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The Gamer – Restart

Chapter 17


Whilst seated upon a nearby building, Aaron leaked out a sigh of amazement as he currently observed the battle between his «Shadow Wolf» familiar and the target that him and his colleagues were designated to capture, Han Jee-Han. Aaron's orders were rather simple; test the scope of Jee-Han's abilities after isolating him from those pesky martial artists. Since Jackal's information regarding what kind of powers he possessed were extremely vague, Krash had designated Aaron with the role of using whatever method he deemed necessary to draw out Jee-Han's skills without revealing himself. As such, here they were now as Aaron had called forth one of his favorite summons to play with the startled newbie. He had to admit though, that spell Jee-Han had used moments ago was a rather impressive attack as he hummed in interest.

"He's got pretty good control over his mana. Is that a product of his unknown ability or just his natural skill?"

Aaron pondered that question in his head as he didn't take his eyes off of Jee-Han for a second. Gathering information without actually exposing himself would be a simple matter as he had the power to share his vision with his familiar and could view the battle from a distance, as long as his familiar wasn't killed or had its eyesight disrupted.

When Jee-Han and the two girls that were with him had escaped the classroom and left his wolf buried underneath the desks, Aaron had purposely kept his wolf stationary so as to let the trio escape and hide within the school. There was no way they could leave his «Time Sealing Illusion Barrier» and they weren't going to receive reinforcements anytime soon from Jee-Han's little buddies so there was no need to pursue them relentlessly. Taking his time and carefully observing the brown haired boy was his absolute priority and putting him in a hopeless situation like this was the best opportunity to see what he was capable of.

That said, Aaron felt as if he had given enough time for Jee-Han to think of a strategy and immediately commanded his wolf to begin pursuing them. As he did so, the look in his eyes changed into that of a fierce predator hunting its prey and the corners of his mouth curled into a rather terrifying smile.

"Let the hunt begin"

The figure of a large black wolf was seen dashing across the hallways as several doors and windows were broken by the sheer pressure of the wind generated from its gigantic body. Its ferocious crimson eyes showed all the signs of a fearless carnivore as the blood lust coming from the summoned creature was unmistakable. Passing a corner, the Shadow Wolf immediately noticed the one who had attacked it earlier standing at the end of the hall; the boy called Jee-Han. It thunderously roared towards the unfazed boy who proceeded to stick his tongue at the surprised beast.

"Grrrr...!" A growl came from the snarling monstrosity as it dug it's claws deep into the ground and curled it's body before leaping forward, its right claw raised into the air in order to rip Jee-Han to shreds. Swiping forward, the wolf narrowly missed Jee-Han's neck as the boy swiftly dodged the strike and took off in the opposite direction, making the wolf give chase through the narrow halls. With frightening speed, the wolf was easily able to trace Jee-Han's trail as it followed Jee-Han into a nearby stairway that would lead to the bottom floor.

Unlike Jee-Han however who had to run frantically through each group of stairs, the Shadow wolf simply jumped from wall to wall downwards as it cut off the startled Jee-Han and attempted to bite him. Unfortunately, Jee-Han wasn't able to dodge this one as the wolf landed its claws against Jee-Han's back as he screamed in agony, three large scar wounds now present on his back. However, what was extremely odd was that instead of blood dripping from his back, a few piece of dirt had instead fallen from Jee-Han's back that surprised both the Shadow Wolf and the observing Aaron.

"What the hell?" Aaron was certainly stupefied as to why a living human bled rocks instead of blood but regained his focus when he saw Jee-Han continue to sprint away from the wolf, those injuries now slowing down in the slightest. He was impressed as clearly, the kid had high pain tolerance as these wounds should have reduced his mobility but his speed hadn't dropped. In any case, he had to keep pursuing him as Aaron commanded his wolf to follow the boy through the stairs that led into another hallway.

"…Just what are you up to?" Aaron thought confusedly as he continued to observe his wolf chasing down Jee-Han throughout the school. Despite starting out strong, Jee-Han was now running with his tail between his legs and Aaron couldn't fathom why he hadn't attacked attempted another attack since that time in the classroom.

"Could he leading me into a trap? It's only been a few minutes since I let him escape, was that really enough time for him to come up with a plan? Not to mention, where are those other two girls? Something isn't adding up here… I'll need to be on my guard" Aaron ordered the wolf through mental commands to be on the lookout for any traps or the two girls that were with Jee-Han that weren't in sight and continued the pursuit.

Passing another corner, the fleeing Jee-Han saw the upcoming door that led to the gymnasium and accelerated his speed towards it, surprising both the Shadow Wolf and Aaron.

"Ah, so that's what he was aiming for. If he planned to set a trap, it'll definitely be in there " Aaron let out a smug sneer at Jee-Han's simple minded plan, ordering his wolf to continue the chase but do so more discretely as the wolf slowed its pace down. Whatever Jee-Han was planning, Aaron wasn't about to let it happen without a fight and prepared himself for the worst.

The inside of the gymnasium was quite spacious as there were several pieces of sports equipment lying around the wide area. As the wolf slowly entered the large gym, its eyes drifted around to find its fleeing pray and located Jee-Han standing in the center of the gymnasium with an arrogant expression on his face.

"I won't be running any longer, this is where we'll finish things" Jee-Han spoke as he pounded his palm with an open fist.

"...Is this guy an idiot?"

Aaron looked at it from every angle but couldn't understand just what Jee-Han was trying to do. While believing the gymnasium to be where Jee-Han had planted some traps or hidden his other friends, there was nobody else here and no places to hide behind. If his plan was to bring the Wolf here just to fight in an open space one on one, had Aaron overestimated Jee-Han's tactful mind? Could it be that he was just simply nothing more than a fool?

Aaron shook his head. "No, he must be hiding something. There's no way an idiot could defeat a C ranked Illusion monster. You won't be able to fool me that easily" Aaron wasn't going to fall for whatever Jee-Han had planned as the Shadow Wolf roared loudly and charged towards the boy with terrifying speed. Jee-Han reacted immediately by placing his hand on the ground, causing several earth spikes to shoot out from the ground towards the Shadow Wolf.

Dodging the spikes, the Shadow Wolf rolled its body in midair and charged back at Jee-Han with both its claws raised into the air. A transparent shield was then materialized by Jee-Han after activating『Mana Shield』that collided with the wolf's claws. The shield's barrier was broken right into but Jee-Han stepped back in time and narrowly avoided having his body shredded by the razor sharp claws.

Jee-Han didn't have long to catch a breather however as the Shadow Wolf was right on his tail and leaped towards him, attempting to bite him with its sharp fangs. Jee-Han used both his arms to repel the wolf by holding its nose and jaw but was visibly struggling as he groaned in frustration, the wolf's sheer weight and power almost being too much for him to handle. He winced as he could feel it's hot breath over his face but didn't let it distract him as he followed up by stomping his feet on the ground, causing a pillar of earth to erupt from the ground and nail the Shadow Wolf right in its stomach. Its gigantic body was catapulted upwards but it recovered from the shock and stuck to the ceiling as it's growled towards the grounded Jee-Han who was panting heavily, clear fatigue present on his face.

