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"No…NO!" I cried as I picked myself up and ran towards Frisk, slightly noticing that everyone else was conscious and were also surrounding the human child with great distress. Even though the distance between us was short, it felt like it took forever for me to get to Frisk. But when I finally did, I fell to my knees and shook Frisk's arm a bit desperately. Horror wrapped its icy tendrils around my soul when I saw all the blood splattered across Frisk's purple-and-blue sweater.

Just…what in frisking world happened?

"Frisk!" I cried, not really bothering to hide my panic. The kid didn't answer. I shook their arm again. "C'mon bucko…wake up! Frisk!"

There was no beautiful answer. There were no wonderful movements at all from the too-young child.

Am I…am I really…going to see…my kid die again? If…if Frisk hasn't…died already?

"What happened?" I asked quietly as I looked up to the others' faces, which ranged from sad to outright tearful. Because try as I might…I just couldn't remember what had happened.

"I…we don't remember," answered Undyne as she wiped a tear away from her eye.

"I…I m-mean…w-we remembered…" Alphys added, her voice cracking as her eyes became more watery by the second. "Why w-we were all are h-here and t-that Flowey then came and a-attacked us and that…he t-tried t-to…"

"Kill Frisk," I finished for her grimly as I unconsciously gripped Frisk's arm tighter. "Then we…you all managed to protect them before Mettaton and his audience arrived to offer their support. Then there was a bright light and…"

"You woke up here?" asked Asgore solemnly. When I nodded, Asgore sighed. "That's all we remember too."

"Urgh if I ever see that little evil punk again, I will give him a thousand spears to the face!" threatened Undyne with a small growl as she clenched both fists. With a gasp of realization, I looked around only to see that the flower was nowhere in sight. Before I could wonder if Flowey was gone forever or was just hiding, I noticed something else. Something else that made me go silent and still in complete and utter shock.

"FLOWEY WASN'T HERE WHEN WE WOKE UP SANS," said Papyrus, sniffling as he did so.

"The barrier," I whispered unable to tear my eye-sockets away from the sight to face my beloved brother. Because the barrier…the barrier was gone. In its place was a passageway that led…that must lead…to the outside. We…we can get out…we're...we're…

"Oh my," gasped Toriel as she and the others turned their attention to where the barrier used to be. "We're…we're free."

The kid…the kid actually did it…


They…they freed us…we can see the outside world now…Papyrus and I can actually make our dream come true…

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" chanted Alphys, clearly overwhelmed with emotion as she looked the opening with her hands over her mouth.


"C'MON HUMAN, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP SO WE CAN ALL SEE THE OUTSIDE WORLD TOGETHER!" cried Papyrus as they gently shook Frisk's shoulder, who didn't respond.

But at what price?

"Yeah, c'mon Punk! Wake up already!" ordered Undyne, her voice wavering with emotion. Frisk didn't wake up. As a result, a part of my soul started to die.

"Please wake up my child," pleaded Toriel as a few tears fell down from her eyes. Frisk didn't move a muscle. Any hope that I had that Frisk would wake up, that we would all go outside together, was dimming fast.

"Fr…Frisk!" cried Alphys, tears now streaming down her face.

"Don't give up Frisk…stay determined!" motivated Asgore with an expression of broken despair, but to no avail. Frisk didn't wake up.

"HUMAN!" Papyrus all but screamed as his tears flowed down his skull like tin waterfalls. There was no twitch, no tell that would alert me that my kid was actually alive. And as a result, that part of my soul almost died completely.

"This…This is all just a bad dream…!" I all but exclaimed as I unconsciously had my hand move down to grasp Frisk's hand. This…This has to be right?! This can't be real, this has to be another nightmare! I just have to wake up!

So I then closed my eye-sockets and tried to wake up, to gain consciousness again. But when I opened them, instead of seeing Frisk's smiling face besides my brothers, I was faced with the image of my brother crying and Frisk's too still form. I had no choice but to accept that this was reality and that thinking otherwise would be pure denial.

When I did do though, anguish and grief began to tear my whole being asunder. The pain was so great and suffocating that it took effort to take a single breath.

"Frisk…" I said in one final, desperate try to keep my hope of a real happy ending alive. "Please…wake up."

