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It had been ten years since World War Three, or as the humans called it, Armageddon. After the nuclear strike at Italy's hands, communications had been turned on again – for what it was worth – and efforts were made to find and help survivors. Not that any military had the power. It rested solely on the shoulders of the nations.

The former Amodi nations were unaffected by most of the nuclear blast due to being disconnected from their lands, although the newer members had a hard time with it. And some of the nations that weren't in Amodi had mastered the art as well.

But it didn't help any small island nations. They had already been suffering from the effects of environmental change, and for the few that still lived, they had almost completely been wiped out.

Nouvance was one exception, along with the other nations of the new generation.

Global warming and nuclear winter had, surprisingly, worked to cancel each other out, and with the help of the forces of nature the climate became mostly stable. It also helped that they had sought out Amaterasu to help them with the sun.

But even with their help, the only places with decent sunlight were South America, Central Africa, and Australia. It was the best hope for crops.

But there were also issues of radiation and contamination. All of the forces of nature had come together to try to help the planet recover.

But even without their help, nature found a way.

While the forces of nature worked on recovering the environment, the nations were working on gathering the people together. For that purpose, they had to work together. And after everything that happened between them, it was more than just difficult. Eventually, the former members of Amodi had to resort to having a long talk with the nations that they had a problem with. A process which took forever, but eventually an understanding had been reached. But it had taken a while before this could even start.

Many nations were affected by the nuclear weapons hitting their countries. Very few of them – those that neither side had managed to get to – suffered from the effects of being hit directly, and some suffered indirectly due to the effect the weapons had on the surrounding environment. Some had died instantly, while others had taken longer to succumb to their injuries. It took six months to decide that everyone was out of danger.

And through all the death, a new generation had started.

Nations, being more resistant to the effects of radiation than humans, often went out to search for new nations, or another area where they could perhaps establish a new settlement. They were mostly searching for signs of life.

Even though they had lived for many centuries, they were always surprised to see just how adaptable nature and humans could be.

Michoacán stroked Cortez's head. As a magical creature, Cortez had been immune to the effects of the nuclear strike, and Michoacán had been blessed by La Catrina, which allowed her to cheat death.

And it also meant that she still had to deal with Mexico and Confederacy.

Luckily, they were at another location. She, Brazil and Nivadura stayed at the same colony, overseeing the humans. Mexico and Confederacy were at another, while Argentina, Chile and Venezuela oversaw another. Peru would have been with them, had he not decided to join his lover.

Michoacán sighed. Sometimes, she found herself missing America. It was only blossoming, but she couldn't deny the fact that there had been something between them. But now he was gone, and there was no way for her to see him again, at least, not for a (hopefully) very long time.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by Brazil, who approached her with his phone in his hand.

"I just received a call from Israel," Brazil explained. "They found another one. She's in Greece's old lands. She'll be joining us soon."

Michoacán smiled. The fact that new nations were popping up proved that the earth was healing. Another thing they'd noticed was the fact that the new generation was tougher than their predecessors.

"Do you want to go to Africa?" she asked.

"Huh?" Brazil asked. "Why?"

"I heard they found someone in the former South Africa."

Brazil bit his lip, before shaking his head, chuckling.

"A little boy," he said. "Namibia said he has dark skin and platinum blond hair. But Anika's green eyes."

"I think that would look really pretty," Michoacán said. "But don't you want to see him? He is her little brother, after all."

"Maybe later," Brazil said. "Let him get used to the Africans first. It's been forever since they found someone in their territory. Two years ago, remember?"

"Oh yeah. Legipta. I guess someone's going to be jealous that they're not the youngest anymore."

Brazil chuckled. He stretched his arms, and the golden cuff glittered.

Even after Amodi's Bonds were severed, there were still nations that bore the mark. Portugal and the colonies that remained being prime examples. Brazil didn't mind it at all, as it meant that the other South Americans were unable to touch him.

"Russia called earlier," Brazil said. "They're going to have a meeting in Kikwit next week. Do you want to come?"

"Why not?" she asked. "It would be nice to see everyone again."

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