"So he's a proficient user of Earth Magic huh? That must mean that he is more gifted towards being a spell caster than a close range fighter…" Aaron skillfully noted as he continued to record the events of the battle. In his time as a Cleaner, Aaron had fought against numerous high school students the same age as Jee-Han who had awakened powers that were very similar to what Jee-Han was currently using. However, each and every single one of them was utterly incompetent in using their powers and was captured without much trouble at all. Jee-Han on the other hand had already proven that he was a rather tricky and formidable adversary that had surprises left and right. Aaron's curiosity towards what exactly Jee-Han's powers were continued to rise as he ordered his wolf to turn up the intensity a bit.

Following his command, the Shadow Wolf fell from the ceiling and landed back on the ground with a large thud that shook the entire gymnasium. As it glared down Jee-Jan who took a stance out of reflex, the wolf began growling in an amused sort of manner before it opened its mouth wide.


An earth shattering roar erupted from the Shadow Wolf as Jee-Han desperately tried to cover his ears but couldn't stop the stinging pain in his head as his body began to tremble from the pressure. Immediately afterwards, Jee-Han's face paled as he tried to move his body but was unable to do so and was stuck in that same position while the wolf slowly walked towards him. The skill that was used could only have been『Petrifying Roar』as its effect of petrifying the enemy and stealing their ability to move was as clear as daylight.

"You won't be moving for a while" Aaron mused as he watched his wolf steadily move towards Jee-Han and sighed. "I guess that's it. I thought he might come up with something but it looks like I overestimated him"

Aaron's assessment of Jee-Han had definitely fallen but there was still something plaguing his mind. Aside from the fancy mana attacks earlier and the Earth Magic, were these really the abilities that were strong enough to defeat a C-Class monster? Impossible, a monster of that class could not fall so easily to such attacks if even his Shadow Wolf, a D-Class monster could deal with it. Not to mention, what was up with him bleeding rocks instead of blood? Aaron's instincts told him that the key to figuring out why he feeling so anxious had something to do with that.

"...Perhaps the data we received was wrong and instead of him defeating it, it was those martial artists that actually did it" That was the only realistic solution that Aaron could come up with as he made a mental note to punch Jackal in his stupid clown face the next time he saw him for giving Paradise invalid info.

"Well, whatever let's finish this up" Aaron commanded his wolf to strangle Jee-Han's body and incapacitate him. Obviously, killing him was out of the question so the only way to capture the target without critical injury would be to knock him unconscious.

The Wolf had finally made it to the petrified body of Jee-Han who looked frustrated at his current predicament. It was a different look the Wolf had seen from many of its opponents who usually showcased looks of absolute terror and panic in the face of such a powerful monster standing in front of them. The question of why Jee-Han wasn't doing the same made the Wolf curious but in the end, it wouldn't matter soon anyway since he would be captured and sold off.

Before the wolf could wrap itself around Jee-Han however, its primal instincts immediately felt something was wrong as it tried to back away from his body. Unfortunately, it was a second too late however as a wide smile formed on Jee-Han's face as his body then began to inflate itself like a balloon before he exploded, causing several sharp rock fragments to embed themselves into the Shadow's Wolf's large body. Its arms, legs, tail, and even its sides; every part of its body was impaled as it roared in anguish and slowly tried to shake off the undeniable pain, several drips of its blood now having stained the gym's floor.

"What?! How did he...?" Aaron was taken completely off guard by what just happened as he saw the only thing left of Jee-Han's previous body were the scattered rock pieces. What kind of skill was that? Had Jee-Han turned himself into stone and committed suicide by self-destructing? Was he really that desperate?

The Shadow Wolf shared its master's thoughts as it hadn't expected a move like that and was only able to escape with this much damage thanks to its impressive instinctual nature.

Aaron wasn't pleased by how the situation had turned out as he clicked his tongue and thought of what to do next as he was preparing to call off his wolf but stopped when both he and his wolf felt an ominous presence underneath the ground.

"It was a trap, move!" Aaron commanded quickly as the wolf narrowly dodged a perfectly timed Earth Spike that had erupted from underneath the wolf's feet. The Wolf spun and landed back on the ground a few feet from where the Earth Spike had been created with a hostile but wincing gaze as the sharp pain from the embedded rocks was distracting it.

"Damn, that was a close one. What's up with all these monsters having these cheaty like instincts?"

That nagging voice alerted the wolf as the ground near the earth spike began to morph and from it, a brown haired boy emerged with a displeased frown.

Understandably, this sent both the Shadow Wolf and Aaron into a spiral of confusion as they were fairly certain they had just seen the boy blow himself up not that long ago.

A daunting realization then just occurred to Aaron as he had begun to piece together the entirety of Jee-Han's plan. "Of course! The guy we were chasing all along was actually an Earth Clone while the real one was hiding underneath the ground until the right moment presented itself to strike" Aaron was practically seething as he clenched fists together and pounded the ground beneath his feet. "Damn it! How the hell can a kid who hasn't even been an ability user for longer than a month use such an advanced skill?"

It was definitely a surprise for Aaron, who never could have imagined that Jee-han's mastery of Earth Magic had been as thorough as what he was currently showing. Even more so, he was impressed with Jee-Han's cunning tactic of hiding underneath the ground and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike when the Wolf had let its guard down. It wasn't normal; no high school kid should have been this calm and calculating in the face of such danger. Just who exactly was this guy?

"So he's not as stupid as I thought he was. Heh, good. It'd be a shame if he was caught that easily…" Aaron was somewhat glad as he didn't want to face his boss by telling him that the target had committed suicide. That surely would not go over well with him. A rather unsettling grin began to form over Aaron's lips as the idea of seeing more of Jee-Han's fascinating abilities was making him beyond excited.

"...It looks like Plan A didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Looks like I'll have to go with Plan B this time" In response to Aaron's will, the Shadow Wolf howled loudly as its body then began to be enshrouded in a faint black aura, putting Jee-Han on guard as he took a few steps back just in case.

"What's it doing? I got a look at its skills earlier and the only ones that I can think of that it would use at a time like this would either be Petrifying Roar, Shadow Step, or Replication. He's already used the first one so I can rule that out but the other two are still a problem, especially if it ends up being Replication. Please let it not be Replication…" Jee-Han already had that skill so he knew all about how troublesome it was to deal with.

Thankfully, the Shadow Wolf's body then began to sink into the ground, completely vanishing from Jee-Han' sights as Jee-Han then concluded that『Shadow Step』was the skill that it was using.

"At least it wasn't Replication" Jee-Han sighed in his heart but still kept on guard as his eyes wandered all over the gym, a few drops of sweat falling from his forehead due to the tension. It was beginning to unnerve him at how terrifying it was to not know where his enemy was and just wait for them to make the first move.

Aaron noted Jee-Han's frantic expression and chuckled; this was just too easy.

