CH 2 Commitment

A second chapter in the little Cho Chang story, posted after receiving my second review. This will not be a long story.

Christmas Eve Ed presented Cho with a hand carved wooden ring, inlaid with Jade, and asked her to marry him, and she said yes. They announced the engagement to the whole family over the Christmas holidays. None of the grand or great-grandparents was happy, but none of them made a big scene either.

Cho was supposed to start her New Year's Eve shift at 11:00 PM. She appeared at the Auror Department about 11:09 PM, late, which for her was unheard of.

"A little too much celebrating, Cho?" Harry asked, with an amused look on his face.

"I just had some family issues. I lost track of time," a very flustered Cho replied.

"You are not working eighty hours a week anymore, which is good," Harry said. "I hope you have found someone."

Cho involuntarily looked at her engagement ring, and then looked back at Harry. "I'd rather keep my personal life private. I'm not seeing anyone in the Ministry of Magic."

"I won't ask," Harry said. "It's been pretty quiet so far. I'll stay until I know everything is under control. Then I have to get some sleep, before Ginny and James and I go to my in-laws for New Year's Day."

Cho hoped Ed was doing all right. Chang's Chinese had been booked for New Year's night, as full as it had ever been. The night before three of the kitchen staff had gotten sick, and they were short of help. Cho brought Ed along and they both helped in the kitchen. Cho was pretty good charming knives to cut up food, and cooking. Ed could cook, but what he could learn right away, what he really knew already, was how to wash dishes. Ed had been charming dishes clean in the large sinks at the restaurant for the last four hours, and it looked like he was going to put in another four hours, at least, before he was done.

Cho's parents were thrilled. He had already made some minor repairs around the restaurant, and Ed had thoroughly won over the parents.

The grandmothers and great-grandmothers were not so sure, but at least they were not openly hostile, and the washing of dishes seemed to be winning a couple of them over to Ed's side. One of the great-grandfathers was still openly hostile, however.

New Year's Day, late in the afternoon, after both Cho and Ed had awakened from what was a very long night; Cho went over to Ed's apartment. Ed said, "I have a surprise for you." He led Cho over to a different apartment in the same building where Ed was living. It was one of the large four bedroom apartments, facing inside to a large garden area that was in the middle of the apartment block that the family owned. The bottom of the two story apartment was at ground level in the back, and you could walk right out into the large shared garden area.

Ed showed Cho the master bedroom. "I'm moving. I'm going to be sleeping in here from now on," he said. "You are welcome to move in anytime you want."

"Do you mind if I move in today as well?" asked Cho. Her stomach was in about a thousand knots. She really wanted this, and at the same time was terrified.

"The sooner the better," Ed said.

"We'd better try out the bed," Cho said. "My period has just started, and we can't do anything else, but I would …" Cho wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Was she glad that her period had just started, and they couldn't have sex? Did she want to have sex? Of course, she wanted to. They were engaged. They were going to get married! She thought that she wanted to do it more than she wanted to wait, but she wasn't sure. She just stood there silently for a long time.

Ed finally said, "Let's just keep our clothes on and cuddle." They held each other, cuddled and kissed. Ed finally said, "Let's set a date. Soon."

"Soon is fine with me," Cho said.

Cho had to work Saturday night, New Year's Day. When she got back to their apartment Ed was already up. They ate breakfast together, and then Ed went to work and Cho went to sleep. Working different shifts was not ideal. 'Their apartment' thought Cho. They were not married yet, but soon. They were not intimate yet either. Cho was in Ravenclaw, and she liked to read up on everything before she did it. How did you read up on Sex? What did you DO, exactly?

Thursday morning January 6 Cho got back to the apartment and Ed said, "I have the wedding all scheduled. We are going to get married in a meeting room the family owns in this building at 9:00 AM on Saturday February 19. The room is reserved and the wizard who usually performs these ceremonies has us down for that morning. Do you think you could ask Joey and Laura Middy to stand up for us? I don't want to ask anyone in the family."

"I will see if they are available," Cho said. "Ask anyone from one side of the family and the other side will get mad. You and I getting married is still a real touchy subject."

Ed said, "After the ceremony we are going to go to Chang's Chinese for an early lunch. If we start by eleven we can be mostly done before the noon hour. Everyone in your family can be there, and the help will make the food and serve us, and congratulate you."

"Everyone agrees?" Cho asked.

