Hello, my name is Harry Potter. I am not your typical genius. When I was growing up I was always told I was a freak or inferior by my 'relatives'. I, of course, knew this was wrong. I learned quickly about the world and I started to see things happen whenever I get stressed or any strong emotion overcomes me. So I learned to control my emotions. I organized my mind into a pyramid because I once saw a documentary my uncle was watching about pyramids on the television. I added all kinds of traps and things. Then I started to go to school. Then my teachers started to notice I was different, smarter than the average students. Then they saw my physical condition. They called the police. My aunt and uncle were arrested and I was adopted by one of my teacher's friends. His name was Dr. Jones. He was a French archaeologist, but he was retiring to teach. For the next 5 years, he taught me a lot of things. I breezed through everything through high school in six months. I then spent the rest being tutored and soon I was in college. I learned 10 languages which were Latin, French, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, The other college students especially the girls thought I was cute. Most people thought I had an eidetic memory, but I didn't. I just had really good memory. Soon enough my doctorates came in for Archaeology, Mathematics, Linguistics and Psychology. When I turned eleven I got a peculiar letter about a school called Beauxbatons.