"Grrr!" The Shadow Wolf then suddenly jumped out of the ground right behind Jee-Han as he tried to react but was a step too slow and the wolf sunk its fangs deeply into his shoulder. An agonizing scream came from Jee-Han's mouth as he winced heavily at the searing pain but steeled himself through it as he threw a fist at the gnawing wolf. Unfortunately, his fist didn't connect as the wolf let go of his shoulder and jumped right back into its shadow that hid itself within the ground again as Jee-Han fell on one knee and held his shoulder.

"Shit…" He cursed under his breath as he glanced at his HP bar and saw that he had taken a sizeable amount of damage, far more than he had anticipated. Thanks to his gaming body, the pain in his shoulder was no longer there anymore but that didn't erase the excruciating pain that he had felt in his left shoulder when the wolf had first dug into it like it was a soft bean paste. The pain was so overwhelming at first that he almost felt like he was going to pass out but knew he would have been screwed if he had, mustering up every ounce of his will to stay conscious.

Jee-Han knew the battles that were going to happen were going to be rough but he didn't expect this degree of danger so soon, especially after the entire Troll Zombie fiasco. What made it worse was that unlike with his battle against the Troll Zombie and Goblin Marauder, there was no one he could rely on if the situation became too much to handle He was all alone. One of the girls he was stuck in here with wasn't a combatant in the slightest and had just recovered from a fatal illness, while the other was an overbearing diva that was knocked out cold by a frying pan. It wasn't exactly an all-star roster he was working with as a pitiful chuckle escaped his lips.

Nonetheless, he pulled himself together and stood back on his feet, taking a deep breath as he tried looking for the wolf that was submerged in its shadow under the ground. In a situation like this, remaining calm was a crucial lesson that Sun-Il had taught him and he needed to stay completely focused on finding the enemy.

"That wound should be causing him immense pain but he looks fine…" Aaron was slightly alarmed by Jee-Han's quick recovery as he was expecting the damage he sustained to keep him from thinking clearly. Still, this didn't change much of anything as he commanded his wolf to strike once again.

Again and again, the Shadow Wolf appeared and reappeared around Jee-Han's body, slowly scarring and scratching from top to bottom as the boy endured the pain and continued trying to concentrate. If he was going to defeat this monster, he was going to have to be prepared to risk his life and withstand some pain. It was actually thanks to the Chunbumoon passives that he had activated that the damage he was taking was significantly lowered, otherwise he was sure his HP bar would have been emptied by now.

Jee-Han's patience was beginning to pay off as his passive skill known as『Sensory』was finally starting to show the wolf's exact location but due to its superior speed, knowing where it was going to pop up would be futile without the reaction speed to counter it. If he could only distract it for a second or two after it reappeared, he definitely knew he could defeat it once and for all as the wolf continued to scratch away at Jee-Han's health and body, his once clean school uniform now ripped to shreds.

"This isn't making any sense, how is he able to endure this much?" Aaron couldn't understand how Jee-Han was still standing on his feet, not showing the slightest bit of pain as his wolf had left claw marks all over his body. First the mastery over earth magic, the clone, and now the ridiculous ability to endure such pain? What kind of ridiculous ability did this kid possess?

"No, this should be counted as a good thing. If we had gone after him without knowing all of this information, we might have had a serious problem" Aaron concluded, trying to make a positive out of the unexpected predicament he was in. In order to draw out more of Jee-Han's hidden abilities, Aaron realized that he was going to have to turn up the danger even more as the shadow wolf's eyes gleamed with ferocity and approached the idle Jee-Han. As the gap between them shortened, one of the Shadow Wolf's claws had become surrounded in a faint aura of shadows, an indication that it was going to use the『Shadow Claw』skill.

"Let's see if he can endure this skill. Do it"

Ready to attack, the Shadow Wolf pounced and appeared on the left side of Jee-Han's body with its shadow claw and mouth wide open as it was mere moments away from landing a no doubt fatal attack against the prey it had been stalking. Jee-Han of course saw the wolf approaching but didn't have enough speed to react in time to the attack and just as it seemed likely that his chest was going to be impaled by its claw, an unexpected flash of light landed directly on the Shadow Wolf, blinding the beast as it narrowly missed Jee-Han's chest.

"What!?" Aaron shouted, dumbfounded as to what had just happened as he followed the lights trajectory to the second floor of the gym and saw none other than one of the girls that was originally with Jee-Han aiming a large projector right at the Shadow Wolf.

"It's her! The one who looks like..." Aaron trailed off as his past memories were clouding his thoughts before he shook his head and tried to focus again. "So she was hiding in the gym the entire time and waiting for the right time to strike" Aaron was both surprised and impressed as he pegged the two girls tagging along with Jee-Han as nothing more than useless baggage that had no business being involved but this girl clearly had balls to pull a stunt like that.

"Sung-Ah!" Jee-Han also noticed her presence and was surprised to see her there when he had instructed her to remain hidden until after he had defeated the wolf. She had already done her part by opening up the gymnasium and spreading the sports equipment around to make sure the wolf didn't notice the broken ground where he had hidden underneath. However, despite being annoyed that she had come out of hiding and disobeyed his order, he was more than glad for her assistance as he thanked her from the bottom of his heart and proceeded to glare at the Shadow Wolf.

"Time for some pay back!" He screamed as he pointed both of his fingers at the temporarily blinded Shadow Wolf and released his 『Meteor Shot』; double finger style. The endless stream of mana blasts sent the Shadow Wolf spiraling backwards as it slammed right into the gymnasium wall and continued to be pummeled by Jee-Han's never ending attack.

Once he saw that his mana was nearly half empty, Jee-Han released the skill and then raised his hand into the air, gathering a surge of mana within the palm of his hand as the shape of a Javelin began to form. Unlike the [Blazing Spiral Javelin] that required nearly ten seconds to cast, the basic [Spiral Javelin] only needed half that time as Jee-Han finished the casting of the spell and saw that the wolf's HP was small enough that one final move would finish it for good. Taking aim, he launched the Javelin forward and it impaled the wolf right in its stomach, causing the beast to growl loudly in anguish before it whimpered a bit and disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a few item drops per usual.

Aaron's mental link with the wolf was immediately cut off, along with his view of inside the gym as he remained motionless, sitting on the edge of a nearby building. It was hard to describe what kind of emotions was going through his head but one thing was definitely clear to him after having fought against the mysterious Jee-Han; he was unquestionably worth the trip here.

Standing up, a small smile rose from Aaron's lips as he had gathered enough information on Jee-Han's abilities to make a productive report to his boss and just before he was about to undo the seal on his Illusion Barrier, the face of the girl that had been instrumental in Jee-Han's victory appeared in his mind. He knew exactly what was bothering him and why he kept thinking about her but didn't want it to distract him from his mission as he clutched the amulet around his neck and squeezed it.


That was the only thing he said before he vanished into thin air, the seal on his Illusion Barrier lifting as he had finally left the area.

