There's a very good reason why Q is so secretive with his real name. He hasn't even told Moneypenny though she's his best friend and he trusts her with his life. But the thing is Q has been cursed; if someone -anyone- knows his real name there could be serious consequences.

Because Q has to obey every single order -and even though if it's just a simple request- that is given to him if the person that says it calls his name.

He doesn't bother asking for help because no one would believe him, instead he just keeps his information as a secret and perfectly protected.

And he really thought he was safe. Until one day -he still doesn't know how- an agent, 009, just figured it out.

But 009 -who has an obvious and painfully deep crush on the Quartermaster- didn't know the power he just acquired with that information.

So when he arrived that day, he had a huge grin all over his face and, as always, tried to get the Quartermaster's attention.

"Yes 009, what can I do for you?" Q asked he didn't bother to look at him.

"I know your secret," 009 announced before whispering Q's name in his ear. Q shivered and stood up immediately trying to process everything that had just happened.

"Listen 009, it's very important that–"

"I won't tell anyone I promise," the agent interrupted him, still smiling.

"Yes, but–"

"Actually I was wondering… I mean I really like you, you know and I wanted… I want to take you out to dinner sometime. What do you say?" 009 asked without realising that the

Quartermaster was becoming more and more pale.

"009, you have to listen–"

"Just please say yes," 009 interrupted again and then, before Q could start to yell to get his attention, he whispered his name and begged him to say yes.

And despite all that Q did to fight the curse, he couldn't help himself and let out a very clear 'Yes'.

009's shone with joy then, and he took a step closer to the Quartermaster. He put his arms around him. Q tried to escape, but he was a double-oh after all and was stronger than him.

"Let me kiss you," he said and Q was about to growl 'No' when he quietly spoke his name again so Q nodded, accepting the kiss.

And to everyone's shock, 009 leaned in and started to kiss him, when 007 arrived from his latest mission and looked at them with a weird expression on his face.

So, obviously, everyone started to panic. Because it was well known for everyone -except for Q, who was really oblivious with that kind of situations- that Bond was head over heels for his Quartermaster but he hadn't had the courage to tell him yet. And well… Bond wasn't perfect and his very risky and broken life had made him a very possessive and jealous man (when something he cared deeply about was involved), and he really truly cared about Q. So… It wasn't a surprise when all the minions took a step back at once as if they were trying to get out of his way.

Let's just say that it wasn't a good day for 009.