either way, he would put it out of his mind for now.

'He's just as bad as Miroku-sama,' Kagome thought, feeling a warmth begin to build up when the Corporal trailed his hand down her bare stomach to the place of his desire, 'Just in a different way.'

"It will tire us both out," Levi said, sitting up as he gripped Kagome's legs and placed them so they were pressed tightly against his sides, "I'll even do all the damn work for you."

'They do say it is one of the best cures for insomnia,' The blue-eyed girl briefly thought before letting out a groan when she felt him slide inside her with a swift thrust, 'Or maybe I'm just as bad as Miroku-sama too.'

The nightmares were no more.

For that night at least.