"It's finally over…" Jee-Han breathed a heavy sigh of relief and fell to the ground as he had finally defeated the Shadow Wolf, thanks to Sung-Ah's help of course.

«You have gained 31,128 experience!»

«Your level has increased by 1!»

«Your level has increased by 1!»

Jee-Han would usually be jumping for joy at having gained a few more levels but he was far too mentally exhausted to really care much about it as he panted a few more times on the ground. His body, while being game-like and capable of ridding fatigue rather easily, wasn't able to remove the stress of his mind that plagued his body whenever he encountered powerful monsters such as the Shadow Wolf.


That alarming voice came from Sung-Ah who, after witnessing the wolf disappear into thick smoke, quickly made her way back to the lower ground and ran up to Jee-Han, tending to his side with a worried expression on her face.

"H-How are you feeling? Is there anything I can do to help?" She pleaded with a sincere but also scared tone, unaware of Jee-Han's ability to ignore the pain of the damage he suffered because of his gamer body. If she were just to judge on Jee-Han's physical status, his body had claw marks all over it and his clothes were shredded, indicating that he must have been in some deep pain. The thought of the person who had saved both herself and her father dying in front of her was a nightmare she didn't want to ever experience.

Jee-Han was a bit embarrassed by Sung-Ah's close proximity and worry for him as he scratched his cheek. "I-I'm fine. Thanks to my powers, I don't feel any of the pain anymore. Forget about me, what about you? Just where did you get the idea to do something crazy like that?"

Sung-Ah wasn't completely sold on him being fine but if he said it was alright, then she just had to trust him. "I saw that you were in trouble and I thought that you needed a distraction and so I remembered that the gym had a light projector up there" She pointed to the second floor. "I secretly climbed up there and waited for the right moment to use it" A sorrowful expression then formed on her face as she bowed towards him. "I'm sorry; I know I should have assisted you sooner. I was.. I was just scared that I might make things worse for you if I made a move too soon. Please forgive me!"


Did Jee-Han just hear that right? She was more concerned about causing trouble for him instead of the idea of exposing herself and being eaten by the man eating monstrosity on the loose? How did this girl's brain function properly with that kind of mindset?

"D-Don't worry about something like that. I'd be the one in huge trouble if anything were to happen to you when your dad wasn't here so next time, please stay hidden and not expose yourself to danger like that. For me, okay?" Jee-Han was grateful for her help but he didn't want to risk any sort of danger to Sung-Ah, especially now that he knew how selfless the girl was.

Sung-Ah understood Jee-Han's intentions clearly and nodded vigorously, an anxious look now forming on her face. "Yes, I understand. Next time, I'll make sure to help you in a way so that I won't draw any attention to myself" She seemed fired up for some reason as Jee-Han looked at her with a puzzled face.

"...I don't think she understands what I'm trying to say at all…" He thought dryly. He then stood up and reached into his inventory, bringing out several『Low Grade - Recovery Potions』and downed the bottles, eventually restoring his health to maximum. As he did so, the wounds and scars around his body soon vanished, leaving Sung-Ah mesmerized at the spectacle.

"Amazing… so those are healing potions? I've seen my dad take out a few of those but I've never a person use them before" Sung-Ah may have known about the Abyss but her knowledge was still heavily lacking and in a way, she could still be labeled as a novice.

"Yeah, their great" Jee-Han widely grinned. "They taste like strawberries and don't cost a dime as I can get them as drops whenever I kill a monster" He then looked at the remains of the Shadow Wolf and pointed at the loot. "Just like that over there"

Sung-Ah followed his hand and sure enough, there were several bottles of red potions laying on the ground right next to what appeared to be a small fang, a black book, and a stack of cash. She blinked, before her mouth widened slightly and she looked back at him in disbelief.

"No way"

Jee-Han smirked. "Way"

They both quickly made their way towards the drops and Jee-Han grinned happily at seeing the spoils he had been gifted after that troublesome battle he had just been in. Five recovery potions, a black skill book, a small fang, and several stacks of hard cash were his prize. Clearly, increasing his luck and gaining that new passive had paid off.

Sung-Ah's thoughts were completely from Jee-Han's as what was plaguing her mind was how beings that existed within an Illusion Barrier could drop items as if it was a game. Did Jee-Han's powers really transcend Gaia's principle rule? If so, then she was now beginning to grasp why her father had taken such a liking towards him, outside of Jee-Han saving his life, and that being in a good relationship with him would be quite beneficial.

Jee-Han bent down and stored the recovery potions within his inventory along with stack of cash that contained seven hundred thousand won. It didn't raise his total amount by much but hey, money was money.

The next item was the black skill book that had an illustrated picture of what appeared to be the same wolf that he had just fought and killed jumping into its own shadow. When Jee-Han observed the book, his mouth curved into a creepy smile as there was no doubt that this book was the『Shadow Step』skill.


You've obtained the skill bookShadow Step』!

Would you like to learn the skill?

Confirm (Y) / Decline (N)

"Is that... a skill book?" Sung-Ah asked hesitantly as she crouched down and looked at the book in Jee-Han's hands.

"You bet it is" Jee-Han nodded and didn't waste any more time before confirming the notification, causing the book to evaporate and transfer its knowledge directly into Jee-Han's mind.

Shadow Step (Active) | Lvl 1 EXP: 0.00 % | MP:100

A darkness attribute movement skill used by the Shadow Wolf to dive within its own shadow to either escape from harm or sneak up onto its enemies. It grants the ability to pass through your own shadow for a set period of time.

Duration: 5 Seconds

New Status, "Darkness Element Affinity" has been created.

You have gained 10 points towards the Darkness Element for learning a Darkness based skill.

"Alright!" Jee-Han pumped his fist triumphantly at having gained quite a new useful skill to help further his survivability. Not to mention, he had just obtained a new elemental affinity and could use it to make a new type of clone. Speaking of clones, Jee-Han had discovered a nifty ability his clones possessed that allowed him to self-destruct them whenever he pleased. It wouldn't have been such a big deal before but since his Earth Affinity had been so high, Jee-Han discovered that his element clones could produce certain effects after self-destructing, which is what he had used to impale the Shadow Wolf off before with his shattered Earth Clone. It looked like all those hours of practicing this morning had paid off handsomely.

Focusing back on the new skill he had gained, Jee-Han was itching to test it out but withheld his curiosity for now in order to finish collecting the rest of the loot. There would be plenty of time afterwards.

The last item that had dropped was much more interesting to him as he picked up the small fang and did his thing.


Wolf Fang

Rank: Rare

A tooth belonging to the Shadow Wolf familiar. It can be used as a raw material for many different crafting items.

"Not exactly what I was hoping for but I guess this could be useful" Jee-Han relented as he squinted his eyes at the fang, trying to see if there was anything special about. Alas, it was just a normal wolf fang and Jee-Han had to accept that his improved luck didn't always provide the best gifts. Well, it wasn't a total loss as perhaps it would be useful when he started to learn how to craft his own items.