My kid didn't.

Still holding Frisk's hand, I was dimly aware of my skull becoming wet as I slowly fell into despair. Why…why Frisk why? I…I thought…you were going to live with us…I thought we were all going to be happy together. I…what happened in that fight with Flowey that made you change your mind?! What…what happened?! Why…why do you have…had to be so frisking determined?! Sure I wanted to be free and see the outside world…but not at the price of your life!

I…just wanted all of us to be together. I just wanted to see my brother smile, to share puns with Toriel, to spend time with Undyne and Alphys, and to maybe drink some tea with Asgore. And…to make you laugh. I didn't care where it happened…I just wanted it to happen.

Frisk…why did you have to go?

Then, right at that moment, my boney hand felt a twitch. A twitch that quickly became small fingers curling themselves around my hand.

With a small gasp, I quickly pulled myself out of my despair and looked at my hand. The fingers curled around my hand belonged to Frisk alright. With hope flaring in my soul, I looked up to Frisk's face, which was still emotionless. But then Frisk's eyes twitch. Right before they opened.

"Morning" said Frisk softly with a smile. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle as I wiped away my tears.

"Mornin' bucko. Did ya have a good nap?"


I whistled with my boney hands in the pockets of my blue hoodie as I leaned against the archway in the now empty Ruins. It has been a good number of weeks now since Frisk broke the barrier and I gotta say…things have been going well. Surprisingly. I mean, when we got out just in time to see the sunset…I was almost lost for words and honestly, pretty content. Frisk was okay, Papyrus was okay, everyone else was okay, and we werefree to venture into the outside world at last. It really looked like we finally had our happy ending.

But then the next day, after we all camped on the mountainside the night before, fears of reality had started to settle in. How were the humans going to react? Will they scream and attack us on sight? Will they give us a chance? Will they banish us back to the Underground again? Or will the humans just kill us all to avenge the children that had fallen to the Underground?

When a select group of us went down to the nearest town with Frisk as our ambassador, it turned out that…I was worrying for pretty much nothing. Sure, some people screamed and a lot were definitely wary but a good bit of them were…excited. When we were walking to the town hall, there were people who were taking pictures of us and some of them walked along with us, asking all kinds of question along the way.

Then when we got to the town hall and met with the mayor….welp, a whole lot of political stuff happened but in sort…we are going to stay free. We were given land and we were even gonna get human help to build our new town, which King Asgore named Ebbottown. This has helped improve our relationships with the humans, so that even most of the wary or distrustful ones seem to trust us now.

Speaking of relationships improving, when the subject of the fallen children came up, the truth of their deaths was also revealed. King Asgore never actually killed a single one of them. The six who fell after Chara had all died on the way by either a natural accident like dehydration or by a scared monster in self-defense. Asgore, the big-hearted doofus, just took on the burden of their burdens just because he was King and felt responsible for his proclamation made out of anger.

Because of this, and the fact that their deaths happened a long time ago, King Asgore and the monster race as a whole were pardoned and forgiven. And they weren't the only one doing the forgiving. A bit after the truth came out, Toriel went to Asgore and forgave him and even apologized for leaving him the way she did. Something about how she should have tried harder to make him see reason when Asriel died. They're living together now.

As for the rest of us, Mettaton is quickly becoming a popular star in the humans' eyes and has even directed and performed in a small version of Romeo and Juliet that was both a publicity stunt and a way to raise money for the building of Ebbottown. It was a huge success and I believe Mettaton has even received offers for contracts from several human movie companies. Whether he has accepted any of them or not I don't know, but I do know that he is currently living with his cousin, who turns out to be Napstablook. I have never seen the ghost happier and though it is hard to tell with Mettaton's…dramatic personality, I think the same goes for him.

Undyne, much like the time when Asgore had died and Toriel had taken over the throne, had disbanded the Royal Guard. She figured that since we were finally outside, we didn't need them anymore. Undyne now spends her time watching a lot of anime with Alphys and being a gym teacher that bench-presses kids at the school that Toriel just opened. She became so popular that human kids will come over from Marnmouth just so that she could bench-press them and tell them stories about her adventurous and passionate life.