"I guess great-grandfather Chang is still bitterly opposed, but everyone else at least tolerates me. My great-grandfather Koizumi is no better. We may have to get married without those two bitter old men, but other than that we should have everyone else there."

"Thank you for arranging everything, Ed," Cho said. She went over and gave Ed a big kiss. "I really appreciate it. I love you! I'm think I am more eager to BE married than to GET married. "

"I love you too, Cho. I'm glad to do this for you. Besides, I guess I'm just eager to be married too."

They still didn't have sex, that morning or in the evening before she went to work. Cho wondered if she was going to be a virgin on her wedding night. "I will stay at the Ministry and ask Joey tomorrow morning, and maybe go over to see Laura too,"

Cho said to Ed. "I will find you when I get back."

"I will eat a little breakfast, but I'll have another meal with you before you have to sleep, unless there is some emergency," Ed said. He had a very flexible schedule, unless something broke at one of the tenant's apartments. If there was a problem Ed or his father had to fix it, no matter what the day or time.

Cho found Joey as her shift was ending. "Ed and I would like you and Laura to stand up for us at our wedding. We have scheduled it for February 19, Saturday morning at nine in the morning. I think you are the only person in the ministry who knows I'm getting married, and I don't want to let anyone else know."

Joey said, "I haven't told anyone. I would love to stand up for you." Joey gave one of those giggles which were so strange coming from a man. "You had better ask Laura, though. She's at Middy's Child Care right now.

Cho went over to the child care center, where she found Laura and three other witches taking care of about twenty under two year old children. "How is the child care business, Laura?" Cho asked.

"Business is good," Laura answered. "As long as witches keep having babies and need someone to watch them while they work we have a steady stream of new customers. My Markey is no longer a baby, but I'm pregnant again!"

"Mark's your third child, isn't he?" Cho asked. "This will be your fourth? How many do you want?"

"Oh, lots. I thought maybe eight. I love being pregnant and I love nursing. What brings you here? Do you want us to take care of your children?"

"Oh Merlin, no!" Cho exclaimed. "The grandmothers' are already fighting over who is going to take care of Ed and my child or children. Ed and I are getting married Saturday February 19 at nine in the morning, and we would like you and Joey to stand up for us. Joey agreed but wanted me to check with you first."

Laura waved a wand and a calendar popped up. She looked at it and wrote something with her wand. "Is there going to be a reception or lunch?" she asked.

"Yes, at eleven at the family restaurant. I am sure everybody will be gone not long after noon."

"We will be there, Cho," Laura said.

"How do you do it?" Cho asked. "Ed and I are sharing a bed, although with our work schedules we are not usually in it at the same time. We always have long pajamas on, and, we've never been intimate. I don't know how to tell Ed that I don't want to wait, and I don't know what to do if he doesn't want to wait.

Laura gave Cho a copy of " Witches' and Wizards' Graphic Guide to Married Sex " I always keep an extra copy of this on hand for witch friends who are getting married," she said. "Let Ed read it too."

"Should I just get naked for Ed?" Cho asked.

"I would think a sexy nightgown would be better. It would let Ed see everything he needed to see, and he could still take it off you. Take off his top first, and when his bottoms are straining take them off."

"Could you help me find a sexy nightgown?" Cho asked.

"I can be gone a few minutes. Let's go over to Mother Minerva. She has just what you need," Laura said. She giggled.

Cho looked at the garment Laura had picked out. She had it on over her Auror blouse and pants. "Laura, you can see right through this!"

"Of course, you can!"

"It doesn't come down far enough!" Cho said, pointing to the area between her legs.

"I thought you wanted Ed down there," Laura said.

Cho had been taught that that area was very private. She wasn't fond of the couple of times a female healer had examined her down there. You couldn't be married and keep that private, though, not from your husband. She purchased the skimpy nightgown, and took the book and nightgown home. Cho was going to have to read up on this sex stuff. She left the book out where Ed could find it, and she was pretty sure he was reading it too.

Sunday January 16th Cho was off until her evening shift that would start at eleven in the evening of Tuesday the 18th. She and Ed were still sharing an apartment and a bed. The kisses had gotten a little more passionate, but that was about it. Ed had brought her flowers a couple of times. That was nice, but not enough. As they finished their evening meal Cho said, "I'm going to sleep with you tonight." She gave Ed a big kiss, and what she hoped was a 'come hither" look. Cho didn't know if she had a 'come hither' look. This was all so new.

"I could use a little cuddling before we go to sleep," Ed said. Cho hoped there would be a lot more than just cuddling.

