Prologue - If you still Believe


To Understand, you must go back...back many years.

In ancient Greece, men had gone so far as to supress women, that they had forced them to remain chained, as led by the mighty Hercules. One day, a group of these women broke free of their chains that were applied by men, and escaped to what was known for many years as "Paradise Island" in the Bermuda triangle, which eventually gained the name it is known by now, Themyscira.

Roughly around 1920, The Amazon Queen Hippolyta, wanted a daughter for herself. With blessings from the Gods, Hippolyta was told to go to the shores of Themyscira, and mold one out of clay. The gods blessed this clay, and gave it flesh and blood...and life. Hippolyta named her newly formed daughter, Diana.

For years, Diana was trained in the arts of the Amazons, and grew incredibly strong, fast, and intelligent...much more intelligent than that of a common man. When the time came for the Amazons to send one of their own out into Man's world as an ambassador, the then Princess Diana volunteered, despite her mother's best wishes. And with her vast strength and intelligence, she won the role, and became...Wonder Woman.

Around this time, in 1941, U.S. intelligence agent Col. Steve Trevor's plane went down in the Bermuda triangle, and as a result, his body drifted to Themyscira. He would have died if it were not for Princess Diana taking compassion with him, and nursing him back to health, and following him back to man's world...and acting as his best friend, and at times, love interest.

Diana found work as a nurse in the army, and used her talents to great degree, giving comfort to those in need of it, and life back to those who were on death's door. After the war, Diana continued to work as a nurse, before she figured her talents would be suitable to work for the IADC, an agency that helped those dealing with high-profile illegals. Diana had to keep her identity as "Wonder Woman" a secret, but there were few who knew that the newly dubbed Diana Prince and Wonder Woman, were the same person.

In 1994, Diana Prince met with Clark Kent and the 2 became romantically involved with each other, but due to the great distances that they would have to come to be together, they did not seek a romance outside of a good friendship, but they desired to do so. It was a matter of time, and priorities. At the same time, Billionaire Bruce Wayne became enamoured with Diana and wished to court her, but unfortunately, Diana wanted someone who would match her age and the amount of time she would live. Bruce Wayne would die eventually. Clark Kent, he would not.

By 2008, Diana Prince had logged several years in the IADC and was not showing her age, due to her amazon roots. This was a mystery to the IADC, but not to Trevor and her, as only the 2 of them knew of the Amazons and Themyscira. The CIA requested that both of them join their which they obliged.

by 2018, 24 years after meeting Clark Kent, Diana began to show signs of lonliness and Steve Trevor, then aged 98, was moved into a nursing home for observations, but he never did claim retirement. Diana became discontent with being alone, and being a hero, and began to long greatly for Clark Kent to court her, but he was stuck on Krypton, and would not return for 2 years. She had a small circle of friends, and began to step towards depression.

in 2019, The San diego university had developed a machine that was capable of transporting people through time, a task thought impossible once. This piqued the interest of the CIA, and of Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, who both requested they be involved with what could possibly happen provided they could go to the past. The government decided to test the results of time travel to the past by sending someone back in time to avert the disaster aboard the MV Nautilus, a cruise ship pirated by the cartel in 1992. Diana volunteered to be the subject to travel to the past, and was granted the priviledge by President Donald Trump.

But, one of the time travel machine's investors, Teena Wahlberg, demanded that a friend of hers go along as well, due to the fact, she herself lost her family aboard that ship and as a result, went into a spiral of lonliness and despair. Diana demanded that she go alone, but the president accepted Wahlberg's request.


In 1990, a relationship between a woman named May Haruna and a forgotten man formed into a young man, named Trevor Haruna. However, the father of the boy denied his paternity, and ran away and was never seen again, leaving young May to raise the boy herself on welfare and whatever government support she could get.

Around 1997, May became friends with a young lady named Teena Wahlberg, who had come to the apartment that May had been living in, and the 2 became friends. May would watch over Trevor and she became an aunt figure to him.

For his first 8 years, May tried to find a suitable father figure for Trevor, but all the men who came were either deadbeats or didn't want to live up to the task.

At age 10, a man destroyed Trevor's birth certificate to avoid paying child support, as Trevor's mother declared him to be the father as an act of desperation. As a result, Trevor dropped out of school at age 10, and grew up to aspire that if he were to be a father, he would mentor a child rather than abandon him/her.

At the same time, Trevor began to learn the way of the streets. Poverty, crime, everything. By the time he was 11, he was helping his mother pay the rent by selling drugs. By the time he was 14, he was stealing cars. At one point, he attempted to steal a manual transmission car, but had the unfortunate fate of ruining the transmission, and being chewed out by the boss who was paying him for it. By the time he was 16, he had killed a man over a dispute he didn't even remember.

