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"But what about those turtles?" Asked Mung, an alien beetle as he was eating.

"Well now that I've isolated the active properties of their Mutagen, I only extract it from them to transform myself into a far more powerful being." Said Lord Dregg, the turtle's new enemy.

Dregg soon clenched his fist.

"Powerful enough to destroy those meddling reptiles." Said Dregg.

Mung began to eat.

"Speaking of powerful beings, Lord Dregg." Said Mung as he burped.

"I sent one of the Batmen to Anaheim, California, and they found another alien warlord trying to concur the earth." Said Mung.

Dregg then widen his eyes.

"Really, who?" Asked Dregg.

"He calls himself: Lord Dragos." Replied Mung as he finished eating and then burped again.

"No, no, Lord Dragaunus, that's it." Said Mung as he licked his fingers.

"They told me that Dragaunus has been trying to concur the earth for a year now." Said Mung.

Dregg widen his eyes as there was another alien warlord.