Cho left for the bedroom a little early that night. She took a shower. She found the perfume that Ed had said was nice, and put it on. She put on the nightgown. You could see right through the flimsy little garment! It only covered half her bum. She felt very sexy, and very exposed. Cho sat on the bed and read from the book. Just looking at the drawings was enough to make you get excited.

Ed eventually came into the bedroom. He looked at Cho.

He LOOKED at Cho!

He smiled. "That is a very sexy nightgown Cho," he said. He looked at the book Cho was reading. "I've been reading it too. Is it time for a practical exam?"

"I hope no one else is going to give us a grade, but sure, I want to try out what we have been reading about."

"I'll take a quick shower and be right there," Ed said. When Ed came back into the bedroom he was wearing his pajama bottoms, but for the first time he didn't have any top on. Ed crawled into bed and they hugged. When he went down to her bottom the nightgown rode up, so he was touching her, not her through a garment but her.

Both garments eventually came off, and before long they had done what they had been reading about.

They made love twice more that night.

Saturday morning Cho woke up. Her normal work shift was overnight, and she was having a hard time sleeping. Ed was sound asleep, a contented smile on his face. Both of them were naked; somehow before the past night the thought of being naked in front of anyone was scary, but this was different. This was what love between a man and a woman was supposed to be like.

Eventually Ed woke up. "I'm glad we are getting married in just under five weeks," he said. "I'm glad we didn't wait for this. I would have waited if that's what you wanted, but I'm very happy we didn't. I love you."

"I love you too, Ed," Cho said. Most of the weekend was a long practice session on what they had been reading and thinking about. When Cho had to go back to work that Sunday night they both felt the weekend had been a little honeymoon, a very good little honeymoon.

February 18 Cho got off her Auror's shift and instead of going home she went to St. Mungo's.

"I have been a lot more tired than usual," Cho said. "I'm getting married tomorrow, but I don't think it's just from that. I know I didn't lack energy the first weeks we became intimate. I've even thrown up a couple of times, and my stomach is real funny."

The healer who examined her had her give a urine sample, took some blood, and ran some tests. She also examined Cho with her wand and a couple of other instruments. When she came back she asked, "When was your last period, Cho?"

"The beginning of January," Cho replied. "I've never been real regular, and missing one is not all that unusual."

The healer said, "The tests show you are pregnant. You first had relations the middle of January?"

"Yes," Cho replied. "I was a virgin before that. We've talked a little about having a family. Can you really get pregnant the first month you have relations?"

"You would be surprised how many women get pregnant the first time," the witch healer said. "I'm passing you off to a witch midwife. My best guess is that you are about five weeks along. Meanwhile here are some potions to take for the next month. They should help the morning sickness and give you all the things you need for a healthy pregnancy. Congratulations!"

When Cho got home Ed gave her a big hug. Seeing uncertainty on her face he asked, "What's wrong? Did the healer find a problem?"

"Nothing is exactly wrong," Cho said. "I've been a little sick and a little tired because I'm pregnant!"

"That's GREAT news!" said Ed.

"I kind of wanted us to get used to being married before having a family," Cho said. "We should have used the birth control charms, or I should have gotten some birth control potions. I'm not really too upset, just a little shocked and surprised it happened so fast. The healer said I probably got pregnant the first week, maybe even the first day, we had sex. What are we going to DO?"

"You are really pregnant, Cho? That's GREAT news."

"You don't mind?" Cho asked. "We've talked about having children, and, Oh thank you Ed. I've just been so unsure of myself, but every time I'm with you things are just right. Even with the two grandfather's glowering at us you just are so, so, solid. Here I am the Auror and I just feel safe and loved in your arms.

Ed wrapped his strong arms around Cho. "We are hardly the first couple to have a baby, Cho. We'll raise it, and maybe, if you want, another one. When they are old enough send them off to school. You can work, or stay home and take care of them, whatever you want. Money is not a problem. The most important thing is to love each other, and love them

"The grandmothers are already fighting over who will take care of the baby, and no one knows I'm pregnant but you," Cho said. She buried himself in his arms. "I love you!" Cho laughed and cried at the same time, and Ed just held her, and it felt real good.

The lovemaking that night was the best ever. Cho didn't know why, but between the pregnancy hormones and the love of Ed she felt better than she had felt since, since.

That was her past. She felt better. She felt great!