Throughout his young, crime filled life, Trevor saw how men treated his mother, and knew that it was sex that was all the men wanted, and then they would leave his mother to be alone. At the same time, he wondered if he could love his mother for not trying to make an effort to leave the poverty. As a result, Trevor despised women in poverty, and swore he would not date one, and would save his virginity for a woman he deemed worthy.

On the night of May 17th, 2008, Trevor was walking home with his mother from the food bank, when a drive-by shooting put a bullet in his brain, and a bullet in his mother's lung. As a result, Trevor wound up in the hospital for 3 days, and 2 days after the shooting, his mother expired during the life-risking surgery to remove the bullet from her lung, but not before she made a plea to God for the safety and protection of her son, and a plea for a mother figure in his life.

During Trevor's coma, a voice came to him, and told him that when he would awaken, that he go to McIntosh park, as he was given a new role in life...a chance to be a hero...a chance to make a change in the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Vancouver, where he lived.

When Trevor awoke, he realized that he could read the minds of the doctors in the room, and began to use this talent. He soon learned that by putting his fingers to the bulletwound on his head, he could control the actions of the people around him, as well as confuse them and make them sick. He was able to free himself from the hospital, and he got himself to McIntosh park, and found the gift the voice left for him...The gift was a new pair of boots, gloves, a shotgun, a new identity and most importantly, The Coat.

The identity changed his name from Trevor Haruna to Kenny Triton, and from that day forward, Triton swore to deal with the poverty stricken neighborhoods, and help those who were trying to see tommorow, while justifying the end of those who were too far gone, but only as a last resort, as at that time, Kenny did not wish to kill anyone unless it was worth the guilt.

At this time, The failing economy opened up a window of oppportunity for Teena, who had wisely invested her money in the stock market and had sold her shares just before the crash, making enough to buy apartments, but only ones in poverty stricken neighborhoods. She made a deal with Kenny Triton, and told him that if he were able to "Clean up" the apartments she rented with the gifts thrust upon him, he could live for cheap, and start his life anew. As a result, Kenny got a job as a grocery stocker, and with his previous identity laid to rest, no one knew his criminal past.

For the first 5 years, Teena grew her investment empire dramatically fast, eventually reaching millionaire status. Kenny was a big help to her, as he was an enforcer of the rules and had no compassion for sob stories of people on welfare, as this was his act to survive. As far as he was concerned, "Only a bitch cries."

by 2014, Teena Wahlberg had established herself from a slumlord to a landlord, and had made roughly 5 million dollars. She had heard of the "Time Travel" Project in San Diego, and invested her earnings in it, with the hopes that she would be able to go back in time to divert her parents' death. As a result, she was given a lot of influencial power as to how the project was handled, but saved her words for if and when the project was finished.

One night in 2018, Kenny's job required him to take care of a well-known crackhead who was known for stealing and being a problem to everyone in the neighborhood, and he would've been killed, if it wern't for Kenny realizing just how cold he had become, and heartless he had become in 10 years, and how easy it was to kill a person. As a result, he began to feel like a monster, and wanted to kill himself. The crackhead himself died much later.

by 2019, Kenny was on the verge of suicide, and had not taken a human life in one year. He swore never to kill anyone again. But then, he got a call from Teena, requesting he travel to San Diego to see this "Time machine" she had been investing in. Kenny took time off from his job to go see the time machine. But when he got there, he got a call from Teena again, telling him that her dream to see her parents again could come true, and that Kenny would have to be the live guinea pig for the machine. Essentually, taking the pirate ship was a suicide mission to him, and he didn't care. But at the same time, Teena informed him that he would be joined by a "stuck-up, hard-assed, Dragon lady from the CIA named Diana Prince."


When Kenny met Diana, he didn't think much of her, and she didn't think much of him. As far as Kenny was concerned, he had to help Diana and allow her to support him when the going got tough, and Diana believed that if this friend of Wahlberg was any good, she might let him follow her...on a leash.

At first, the heroes from different worlds had a distaste for each other, but a taste for justice. Kenny was doing it for his friend's sake, and Diana was doing it for the sake of everyone else. They did not believe each other were any good, as Kenny couldn't use his Psionic powers on Diana, as her intelligence was too strong. And Diana did not want to reveal her Wonder Woman identity to Kenny at first. Neither believed in each other.

When an unattractive, shameless man wanted to bother Diana during her dinner the night they had met, Kenny revealed that he was indeed telling the truth, and mind controlled the man who was bothering Diana, and proved he wasn't useless. Later that same day, Diana became Wonder Woman to stop a purse thief. He confronted her later after she had become Diana Prince again, and was ecstatic that Wonder Woman was real...and that she was her. Diana denied it, but Kenny could not be fooled - Diana had a burn scar on her right thigh from the time travel, and it matched the same scar Kenny saw on Wonder Woman's thigh. Kenny promised not to reveal Diana's secret, and as a result, the 2 began a business relationship by shaking hands.

