Who are the Kombat Busters?

Cassie CageDaughter of Sonya Blade and Hollywood Action Hero Johnny Cage

Takada TakahashiShirai-Ryu ninja and telepath.

Kun JinWhite Lotus Monk and infiltration specialist

Jacqui BriggsCombat Engineer

Between them more than twenty years of combined martial arts and gaming experience. They don't just play Mortal Kombat – they're going to put it to the test!

That's right folks – a Mortal Kombat / Mythbusters crossover. The format will be three-fold:
1) the team examining popular cheats, glitches and hacks found in gameplay
2) deconstructing aspects of the MK lore no one usually gives a hoot about (see below)
3) seeing how some of the more fantastical things in MK would work in "real life"

Some of the topics that will be covered:

- Does blocking really get you nowhere? (MK1 Reptile)
- Can you really run through a wall? (MK vs DC)
- Can a fan lift someone of the ground? (Kitana)
- Do Cryomancers fart? (Frost vs Kari Byron)
- Can you really get a flawless victory against Goro with just one hit? (MK1)

(Of course, if you have any ideas for kombat myths, or how you think the above topics would turn out, please comment!)