Alphys is pretty happy as well though…she may or may not have gone through a bit of a rough spot at the beginning. While Frisk was saying goodbye to the Underground, Alphys told the rest of us about what had happened to Mrs. Snowdrake and the rest of the monsters that had fallen at the same time she did. Apparently Asgore asked her to find a quicker way to break down the barrier, and as a result, Alphys had the idea to prolong the time monster souls stay around after death.

To do this, she asked for all the fallen monsters and when she got them, she injected determination into their bodies, hoping that this would in the soul not disappearing right away when they die. However, they didn't die. In fact, they woke up and were walking around like they weren't at death's door. But then, just when Alphys was going to send them back home, they started…melting. And to make matters worse, they started melting into each other. Monsters bodies were just not equipped to handle determination like humans.

As a result, Alphys panicked and didn't tell anyone the truth about what had happened. Until now. I kept silent as she told her story, deciding to judge only once she was finished. And when Alphys did, also saying that she was going to return the poor monsters back to their families, I decided to pat her on the head and forgive her. It was an accident and now she is making things right again.

The others' reactions were pretty much as I expected them to be. Undyne and Papyrus were sympathetic and gave her hugs, and King Asgore, while sad that Alphys didn't tell him, understood where she came from. Toriel's reaction was a bit different from what I expected though. She also gave the dinosaur monster a hug but after she did that, Toriel fired her. It was a bit surprising, but it really was just as well. We don't need a Royal Scientist anymore either.

And I think it cleared up a lot of stress off her plate, as Alphys seems very happy watching anime, helping the human scientists, and spending time with Undyne and the rest of us.

Papyrus is now the 'Captain of the Royal Guard,' or as Undyne puts it, the guy who patrols Ebbottown to make sure everything and everyone is reasonably fine. Papyrus is quite happy with his new position and takes it very seriously, taking several jogs through town a day and asking just about everyone he sees how they're doing. Because of this, he is beloved and admired by both humans and monsters, including his new number one fan, Monster Kid. He also has a red car very similar to his bed at our new house, which he loves very much. Even though it easily gets beaten whenever I am on my new blue bicycle that I may or may not power with my magic.

As for Frisk…I have never seen my little kid this genuinely happy. They finally received the parents they always deserved when Asgore and Toriel officially adopted them. Frisk now has their own room that is full with books and toys and they often eat butterscotch-cinnamon pie and help Asgore in his flower garden. They go to Toriel's school where they are doing well in both academics and athletics. Frisk is also very popular, especially by the monsters. My kid is the reason why the barrier is broken after all.

Speaking of which, a few days after the barrier was broken, Frisk admitted who Flowey really is. Flowey is actually Asriel without a soul. Toriel and Asgore's kid, Asriel. Yeah, my initial reaction to that piece of information wasn't exactly calm let's just leave it at that. Apparently, Alphys was curious about what would happen if she injected determination into an object without a soul. And she picked a flower in Asgore's flower garden, where Asriel's dust was spread. Dagnabbit Alphys.

Anyway, when Flowey…or Asriel, absorbed us, he managed to regain his original goat monster form before, according to Frisk, turning into 'the God of Hyperdeath.' Then after Frisk saved us, which I still don't remember, my kid managed to talk sense back into Asriel. The monster prince then used all the souls he absorbed to break down the barrier.

And that's the real story behind the breaking of the barrier, a story that only Frisk and I know. Because unfortunately…Asriel was doomed to turn back into a flower once he gave all the souls back. And Frisk promised him that they wouldn't tell Asgore and Toriel for obvious reasons. So why should we tell anyone else?

In any case, poor Asriel turned back into Flowey and stayed here in the Ruins while the rest of us enjoyed our new life on the surface. It was a situation I was perfectly fine with to be honest. I honestly felt sorry for Asriel and was grateful that he temporarily gained enough sense to break the barrier but…Flowey. While I, admittedly, didn't hate Flowey as much as before, I still saw him as a demonic monster. And I didn't want him to live with the rest of us on the surface.

But then, a few hours ago, Frisk dropped another bombshell on me: Chara's voice is still in their head.

And…Chara…is…nice. To a point.