The next morning Cho and Ed walked to the meeting room where the wedding was going to be held. Cho had on a nice, conservative, very Chinese, dress. Ed wore a new business suit and tie. They met Joey and Laura. Joey had the most conservative outfit Cho had ever seen him wear when he was not in disguise. He looked very good without overshadowing Ed. It was hard for Laura not to overpower Cho; she was taller and a lot rounder everywhere, but she had on a very conservative dress that looked nice without looking nicer than Cho's very elegant dress.

Everybody from both sides of the family was there except for the two bitter old great grandfathers. Both parents said soul bonding spells. Joey and Laura said a spell for soul bonding and another one for children.

When the ceremony was over, the families mingled. The two paternal grandmothers' were talking, and the discussion escalated into an argument. Ed and Cho finally went over to the two women and said, almost in unison, "What are you two fighting about?"

"I'm your grandmother, Cho! I should take care of your children," Grandmother Chang said.

"I'm living in the same building as the Koizumi's, and I should watch over the Koizumi children," Grandmother Koizumi said.

"Cho CHANG!" yelled Grandmother Chang.

"Cho KOIZUMI," yelled Grandmother Koizumi.

"QUIET!" yelled Cho. "I'm sorry, Grandmother Koizumi, but I'm staying Cho Chang. Our children will be Koizumi, but I'm keeping my last name. I haven't decided exactly how we are going to split up child care, but both of you will have plenty of time to take care of a grandchild or two."

"When should we expect the first grandchild, Cho," her mother asked.

Without thinking Cho said, "Towards the end of October."

I didn't mean to announce it, Cho thought. Was she in trouble now?

"YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Cho's mother yelled.

"Five weeks," Cho said. She looked at the grandmothers and said, "If you two don't stop fighting neither of you is ever going to touch your great grandchildren!"

Despite the lingering tension between the grandmothers the rest of the day went well. Everybody was excited that Cho was pregnant.

Cho went into work Monday afternoon the 21st. She had to change documents to show she was married, with her husband's name, her new address, and contact information. Ed was now her next of kin, not her parents. Once that was done she found Harry in his office. Mary Lou Creevey waved her in.

"Hello, Cho," Harry said. "Did you have a good weekend?"

"I got married, but I'm not changing my last name," Cho said. "I've taken care of the legal things already. He doesn't work for the Ministry, and I'd just as soon not make a big deal of it."

"I hope you are very happy," Harry said.

"I don't want to be one of those stupid females going on and on about how wonderful their husband is," Cho said. Then, getting an awkward grin on her face she said, "But he IS. At least for me."

"Are you going to want to take off for a honeymoon?"

"Ed and I have talked about it. I will probably take some time off this spring. I know the rules are different for pregnant Aurors. You are forbidden from going on certain missions and doing certain things, and the rules change the further along you are."

"Are you and, Ed, is it, planning on starting a family?"

"I'm five weeks pregnant, Harry. I didn't …, we didn't … it wasn't really planned. The marriage was planned, before we …, before we ... But we didn't wait. I'm usually so well prepared, but I didn't think of birth control, and so now I'm pregnant."

Harry laughed. "My brother-in-law George and his wife decided that they really ought to plan a wedding AFTER she was pregnant. You're not doing bad anticipating the wedding night when you already had a date set. I will make sure you are on pregnancy duties without announcing it. The word will get out pretty quickly, though. Still want to stay Third Shift Supervisor?"

"Yes, please," Cho said.

Harry called Mary Lou into the office. "We have to make a change in Cho's status," Harry said.

"I see you have gotten married," Mary Lou said. "Congratulations! I hope you are as happy as Dennis and I are."

Harry nodded to Cho. She looked at Mary Lou and said, "I'm also five weeks pregnant. I want to stay Third Shift Supervisor, and I'm not real anxious to announce any of this. I'm not ashamed I got married. He is a great guy, and a good one. I just want to keep my private life separate from my professional life."

"I will keep it as quiet as I can," Mary Lou said. "Eventually your body will give you away, though."

Cho looked down at her still flat stomach. Some things you couldn't hide. She looked at Harry and remembered how drastically Ginny's body had changed, from the skinny little thing that was a Harpies chaser to the much rounder Ginny you now saw, rounder on top and on the bottom than when she was a student, and with a belly she never had before. She looked like a mum, and all too much like her mum, and not like the cute girl Harry had married.

Some things you couldn't keep private.

She was going to stay Cho CHANG, but she was glad she was married. She was VERY GLAD that she and Ed had gotten married.