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Chapter 7 I fight

"You know, I hear there's a new Kido we'll be learning," Haru spoke, meditating on his bed.

"You're probably right. The year is coming to an end," Icel shrugged, reading a book.

"I hear Miss Mariana is going to pit the two top students in class against each other," Strat muttered, doing a few swings with his wooden sword.

"Well, ain't that coincidence? A new Kido and a match?" Jin grinned as all eyes fell on Hisagi, who was sitting on the ground, listening to the conversation.

"We all know who's gonna win," Aoga smirked at the other brunette, forcing him to shift a bit.

"C'mon man, it doesn't matter who wins! There might even be someone else."

"C'mon Shuhei, get real. There isn't anyone better to kick his ass again," everyone knew the match was likely going to end up with Ian against Shuhei.

"I don't even want to fight him…" the tattooed boy mumbled.

"Well, unless you start flopping classes on purpose, you'll end up fighting," Jin shrugged.

Any other discussion was cut off when rushed knocking reached their ear. Strat went to open the door, only to see a girl, face twisted in worry and fear, standing there.

"A-Are Shuhei and Aoga here?" she asked, voice trembling, looking around.

As soon as they heard their names, the two boys were at the door, looking with confusion and concern at the girl. And then they recognized her.

"Aren't you one of Kanisawa's friends?" the taller of the two asked.

"Yes and I – she needs your help! Fast! Follow me! I can explain later!" she called and the two brunettes followed.

Using their partly known Flash Step, made them go faster, but used up too much energy so they resumed their normal running.

"What happened?" Aoga finally asked. Neither said or asked anything, not wanting to unravel her.

"Ian, he – he! When we were walking in the park after our History lesson, he just appeared and challenged us!" her words were quick and fear filled.

"Kanisawa took him on alone, but then he cheated! I don't know how, but he has her tied up! After that, he told me to find you two," tearful eyes turned to the two.

"Please… you have to help her…" her voice was breaking as tears slipped down her cheeks.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure she's safe," Shuhei assured, eyes glowing with silent rage.

"He's right. We'll make sure he pays for what he's done," Aoga took some tension off before the three finally arrived.

At the park, someone has been waiting, before he spotted the trio.

"Ah, finally. Lord Ian has been waiting," the taller boy was expecting his friend to attack on sight, but Hisagi made no move.

"If you'd follow me," the other man spoke and motioned the tattooed boy to follow.

"Why don't you stay here? It could get dangerous," Aoga smiled at the girl.

"But what about-!" she was cut off when he put a hand on her head.

"Don't worry. We promise to bring her back right? Trust us," and with a farewell smile, left after his friend and their 'guide' to Ian.

Shuhei was following quietly and quickly, cold gray eyes staring at his surroundings. It was dark as the moon illuminated the stone road when they arrived at the lake. To academy was far enough away so any fighting is likely to go unnoticed and unheard.

"So, you came?" he stopped at the sound of that voice and turned his gaze to the left side, seeing Ian, smirking. The one who led him here disappeared, but the brunette didn't care as he narrowed his eyes on the other student.

"Where's Kanisawa?" Hisagi's voice was cold and menacing. It was around then that Aoga arrived, looking at the man of the hour.

"Don't worry, the girl is safe… for now," Ian was smirking before motioning to the middle of the lake. There, on a large piece of wood, was Kanisawa, hands and legs tied as well as gaged. Her uniform was ripped on several places and on her forehead was a gash, still bleeding.

"Kani!" the two shouted as the girl tried to undo her binds. Panic was in her eyes, but she seemed to remain calm. Maybe too scared to move properly.

"As I said, she's in no harm, but there is a barrier around her. Should anyone else try and get close, she'll sink," Ian's smirk grew wide as the brunettes turned back to him.

"Why are you doing this?!" the taller of the two glared.

"Why? Isn't it obvious?! I can't stand that Rukon filth getting so much fame! I am the best student and I won't be taken out by some brat from nowhere!" the anger, hatred and envy were mixed with hints of fear, all coming out like poison.

"That is why you did this?" Shuhei was far too calm for this situation and that scared his friends. There was also a malicious aura about him as a weak green glow surrounded him.

"You threatened and hurt my friend because of that?!" his eyes were glowing a pale blue as a figure manifested next to him while his sword glowed green. The figure was black and red, a sadistic smirk on its face as white, sharp fangs showed. It was wrapped in black cloth, but was still barely visible.

"What the hell is that?!" Ian panicked eyes full of fear as he laid his eyes on the figure.

