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Sora pulled away, leaving Kairi a little surprised. Sure, she hadn't expected anything breathtaking from their first kiss but Sora didn't even seem to be there. His mind was somewhere else, she could tell.

"Sora..." she said, narrowing her eyes at him. The boy's eyes were staring into nothingness just as though he wasn't even seeing anything but imagining something.

"Hey, Sora!" Kairi called yet again, waving her hand before his eyes.

The lips came down on him again, a warm tongue caressed his own and the shudder of the other body made him squirm. "Sora..." the husky voice breathed into the kiss before slightly pulling away to smile at the young boy. Sora lost himself in the mix of green and blue, drowning in another kiss, drowning in the touch of two gentle hands. His own trembling hands ran across the other's bare arms, under his shirt with a need that not even he could understand.

"Sora..." he heard the beautiful voice moan.

"Sora!!" Kairi yelled, poking him to get him back to reality. Sora snapped back, eyes wide open in shock and confusion as he realized what he had been imagining while being with Kairi.

"Um..yes?" he asked, looking at her sheepishly. Kairi pouted but eventually shrugged it off, looking at Sora with a concerned look.

"Are you ok? You zoned out."

Sora winced as he thought of his daydream again. Why was he thinking of Riku while being with Kairi? And why was he thinking of Riku...in that way?!

"Yeah...just..tired..." Sora murmured, subconsciously avoiding Kairi's gaze. He couldn't look into her eyes, not when he was thinking of someone else.

The girl sighed and stood up, walking towards her house. "Better go to bed then. It's already evening. See you tomorrow after you had enough sleep."

Thus, she walked away, disappearing in the distance to leave Sora sit alone in the darkness.

"So much for her being my light.." Sora grumbled, knowing that she was a little offended but for absolutely no reason. She knew he loved her. He did...didn't he?

Sora sighed deeply and lay down in the sand, putting his hands into his hair to ruffle it in despair.

"Whaaaat am I supposed to dooooo......" he whined, ruffling his hair violently in order to clear his mind from all the confusion. It didn't work.

"What are you doing?" a familiar voice asked, holding a little amusement in it.

Sora stopped dead and jolted up to see a smirking Riku before him, one eyebrow raised.

"I..." he began, feeling the sudden rush of blood in his cheeks. He was blushing deeply and tried to hide it by looking down. So close and yet so far, he thought, longing to touch Riku's bare arms just like he imagined.

He still didn't know why he was thinking like that all of the sudden but it didn't seem to go away anymore. Ever since their kiss in the morning he couldn't focus on anything but Riku.

He even thought of him when he kissed Kairi, imagining those tender but strong lips enveloping his mouth in that hungry way.... No, he couldn't trail off again. Riku was standing right before him.

He sighed, looking back into Riku's aqua eyes, his cheeks getting warmer and warmer. Riku smiled.

"Did you kiss Kairi? What did she say?" He said, sounding a little strange. It sounded like he didn't really care but wanted to be polite.

Sora noticed the strange sound and wondered what he was really feeling.

"Um...she...I think I've offended her..." Sora muttered, feeling Riku's strong arm around him. Was he daydreaming again?

Riku put his arm around his friend asking, "Why is that? Didn't she like the kiss?" His voice now held pure concern.

Sora shook his head. "No..well, I don't know... I... I wasn't really into the kiss...so she..."

He had to think of his and Riku's kiss again. So sweet, yet so passionate. So different from the one with Kairi.

They were both silent for some time and Sora wondered what Riku was thinking of him after the kiss. Why would he offer to teach him how to kiss? Just to be friendly?

He thought back, trying hard to remember anything that would give hint about Riku's thoughts and suddenly noticed a lot of little things.

Riku was watching him out of the corner of his eye whenever he was doing something foolish to be there if something happened. When he fell down from the tree, Riku was there to catch him, the time he caught a cold, Riku was there to nurse him...and he always held that look on his face. A look Sora had never noticed until now.

"Well, I'll have to go now." Riku suddenly said, his face already turned so Sora wasn't able to look into his eyes anymore. He frowned at him and thought about telling him to stay but how would Riku react?