"May I see it, Jee-Han?" Sung-Ah asked impatiently as her eyes sparkled and she looked very eager to touch it.

Shrugging, Jee-Han placed the fang in her hand. "Knock yourself out"

While Sung-Ah was busy gushing over the fang, Jee-Han felt a disturbance in the air as the Illusion Barrier's presence began to fade. Wanting to confirm this, Jee-Han activated his『I.D Escape』skill but since the skill had failed, he knew for sure that the Illusion Barrier had been lifted.

"...I guess the question I should be asking now is who was the one that summoned that creature and for what purpose?" There were a lot of things on Jee-Han's mind but for the moment, reporting this incident to Sun-Il and the rest of the Chunbumoon would be the wisest choice of action.

"Wait, how long has it been since we've been in here? Sun-Il and Shi-Yun must be worried about why we're taking so long, right?" Jee-Han was inclined to believe so but remembered that the Illusion Barrier that had been cast was known as a "Time Sealing Barrier" that judging by the name, should have sealed time within the boundaries of the designated area. Taking his phone out, Jee-Han glanced at the time, a nervous sweat falling from his face when he saw that his prediction had been right as only a few seconds had passed from the moment that he was in the classroom with Sung-Ah and Yuri.

"I knew there were time dilation barriers but to think that there was one that could completely stop time from the outside world…" It was another thing that Jee-Han wondered if he could obtain as well if he raised his『I.D Create』skill but that was a matter for another time as he informed Sung-Ah that they were leaving.

"What about the noisy girl that you stuffed in the closet?" Sung-Ah bluntly pointed out.

"Ah" Jee-Han remembered with an unpleasant expression. "I guess it'd be too cruel to just leave her there huh?" Even though he really wanted too. "We'll swing by upstairs and pick her up before we go meet up with the others"

Sung-Ah didn't care much for Yuri but she followed Jee-Han's instructions nonetheless, nodding her head obediently as if she were a loyal dog. "Okay"

After having grabbed the lifeless corpse of Yuri from the closet and throwing her on his back, Jee-Han and Sung-Ah both left the inside of the school and met up with Sun-Il and Shi-Yun, who were obviously beyond puzzled as to why Jee-Han's clothes were ripped and why there was a girl strapped to his back.

"Wow Jee-Han, I knew you were into some kinky stuff but this is…" Sun-Il joked with a surprised look. It had only been a minute or so since they last saw each other; just what exactly was Jee-Han doing in there?

"What is the meaning of this?" Shi-Yun half demanded as she was hoping for an explanation on why the boy standing in front of her was carrying a girl with a shredded uniform.

"Look guys, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for-why the hell are you staring at me like that!? You were just there with me!" Jee-Han retorted towards Sung-Ah who was also giving him a look of disapproval. He knew that she was trying to fit in with the group as the newest member but was this really the time?

Sighing deeply, Jee-Han wasn't in the mood for dealing with their stupid jokes as he briskly walked past Sun-Il and Shi-Yun while carrying Yuri and turned his head. "I'm taking her to Sung-Ah's hospital since I don't know where she lives. I'll explain everything to you jokers after that"

Seeing that Jee-Han wasn't goofing around as usual, Sun-Il and Shi-Yun traded a quick glance between each other and followed him, along with Sung-Ah as they intended to get to the bottom of what had transpired inside of the school.

Once they had arrived back at the hospital, Jee-Han and the others made their way to the top floor and entered Sung-Ah's reserved room, throwing the unconscious body of Yuri onto the bed without any form of gentleness. Because the hospital was still under the assumption that Sung-Ah was still ridden with a disease despite her complexion and health saying otherwise, she was allowed to attend school on a regular basis while still keeping her room.

Opening the door to step outside, they all left the room to discuss the matter's involving the Abyss in the empty hallway as Jee-Han sat down on the public chair, throwing his arm through the new shirt that Sun-Il had picked up for him in the hospital.

"Alright Jee-Han, you've kept us in suspense of what happened long enough. Spill it" Sun-Il asked with a more serious tone than before as he felt a foreboding sensation that there was a reason that Jee-Han was carrying Yuri on his back; a bad reason.

After Jee-Han had finished putting on his shirt, he retold everything that had occurred the moment that Sun-Il and Shi-Yun had stepped out of the school. Once he finished speaking, the two of them had realized the seriousness of the situation and adopted serious expressions, with Sun-Il even gritting his teeth.

"So they've come at last huh…" Sun-Il worded with a hostile tone as Jee-Han noticed that his fists were clenched tightly together.

An eyebrow was raised from the confused Jee-Han. "Judging by the way that your squeezing your hand, I'm assuming you know who it was that attacked me. Care to fill me in?"

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, Sun-Il proceeded to answer Jee-Han's curiosity. "No, I don't know who exactly was the one that was targeting you. I do know however, that whoever did it must be a cleaner that apparently knows that you are an ability user"

"And a cleaner is what exactly?" Jee-Han repeated.

It was Shi-Yun's turn to step in this time as an unpleasant frown was present on her face. "A Cleaner is a term used by dwellers of the Abyss for individuals who specifically target and hunt human beings that have awakened promising abilities" Shi-Yun knew all about the Cleaner business from her clan and just thinking about them made her stomach turn in disgust.

Jee-Han swallowed his spit as he began to nervously sweat. "S-So that means… I'm being targeted? By a bunch of lunatics? And… what exactly do they want with me?" In all honesty, he didn't really want to know.

"Nothing" Sun-Il stated, noticing the sigh of relief coming from his friend before he continued. "The cleaners aren't the ones you should be afraid of as their job is to only catch you and put you up for auction. The ones you should be worried about are the rotten investors that are looking to purchase you" Sun-Il's gaze hardened as a faint green aura enveloped his body, indicating that he was not in a very good mood "...If you were to know some of the inhumane things that some of these bastards do to newly awakened ability users such as yourself, you probably wouldn't be able to sleep at night`

A nervous gulp came from Jee-Han listening to Sun-Il as a sense of dread enveloped him at seeing just how pissed off his usually composed friend was. Clearly, whatever these "investors" had in store for someone like him, it was enough to make someone as passive as Sun-Il look ready to kill somebody.

"I've also heard of these people" Sung-Ah voiced as she raised her hand politely, seemingly unaffected by the gravity of the situation. "Dad always told me that those in the Abyss who purchased ability users as slaves were only after the large surplus of mana that flows through their bodies"

Sun-Il nodded at Sung-Ah, impressed with the girl's knowledge. "That's exactly right. The amount of mana that can be extracted from natural ability users is astronomical. In fact, most of the richest investors within the Abyss make a large deal of their profits using slavery, at least that's what my grandfather has told me"

"Slavery…" Jee-Han repeated with a frustrated expression. It was a word that was taboo among today's society as slavery was a very sensitive subject for many people across the world. He had no idea that slavery within the Abyss was so common and was actually being used as a source of income for people. How could anybody even stomach the idea of selling someone as a slave?

