"And just when the girl thought she had escaped his clutches, standing right behind her, was the very creature that she tried so desperately to get away from...Slenderman. The end." I said, finishing the online horror story.

(How do people come up with these Creepypasta stories)I thought to myself as I turned off my laptop.

For as long as Creepypastas have been around, I've been completely afraid of them. I'm not a huge fan of Creepypastas(Or Horror in general). Most of the people I know talk about Horror genres all the time. They even talk about who their favorite Creppypastas are. Though I don't like Creepypastas, I will admit some of them are pretty cool.

I looked at the phone to see the time. It was 4:28.

"Hm, I still have time to go on my usual outing." I said before I put on my clothes and shoes. After that, I went outside and started walking.

The only place I wanted to go to today was the forest.

Upon reaching the entrance, I walked in.

Once inside, I continued walking and enjoying the free atmosphere. I exhaled slowly, letting the wind flow through my body. I was in calm happiness. But my happiness faded when I spotted a woman lying on the ground, badly injured.

She was wearing a black business shirt with a red tie that held her huge breasts nicely. She had long black hair and was also wearing a black skirt and black heels. What creeped me mostly was that her skin was completely white.

It didn't take long for me to realize who she was.

"Sl-Slenderwoman!?" I said, both surprised and scared.

I couldn't believe that I was seeing the legendary Slenderwoman up close and personal(Then again, I never thought that she actually existed in the first place).

A part of me wanted to help her, but another part of me was afraid that she might try to kill me if I get near. I was completely torn over what I should do. Deciding to risk it, I slowly and cautiously walked towards her.

(Okay, okay...I can do this)I thought to myself as I continuously moved towards her.

I reached her after a few seconds.

I realized that she actually had a face(Which was kind of weird). I pushed the thought aside and got on my knees, lowering my head to her chest to check her heart.

Suddenly, Slenderwoman's body started to move.

I looked back and saw her starting to open her eyes. They were completely black(Which was what I was expecting the color of her eyes to be).

"Ugh...wha..." Slenderwoman managed to say. She looked around until she saw me. "W-Who...who are..." Slenderwoman said before she coughed up a little blood. I placed a finger over her lips in an effort to shush her. "Don't talk, save your strength." I continued. "My house isn't far from here. I'll take you there to get rested up. It would be wrong for me to just leave you out here." I said with concern. "O-Okay." Slenderwoman accepted.

She grunted in pain while lifting herself up. "Your leg's in worse shape than I thought." I said before I squatted down. "What're you doing?" Slenderwoman asked. "Your too injured to walk on your own so I'll carry you." I suggested. "Alright." She said as she got on my back.

She wasn't as heavy as I thought.

"Okay, here we go." I said as I started walking with Slenderwoman on my back. "Thank you." Slenderwoman said before she closed her eyes.

While I was walking while still carrying Slenderwoman, I noticed her snoring. (She's asleep, that's good. I don't know what happened to her for her to end up like this, but what I do know is that right now, she's in need of serious medical attention)I thought to myself.

As I continued walking, I couldn't get a thought out of my head. (If Slenderwoman exists, then how many other Creepypastas actually exists)I thought to myself as I headed home to care for Slenderwoman's injuries.

Author's Note

The remake for my story Amnesia's Dawn is here. Amnesia Fluttershy will still play a part in the story. And though Slenderwoman has a face in my story, she can go faceless whenever she wants. This will be another mini-series on the list. So far, I have 4 parts for this. Maybe, there'll be more. For now, enjoy my two newest mini-series, This one and my Undertale one. Later guys.

GamingArtist out.