He wasn't sure what he was feeling and he wasn't sure what Riku would think of him. So, before he could make up his mind Riku was already walking away.

For some reason Sora's heart was pounding like hell as he imagined what it would've been like if he had asked Riku to stay. The urge to touch and kiss him came up again and Sora felt as though he was going insane. Or maybe he just needed some sleep.

Shaking his head he decided to walk back home to lie down and *not* think about Riku. It would certainly help to sleep and tomorrow everything would be clear again. That's what Sora thought.

But lying in his bed his longing for Riku only seemed to increase and he couldn't fall asleep like this. Why, he asked himself, WHY did it have to happen now? Now that he was actually with Kairi, now that his feelings were running wild anyway... Again, Riku's face entered his mind, Riku's gentle hands and Sora almost cried as he bumped his head against the wall to get the silver-haired boy out of his head.

"Get out! Get out out out out out!" He yelled, bumping his head repeatedly.

"Oh, sorry. Didn't know you wanted to be alone." A voice suddenly came from the door. Sora jumped in surprise, the room was spinning through all the bumping and he felt a terrible headache as well as nausea coming up.

"Riku..?" Sora said, his voice shaking. Was he dreaming?

Riku sighed and went over to his friend. "I just wanted to check on you since you looked a little dazed back there.... What were you doing? Even if nothing's in there, it still hurts to bump your head like this."

He poked Sora's forehead and grinned. Very nice, that was so Riku. Just because he was smarter than Sora it didn't mean that Sora had no brain at all.

Slightly pouting at his friend he gestured Riku to sit down on the bed. He wanted him to be near, at least this way if not the one he dreamt of.

They both sat in silence, Sora thinking of Riku's look again, wondering if it meant anything.

"Riku..." Sora began after awhile of thinking.

The older boy turned to him. "Yeah?"

Sora chewed on his lower lip, obviously nervous about something as he twiddled the edge of his shirt in his fingers.

"Do you..um...somehow...I mean...kind of... like me?"

Riku stared, caught totally off-guard, his mind telling him hundreds of answers but none of them was good.

"Um..." he began, narrowing his eye to think hard. Then it clicked. "Of course I like you. We're friends, you're my best friend even. So, of course I do like you."

Sora nodded once and continued to chew on his lip. So was his assumption wrong? Did Riku just like him as a friend and nothing more? But then why..

"Why do you ask?" Riku interrupted his thoughts, asking the question a little uncertain. Sora hesitated a little and shrugged.

"Just...wondering..." he replied.

Another time of silence passed and both sat motionless.

And a split of a second later, they were kissing again, desperately trying to feel more of the other. Sora sighed, Riku gasped, they both moaned quietly as their tongues met again.

It seemed like forever since they had shared the first kiss and both longed for more and more with every moment passed.

"Sora..." Riku breathed, his voice low and husky just like in Sora's imagination. Two strong hands wandered under Sora's shirt touching him in ways Sora had never even thought about.

"Ri..ku.." Sora panted in anticipation, trying to get Riku's lips back to his but Riku had other plans and wandered down to his abdomen, pulling up his shirt to place butterfly kisses on his stomach.

The younger boy's breath hitched in surprise as he felt the slightly tickling but pleasuring kisses.

"Ahhh......." he gasped nearly crying out just before he was silenced with Riku's lips. Every motion stopped and they drifted into the sweet tenderness of the kiss.

The night went on, Riku showing Sora all kinds of wonders while Sora successfully experimented with ways to show his affection too.


"What about Kairi?" Riku suddenly asked after a long time of silence when they both had lain beside each other enjoying the sound of their hearts beating together.

Sora frowned a little. He didn't know.

"I..." but he knew that he wouldn't trade Riku for Kairi. Never. He wouldn't trade Riku for anything.

"Okay, we'll think about that later..."

Sora turned to see Riku's wonderful smile, making him forget everything around him. For now he would just be in Riku's arms, being protected. The rest of the world could go to hell now.

Nothing else mattered.



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