It Was Inevitable

Summary: It was inevitable, given her track record. She would have to go there. Street punks, Yakuza, and multi-billion dollar corporate Heirs: all of them, delinquents. She'd done the deed; fixed the jewel, made the wish, saved the day. Was this really what she had to look forward to? High school?

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Two years. That's how long it would take to be free of this place.

The first time Higurashi Kagome saw Ishiyama High, she was struck speechless. The school was so beyond what she was expecting, so much worse than anything she'd ever hoped for herself. She'd wanted to cry tears of frustration, fury and despair battling across her tanned features.

This was her reward. Two years of back-breaking travel, of terror and beauty, of friendships made and lost. Blood and sweat and tears, fighting and running and childlike awe; of innocence lost in the harsh light of reality's many faces; all of it, for this.

It was like a slap to the face.

Because even though the Feudal Era had been more real to her than anything else, this was the place she always returned home to. This was the real face of reality.

The well was closed, her friends: gone. It was time to fess up, time to face the consequences of her inaction. So she buckled down, straightened up, and took the first steps forward into a life she'd never wanted for herself. But it was hers, and like with all things, Kagome would make the best of it.

Three weeks into the school year found the former Shikon no Tama miko sequestered in the corner of one little used classroom, desk set, homework out. She had cram school in forty minutes and couldn't be distracted by the ruffians outside.

She could hear shouts and slams from the hallway as flesh hit flesh, lockers bent and people yelped in pain. She was unmoved; not uncaring, but simply so used to the daily occurrence that it didn't even faze her. It had nothing on Inuyasha.

Two years ago she would have reacted to the racket outside. Even six months ago, she would have charged out, vicious, snapping words flying from her mouth, fist upraised.

Now, she was just tired.

The classroom wall shattered just as she put her pencil down, a broken, bleeding form groaning beneath the surprisingly undamaged windows opposite the idiot's point of entry. The door to the room slammed open from someone's ruthless kick, and Kagome started placing her books in her blue backpack, absently wondering why the man hadn't just walked through the hole instead of around it. She shrugged and stood, quietly swinging her bag over a shoulder. It wasn't her problem.

Her eyes traced a route through the debris, ignoring the entrance of a prowling third-year and the cronies that piled in behind him. They weren't harmless, per say, but she'd seen worse. These guys meant nothing to her.

One of them thought otherwise.

"Hey boss! What's that chick doing here?"

Kagome paused in her trek through the rubble, stopping at the atrocious sight before her. The Hawaiian shirt was unmistakable, the necklace, the green sunglasses; she didn't even want to look at his hair. It was Tatsuya Himekawa, a Tohoshinki boss and one of the top four on her PEOPLE TO AVOID list. And it was a long list. She nearly sighed when his eyes cut over to her, but ended up looping the other bag strap over her opposite shoulder instead. It paid to be ready and prepping to run never hurt.

She nodded in his direction, making to move past the rowdy crowd with a wave of her hand. Hoping they would just ignore her was her best bet; it'd happened before. But then she just had to open her big fat mouth.

"Don't mind me. Do continue."

It was supposed to dismiss her presence, make her small and uninteresting. That it did the opposite was, in fact, quite a surprise to her, and the hand wrapped around her wrist was anything but gentle. Her blue eyes widened as she was spun around, a large palm cupping her chin. Dark eyes stared into hers, brow furrowed.

"You're one of Aoi's girls, aren't you?"

Kagome pursed her lips. The Red Tail leader had claimed the miko on her first day, bluntly offering protection and a place within the all-girls gang. The only thing that stopped her from declining was the sharp look in the second-years' eyes, the faint whiff of spiritual power humming through the air. "We've gotta stick together in a place like this." There was a double meaning there, and Kagome had silently nodded her acceptance. She wasn't an active part of the gang, but having the support of the other members was the closest thing to having a pack this side of the well. She opened her mouth questioningly.

"Yes…?" She raised an eyebrow, pushing the hand from her face. The one on her wrist tightened when she tried to pull away.

"This is my turf. Why are you here?"

She thumbed over her shoulder, at the desk in the back of the classroom. The pained moan from the floor was ignored, the gang's rumbling, silent.


He eyed it, and then her, head cocked. Kagome tried to focus on his face rather than the looming hair appendage. She didn't quite succeed. After a long and increasingly awkward moment, he spoke.

"How much?"

"What?" The girls nose wrinkled, baffled.

The punk shrugged. "I'd like to buy you. How much?"

"I-" She couldn't even process it. Did he mean… Her jaw dropped, incredulous. She shifted, uncomfortable with their proximity to each other. Her free hand itched to slap, but this wasn't Miroku. She barely kept the snarl from her face, stressing each word.

"I'm really not that kind of girl."

"Huh." Himekawa features twisted musingly with the sound as he ran his eyes coolly over her, assessing. His chin jutted out in a small movement.


He dropped her stinging wrist, turning away with a wave and tucked his other hand carelessly into a pocket.

"Have at her boys."

There was a flurry of movement, punches thrown, kicks struck, and gleeful, lecherous exclamations yelled. Then there was silence, angry and confused.

"Where'd she go?"

"You see her?"

But Kagome was already three steps off campus, hurrying towards her next destination. Twenty minutes till cram class; could she make it?