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Fragile Differences

Chapter One: Start of a new life



A large bluish green pickup truck pulled up in front of a large high school, and the teenage boy within sighed. The man driving the truck glanced out at the school looking unsure.

"You sure about this?" Jack asked.

The boy glanced up at the school and frowned.

"I've thought about it. And, you know, you… me… I mean, we never really did embrace high school. I don't know. Haven't you ever just wanted to go back and do it all over again? I mean, especially with all you know now?" The boy questioned, glancing over at Jack.

"No," Jack replied, with absolute certainty.

The boy shook his head at this.

"Well, from here on in, you and me are different. Which is why I'm gonna do this," The boy stated, getting out of the truck.

"Hey, listen, do me a favor, huh?" Jack asked.

The boy stopped and turned to face the truck once more.

"Don't worry, I… I wasn't gonna keep in touch," He cut in before Jack could say anything else.

"Yeah, it'd just be a little-" Jack paused at a loss for words.

"Weird," The boy supplied.

"Weird, yeah," Jack agreed.

"Yeah," The boy muttered.

"But look, if you need anything, just, you know…"

"Air Force has set me up, I'll be fine," The boy stated, cutting Jack off.

"You're sure about this? I mean, it's high school," Jack exclaimed after a short pause.

The boy turned to glance back at the school and noticed a group of three girls standing not to far away. They where huddled together whispering and giggling to each other, occasionally glancing over at him. The boy turned back to Jack and smirked.

"Yes! Go forth, young man!" Jack said, making a shooing motion with his hands.

The boy pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. As he patted the side of the truck the lyrics 'Who am I? Who am I?' could be heard coming from the stereo, and the young boy couldn't help but notice how those lyrics seemed to personify just how he felt in that moment. He didn't know who he was, not after all that had happened in the past couple days.

Showing up at the SGC as a de-aged fifteen-year-old, only to find out that he was a clone of the original Jack. Then once the original was back he was basically kicked out of the SGC and told to try and lead a normal life. He had all the memories of the original Jack, but he wasn't really Jack. So if he wasn't Jack then who the hell was he?

The boy glanced down at the papers in his hands, the fake transcripts given to him by the Air Force. Like he'd told Jack, the Air Force had set him up, gave him a new identity and background, and a bank account with enough money to help him get by for a couple of years. He glanced at his new name which was typed up in bold print at the top of the paper.

Jonathan A. Baker. The boy sighed and shrugged his shoulders. He could try being Jon Baker. Try to become a totally new person…



Cars flew down the packed street, each driver being careful to go just below the speed limit. That was mostly because a tall blond man in a tan California highway patrol uniform could be seen sitting on a police motorcycle a little ways up the road, just watching for speeders. Jon Baker had been sitting on his bike in this spot for almost twenty minutes.

He was waiting for his partner, Frank 'Ponch' Poncherello, to show up. Ponch was notorious for being late, which is usually what got him in trouble with Getraer. At times Jon couldn't help but compare Ponch to Daniel. Daniel and Ponch might not have looked to much like each other, but they both had the same knack for getting into trouble and getting hurt. They both also had the same knack for being able to pick up girls. The only difference was Ponch picked up girls by flirting with them and using his charm, while Daniel picked up girls unintentionally just by stepping into a room.

While Jon waited for Ponch to show up he couldn't help but think back to how he got to be a highway patrol officer living in California. He had finished High School a year early and had gone to college for all of about three months before he decided to join the army. He stayed in the army for a little under five years before he left and decided to give college another try.

During his second attempt at college he actually managed to stay for almost two full years before he dropped out and decided to move to California. He picked California because he had to get away from Colorado Springs, away from all the memories that place held. And hell it was California, filled with beaches, sand, and girls in bikinis.

At first he really wasn't sure what exactly he was going to do with himself in California. But then he'd run into a highway patrol officer by the name of Sargent Joe Getraer one day. He'd just been sitting outside a coffee shop eating and looking through the want ads when he'd seen the Sargent chasing down a suspect on foot. Jon, his instincts kicking in, had immediately jumped up and tackled the guy to the ground.

After the guy was hauled off Getraer had taken some time to talk to him. At first the Sargent had been a little upset, telling Jon that what he did was dangerous, and that he could have gotten hurt. But after a few minutes the Sargent had thanked him for his help and had asked Jon about himself.

Jon told him about how he was in the army for a while and had just recently moved to California and wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Getraer had then suggested that he should go to the police academy and become a highway patrol officer. Jon had thought about it for all of about two days before he signed up at the academy.

About twelve months later he graduated and became a highway patrol officer. He spent most of his day riding around the highways on his motorcycle catching speeders and thinking about how different his life now was from the life he'd had before the whole 'cloning mess'. A year after he became a highway patrol officer he met Ponch.

Really it was by chance that the two met. It had been raining earlier that day, and Getraer had insisted on putting him in a car for the day. Jon had been dispatched to check out a report of a biker racing around an open field. At first when he'd gotten there he hadn't seen anyone, that is until a dirt bike came flying over his head and landed on the ground in front of him with Ponch sitting on top of it.

This lead to a short chase that ended in Ponch lying flat on his back after skidding on his bike. The two talked for a bit, and Jon learned that Ponch did stuff like this all the time. He also found out that Ponch hung around with a few people who belonged to a gang. He realized that if Ponch kept doing dangerous thing like this he'd eventually get himself killed. So Jon had decided then and there that he was going to help Ponch. Ponch and him had become friends fast, and soon enough Jon had convinced Ponch to go to the police academy.

Jon was brought out of his thoughts on the past as a motorcycle pulled up next to him.

"Hey what's up partner?" Ponch asked, glancing over at Jon.

"Not much, just waiting on you," Jon replied, smirking over at his partner.

"Ugh, yeah, sorry for being late. But I… ugh, got caught up on something back at the trailer park," Ponch stated.

"Hm, let me guess, it was a girl?" Jon questioned.

Ponch looked over at him sheepishly, and Jon just rolled his eyes, shook his head, and laughed.

"Come on we better get back to the station for briefing or Getraer will have your head," Jon quipped, putting his sunglasses on.

Ponch nodded his head, and the two officers started up their bikes and pulled out into traffic…