Directed by: Phil from Produce

Written by: Phil from Produce

Wonder Woman Character by: William Moulton Marston

Superman Character by: Joe Shuster

Wonder Woman & Superman Characters are owned by: DC Comics

The Coat Character by: Phil Mante

These characters appear without the knowledge or consent of their respective owners, and I do not take profit for their appearance.


Envisioned Actors/Actresses


Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Envisioned Actress: Lynda Carter Est. 1977


Clark Kent/Superman

Envisioned Actor: Tom Welling Est. 2005


Kenny Triton/The Coat

Envisioned Actor: "Stone Cold" Steve austin Est. 2005


Josie Triton

Envisioned Actress: Molly Dunsworth Est. 2015


Steve Kent

Envisioned Actor: Taylor Lautner Est. 2005


Ronda Triton

Envisioned Actress: Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart Est. 2006.


Sheriff Andy

Envisioned Actor: Joe Dammann Est. 2011


Envisioned Soundtrack


"If you still believe"

Performed by Elsa Raven

Moment of play: Prologue


"Life of Crime"

Performed by The Weirdos

Moment of Play: Steve outruns the police after beating up a talker.


"I don't know"

Performed by Ozzy Osbourne

Moment of play: Song plays on CD player when kenny turns the truck on.


"You're gonna pay"

Created by Jim Johnston

Moment of Play: Kenny beats up the polygamist.


"Don't wanna fall in Love"

Performed by Jane Child

Moment of play: Diana takes steve out for coffee


"Mr. Philips"

Performed by Tangerine Dream

Moment of Play: Kenny loses his temper and attacks the polygamist compound.


"Alone in the ring"

Created by Bill Conti

Moment of play: Diana tells steve about her and clark's past/Kenny comforts his daughter.


"You've come far, ness"

Created by Shigesato Itoi

Moment of play: Diana and Kenny catch up over coffee.


"Road to Nowhere"

Performed by Ozzy Osbourne

Moment of Play: Kenny drives away into the night/Credits


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