Disclaimer which throws me off track: JtHM is owned by JCV, so erm... Don't sue me. NOTE: This is written in NNY's POV

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I can't explain this. Why this is re-occuring, i do not know. This is like a small riddle in a little book that i cannot seem to solve.

"Aw, poor little Nny, stuck in his own little relm of fantasy, riddles and homicide."

'I would have made an argumentitive prospect to that, B-Boy , But right now i do not feel like much of anything.'

Not accutally nothing, i suppose. You can't acctually feel NOTHING, theres always that twinge of something you can't shake off. We can simply say it as i am not feeling like Johnny C. today. But, i suppose , thats a good thing. Talking to Styrofoam dolls and a Bubs Burger Boy, killing cheerleaders and spawning Happy Noodle Boy can't be things to be proud of.

"Oh SURE, NNY , You can just go to a FUCKING church congragation and say 'Hello, My name is NNY and last night i slaughtered 4 Nuns and 2 School Kids OH and best of all i murdered a Minister!' That would wrap your life story up nicly wouldn't it, NNY?"


"Oh whats the matter, NNY? Only want to have conversations with yourself?"


"Oh COME'ON! Speak! Somewhere deep within your itching bowels you MUST be wanting to say SOMETHING."

More Silence.

"Face it, NNY , You were born with feelings. You NEED to sleep. You NEED to have emotion. You cannot be like that damn bug, Mr.Samsa so why don't you just give up?"

'If i put you in a meat-grinder would you die?'

"Johnny you pathetic worm. Weither you kill me or ignore me, I'll always be here, Living off of you. Must feel good to be the source to something you hate, isn't it NNY?"

[Nny reaches out for a canister of blood. And a brush]

"What are you doing?"


[Johnny makes a few swift strokes with the brush onto the wall]

"Oh PERFECT just what we need a life-sized portriat of that tub-of-shit Happy Noodle Boy."

[Ignores him and contiues to paint]

"Oh Come'on NNY, Can't we be civilized?"

'Oh, let me quote you [Mocks] We can all sit down and drink some DAMN tea!' [Contiues to paint]

"Oh how VERY funny NNY, very funny indeed." [Scoffs]

[Long periods of silence stretches]

[Nny steps back]

"A picture of me? How...Lovely."

[Nny stabs a knife into the wall where he had drawn B-Boy]

"Point Made."

'Good, I'm gonna go kill some girl scouts.'