Bruce Wayne is quite befuddled. He is staring at his Bat Costume. It is sporting dust, not too much, but enough to make the billionaire suspicious. Bruce tries to understand why his suit is dusty and where this dust came from.

He knows that when he comes from his missions, his suit is never in tip-top shape. Sometimes it acquires holes or an awful smell. Sometimes it sports paint. Sometimes, sawdust. Other times, huge rips. He has to replace the suit from time to time. He needs to look cutting edge and not like a raggedy Ann doll.

Bruce knows for sure that Alfred always washes the suit. It is always clean and patched up for the next adventure so why is it sitting in its glass case with flecks of dust here and there?

Some of the dust has collected itself on the Bat Symbol and it looks like the Bat has eyes. It is a bit unnerving, but somewhat comical.

Bruce wonders if the lighting in the Bat Cave is playing tricks on his mind. He speculates whether he is stressed out and in need of a well-deserved vacation.

"Maybe I need to rent out a cozy cabin in Aspen," he says to himself. "Or maybe I need a cozy cell in Arkham..."

He may wonder about taking days off, but he knows that he will never and can never do that. He shudders at the thought of what could happen to Wayne Enterprises during his absence. He cannot even begin to describe the horrors he imagines that would take occur in Gotham if Batman were to take a break.

The dust on the Bat Suit is now haunting him. He cannot stare at it any longer. He tries to come up with a plausible explanation, but he cannot. He fears he may go crazy if he keeps looking at it. He leaves the Bat Cave and decides to treat himself to lunch at one of his fancy restaurant where the food is excellent and free since he is the boss.

Bruce gorges himself on the superb meal that he ordered for himself. He has forgotten about the suit and makes his way home. He puts the key in the door and opens it. He thrusts himself into a huge surprise.

Alfred is dusting the main room while singing and dancing to "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles. What is more baffling is that Alfred is wearing the Bat Suit.

Bruce slams the door. Alfred whirls around and turns bright red. He opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. He tries again. "M-m-master B-Bruce, I-I-I didn't know you were coming back so s-soon."

Bruce laughs. "Alfred, I'm guessing this is why you always want me to quit being Batman so you can be him."

Alfred seems relieved. He chuckles. "Well, the suit is very soft."

"Playtime's over, Alfred," Bruce says as he makes his way to the Bat Cave. "Don't be embarrassed. Everyone wants to be the Batman."