The Club For Illegal Drug Users and Gays


Part One

"Potter what the hell is that?" Vincent Crabbe asked.
"Pot. Why?" Harry Potter asked.
"Wanna join the club?" Vincent Crabbe asked.
"What club?" Harry Potter asked.
"The Club For Illegal Drug Users and Gays!" Vincent Crabbe answered.
"Is Neville in it?" Harry Potter asked.
"Yeah. Why?" Vincent Crabbe asked.
"Dude he's sexy!" Harry Potter answered.
"Fallow me!" Crabbe exclaimed.
"Okay!" Harry exclaimed. They walked halfway around the Hogwarts Castle when the found a door.
"Okay sexy!" Neville exclaimed and opened the door.
"YOU GOT SEXY POTTER TO JOIN?!" Neville asked.
"Yup saw him with some 553!" Crabbe answered. Harry fallowed Crabbe in.
"What's that?" Harry asked pointing to a fallen over cardboard person.
"That's Professor Lockhart!" Neville answered.
"You're a silly goose, Potter!" Neville said and giggled so hard he crapped his pants.
"Man that's the 12th pair today!" Neville exclaimed.
"Stop shitting your damn pants, Neville!" Crabbe exclaimed.
"Let me go change!" Neville exclaimed. Neville went up next to the cardboard Lockhart with shit running down his leg and then got behind in and put new underwear and new pants on.
"See you dudes lata!" Harry exclaimed and left the room smelling like pee and cardboard. (if cardboard has a smell) Harry was walking to the Gryffindor common room when a man jumped in front of him.
"I'm superdick!" The man screamed. Harry Potter screamed a very high-pitched scream and was never seen again.

The Very Happy End