"Why are you so surprised? You saw didn't you? On the Abyss Auction, there's a section designed specifically for the selling and purchase of slaves" Sun-Il pointed out.

"I know but…" Jee-Han had seen what Sun-Il was referring to but because he didn't want to believe it existed, he had purposefully ignored it. Even if he were to look through them, what would he gain? To see people like himself being auctioned off and stripped of their rights as human beings, it was a dreadful image that Jee-Han would never allow himself to be subjected too. He cherished freedom and it would be a cold day in hell before he would allow some psycho's catch him and put him up for sale. That all said, there was one matter that was bothering Jee-Han as he traded glances with a confused Sun-Il.

" Wait a second here…" Jee-Han abruptly spoke with a stiffened expression. "Why am I only just finding out about these psycho's!? Don't you think that I should have known about people like this from the start!?" He declared as he shot Sun-Il a glare. The cause of his outburst was understandable as Jee-Han had just gone through what was most definitely a cleaner attack. What if he had been captured today along with Sung-Ah?

Sun-Il remained silent for a few moments under the guise of Jee-Han's eye contact, unable to answer his pleading friend's question. No, he could but he just didn't want too as he felt far too guilty about it. With no other way to do it, Sun-Il merely bowed his head and apologized sincerely. "I'm sorry Jee-Han. My grandfather had suspected that after the Troll Zombie incident some Abyss dwellers might come to know of your existence and plan to send Cleaners after you, which is why he ordered me to stick close to you as much as possible. It was only a suspicion and so we didn't feel the need to warn you about it but as today has proven, that was a complete mistake on our part"

"Sun-Il…" Jee-Han spoke gently as he saw the frustration written on Sun-Il's face at the blunder he and his grandfather had made. Knowing that Jee-Han could have been captured and sold off today without being able to prevent it and having been partially to blame for not warning him earlier would be a sin that would haunt the both of them for the rest of their lives. Sun-Il wasn't one who usually wore his emotions on his face so easily but this time, there were no traces of him hiding anything; he was being as sincere as possible.

Shi-Yun and Sung-Ah didn't say anything as they simply gazed at Jee-Han and awaited what he would do, eyes widening a bit when they saw him walk up to Sun-Il and lightly tap his shoulder.

"Hey, don't sweat it man. I'm the one who volunteered to go with you and the others into battle so I should have been prepared for any consequences. Don't beat yourself over it; I'm still here aren't I?" Jee-Han then grinned in a mischievous manner. "Besides, I was able to get some nice drops so I think that makes up for it, don't you think?"

While Sung-Ah giggled and Shi-Yun faintly smiled, Sun-Il slowly raised his head to see Jee-Han's usual grin and smiled softly, thanking the heaven's that his friend was still with him here. A resolute expression appeared on the man's face as he swore on his life that he would rather die than let any of the bastards from the Abyss try to take Jee-Han away. There was absolutely no way that was going to happen!

"Excuse me but, there are a few things that are bothering me about this situation" Shi-Yun cut in as she had somewhat ruined the moment between Sun-Il and Jee-Han as the former sent her a displeased glare while Jee-Han told her to proceed with her questions.

"To begin with, how was that girl able to be trapped inside of that Illusion Barrier with the two of you? Normal humans shouldn't be capable of being drawn within Illusion Barriers"

"Is that true?" Jee-Han had no idea as he cast his gaze towards Sun-Il who nodded.

"She's right. I never thought about it until now but it doesn't' make any sense. Sung-Ah is one thing but it shouldn't have been possible for Yuri to have be dragged in there with you…"

"Hmm…" Jee-Han cupped his chin, an idea popping into his head that might have resolved the current issue. "Maybe it's because it was a special type of Illusion Barrier?"

Sun-Il didn't look convinced as he frowned a bit. "Maybe… but I don't think that would be enough…"

"While that matter does concern me a bit, I am willing to ignore it for now and move on with my next question" Shi-Yun then glanced over at a startled Jee-Han. "I'd like to know why you didn't contact us using that weird power you possess. It should have been possible right?"

"Huh? Oh well that's…" Jee-Han was unable to answer Shi-Yun's piercing question as even Sun-Il stepped forward to question it.

"Yeah, why didn't you make a party and invite us?"

"…I don't want to tell them that it was because I so nervous back then that I forgot…" Jee-Han admitted in his mind as he avoided their icy glares at him and tried to redirect the conversation another way.

"A-Anyway, what should be our next move against these cleaners? I can't imagine that they would just pack up and leave after I beat one of their pets" If only that would happen, Jee-Han wouldn't be in such a worried state right now.

Sun-Il let the other matter go for now as he firmly nodded. "Oh, they'll definitely be back. Now that they've gotten to see firsthand what kind of power you have, there's no way they'd leave you alone. The question is, are we dealing with just a single individual, a duo, or an entire organization? That's how cleaners usually operate" Sun-Il posed the million dollar question.

"Doesn't it seem odd that they'd send such a weak attack on him if it was a group? I believe it's more than likely to have been a single person" Shi-Yun chimed in.

Sun-Il agreed with Shi-Yun assessment "I'm with you on that one; there's no way such a simple attack would be carried out by an entire group. With Jee-Han's inexperience, surrounding him with sheer numbers would have been more than enough to capture him"

"So it's just one crazy bastard instead of an entire group of crazy bastards?" Jee-Han half joked with a sigh of relief. If it was just one person instead of an entire group trying to catch him, then this would be much easier.

"We don't have concrete proof to say that for sure but that's the most likely situation. It might also be a duo but I don't believe that's the case, since you're not such a threat yet that they'd need two people to capture you. In any case" Sun-Il glanced over at Shi-Yun who caught his gaze. "We should inform our respective clan's about this new development and take precautions. This isn't the first time that your clan has dealt with cleaners, has it?"

Shi-Yun's eyebrows twitched at the slight provocation held within Sun-Il's words as she stepped forward. "Of course not. The Yunhonmoon is more than equipped to deal with a single cleaner moving about. I'll inform them right away" She moved to leave the hallway but remembered something and quickly turned around and bowed to Jee-Han, surprising the brown haired boy. "I'm sorry for cancelling our scheduled training time, Jee-Han. I will definitely accept your proposal once the situation has become stable"

Jee-Han knew immediately what she was talking about and waived his hand in a friendly manner. "Don't worry about it, you've got your duties I'm sure. Whenever you have free time, just drop by the Chunbumoon dojo" Jee-Han then recalled his earlier promise with Shi-Yun about her injured clan mates and flashed a confident grin. "I should be able to heal those broken members of your clan by tomorrow. Do you think you can wait until then?" In all of the commotion, he had almost forgotten about it. He was going to grind the『Yunhon Soul Recovery』technique tonight as much as he could.

Naturally, Shi-Yun had no issues with that date and bowed once again to her benefactor. "Understood. You may use that strange power of yours to contact me whenever you believe you are ready to heal them. Then, if you'll excuse me" She turned around and headed towards the stairs that would take her to the exit, leaving Jee-Han, Sun-Il, and Sung-Ah to plan their next move.

