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Chapter One: The Job

The wind was biting, seeming to pass right through any sort of jacket one would wear. The streets were filled with life, the barely clothed young adults huddling close together until they could make it into the warm clubs. It wasn't the young adults that Eremita "Remy" Lacroix was looking for, however. It was the twenty-three year old bartender who was just getting off his shift at the bar. She watched from the other side of the street, standing just to the side of a lamp post, hidden in shadow under the night sky. As soon as the man she was waiting for exited the building, Remy stepped away from her perch and into the light. She walked silently, but quickly, her dark red hair obscuring her view for only a few moments before she pulled the curls back with a sigh. The man, Darren Sheffield, was her latest client, unbeknownst to the man himself, and she was about to close a case. Quickly stepping up to his side before he could leave, she briefly admired his dark features, but found his dark brown eyes a little disappointing.

"Excuse me, sir?" Darren jolted slightly, not realizing that Remy was standing right next to him. Remy plastered a polite smile on her face, wanting to scowl on the inside. "There's this woman in the parking lot who's having car troubles. I don't know anything about cars, so I can't help, but I told her I'd get some help. Do you think you could have a look or maybe know someone who can help?" According to his file, Darren was going to school to become a mechanic, so she knew that he'd be able to help. He was also an incredibly nice guy, so Remy wasn't surprised when he immediately nodded and walked off in the direction she pointed. Remy couldn't help the small smile that lit up her face when Darren began talking to Julienne. Quickly moving from the sidewalk back into the darkness that filled the other side of the street, Remy watched on as Darren pointed in the general direction of where he'd last seen Remy, only to pause and frown when she was no longer there. Giving one final smirk, Remy removed her hand from her pocket, her thin fingers wrapped around a spark plug belonging to Julienne. She'd leave it somewhere where the woman could find it in the morning, but for now, her job was done. Quickly backing into the alley nearby, where no one could see her, she disappeared leaving no trace of ever having been there in the first place.

Less than a second later, Remy appeared in her small, rundown apartment in the middle of New York City. The sounds of the city that never sleeps soothing her nerves, but before she could even breath in her familiar surroundings, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end, making her tense in anticipation. Turning to her right, and rolling her eyes once she did so, she merely scoffed and moved towards her tiny kitchen. "What do you want?" A deep chuckle followed her into the bright kitchen, only serving to annoy her even further. The sound of footsteps soon met her ears, alerting her to his presence in the doorway.

"Am I not allowed to visit with family?" Another scoff worked its way out of her throat, making the very handsome man smirk slightly. Remy turned to face him, a cup of coffee in her hands and a scowl on her face. "Careful, Eremita, your face may stick that way." Remy suppressed the urge to strangle the man, instead choosing to flip him off and take a very large sip of the coffee.

"Don't call me that." The man merely chuckled once more. "Every time you visit, you make my life hell, so no, you aren't allowed to visit with me." Remy gave a pointed glance to the door, not even bothering to be polite to the man in her kitchen.

"Ah, you see, this time it'll be different." Remy rolled her eyes once more.

"That's what you said last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and- do you see the pattern here?" Remy glared down at her empty cup, suddenly in the mood for something stronger. "What do you want, grandfather?" The man in question winced slightly.

"Must you call me that? You make me feel ancient."

"When you stop calling me by my full name, I'll call you by yours." He smirked once more, letting out a dramatic sigh.

"As you wish, Remy."

"Now was that so hard, Eros." Eros, her grandfather, was the God of Love. Those who knew of the Roman mythology knew him as Cupid. Remy only knew him as the asshole god who continuously made her existence harder than she needed.

"I have a job for you, Remy. This one will take a bit more time to complete, so you will have to pack up your belongings and move again." Remy didn't even blink at his words. They might have been related by blood, but they only had a work relationship. Eros didn't bother with anyone besides Psyche, the love of his immortal life, and Remy could care less to begin a familial relationship with someone who didn't care about her. Since she was related to 'Cupid', however, it meant she had inherited his gift of love. It made it easier to match up two people, as she just sort of knew who was supposed to be with who. With that being said, Eros would give Remy the harder jobs, ones that his other employee's wouldn't be able to do.

"What is it?" Remy sighed as she sat in one of the two chairs at her small kitchen table. Eros sat in the other and pulled a folder out of thin air, another of his "gifts".

"There are two groups over in the Olympic Peninsula that you are being assigned to. A coven of vampires, and a tribe of shapeshifters. They are sworn enemies, though they have a treaty at the moment, so this job will require a certain amount of patience and skill that I believe you to possess. Now, for the vampires, all of them except for one is already mated, so you will only have to worry about one of them; Edward Cullen. You can read over his file once we are finished here. As for the shapeshifters, only a few of them have mated, so they will be a little more difficult, however, they are special in one sense. They have this 'gift' called imprinting. When they look into the eyes of their soul mate, their imprint, they know immediately that they are bound to this person forever. That will make things a little easier for you. Any questions?" Remy shook her head, interested in looking over the file and getting Eros out of her hair as fast as possible. "One last thing, Eremita. I have something special for you on this job, but you have to figure out what it is for yourself. Enjoy this challenge, my dearest granddaughter." With those words, Eros disappeared completely, leaving Remy sitting at the table scowling at where he had been. The last time he had tried to surprise her, Remy had almost been killed by a demigod hell bent on revenge. With one last sigh, Remy gathered up the file and made her way into her room, prepared for yet another long night of loneliness.

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