"Shuhei…" Aoga whispered, sweat on his forehead, his hands cold, knees slightly quivering and breathing was hard. He couldn't believe he was feeling all of that because of his friend.

"That – is that… a spirit?" Kanisawa thought, shaking on the wood as a cold wind surrounded her. Her teeth were chattering despite the gag while her body was cold. This was insane!

"Master…" came a quiet yet impatient voice as the figure moved closer to the tattooed boy's ear.

"Allow me to kill him…" Hisagi wasn't thinking straight. Actually he wasn't thinking at all. There was so much anger, hatred and murder in his head; he wasn't even aware who was talking to him. At the words, he could imagine killing Ian.

"Unleash me…" it whispered again while time stood still.

"Who are you?" those were the first words spoken by the boy.

"Kazeshini," at that name, a violent wind blew out of Hisagi, forcing Aoga to cover his eyes and tripping Kanisawa from her sitting position, as well as cutting her gag. Ian was shaking in fear as the wind knocked him back, falling on his backside.

"Come now master… do it," the voice was so tempting Shuhei gave in. Taking hold of his weapon, another sharp wind was released.

"Reap… Kazeshini!" the spirit laughed, fading away, before the green aura got stronger and the sword was transformed. None of the students watching could believe their eyes as it seemed the world stopped spinning. Before either of the two friends could utter a single word, Shuhei moved quicker than the eye can see, appearing next to Ian swinging one of the Kusarigama down at the boy, cutting off the left arm.

"Shuhei!" their scream echoed everywhere, mixed with Ian's howl of pain as he held the bleeding stump where his arm used to be.

Shuhei took a quick, sharp breath, smelling the cold, watery air, as well as metal and blood. The sight before him was like a nightmare, with the yells around him making him unable to hear anything, not even Kazeshini or his own rapid breathing.

The moment passed, time flew again, Hisagi screamed, dropping the weapon which transformed back to a sword. The world spun, the moon was covered by clouds, blocking all light as blood dripped down Ian, Shuhei, the grass and even water, before the Hisagi's eyes blurred and he collapsed.

"Shuhei!" Aoga shouted, managing to get out his shock and rushing towards the collapsed boy. Ian was still crying in pain as the barrier around Kanisawa broke and she was free. The girl managed to undo her binds, forgetting all about her fear of water, and Flash Step to the boys, seeing the unharmed one healing the bleeding one as the unconscious one kept taking sharp breathes.

"What's going on here?" it was only a matter of time before someone from the school came. But it wasn't just from there – Captains from Squad 13 and 5, as well as their Lieutenants came.

The two students, who managed, looked at their superiors, fear, confusion, worry and sadness on their faces as well as in their eyes.

"Get those two to Squad 4 now!" Ukitake ordered as Kaien and Gin quickly moved, taking the Royal and Rukon boys away.

"You two," the headmaster looked at the two kids left, surprise and disbelieve in his eyes.

"What happened?" Aizen spoke gently but firmly, eyes darting to the abandoned sword of Shuhei and back to the two students.

The two had no idea what to say, as they were still partly in shock and didn't really know what was going on of what happened.

"I see… don't worry about it. We should take you to Squad 4 as well," Aizen said, turning to his fellow Captain.

"Yes, that's probably for the best. The girl needs to be checked as well," Jushiro nodded, looking at all the blood splattered around.

"You shouldn't worry about me! I'm fine-!" at that moment, it was as if her energy was gone and she almost collapsed, had the boy not grabbed her.

"Kani!" he panicked, eyes wide as he looked down at his friend.

"Young man, you should take her with your other friend. Although none of the wounds seem life threatening, there are many and an infection could easily happen," Sosuke explained.

"R-Right away sir!" Aoga swallowed, putting the girl into his arms and running towards the 4th.

"Headmaster, we would like to request silence of this event," the 5th Squad Captain turned to the said man.

"S-Sir?" he gulped, still not over what happened. Not to mention the cut-off arm was still there.

"Do not speak of this event. We are now sure how or even what happened. Until we are sure, we shouldn't cause a disturbance," the brunette Captain continued, walking over to the sword which was still glowing green.

"I-I'll see what I can do," the headmaster nodded, gave a bow and left the scene.

"Nicely handled Sosuke," Ukitake was impressed at how smoothly the whole thing was taken care of.

"Thank you, Jushiro. But the matter still stands…" the Captain only looked down at the sword before the glow faded.

"Shuhei Hisagi… an impressive student…"

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