"I'll head back and tell my grandfather and the rest of the family about this, we'll need to prepare a force to deal with the cleaners when they show up" Sun-Il mentioned as he headed for the stairs as well. "You coming?"

Jee-Han nodded earnestly. "Definitely. You think I'd just sit on my ass while a bunch of psycho's are trying to capture me?" He turned to Sung-Ah. "Can you watch over Yuri until she wakes up? She'll no doubt start wondering about what went down today so you should tell her she fainted in class and had a bad dream"

Sung-Ah was a bit dejected that she couldn't go with Jee-Han and Sun-Il to the dojo as she had always wanted to visit one but understood the situation perfectly and nodded. "You can count on me; I'll keep watch over the noisy girl. She's sleeping on my bed and so this is quite a problem for me too" Sung-Ah mentioned with a pout, causing Sun-Il and Jee-Han to chuckle. At least she was honest.

"Alright, then be safe" Jee-Han waived to Sung-Ah before turning and following Sun-Il down the staircase, leaving the still waiving Sung-Ah by herself as a sigh escaped the young girl's mouth as she watched them leave.

"I missed my chance to ask him…" Sung-Ah frowned as she had originally planned on asking Jee-Han to help her become stronger so that she wouldn't have been useless whenever there was a situation like the one she and Jee-Han had encountered today. She remembered how frightening it was seeing one of her only dear friends risk his life to protect both her and the annoying girl and wished from the bottom of her heart that she could have helped fight in a bigger way. Sure, she had been able to contribute to the victory in some way but what if in the future she was put in a spot where she couldn't help Jee-Han like she had done so? She needed strength, a way of being able to fight and stand by his side when those that would wish to harm him came.

In the end, the only thing that Sung-Ah could think of was to wait for another opportunity to ask Jee-Han to help and just as she was about to walk back inside of her room, the voice of another woman diverted her attention.

"Excuse me"

Sung-Ah turned her head to the left and noticed that there was a woman dressed as a nurse approaching her from the other side of the hallway. She had beautiful blonde hair that reached past her shoulders and clear emerald eyes that sparkled like priceless gems. What really surprised Sung-Ah was how physically attractive the nurse was as she possessed a curvy and sensual figure, highlighted by how the outfit she was wearing clung tightly to her hips and ample breasts.

The nurse had finally reached Sung-Ah and smiled beautifully at her, flustering the surprised Sung-Ah who was captivated by her looks.

"Pardon me but…" The sound of her voice was both angelic and seductive, enough so that Sung-Ah felt that it would have been extremely difficult to refuse anything she asked for. "...Are you perhaps Hwan Sung-Ah?"

Sung-Ah blinked, trying to comprehend how the nurse had known her identity before faintly nodding at her inquisition. "Yes, I am. May I ask who you are?" Sung-Ah had been enlisted in this hospital for months and knew every doctor and nurse that worked here. This woman was someone she had never seen before so it wasn't unreasonable for her to be a bit suspicious, especially since this unknown nurse had known her name.

A sigh of relief escaped the nurse's mouth and she quickly grabbed a hold of Sung-Ah's hands, startling the high school girl. "Thank goodness! You see, I just started working here and I was told to check on the very sick patient located on the third floor" A faint blush then appeared on the blonde woman's face out of embarrassment. "But you see, I had gotten lost and my memory isn't that sharp so I had forgotten the room number of where you were placed in"

"O-Oh…" Sung-Ah's suspicious radar began to fade as she listened to the nurse's rather frantic rant about how she had screwed up. Though her father had instructed her to be extremely careful with whom she interacted with, Sung-Ah just couldn't find anything that would indicate the nurse was someone she should be wary of. As such, she instinctually lowered her guard. "I-I see. I'm glad that everything worked out for you"

"You got that right" The nurse smiled brightly, then realizing that she still was holding hands with Sung-Ah and let her go immediately. "Ah sorry about that. I got carried away there" She backed up a bit to give the girl space.

Sung-Ah shook her head to perish the idea that she was bothered by it at all. "No problem. I don't believe you've told me your name though, Miss" She addressed her respectfully. Sung-Ah at least wanted to know the identity of the nurse who had made a rather amusing first impression.

"Of course, where are my manners?" The nurse chuckled as she flicked a strand of her luscious blonde hair out of her eyes and offered a handshake to Sung-Ah. "I am Jade Casablanca, a nurse that now works in this hospital" She then smiled in a way that could both entrance any man that laid eyes on her but also frighten those who were able to look past the facade and peer deep into the hidden maliciousness that was Jade's true character.

"It's a pleasure to meet you"

Sprinting across a wide open field while panting and sweating profusely was none other Poong Sae-Young, a member of the Chunbumoon and cousins with Sun-Il. After completing an assignment given to her by the clan in the morning, she had spent the past several hours running across a track field that was located at a nearby college that some of her friends had attended. Because she was an Olympic Gold Medalist and her reputation was so prominent, she had no issues with getting permission to use the field.

"Wow, look at her go!" A brown haired girl voiced in admiration as she watched the gallant figure of Sae-Young run what seemed to be her hundredth lap.

"I can't believe how fast she is…" One of the older guys who was also sweating, an indication that he had done some exercise of his own, said in a baffled tone. Just what kind of a monster was she?

Sae-Young tuned out their voices as she crossed the line and finished her sprint, placing her hands on her knees to catch her breath. Wanting to break her own record, Sae-Young had attempted the sprint more than a handful of times and was finally reaching her limit, despite the fact that she possessed stamina and endurance far above a normal human being.

"How… How was my time?" She asked one of the girls in the back who had come over with a stopwatch in her hand.

"It was amazing! You cleared it in 4.8 seconds! Way to go Sae-Young-noona!" The girl voiced with eccentric enthusiasm at the marvelous record. Sae-Young was the greatest female athlete she had seen in her life!

"What? There's no way!"

"Seriously? That girl's insane…"

"I think I'm in love…"

Numerous murmurs began popping around the several athletes' that were gathered in the field at Sae-Young's unprecedented numbers. Sae-Young had always been a girl that was able to do what normal people couldn't but the idea of her clearing such a large sprint in such a short amount of time was still a feat that unnerved most of them.

"Hm, not bad" Sae-Young noted with a faint smirk at her record, satisfied with how she had finished her sprint. There was no way anyone was going to beat that reciord anytime soon and so she felt reassured that she would remain the best athlete among all of the colleges within Seoul.

Suddenly feeling a bit thirsty, Sae-Young motioned for the girl to go grab her a water bottle, before swiftly turning around and catching a water bottle that had thrown to her.

"What the?" Sae-Young raised one eyebrow, momentarily shocked at how quickly the girl had gotten her the water bottle. She glanced at her but found that she was also making a confused expression, clearly indicating that she wasn't the one who had thrown it.