They got to know each other better and soon, Diana learnt about Kenny's troubled past and his opinions of women, while Kenny learned of her past. He further proved the intensity of his powers, when the same man who tried courting Diana before tried his luck again, but Kenny caused the man to cry and vomit over the side of the vessel.

Diana heard about Kenny's upbringing in poverty, and convinced Kenny that there was no future for him in poverty, and as a result began acting as if she were his mother. The 2 developed a mutual friendship. Diana saw him as the only guy-friend who wasn't pursuing her romantically, and he saw her as a mother figure.

The next day, the pirates raided the MV Nautilus, but using their gifts, Kenny became The Coat and Diana became Wonder Woman, and the 2 of them held off the pirates until the military arrived to deal with the situation, and the military created a mess of death. The carnage brought Kenny back to the time his mother was killed...and he began to weep in memory of her. Diana began to have more compassion for Kenny, and saw that he wasn't exactly cold and hard as he made himself to be. He was just a broken young man looking for some sort of stability in his life.

7 months passed, and Diana's longing for Clark became too much. When the CIA recieved reports of couples going missing from a newlywed resort, Diana saw it as a perfect opportunity to make Clark she begged for the CIA to plot a fake wedding...and Kenny would be the groom.

Despite his best wishes, Kenny reluctantly became Diana's fake husband and helped her infiltrate the resort. Halfway through the mission, Diana admitted that she set the plot up, and it was driving her crazy. She felt bad for forcing Kenny to do something against his will, but Kenny showed the same compassion she had shown him and forgave her, and told her that she was his friend, and that he felt bad for not being there for her when she needed him, even if he didn't know Diana's problems. The 2 went through with their mission, and saved 7 newlywed couples.

By this time, Clark Kent had returned and began a relationship with Diana, while Kenny began to follow a dream of his - playing ice hockey. He spent some money on training camp and learned how to play with the Vancouver Canucks. But thanks to an incredible talent of not being able to feel pain, Kenny could endure great lengths of it in fighting and blocking shots. as a result, the Canucks gave him a chance to play a professional game against the Washington Capitals.

Around this time, Diana decided to volunteer her time and nursing talent with friend Bruce Wayne, Masquerading as Batman, at a blood bank. But the night before, she got a glimpse of Kenny playing hockey and getting into a fight with a much bigger player...and beating him up, but getting a game misconduct, and calling him to the blood bank for a meeting.

At that blood Bank, Diana revealed to Kenny that her greatest wish had come true - she and Clark were together and loving every moment. The last part of the wish was for Clark to propose to her and they would be married, but at the same time, Diana would willingly submit to Clark and lose her powers as a result, but she didn't care.

During that same night, Diana learned through the internet what the world truly thought of her as a beautiful woman - to most people, she was not a strong, serious person, but rather a sexual object, which hurt her deeply, to the point where Clark knew he had to take her away from the world itself.

Around this time, Russia had a new leader who wanted to rule the world, and had created a machine of death known as the "War Dragon" which charged at the United States. But with their hero friends in tow, Clark, Diana, and Kenny and Bruce all held off the Russian invasion and captured the warlord premier, ending the war in a single day.

During the final battle, Clark proposed marriage to Diana, who said yes without a second thought, much to the delight of their friends. But the marriage would be so private, that the only guest would be Steve Trevor, Diana's first friend outside of Themyscira. And their lives were to be so private, that no one would know who they were or where they went, with the exception of Bruce Wayne. As a result, Diana seperated herself from her friends but she did it for the sake of peace. She didn't want to be disturbed for a long time, and as a result, Did not take the Identity of Wonder Woman beyond that day, as she believed that if she submitted herself to her husband, she would not be able to draw upon those powers again.

A year after her marriage, Diana gave birth to a son, and named him after her best friend, Steve. Another year passed, and Col. Steve Trevor died in his sleep, just a month shy of his 102nd birthday. Another year passed, and Diana gave birth to a daughter, named Rose. Eventually, Diana's children were old enough not to need her all the time, and she allowed herself a job as a Nurse in 2028 to bring a second income into the family, to compliment Clark's role as a firefighter.

Kenny was devastated that his friend wanted to seperate herself from him and did not understand why, but his chance to leave the poverty came to him in the form of a hockey career. He was able to get $270,000 after one year of playing hockey. In this time, he married his love, Josie and she birthed a child a year after marriage, a girl named Ronda, named after the famous UFC fighter. Kenny moved his young family out of Vancouver to the more peaceful city, Abbotsford BC, and raised them there, and began saving up as much money as he could working his job since 2008. In 2023, his wife gave birth to a son named Zakk, named after the famous guitarist from Ozzy Osbourne's band. He took what he learned from knowing Diana, and tried his best to raise his children to be good. As time went on, Kenny eventually let go of Diana as a mother figure, and raised his children up the best he could.

But...he could not let go of Diana as a friend. And he waited day after day for the perfect opportunity to reconnect with her again.

13 years have passed since Diana Prince separated herself from her friends in Dallas, Texas.