Apparently, Chara came back during Frisk's fight with Asriel in order to persuade them to kill Asriel. But for some reason towards the end of the fight…Chara became silent. Frisk thought that Chara finally had just given up but later when they were talking with the kind version of Asriel…Frisk heard Chara say something quietly.

'Sorry Asriel.'

Ever since, Chara has occasionally actually given Frisk…helpful advice, though Frisk admits that they are rather snarky about it. Chara doesn't pressure Frisk to kill anymore though and lately Chara has been giving Frisk a few genuine compliments. In sort…Chara isn't…a murdering psychopath anymore. I hope. Chara could be just trying lower Frisk's guard enough so that they could have another chance to control them again but somehow…I doubt that.

In any case, after Frisk admitted this to me, they told me that they wanted to bring Flowey topside. Before I could say violently say no, Frisk said that Flowey deserved another chance and that if Chara, slowly but surely, change, why can't Flowey.

And after everything that had happened, from me fighting a possessed Frisk in the Judgement Hall, to me learning about Flowey/Asriel and Chara…how could I say no?

That and I still have yet to find a way to say no when I am face to face with Frisk's cute pout.

"Okay Sans, we're ready to go!" I turned my head to see Frisk standing there, a bright smile on their face as they held a flowerpot with Flowey inside. Hey, just because I am…willing to give Flowey another chance doesn't mean I don't have conditions.

"Do I really have to stay in this flowerpot no matter what?" Flowey started complaining. "It's cramped and embarrassing."

Ya know…I might enjoy having Flowey up on the surface after all.

"Yep…until you can prove yourself to be a model monster citizen that is," I said with a sneer. "But I admit it's going to tough for you. After all…"

I then tapped Flowey's flowerpot.

"It's not like you have room to grow in your cramped flowerpot."

"Oh my…"

"Now now Flowey calm down," Frisk lightly chastised him as the human child patted Flowey's petals. "Remember what you promised!"

"Yeah yeah," muttered Flowey as his face turned into a pout.


"You too Sans, be nice," Frisk lightly chastised.


"Alright kid, alright…c'mon let's go home before Toriel gets worried," I said as I took my kid's hand. "Or Papyrus for that matter. He's bound to realize soon that I left my hot dog stand, if he hasn't already."

"A hotdog stand? Really? How much money can you get from a hot-dog stand?" jeered Flowey. Before I could make a reply, Frisk chimed in.

"A lot! His hotdogs are really popular with both monsters and humans! And he sometimes does standup comedy at the local night club of which I am not allowed to enter! He really is a great Dunkle!

I really have found my happy ending.

And...that's it. Finally, after almost two years...this hard yet wonderful journey is DONE! WOO-HOO! I just want to thank all my readers/reviewers, for it wasn't for your patience, this story will not be ending right now. Really, thank you. As a reward, here are a few fun facts about this story that I think you should know:

1. Frisk is referred to as a 'they/them' so that you can imagine the kid to be whatever gender you wanted them to be. So if you wanted Frisk to be a boy in this story, you will not be wrong. Same case with a girl and so on. I hope this fun fact makes sense.

2. The reason Sans can remember past timelines (or the most recent ones) is because of his accident with the time machine.

3. When Temmie went to the surface, she went to college again for the experience. She was also very popular.

4. Though Chara might never admit it, the first human is glad that Frisk decided to bring Flowey up to the surface.

5. The reason Flowey didn't kill Frisk when the kid came to pick them up is because 1) he knew that Sans was in the next room 2) he actually became a whole lot less bloodthirsty after the finale 3) Frisk did the cute pout.

6. Sans and Frisk didn't tell anyone else about picking up Flowey so when they arrived back to the surface with the flower in tow...the reactions were pretty much what you expect. But it all ended well, with just a few minor delays in construction.

7. Because of their magic, the monsters are pretty fast builders.

8. Every Sunday, Alphys, Undyne, Sans, and Papyrus come over to the Dreemurs for dinner and a movie.

9. Even though he does work harder than he did in the Underground (hope/happiness will do that to you), Sans still likes to be lazy. It drives Papyrus crazy, though not as much as it did in the Underground. Frisk just rolls their eyes and smiles.

10. They all really do live happily ever after.

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