On Earth, a hidden trap street lies at the direct heart of London, England's Capitol city, it's person in charge was called Ashildr and she was facing the worst trouble she was having in her immortal life.

The trap street was filled with some of the most amazing and terrifying creatures in the whole universe. And they all lived in peace with one another, or tried to at least. And it was Ashildr's job to manage them all.

However the new resident was proving a pretty resourceful one "I don't see how I could apply to your terms," Ashildr said angry "you are the most mysterious being I have ever encountered and I haven't even gotten your name"

"Names are not important" said the mysterious black robed being, his hood just about covered the top half of his face and it only showed his hideous fangs "I only need your agreement on this" He reached for something in his pockets "my brigade needs only a small area of your city to rest in, I'm sure that's not all too much to ask"

"I couldn't help think but why one of the Pantheon of Discord" said Ashildr "would even want to take up residents in my city"

"I told you" Said the Trickster smiling at least Ashildr assumed he was smiling "you won't even know we're here" he took out the something he was searching for and produced a contract "just let me know when you'll sign" and with that the Trickster left the room with smug satisfaction.

Ashildr wasn't going to let someone from the Pantheon of Discord bully her, no she was going to take action, even if it meant talking to the last person she wanted to talk to. He was currently angry with her, so that one was off the table.

With the Trickster leaving her alone with her thoughts Ashildr contemplated her actions that had occurred within the past few days. And how they affected her. Was it time too leave this city behind?

Or was it time to call for help "don't make me regret this" Ashildr muttered to herself. She got up and walked to the phone she kept on her wall, she picked it up and dialled the number, and of course nothing happened.

For a few seconds anyway because at that moment the phone rang and someone, not the Doctor answered "Team Avatar hotine how may I help you?" this voice belonged to a 17 year old boy at least. And Ashildr could not trust someone like this "hello?" The voice repeated these words again and said "hello?"

"This is the mayor of Trap City" said Ashildr in a nervous voice "I'm sorry I didn't know who else to turn to, but I need help"

"Ah" the voice said "three words I never refuse"

At this Ashildr gasped in surprise "you'll help me then?"

"Of course I'll help" Said the voice happily "by the way who are you?"

"Ashildr" Ashildr said into the phone "mayor of Trap City, who the hell are you?"

"Avatar" Said Alex on the opposite side of the phone line "you may call me the Avatar" and with that Ashildr simply hung up the phone and waited for the mysterious Avatar….