"You're thirsty right? Drink up"

Sae-Young's attention turned towards the direction from where the bottle had come from, eyes slightly widening at the unfamiliar girl that had entered the track field. She had short blue hair and was wearing a blue jacket with black shorts that did an excellent job at highlighting her rather toned legs. Her looks were rather favorable as well as several of the guys that were previously swooning over Sae-Young had now shifted their gazes at the vibrant girl who wore a wide smile.

"...Thanks" Sae-Young curtly nodded towards her as she removed the cap and downed the cold drink, breathing a huge sigh of relief as her thirst was quenched.

The blue haired girl waived her hand off and stopped in front of Sae-Young, "Anytime. I heard you were the fastest girl around this area, is that true?"

Sae-Young saw the rather apparent competitive spirit held within the girl's eyes and wore a smug expression. "That's right. I don't like to tote my own horn but I doubt you'll find anyone that can run faster than me in the city"

"Oh?" A glint of ferociousness came from the blue haired girl that momentarily alerted Sae-Young's acute senses as she saw the malicious grin that appeared on the girl's soft facial features. "Is that a fact?"

The girl briskly walked past Sae-Young's idle figure and glanced over at the girl who was holding the stopwatch "Do me a favor and record my time" she ordered as she crouched down and took the usual stance of a sprinter.

"O-Oh, okay!" The girl was a bit surprised when she was given an order like that out of the blue but quickly regained her bearings and held her hand up to signify when she could start, while her other hand held the stopwatch and was ready to record.

Sae-Young crossed her arms and observed the new girl from the back, wondering just who this unfamiliar girl was to boast such confidence against her. Any athlete who was worth remembering in this city wasn't anywhere near her level so it really bothered her who this girl was that apparently also knew of Sae-Young's reputation and still had the balls to challenge her. Was she a foreign student?

"Ready" The girl with the stopwatch began. "Go!"

In a flash, the blur haired girl's body vanished from sight as the onlookers were left speechless as to where she had gone. Only Sae-Young had enough training to keep up with this girl's speed and her mouth was left hanging wide open at how ridiculously fast she was. She might have been, no, she was definitely faster than her!

Moments later, the blue haired girl reappeared at the end of the field, directing a fierce glare at the girl holding the stopwatch that startled the poor girl and made her instinctively hit the stop button on the watch. She stopped glaring and put on a wide smile as she casually walked over towards the frightened girl. "What's my time?"

"H-Huh? O-Oh, it's…" The girl was still in a daze as a few drops of sweat fell from her face at the blue haired woman's ferocious glare that shook her to her core. She slowly looked down at the watch to read out the recorded time and nearly doubled over at the numbers that flashed on the screen. "T-T-Two point f-five seconds!?" This couldn't be happening; she had beaten Sae-Young's record by nearly half the time!

"Impossible! There's no way anyone can be that fast!"

"Is she even human!? Just what was that just now!?"

"Damn it, I should have brought my phone out to record that! Can you do it again please!?"

While the onlookers were all thrown into a frenzy at the girl's remarkable display of speed, Sae-Young's eyes were narrowed at the new challenger that had appeared out of nowhere. She knew the moment she saw this girl's speed that she was no ordinary human being and that she was definitely involved with the Abyss somehow; whether it be good or bad was unknown.

"So, how was I? Shocked aren't cha?" The blue haired girl asked with a teasing voice as her smile couldn't have gotten any wider. Seeing the shocked reactions from all those present was just too much fun!

"You… just who the hell are you?" Sae-Young asked with both a tone that flashed with hostility and interest as her desire for a rival had been spurred on due to this girl's unexpected appearance.

"Oh that's right, I forgot to introduce myself" The girl threw both her hands behind her back and met Sae-Young's curious eyes with a smug and proud expression of her own. There was no way Sae-Young could have known just what kind of thoughts were going through the mind of this innocent looking girl whose smile perfectly covered the swirling complexity of her inner self.

"I'm Anna. I hope we can get along, Sae-Young-chin"

A/N: Nice Cliffhanger right? So Jee-Han was able to take out the Shadow Wolf with Sung-Ah's help and it shows that just because you don't have abilities doesn't mean you can contribute in a battle. Don't worry though, Sung-Ah will definitely be able to assist Jee-Han in battle later in the story but you have to remember that she is still currently weak and fragile but is mentally tough and brave that makes her able to think clearly even in situations like those.

So Paradise has infiltrated Seoul and are clearly trying to sneak their way into the lives of Jee-Han's friends and colleagues. Some of you may wonder why Paradise doesn't just try to all gang up and capture Jee-Han now but don't worry, those questions will be answered very soon.

A New Affinity for Jee-Han is always a great thing right? Shadow Step will certainly be a move he will need in the future. That feature Jee-Han discovered with his clones was done off screen so I know alot of your must be surprised but like I said before, I can't show every single ability he gets.

Next chapter, we'll be getting some action with the Yunhonmoon and Jee-Han is going to attempt to do something that will make alot of you really shocked lol. I won't spoil any further as I want to leave you with that.

Look forward to the next one!

Name: Han Jee-Han
Class: The Gamer
Title:《Killer of Goblins》
Level: 32 (↑2 UP)

Element Affinity:
Nature - 18
Earth - 83 (↑3 UP)
Darkness - 10 (NEW)

HP: 1980/1980
MP: 3640/3640
SP: 350/350

STR: 37
VIT: 44
DEX: 38
INT: 70
WIS: 71
LUK: 50

• Accessory - (Azure Ring)

Points: 18
Money: ₩4,125,006


• Energy Bolt (Active) | Lv: 2
• Mana Arrow (Active) | Lv: 2
• Spiral Javelin (Active) | Lv: 2
• Life Drain (Active) | Lv: 1
• Blazing Spiral Javelin (Active) | Lv: 2
• Vine Control (Active) | Lv: 4
• Meteor Shot (Active) | Lv: 5 «↑1 UP»
• Vine Drain (Active) | Lv: 2

• Mana Shield (Active) | Lv: 5

• Yunhon Soul Recovery (Active) | Lv: 6
• Observe (Active) | Lv: 16
• Chunbu Spirit Technique (Passive & Active) | Lv: 14
• Chunbu Martial Arts Technique (Passive & Active) | Lv: 3
• Chunbu Sword Technique (Passive & Active) | Lv: 3
• Chunbu Foot Technique (Passive & Active) | Lv: 10
• Chunbu Outer Ki Technique (Passive & Active) | Lv: 14
• Spirit Channel (Active) | Lv: MAX
• Sensory (Passive) | Lv: MAX
• Replication (Active) | Lv: 6
• Stone Lotus Style (Passive) | Lv: 3

Resistances and Masteries:
• Physical Endurance (Passive) | Lv: 11 «3 UP»
• Blunt Weapon Mastery (Passive) | Lv: 5
•Unarmed Combat Mastery (Passive) | Lv: 3
• Sword Mastery (Passive) | Lv: 3
• Earth Magic Mastery (Passive & Active) | Lv: MAX

• ID Create (Active) | Lv: 8
• ID Escape (Active) | Lv: 7
• Shadow Step (Active) | Lv: 1 «NEW»